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Play as a murderous shark in Maneater, out now on Steam

"An ecstatically violent simulation of being a fool's idea of a shark"

Giant sharks: what a concept. I feel like humans have an obsession with these big toothy sea monsters, and we likely have Jaws to blame. If you fancy playing as one of these bloodthirsty ocean beasts, Maneater came out on Steam today, after a year of exclusivity on the Epic Games Store. It's an open world shark simulator where you gotta eat people and find "shark loot" to grow and evolve. Shark loot.

In Maneater, you start as a baby shark (don't) and eat more and more humans and wildlife to grow into a tremendous killing machine. Believe it or not, there's a story to follow, and the Steam page says you can find "shark loot" that lets you evolve.

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In his Maneater review last year, Nate said it's "an ecstatically violent simulation of being a fool's idea of a shark, which long outstays its welcome when stretched into a repetitive open world game."

It does have some fun bits though, if you like the idea of gruesomely demolishing lots of pesky humans. I feel like Nate would want you to know that sharks are not like that in real life, however. Humans kill way more sharks than sharks kill humans. Perhaps the sharks made Maneater as a vision of their revenge.

(Maneater was actually made by Tripwire Interactive, who also developed the Killing Floor games.)

Maneater is out now on Steam priced at £29/€31/$34 in its launch sale, or you can still grab it on the Epic Games Store, if you'd prefer. It also arrived on Nintendo Switch today.

Normally this isn't the sort of game I go for, but I watched 5-Headed Shark Attack for the lols recently so now I'm kinda into the cheesy killer-shark genre. I've yet to watch the remaining films in that series - Two-Headed Shark Attack, Three-Headed Shark Attack and Six-Headed Shark Attack - but needless to say I'll be making an event of it, and adding Maneater onto the agenda too.

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