August 2009 Archive

    1. MMO Character Permanence: Respec or Retcon?
    2. Interview: Cliffski Talks Gratuitous Space Battles
    3. Earth's Write-iest Heroes: RPS Assemble!
    4. Floaty Robot: Little Space Duo Demo
    5. The Five Year Spree, Part 1: Nova
    6. The Slowest Ship: Han Solo Adventures
    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. Seriously Brutal: Global Conflicts - Child Soldiers
    1. Aion Open Beta Takes Flight (Nearly)
    1. Unlikely Comrades: Dawn of War II - The Last Stand
    2. Officially Unintelligent: AI War Versus RPS Part 1
    3. Regular Theft Auto: Crash Time II
    4. The Necessary Fantasy Logic
    5. Mar(r)y (Me My Lord) Sues: Evony Legal Furore
    6. Hop, Skip, And Frag: Warsow
    7. Dragon Age Spices Things Up With Curry (Sorry)
    1. We 30,000 Could Be Heroes...
    2. Neverwinter Online vs D&D Online Argy-Bargy
    3. Dark Void's GamesCom Jetpacking Footage
    4. 13 x 14? QUICKLY! Brainiversity 2 Demo
    5. I Want To Ride My Bicycle: Fig. 8 Ability Game
    6. It Crashes. In A Good Way: X-Motor 1.14 Demo
    7. Cash Money: Planet Calypso
    8. Peace Out: Emergence
    1. Notoriously Mental: Serious Sam HD Supermercial
    2. 48 Hours To Live: RPGDX 2-day RPG Compo
    3. Cities XL: Statuesque
    4. Retro: Skifree
    5. The RPS Electronic Wireless Show Episode 27
    6. Attention Class: Left THEN Down
    7. The Inbetweeny Bits: Mafia II Details
    1. Sequel, What Sequel? New Mass Effect DLC'n'Patch
    2. Crimecraft Steals Into Sight
    3. Time Gentlemen, Please! Arrives On Steam
    4. Ramping It Up: Mad Skills Motocross
    5. Go Commando! Or Not.
    6. Twenty Minutes Of The Old Republic
    7. Unfortgettable Elephant: This Is The Only Level
    8. Impressions: Tales Of Monkey Island Episode One
    9. And Then There Were Physics: Twin Sector
    10. The Birth Of Tragedy: No Beyond Good & Evil 2?
    11. Textual/Technical: Two Games On The Page
    12. There's Money In Them Hills: Borderlands Footage
    13. Tales of Monkey Island Sees Sense
    1. Quickie Impressions: Wolfenstein
    2. To The Bat Trailer!
    3. Norse vs Horse: Mount & Blade Warband
    4. Hollenshead: Cancelled Id Game, Rage Demo?
    5. Custom Incredulity: Starcraft II's Map Cleverness
    6. Brainwaves From Beta: Champions Online
    7. Unready: Zombie Shooter 2 Teaser Demo
    8. Feeling Randy: Rationalization
    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. Lotus Blossoms: An L-39C Albatros For FSX
    1. WoW: Cataclysm, Trailer, New Zones
    2. Diablo III: The Monk Trailers
    1. New WoW Expansion: Cataclysm
    2. Nothing To Do With Air Benders: Avatar
    3. Murky, Moody Footage Of Call Of Pripyat
    4. Jolly Developer Walkthrough Videos Of: Risen
    5. Wave To Me: Ship Simulator Extremes
    6. Mi, Myself and I
    7. Natural Selection 2 Monster Mash
    8. Pimp My Ride: GearGrinder
    9. Piracy Statistics: East India Company: Privateer
    1. Heroes Reborn: The Entomologist 2.0
    2. Nanosuit 2 = Crysis 2
    3. Highly Acceptable In the 80s: Majesty 2 Retro Trailer
    4. Guildhail: First Guild Wars 2 Footage
    5. No Brains, Please: Zombie Shooter
    6. Rock, Paper, Birthday: We Are Two
    7. Just Cause 2: Tourism Trailer
    8. Razer's Glowing Thumbpad Of Mystery
    9. Lego Universe: First Images
    1. Fallen Earth Open Beta, Now, Er, Open
    2. Time Is Collapsing: Singularity Trailer
    3. Dungeon Keeper Reborn: Yay?
    4. Axetheism: Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer
    5. Panda-ing To The Masses: Mini Ninjas Demo
    6. A Grander Armée: Napoleon: Total War Announced
    7. And Things Of Dragon Age: Origins
    8. Wholly Holey: Bad Company 2
    1. Looking Less Shifty: Need For Speed
    2. Things Of Mass Effect 2
    3. Hitlers Must Die! Eventually.
    4. Global Agenda Beta Stuff, Code Draw
    5. PopCap Unveils Zuma's Revenge
    6. First-Person Sleeper: Dreamkiller Trailer
    7. Free Transfer: Pay What You Like For Champ Man
    8. CCP's Dust 514: PC/Console Overlap In Space
    9. Universal Exclusive: New Zombie Cow Game Details
    1. How To Sneak Into Company Of Heroes Online
    2. Dream-Time Strategy: Broken Brothers
    3. Up Periscope: Silent Hunter V
    4. SCII Blizzcon Trailers: Cinematic And Footage
    5. The Very High Seas: AI War: Fleet Command
    6. The First Express: Mechner’s Last Express Prequel
    7. RPS Asks: Do You Build Your Own PC?
    8. The Oh Dear Hunter: Tunnel Rats 1968
    9. Exploding 5-tonne Gorillas: Section 8 Beta Thinks
    10. Operation Flashpoint: Hardcore And Vehicular
    11. A Blizzard Of Blizzard-Fact
    1. Outlaws: A Fanfare From A Fanfire Fan
    2. The Sunday Papers
    3. Eurogamer: Space Quest IV Retrospective
    1. No Money No Problems: APB Is Sub-Free
    2. The Winner Takes The Ball: Champ Manager Demo
    3. Arma II: Mod Tools, Expansion Pack Announced
    4. All The Fear Of The Fair: New L4D2 Campaign
    5. Call Of Juarez: Bound In Blood Demo Shootybangs
    6. Fire and Forget: Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood
    1. TF2 Classless Update Goes Live
    2. QuakeCon Rage Footage Revealed
    3. Dig Dug vs Eve vs Descent = Miner Wars
    4. Your Goals: Roy Meredith on Champ Manager 2010
    5. Time Gentlemen, Please: Half Price For You Lot
    6. Robo-War For All: Section 8 Beta
    7. Loss And Panic: Time Kfcu Trailer
    1. NOD And A Wink: C&C4's Producer Explains All
    2. The Girl Who Wanted To Be God
    3. Second Skin: The MMO Documentary
    4. RPS Interview: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
    5. Distorting Dimensions: Darkest Of Days Demo
    6. Battleswarm: Field of Honor, Bushnell's Revenge
    1. TF2's Classless Update: Hats & Maps
    2. Hire Serious Sam's Voice - For A Buck
    3. Section 8: Footage And Glimpse Of Story
    4. The RPS Electronic Wireless Show Episode 26
    5. Box Clever: Boxgame
    6. Our RPG Cup Overfloweth: Knights of the Chalice
    7. Carmack Talks Rage, Other Stuff
    8. Give 'Em Enough Rope Arrows: The Iphone's Spider
    9. Romans, Meet Rockets: Darkest Of Days
    10. RPS Asks: Multiplayer gaming - How Much?
    1. Wot I Think: Bookworm Adventures 2
    2. Lead & Gold: Gangs Of The Wild West
    3. A New Old World: NeoCore On King Arthur
    4. Wot I Think: The Blackwell Convergence
    5. Hail To The Hankerchief: Gobtron
    6. DM-Cubemap
    7. DiRT 2: Dirty Videos
    8. Flamethrowers And Zeppelins, Together At Last
    1. Mount C C:\Airpower
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Obsidian Veterans To Make Zombie RPG: "ZRPG"
    2. Visible Racing Line: Super Laser Racer
    3. One Year On: Warhammer Online Rereviewed
    4. Wowsers: Browser Street Fighter 2
    5. Graveyard Bowling: Skull Daddy Demo
    6. Iron Wok Janissary: Restaurant Empire 2 Demo
    7. Id Talk Tech 5 At Siggraph
    8. Batman: Arkham Asylum Demo, Trailers
    1. Hat-Off: Lunatic Flashpoint 2 Special Edition
    2. C&C4: A Little Lore Goes A Long Way
    3. Spying On The Spy: Alpha Protocol Previewed
    4. Fresh Goo: Osmos
    5. Explosion! Demolition City
    6. Timed Morbidity: The Haunted
    7. You're So ("Very"- Ed) Special: Creeper World
    8. Tiny Robots: Machinarium Footage
    1. 2009 Delayed Until 2010, Christmas Cancelled
    2. Splendindie-bundle on D2D
    3. It's a Trap? Lucasarts Tease X-Wing Special Edition.
    4. Atriuming And Ahing? Hearts of Iron III Demo
    5. Um, The Game? Need For Speed: Shift Trailers
    6. CCP Trademark and Dodgy Logo: Dust 514
    7. North Americans: Play Huxley, Report Back
    1. RPS Interrogation: Randy Pitchford Vs The Fans
    2. The Witness Vs Time Donkey
    3. Crash Course: New DLC For Left 4 Dead
    4. The Great Runescape: Jagex And The Future
    5. Order Of War Demo On Steam
    6. Section 8 Euro Beta Sign Up
    7. Remembering Adventure Games: Rosemary
    8. Stories Can Be Harsh: Fairytale Fights
    1. Crimson Skies Flies Again?
    2. Don't Squeal, Piggy: When Pigs Fly
    3. Tower Defence Round Up, Yeah
    4. Romancing Blood From The Stone: Sims 3 Expands
    5. Having A Good Cry
    6. "Burning": Hands-On With Section 8
    7. You Only Live Once
    8. Explosionistas: Raven Squad Trailer
    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. Zomb-arena: Nation Red Demo
    3. Front Roads: Kharkov 1943 Demochka