August 2007 Archive

    1. The Making of: Sacrifice
    2. PC Gamer knows how you will die
    3. Rapture, unwrapped
    4. Age Of Conan Delayed, But Looks Interesting
    5. Confessions of a Crybaby(And His Interview With Charles Cecil)
    1. Warning! Another!
    2. The Worst Ninja, Chapter 2: Shoes
    3. PC Gamer: Cosplaying Lara
    1. Quasi-Exclusive! Newell on the future of the PC
    2. The Worst Ninja, Chapter 1: Hiding
    3. Grass is green, girls are polygonal
    4. Kingdoms Review On PC Gamer
    5. Ok, This Guy Is Mildly Terrifying
    6. PlayStation 3 For Me (And You)
    7. Oh Christ, No
    8. Bee Happy
    9. Zeno Clash Announced
    1. Don't call it number 5
    2. Ska zombies
    3. Least Best Room (with an Overview)
    4. Change your Irrationality
    5. Chuzzle Saved My Family
    6. The Old Argument
    7. EA Have A Monopoly
    1. Eyeing Up Eye of the North
    2. Why BioShock Isn't A 10/10 Game
    3. Homeworld 2: Intensely Intense Edition
    4. Shadow-puppet Shmup?
    1. The Five Napoleons
    1. How to get the proper Bioshock soundtrack (i.e. Beyond The Sea et al)
    2. Ascalon Friends Reunited
    3. World In Conflict Demo
    1. 2K Say: "Oops"
    2. Wolfenstein of Honor
    3. The Making of: Shogun: Total War
    4. We don't condone it, we don't advocate, we don't necessarily agree...
    5. Tiny Germans
    6. Forget Optimus Prime
    7. Two Worlds Demo
    1. ErotiSim: Sex and The Sims
    2. Beating The BioClock
    3. An avatar is for life, not just for Christmas
    4. Mystery PI: Clicky Clicky Huh?
    5. Bioshock - thoughts so far
    6. Medal Of Honor: Airborne Demo
    7. Review: Bioshock Ultra-Geek Edition
    8. Totem announced. Yes.
    9. "Unless it's a farm": TF2 Soldier Trailer
    1. For those (not) about to BioShock
    2. Rapture's Required Reading
    3. Leader Of The Pack
    4. Bioshockshock
    5. Empire: Total War announced
    6. Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising
    1. Bungie assist in the murder of children
    2. Outcast (Reprise)
    3. Organised crime sequel duly organised
    4. More site-tech blather
    5. Bioshockette redux ++
    6. The Longest Journey - A Retrospective
    7. Levine meets Objectivists
    8. GCDC: Stories Vs. Games
    1. Exclusive: Ken Levine on the making of Bioshock
    2. Tedious note about site appearance
    3. If there's nothing you like here, you're dead inside.
    4. Putting Wow In Something Other Than WoW
    5. Bioshock Demo: It's Loose!
    6. Graphicsability High. What about Gameplayability?
    1. Bioshock Demo ETA
    2. Did He Fall, Or Was He Trip?
    3. Bioshock: Towards a Backlash
    1. Ken Levine: Stop paying attention to my game!
    2. Team Fortress 2 Art Design
    1. Gearbox's Borderlands To Be Published By 2K
    2. Saturday Night's alright for Nuking. Also, Sunday.
    3. Bioshock Opens Airlock On Steam Fnarrr
    1. Horrible, horrible game still clings to life
    2. FarOutHaloKabuto
    3. In with a bullet at number 57: Outcast
    1. The Joy Of Bugs
    2. Fallout fallout
    3. Synaesthete
    4. Future Shock
    1. If I Had A Hammer-Copter
    2. Tabula Rasa: An Experience
    3. Kane: Total War
    4. Officially Unofficial Patch
    5. Nothing whatsoever to do with Bioshock...
    6. You Hit Them With A Stick And Candy Falls Out
    1. Unhyped Game Gets Television Advert
    2. Bioshock Demo out! Just not for us! (Yet! - 2K PR)
    3. Ad Nauseum
    4. Less Big Daddy, More Shirley Crabtree
    5. 10.1 ways to leave your lover
    6. 2Kick in the teeth
    1. Lists Are Useful And Fun
    1. Cockroaches And Spiders And Rats - Oh My!
    1. In Rapture
    2. SOE To Make Indian-Superhero MMO
    3. 20 Seconds to Comply
    1. If I Blog About It, Then The Time Wasn't Wasted
    2. Uprecident-o-news: Invaders... from Space.
    3. Comeback Kids
    4. "You're A Real Winner, Kid"
    1. Hungry like the Old English Poem
    1. Actual Proper Wrath Of The Lich King Post
    2. Rage HD
    1. The Right To Bear Arms +4
    2. Pictures of Trees: 9 Million Explode
    3. The Origami Zerg
    1. This Shit Is Abstract
    2. Short Sharp Shock
    3. The New Id Game Is Called "Rage"
    1. It's Good To Stalk
    2. You Are A Potential Thief
    3. Weren't You Supposed To Be In The Test Chamber Half An Hour Ago?
    1. "Computer-Encoded Atomic Bombings"
    2. A Rose By Any Other Name
    1. Clunky ClickClickClick