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Aragami 2 is coming to Game Pass on launch, so here's a new trailer

A second stab for the Tenchu-like

Aragami 2 will be sneaking onto Xbox Game Pass next month. The third-person stealth game was announced for the subscription at last night’s ID@Xbox showcase, which is great news as it’s a decent stealth series that supports co-op. Convincing others to join you on a supernatural assassination jaunt just got a lot easier. They also snuck a “story trailer” out after the announcement. Have a peep.

It’s set 100 years after the first game, with a new protagonist unsheathing his sword. You’re a former slave of the ruling clan, looking to liberate everyone under their control. According to the developers:

“In this brand new story trailer of Aragami 2, we introduce the main protagonist, Kurai, as he rises to become the last hope of the Kurotsuba clan, and pulls players into the intense conflict that sets the stage for this ambitious sequel.”

I’ll play any stealthy assassination game you put in front of me. Aragami’s Tenchu-like ways were good enough, but I'll confess the story happened when I was looking the other way. All I really remember is the skulking and the many, many times that I proved to be a clumsy ninja and had to run away. At least they’re not using the “you’re a creature of the shadows” element to keep the player from rectifying stealth slippages this time around. According to Ed’s preview, you can mess up and fight your way out of trouble. Good news for the likes of me.

Aragami 2’s out September 17th on Steam, and will be on Game Pass for PC that very same day.

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