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Apologies With A Capital EA: Dungeon Keeper Free On GOG

Back, ye fowl microtransactions!

There's a mobile version of Dungeon Keeper now. Excited about the prospect of playing Bullfrog's legendary evildoing opus anywhere you please? Well, don't be! It's a terrible, slow-churning "social" experience that subsists on grimy mouthfuls of your time and money. Even Peter Molyneux himself thinks it's "ridiculous." By and large, EA's defended its dubious decisions in a fashion that should not be at all surprising to anyone who's followed the industry for more than four seconds, but now it appears to have sort of turned a corner on the matter. As mentioned in the Bargain Bucket, this weekend, the original Dungeon Keeper is free on GOG while Dungeon Keeper 2 is only $1.49. That all comes courtesy of EA, so maybe it's their way of saying sorry? Kinda? But hey, even if you tear EA's apology bouquet to pieces, light the pieces on fire, and sue said pieces for your self-inflicted burn wounds, GOG is having a full Valentine's sale of its own.

The Dungeon Keeper deal is an official EA/GOG team-up, per this conveniently bundled pack of words:

"Today of all days, a good part of the world celebrates love in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. For us at GOG.com, there is no greater love than the love of classic PC games. We love them, you love them, and you know what? We love you as well! So we decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day by partnering up with our friends at Electronic Arts to offer you an exclusive Dungeon Keeper promotion."

So there is that. But if you don't want Dungeon Keeper, you've still got options. Crazy options. All Dungeons & Dragons games - including Planescape Torment, Neverwinter Nights, Baldur's Gate, and Baldur's Gate 2 - are 80 percent off, and multiplayer games ranging from Trine to System Shock 2 (which does, in fact, have multiplayer) can be up to 90 percent off if you purchase every last one. Spend the weekend playing games as old as that one terribly irritating habit your significant other refuses to break. It'll be great fun!

GOG's sale - both in EA and non-EA flavors - wraps up Sunday, February 16, at 10:59AM GMT. Well, except for the DnD part. That goes until Tuesday for reasons that GOG only knows. So then, who's partaking? Personally, I don't forgive EA for its shady Dungeon-Keeper-related shenanigans in the slightest, but that won't stop me from snagging a free (and DRM-free) copy of the original to have and to hold, to love and to cherish until the end of time. Yes, that's right: free copy of Dungeon Keeper and I are getting married. And then we're running far, far away, to a place where its parents will never be able to find us.

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