May 2009 Archive

    1. E3 09: Borderlands Trailer
    2. Squenix Announce Front Mission Evolved
    3. The Sunday Papers
    4. Interview: Johan Andersson On Hearts Of Iron 3
    1. TF2's Sniper & Spy Get Milestone Achievements
    1. Deconstruction Area: Crane Wars Alpha Video
    2. Pseudo-Vegetables: Science Girls Demo
    3. Dragon Age: More Talk, More Rokk
    4. Natural Selection 2: Unknown Worlds Explain All
    5. Splash Damage's New Game: Brink
    1. Doom: The Classic vs Modern Debate
    2. 2D Boy "Rapid Prototyping Framework"
    3. Tranformers: Thing Of The Thingy Footage
    4. DOSBox, We Salute You
    5. Tropical Tropico 3 Trailer
    6. My MMO Is My Castle: Stronghold Kingdoms
    7. Alex Mercer Is Having A Bad Day: Prototype
    1. Natural Selection 2: Unnaturally Close?
    2. Get Spooked: The Blackwell Convergence
    3. Euro Aion Beta Key Giveaway
    4. Looking Up At The Stars: The Gutter
    5. Retro-Squared: Tomb Of The Aztecs
    6. 2K: Bioshock 2 Dates, Mafia 2 Delay
    7. Bohemia Rhapsody? RPS Debates ArmA II
    8. GamersGate: Redesigned, Crazy Sales
    1. Escapee Button: Rendition: Guantanamo
    2. A Fold In Space & Time: PaperWorld
    3. Diablo III: Imp's Good To Be Back
    4. DIRT2: Hands On, Devs Speak, Expensive Chair
    5. House Of Cards: BattleForge For Free
    6. Meta! The RPS Guessing Game
    7. ArmA II: Craziest Of All The Games
    1. Interview: GSC On Call Of Pripyat
    2. The Cosplay Of Doing Business: The MCM Expo
    3. Modern Warfare 2: The Enfootaging
    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. Freefall Free-For-All: BASE Goes Gratis
    1. Mechs Of War?
    1. The RPS Electronic Wireless Show Episode 19
    2. Wot I Think: Damnation
    3. The TF2 Unlock Teacup-Storm
    4. Brutal Legend Not On PC. Still.
    5. MictLAN: Aztaka Demo
    6. Super Soldiers Are Super: New Prototype Footage
    7. SBK 09 Superbike World Championship Demo
    8. Sniper & Spy Updates Online, TF2 Free Weekend
    1. Behind The Scenes Of Crane Wars
    2. Taking The Piss? TF2's Jarate Is Real
    3. Bellyaches: The Thrill Of Combat (And Party Boat)
    4. Fun Times: Browser Doom, Heretic & Hexen
    5. Alpha Protocol "Reactive World" Trailer
    6. Ultro-Mod: Stalker Complete 2009
    1. The Extraordinary Saga Of Left Behind
    2. Disco Tech: UT3's Musical Deathmatch?
    3. Architect Vs Gamer: BLDGBLOG Cross Pollination
    4. Podcast Promiscuousity: RPS On Joypod
    5. Aliens vs Predator Resurrection
    6. Squid Yes! Not So Octopus!: Squid Harder (Beta)
    7. Drift To Experience: Metal Drift
    8. Planet In Action - Ships
    1. Demogod: Divine Updates For Demigod Inbound
    2. The Spy, Meet The Ambassador
    3. Punch! Kick! Zeno Clash 2!
    4. Wot I Think: Killing Floor
    5. 'Taschendale: Hitlers Must Die! Beta Footage
    6. Frontline Report: Order of War Impressions
    7. Deeper Gaming: Fathom
    8. Quake Live Six Maps In Six Weeks
    9. Shake It, Maybe: 3D Realms "Not Closed"
    1. Act Surprised: Official HD Meet The Spy
    2. Order Of War, Coming Right Up
    3. Checking For A Pulse: Doom 3 Mods
    4. Facebook + Sims + Kudos = SimSocial
    5. Going Underground: Hellish Lemmings Desktop
    6. STALKER For Free (Not The Rubbish One)
    7. Filthy Ways To Leave Your Lover: Sims 3 Hands On
    8. Wot I Think - Chronicles Of Riddick: Assault On Dark Athena
    1. Father-Mother Loves Plants vs Zombies
    2. The Sunday Papers
    3. Pornography Starring Your Mother: Meet The Spy
    4. Eurogamer: Thief Retrospective
    5. Knights Of The Hexagonal Table
    1. Space Arf: Sims Trek, Movie Tool Trailer
    2. Mass Effect 2 "Prelude To E3" Trailer
    1. Spy Update Day 4
    2. Take-Two Sue Apogee Over Duke Nukem Forever
    3. Refunds For Buggy Games: Good Idea/Bad Idea?
    4. The Dark Night: Downfall
    5. Touched By The Hand Of Mod: Dear Esther
    6. Killing Floor Is Alive
    7. Notorious Mental: Serious Sam 3 Still Going
    8. Sniper Update Day 3: Things Get Mysterious
    1. Eye On The Charts: Wallet Of The Lich King
    2. Slim Cell Shady: The Adventures of Ambages Demo
    3. We Built This City On (er) Maths: PixelCity
    4. BioShock 2: Nine Minutes of Footage'n'Chat
    5. Twist And Tumble: All Of Our Friends Are Dead
    6. What Now? Night At The Museum 2 Trailers
    1. There's No Other Wayfarer
    2. Ryzom Not Dead, Again
    3. Next Blizzard MMO "From Scratch"
    4. Serious Gaming: Ship Simulator Pro
    5. Empire: Time Of Troubles, Sedate Trailer
    6. Time Of Shadows Announced... Or Is It? Yes? No.
    7. On Patrol: New DC Universe Trailers
    8. Dawn Of War II, Big Update
    1. They Will Stick To The Wall: Sniper Update Day One
    2. PSI Powered: New Damnation Info
    3. Quick Q&A: FrozenByte's Lauri Hyvärinen
    4. City of Anti-Heroes: Surprise COH Expansion
    5. Grand Chef Auto: Pizza City
    6. Black Prophecy Cockpit Detail
    7. The Zeno-Garry Collective
    8. Eurogamer: Spore Galactic Adventures
    9. Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes (Phew!)
    10. 4idos Gam4 Nam4s R4v4al4d
    1. Light Of Altair Demo
    2. Velvet Assassin: Sick Filth or Slick Thrills?
    3. 4 Real: Thief 4
    4. Tights Deadline: Champions Beta Impressions
    5. Cryptic Triptych: Hands On With Trine
    6. Dragon Age Interview Plus Magic Book'em, Danno.
    7. Duke Nukem Footage
    1. Tumult In The Clouds: Fighter Squadron WWI
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Blood And Smuts: Dragon Age "Violence" Trailer
    2. Possible Beyond Good & Evil 2 Concept Footage?
    1. Siege Mentality: Crush The Castle
    2. Some Random DNF Renders and Screens?
    3. BioShock 2 Multiplayer: Extreme
    4. Mythos Does The Lazarus Thing
    5. Holy Smoke: Infernal For Free
    6. Huxley Beta Sign Up: For Americans
    7. Steam Global Achievement Stats
    8. Operation Flashpoint 2 Delayed, Trailer
    9. Warcraft Tower Defence
    1. The RPS Electronic Wireless Show Episode 18
    2. AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAAlpha!!!
    3. Men Of War Is A Fun Time
    4. This Is The End: 3D Realms Closure Confirmed
    5. Last Night: When The Bomb Goes Off
    6. Defence Grid: The Bargaining
    7. Ready Trek: Space Exploration: Serpens Sector
    8. 3D Realms RIP?
    1. Pixel Perfect: Today I Die
    2. Red Faction: Guerilla Vehicle Trailers
    3. StarCraft II Beta "Opt In"
    4. To Sphere Is Human: The Ball Trailer
    5. Eve Online Is Six Years Old Today
    6. Windows 7: To Upgrade Or Not To Upgrade?
    7. Duck Super: Qwak
    8. Fantasy World Fantasy: Risen
    9. The EA Maths: $1bn Loss, PC Ascendent
    1. Tall-Nut: Here Comes My Man
    2. Gobliiiins Demoooo
    3. The Plants Vs. Zombies Review
    4. Replicants Of A Different Kind
    5. Packing Jets: Dark Void
    6. Draconian Dragon Slain: Dragon Age DRM Free
    7. New Game Journalism: GDC The Text Adventure
    1. Holidaying, Spewing
    1. Rails: Minsk Must Have Its Mustard
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Creating Worlds: SWTOR Devumentary
    1. Blurst's Paper Moon: Now Live
    2. Team Fortress 2: Haberdashery Secrets
    3. MegaBiff! It's MegaRace
    4. The RPS Electronic Wireless Show - Episode 17
    5. Zeno Clash Demo On Steam
    6. CapComfirmed For PC: Resident Evil 5
    7. Stuff Explodes, Dudes Get Shot: Arma II
    8. Mysteries Of Westgate Finished. Later, Released.
    9. Well Crafted? Warrior Epic Beta
    10. EA Sports "Abandon Physical Media" On PC
    11. Laser! Laser! Gratuitous Space Battles In Motion
    12. Bat-Biff! Batman Combat Trailer
    13. Official: Call Of Pripyat