March 2009 Archive

    1. BAM-BAM-BAM-BAM: Thing-Thing
    2. A Rumour Renewed: Syndicate Resyndicated?
    3. Bigger Items: New Diablo III Details, Screenshots
    4. The Electronic Wireless: Leigh Alexander GDC!
    5. GDC 2009: Game Developers Choice Awards
    6. Voiceover Dude Is Scaring Me: Black Prophecy
    1. Mount & Beard: Prettier Horses Than Ever
    2. The Making of: Monopoly Tycoon
    3. SYNTH: Maths In Action
    4. Fallen Earth: Testing, Trailering
    5. Merchants Of Brooklyn, Impressions, Lamentations
    6. Game Footage Vs Stalin Vs Martians
    7. Into The Fire: Dragon Age Battle Footage
    8. Snake To Death: The Majesty Of Spelunky
    1. Sim News: SPADs, SPADs and Autocannons
    2. In German: OpFlash 2 Footage
    3. The Sunday Papers
    4. Mass Effect 2 Details, Shakycam Footage
    1. Metal Gear Batman: Arkham Asylum Stuffs
    2. Woolly Liberatalism: Flock Demo Out
    1. The Lower Classes: Drakensang Impressions
    2. Wot I Think: Men Of War
    3. Typical Hoodie: New Prototype Trailer
    4. Pavedismemberment: Killing Floor Announced
    5. Egon Spelunker: Divinity 2: Ego Draconis Webosite
    6. Epochal: Achron, Meta-Time Strategy
    7. Foot-to-ball-to-Net: Football Superstars Open Beta
    1. Paperback Right-Angler: And Yet It Moves
    2. Scarily Good: The ScaryGirl Trailer
    3. Zeno Clash Comic
    4. Ubisoft: Some Of Their Games Are Inexpensive
    5. Sims 3: No Online Authentication!
    6. IGF: Blueberry Garden Takes The Prize
    7. It's Fun To Speculate: Another New Blizzard Game?
    8. Tom Chick on Endwar: Is Less More?
    9. Who'da Thunk It? It's Only Modern Warfare 2
    1. Cards On The Table: BattleForge Out, Demo
    2. Badgering Us: Postal III Trailer
    3. Stabby, Shooty: Wanted Demo
    4. Brass In Pocket. Alas, No Hand: Brass Restoration
    5. Excellent: Fez Trailer The Second
    1. Host Master And The Conquest Of Humour. Yes.
    2. Ruse: Let Slip The Tricks Of War
    3. Fat Loot: The 10 Most Revenuetastic MMOs
    4. Wot I Think: Tom Clancy's HAWX
    5. Wesnoth Crushing: Battle for Wesnoth V1.6 Out
    6. OnLive: The End Of Games Platforms?
    7. If I Had A Hammer: Red Faction Destruction Tech
    1. Crytek Show Off Fly Tech
    2. Diabloom: Fall Of Mars Embiggened
    3. The RPS Electronic Wireless Show Episode 12
    4. PCGA: PC Very Big, Actually (Also Different)
    5. Max Payne: Old, Bearded
    6. Mob Ties Tokyo Demo: Even School Ties Are Better
    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. Bastard Of The Old Republic: Part Two
    3. OpenBVE: The Sim Now Approaching Platform PC
    4. SWTOR: Bounty Hunter Preview Page
    1. Wolfenstein: BJ Vs The Magical Nazis Trailer
    1. Prologue To History: Opera Omnia
    2. I Am Rubber, You Are Shoe: Monkey Island Sneakers
    3. In Your End Oh: New Leisure Suit Larry Trailers
    4. Rewind In The Key Of R-Type: Retro/Grade
    5. Disassembled Ensemble Reassemble
    6. 4 Hour RPG
    1. Nolan Bushnell: "Games Are Good For You"
    2. In A Dark, Dark Wood: The Path Released
    3. Runes Of Magic, Live Today
    4. Play With The City Of Heroes Mission Architect
    5. The RPS Electronic Wireless: Leigh Alexander!
    1. Ooh: Tribes Goes To War (Again)
    2. Meet The Overlad
    3. All Aspects: The Derek Smart AAW Interview
    4. What's In What's In The Box?
    5. Teeny Tiny Trials
    6. THQ Big Huge Losses = Losing Big Huge Games
    1. In Space No-One Can Hear You, Reams Of Paper
    2. Horse Armour To Go: DLC Comes To Steam...
    3. Legend Of The Crystal Valley Demo
    4. Eurogamer WiC Review, Sov Ass Unlock
    5. Marvel Universe MMO Lives Again
    6. Gromit, Inducing: Wallace & Gromit Demo
    7. Grand Ages: Rome Built In A Day
    1. Unreal Tournament 3 And The New Lazarus Effect
    2. I Spy: New Alpha Protocol Trailer
    3. Narcissus Speaks: Nameless Mod Released
    4. Eurogamopionatized: Project Aftermath Review
    5. Don't Look Back
    6. SWTOR: Bounty Hunter Scum Confirmed
    7. Batman Sneaks For Victory
    1. Igualdade, Liberdade e Fraternidade
    2. Wormhole Tutorials
    3. The Sunday Papers
    1. Stranded Beyond The Wormhole
    1. Perest-Rock-Ya: Stalin Vs Martians Soundtrack
    2. Theatre Of War 2: Afrika 1943 Demo
    3. There's Someone In The Sea: Who Is Big Sister?
    4. Nod To Mod: Q3WCP9, Or "Great F***in' Level"
    5. Eurogamervization: Sims 3 Interview/Hands-On
    6. Elephant In The Room: Vin Diesel's "Dream" MMO
    7. Go Phillies: Major League Baseball 2K9 Demo
    1. Don't Stop Moving (Capital): HighStreet 5
    2. Big Mouth Strikes Again: The Maw
    3. Underdogs, Ho
    4. Actually, That's Quite Clever: Split/Second
    5. Ubi On PC RTS, Soviet Assault Launch Trailer
    6. Hey Little Sister, What Have You Done?
    1. What Cruel Teeth You've Got: The Path Impressions
    2. Wasteland Relics: The Other Cancelled Fallout
    3. Pirarsey: Age of Booty Demo
    4. Every Loser Wins: Tetoris
    5. Interview: StarWraith On Evochron Legends
    6. Feeling Orcward: Hinterland: Orc Lords
    7. Blimey, It's The: Battleforge Open Beta
    8. Best Of the Vest: X-Men Origins: Wolverine
    1. One-Handed Geometry Wars: Death vs Monstars
    2. Gruesome Corpse: Art Of Murder 2 Demo
    3. A Tale of Two Empires
    4. Sound Quality: A Life Well Wasted
    5. A Sphinxing Man's Game: Nile Online Live
    6. Dwarf Fortress For Minors: Newbie Tutorials
    1. The Omni-Game: Incognito
    2. Eve Pre-Patch Interview on EG
    3. WiC: Soviet Assault Video Bonanza
    4. The RPS Electronic Wireless Show Episode 10
    5. Should Gaming Age Ratings Be Enforced?
    6. Massive On Soviet Assault As "The Director's Cut"
    1. Die Sim Awards 2009
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Scumm, All Ye Faithful
    2. Great Gusto: FUEL's Weather Business
    3. The Dance Commander: Stalin Vs. Martians Trailer
    4. Weekend Sale: World of Goo Cheap. UT3 Black Free.
    5. Primordial Ooze: World Of Goo Prototype
    1. Drawing the Line: The Linear RPG
    2. Diesel And The Diesels: Wheelman Trailers
    3. Black Prophecy Beta And Space Glitter
    4. Settling For Less
    5. Cheaper: The Wonderful End Of The World
    6. Aion: CryTek-Powered Celestials
    7. Men Of War Videos, Thumbs Up, Sad Sigh
    8. New Wave: Bioshock 2 Teaser Site
    9. Free-For-All: Warhammer Online For 10 Days
    10. Fish Guns And Knee Bashes: Zeno Clash Trailer
    1. Wot I Think: Empire: Total War
    2. Watchmen: The Demo Is Nigh
    3. Demigod "Oak" Developer Walkthrough
    4. Long Title: Codename: Panzers - Cold War MP Demo
    1. Self-Contained: Shifter's Box
    2. The RPS Electronic Wireless Show Episode 9
    3. Carmageddon Too? Armageddon Riders
    4. Bowling For Goblinbine
    5. Capcom On Digital Distribution, PC Ubiquity
    6. Doomablo
    7. Paul Barnett's Two Top Ten Games. And Mine Too.
    1. From The Vault: Maugeter NWN Mod Complete
    2. Wear Your Purple Helmet: Space Phallus
    3. Deus Ex 3 Pickytures
    4. Real-Time Chattery: Three Moves Ahead
    5. O.L.D.E.R.: Alpha STALKER released for free
    6. Laid Back Payback: Soviet Assault Blues
    7. Empire Total War EuroChat At 4pm
    8. Brazilian Dogfight: HAWX Demo
    9. Look At Those Tentacles: Blush Is Live
    1. Galactic Adventures: "Massive Battlefields"
    2. This Is The End: Tabula Raises Hell
    3. Useful Advice: Don't Shit Your Pants
    4. It's Great When You're Crate: In Another Brothel
    5. Bangalore Galore - An Empire: Total War AAR
    1. The Sunday Papers