September 2010 Archive

    1. Reality Bites: F.E.A.R. 3 Almaverse Trailer
    2. TF2 Introduces The In-Game Mann Co. Store
    3. Monaco: Monaco! Monaco! Monaco!
    4. The Song Of Onionbog, Pt 4: Fascism & War
    5. Race For The Prize: RPS Indie Award-Giving
    6. Half-Life: On Turning 35 And Leaving RPS
    7. Guillermo del Toro Confirms THQ Game
    1. Kick Ass, Ads, Content, Pictures, Menu Bars...
    2. DINOFIGHT! New Primal Carnage Footage
    3. ReadyQuest: EQ2 Extended De-Betas
    4. Left Three Dead: The Sacrifice Continues
    5. A Right Old Racket: Recettear Profits
    6. I Am The Mob: Mafia II, Subjectivity And Story
    7. Heavy, Yet Light On the Feet: Dance Fortress
    8. My! My!: Waterloo In Mount & Blade
    9. WH40k:DOWII - Retribution, Eldar Campaign
    10. Guybrush Sweeps: The Force Unleashed 2
    11. Outed: Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light
    12. Sporn Again: Darkspore Combat Trailer
    13. Dead Space 2: Necromorph Gameplay Reveal
    14. Goldminecraft: Lovely Notch Is Lovely & Rich
    15. A Load Of Claptrap: New Borderlands DLC
    16. Matryoshka Computers: Minecraft Hardware
    1. A Deeper Dungeon: Dungeon KeeperFX
    2. Sword Of The Stars II Engine Teaser
    3. Mechanic Spoilers: Beyond I Am Your Father
    4. Wheel Life: F1 2010 AI Faked?
    5. Alive Again! Planescape: Torment On GoG
    6. Re-Retrospective: Planescape: Torment
    7. Mine It So: Enterprise-D In Minecraft
    8. The Song Of Onionbog, Pt 3: Turtle Biscuits
    9. You Must Have Been A Wing Commander
    10. A Game Of Wax And Feathers: NyxQuest
    11. Unified: Unity 3 Released
    12. Rally, Rally Good News: WRC Demo Available
    1. Boys Will Be Boys
    2. Death Of A Safehouseman: L4D The Sacrifice
    3. Doublefine Recruits Staff Member
    4. Only So Many Good Old Games?
    5. Braking News: F1 2010 Irks, Impressions
    6. The Song Of Onionbog, Pt 2: Ingish's Duty
    7. Cave Time: Feeling Safe In Minecraft
    8. Mad Maximal: APOX Interview
    9. The Gun Club: Bulletstorm Shootosity
    10. Death, Spanked: New Dead Rising 2 Trailer
    11. EA Giving Out APB Compensation?
    12. Eurogamer Expo RPS Meet-o-chat Details
    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. Civ 4 Music With Lyrics. Yes.
    1. Cardboard Children: Castle Ravenloft
    2. World Of Darkness Teased By CCP
    1. Age Of Wonders Re-Release. Also, Interview.
    2. The RPS Electronic Wireless Show 44
    3. Alien Breed 2, 2
    4. Raargh: Darksiders Released, Impressions
    5. No Pussy Blues: Blade Kitten Demo
    6. Front Mission Evolved: The Wanzers
    7. Tribal & Punishment: Civilization V Released
    8. Witcher 2 Prison Break Multiple Path Stuff
    9. Afghan Wig-Out: Medal Of Honor Beta
    10. DC Universe Intro Frame-By-Frame
    11. ArcaniA: GothiC 4 DemO AvailablE NoW
    1. HAWX 2 Not Delayed. It's Delayed-Delayed
    2. Chris Avellone On Fallout: New Vegas Comic
    3. The Dream Academy: Inception... The Game?
    4. Final Fantasy XIV Desperate To Woo China?
    5. Alice: Madness Returns, McGee Comments
    6. Monkeying Around: Those GoG Videos
    7. Dwarf Fortress: The Song Of Onionbog, Pt 1
    8. Fall From Heaven Standalone Falls
    9. GPG Still Improving SupCom 2, Apparently
    10. En Masse Produce TERA-vision
    1. Left 4 Dead Not 2, Part 2
    2. Body Shop: Feign
    3. Quake Live Premium Promotion
    4. Hadokan't: No Super Street Fighter IV For PC
    5. Good Old Games Gets New, Relaunches
    6. Empire State Of Mind: Babycastles Kickstarter
    7. Race For The Prize: Race For The Galaxy AI
    8. Dead Rising 2's Weirdo Japanese Ad
    9. Shooting The Shit: Six Gun Saga Interview
    10. Remembrance Day - C&C3: The Forgotten
    11. Mod News: Here’s Garry
    12. 10 Minutes Of BioShock Infinite Footage
    13. Sweeping The Nation: Civilization V Demo
    14. Eve Incursion In November
    1. Ship Simulator Extremes Demo & Defense
    2. Wot I Think: Civilization V
    3. Lost & Found: The Lost Artwork
    4. Blizzard Making Their Own Starcraft 2 Mods
    5. Regeneration: Doctor Who Gets 2nd Series
    6. Guild Wars 2 "Extended Experience". Missus.
    7. Assemble: Stan Lee On Videogame Rights
    8. Is The PC Still The Home Of The FPS?
    9. Spacewalk: My First Quantum Translocator
    10. Rather Quick Chat: Bloody Good Time
    11. Rumour: EA To Make Military FPS
    12. Gunther & Anna In 'Hotel Hi-Jinx'
    1. Crykey: The Real-Life Nanosuit
    2. Magic Numbers: Downloads > Retail
    3. Poke Me: Facebook Robot Unicorn Attack
    4. MineCraft: Mine The Gap, Day 5
    5. Plants Vs. Zombies Quest In WoW: Cataclysm
    6. The RPS Verdict: R.U.S.E.
    7. Pirates Of The Burning Sea Goes Free Chat
    8. New Grave: Graveyard Graveyard Revolution
    9. An Unofficial Half-Life Movie Trailer
    10. Tux And Roll: Blood Stone Trailer
    1. Something Afoot At GoG
    2. Built A Tower To The Sky: Minecraft Columbia
    3. Tantalization V Continues
    4. The Sunday Papers
    5. Finite: Incy-Bit Of Bioshock Infinite Gameplay
    6. Pointy-Clicky: The Silver Lining Episode 2
    1. Mine, All Mine: MineCraft Free Weekend
    2. Cardboard Children: DungeonQuest
    3. The Official RPS Minecraft Server
    1. Schafer Liveblogs Monkey Island 2
    2. Walk Like An Egyptian: Civ V Walkthrough
    3. Privates Not As Public As Hoped
    4. Only Anarchists Are Pretty: BS Infinite "Stuff"
    5. MineCraft: Mine The Gap, Day 4
    6. Land Of The Free: League Of Legends
    7. Alice Returns New Trailer, Notes, Make-Up
    8. You'll Never Take Us Alive: Epic To Buy APB?
    9. Mission Ready: Evochron Mercenary
    1. Sega Announce Phantasy Star Online 2
    2. Less Pieces Of Eight: Burning Sea Going Free
    3. Manchester United 2: Blocks With Letters On 3
    4. APB's Last Bulletin
    5. Win MOW Assault Squad Beta Access
    6. MineCraft: Mine The Gap, Day 3
    7. Would You Pay For A StarCraft Movie?
    8. Deus Ex 3's Non-Revolutionary New Trailer
    9. Legendary 30% Off For Previously Bowlers
    10. BFBC2: Vietnam Shown At TGS
    1. Star [Minor Peril - Ed]: Clone [Argument - Ed]
    2. World In Motion: FIFA 11 Demo
    3. Frabjous Day: No More GFWL In 40K Games
    4. IGN To Give Free Office Space To Indie Devs
    5. MineCraft: Mine The Gap, Day 2
    6. Die Bard: Haiku Hero
    7. Talker: Call Of PripChat
    8. Mod News: V2.1
    9. Foot-to-ball: Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Demo
    10. A Quick Question: LAN Gaming
    11. Neatly Trimmed: The Undergarden
    12. Sequential First Part: The Sacrifice Comic
    1. Aieeeeeeeeee War: Arcen Games In Pain
    2. Virtu-o-Purse: Valve's Confusing Steam Wallet
    3. Interview: Chris Taylor On Dungeon Siege 3
    4. RPS Poll: The EG Expo -- Are You Going?
    5. Combat Mission: Afghanistan + Demo
    6. RPS, EG Expo, And The Indie Games Arcade
    7. It's A Small World... But Which One?
    8. MineCraft: Mine The Gap, Day 1
    9. FPS Players Make Accurate Decisions Faster
    10. Placebo FX: House M.D. Demo
    1. The Witcher 2 Covers Up
    2. New Gold Dream: Inceptionauts
    3. Unforgettable: Amnesia SFX Makeitude
    4. The Magick Touch: Magicka Trailer & Site
    5. RPS Think Tank: Let's End This
    6. Gratuitous Payment Options: Nomads DLC
    7. Black Ops To Charge For Dedicated Servers
    8. Does Some of What A Spider Can: PC Spidey
    9. Deus Ex 3: Jean-François Dugas Interview
    10. Mail Implicates Unrelated Games In Tragedy?
    11. Immediate Fruit Preserve: Instant Jam
    12. Oblivion MegaMod: Nehrim In English
    13. Free World: Need For Speed World Free-er
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Wot I Think - Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale
    2. Space Biff: Dead Space 2's Multiplayer
    1. Sally's Cats
    2. On A Pale Horse: Six Gun Saga Revealed
    3. This Town Ain't Big Enough: CitiesXL 2011
    4. Incredible: League Of Legends' Art Remix
    5. PayPal Freezes MineCraft Dev's 600k Euros
    6. Hang_ng T_ugh: Langman
    7. Wot I Think: R.U.S.E.
    8. Kingbreaker: Crush The Castle 2
    9. First Official Starcraft 2 Custom Map. Yes.
    10. Sho & Tell: Shogun 2 Campaign Map Reveal
    11. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Now 2011
    12. Lord Of The Rings Is FTP (Except For Us)
    13. Back To The Mansion! Meteor Mess 3D
    14. Monster Forest: Angelbear Will Eat Your Soul
    15. Just Dropping In: Section 8 - Prejudice
    1. Code To Joy: Jon Shafer On Civilization V
    2. Iron Helmet Reveal Blight Of The Immortals
    3. Legs & Fats: Portal 2 Co-Op's A Charmer
    4. The RPS Electronic Wireless Show 43
    5. The Sims 3: Fast Lane Stuff Video
    6. Apox Announcement And Beta Sign-up
    7. More Firefall Footage From PAX
    8. Minecraft Dev To Start His Own Studio
    9. UK Female Industry Numbers Fall By 2/3rds
    10. Harvey Wordsmith: The Argument
    11. Battlefield 1943 Not Out In US
    12. StarCraft 2 Goes Ubisoft? (By Mistake)
    1. Jimmy's Vendetta: Mafia II Hits The Streets
    2. Telltale's Great Adventure Bundle 2010
    3. Impressions: Ship Simulator Extremes
    4. Abbreviation Blowout: ME2 & DA:O DLC
    5. Mod News: Black Mesa Street
    6. Cryptic Messages: Emmert Talks Neverwinter
    7. Wot I Think: Chime
    8. Americans Own MyWorld
    9. Positional Warfare: World Of Tanks
    10. You Might As Well Jump: VVVVVV On Steam
    1. Brink: Thinking And Killing
    2. Direct Draw Hack: Helping The Aged On Win 7
    3. Wot I Think: Amnesia - The Dark Descent
    4. It's The Ba-Boom-Booze Talking: Ka-Bloom
    5. Chime On Steam And We Have Some Codes
    6. Mass Effect 2 Statistics Are Properly Batshit
    7. One More Arma II: OA Session?
    8. B.C. Kids: The Bible Online Beta
    9. Everything Must Go: PC Zone Auctions Office
    10. Taylor: "PC is where all the opportunity is"
    11. Ministry Of War: Even Bigger Beta Giveaway
    12. The Witness Debuts To Few Witnesses
    13. Drawn: Dark Flight Demo
    1. But I'm Not Even Married: My Divorce
    2. Elemental: Wardell Opens His Bally Veins
    3. Spector On The Gaming Class War
    4. South Korea's Indie Tax Trauma
    5. Battle Royale With Cheese: Bloody Good Time
    6. MOWAS: When Losing Was The Best Outcome
    7. Baby We Were Born To Tron: Evolution PAX
    8. A Pulse (Rifle): Colonial Marines Lives
    9. Eurogamer: Titan Quest Retro + Brainthinks
    10. PAX10: Duke On Screen
    11. Headbutting The Coalface: Oilfurnace
    12. Survival Fitness: Treadmillasaurus Rex
    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. Bioshock Infinite Game Informer Covers
    1. Aw, Cuddles: Portal 2 Co-Op Screenshots
    2. With The Jetpacks And Stuff: Firefall
    1. Tom Clancy's 1942
    2. Gearbox's Duke Nukem Real, Due 2011
    3. First In-Game Dungeon Siege III Footage
    4. StarCraft 2: Beating The Rush
    5. "Blindness" Caused Elemental Release "Fail"
    6. (For)Get This Now: Amnesia Demo
    7. RPS' Splendid Adventures in Arma 2:OA
    8. Slam Shuffle: Doooors
    9. Illuminated Ones: Shadow & Light In Games
    10. Company Of Heroes Open Beta Online
    11. Broken Sword: Director's Cut On PC
    12. Telltale Reveal Poker Night At The Inventory
    13. Shogun 2: Total Blimey That Looks Pretty
    14. Portal's Still Alive In Chime
    1. F3AR: Ridiculous Series Is Still Ridiculous
    2. Terminal Witch: Witch Hunt Trailer
    3. Dukes Might Fly
    4. ME2: Lair Of The Shadow Broker Trailer
    5. Vera Blanc: Boobs In The Castle Demo
    6. We're Skaven, We're Skaven!
    7. Graphically Slick: OilRush
    8. Hashtag Defence: DeTweet
    9. Red Orchestra: The PAX Trailer
    10. Free Love Weekend
    11. Champions Anniversary Free Weekosity
    12. Call Of Duty: Black Ops Reveals Multiplayer
    13. Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad: Vehicles
    14. Great Scott! First Back To The Future Imagery
    1. "The Agenda Of Fear"
    2. Batman: Arkham City Screenshots Appear
    3. "Right," Said Fred: Fredrik Wester Interview
    4. Boarder Patrol: Guardians Of Graxia
    5. Final Fantasy XIV Open Beta Sign Ups
    6. A Competition To Win Global Agenda Codes?
    7. StarCraft II Sells 3 Million In First Month
    8. Recettear + Steam = Profit?
    9. Stargategate?
    10. Mod News: Look What I Made