October 2010 Archive

    1. Happy Anti-Christmas!
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Cardboard Children: The Perfect Games Night
    2. Fate Of The World Pre-Order, Beta Access
    1. Yes Please Now Please: Diaspora
    2. Squinting: CSI Fatal Conspiracy Demo
    3. Not Brink, Not Reach: Breach
    4. F.E.A.R. 3's Obligatory Halloween Spooks
    5. Privates: Satisfy longer!!Longer-lasting action!
    6. Back In The USSR: KGB / Conspiracy
    7. DogFighter Tonight And Tomorrow, Servers
    8. Minecraft: Story, Monster Towns, Alchemy
    9. Pay What You Want For Tale Of Tales Bundle
    10. For Keeps: Dungeons Gets Beta Sign Ups
    11. Wolfire Demonstrate Ragdoll Rabbits
    12. Score! Blood Bowl Legendary Edition Out
    13. "So Er, Magnos Is A Quantum Sentinel..."
    14. Ken Levine Hearts The PC
    1. Roming - Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Vid
    2. Next Month: A Borderlands Patch
    3. FIFA Manager 11: Foot-To-Ball-To-Demo
    4. Jelly Shots: Confetti Carnival
    5. Bookworm Adventures: Fantasy University
    6. Tribes Universe Requires Testing Folk
    7. Scream Fortress: TF2 Gets NPC Boss Monster
    1. Self-Indulgent Birthday Minecraft Cake Post
    2. BiomeShock: The New Minecraft Worlds
    3. Actually, We Are Getting Bioshock 2 DLC
    4. The A.I. War Update To End All Updates
    5. Cheeky: DeathSpank Out Now On Steam
    6. Take It To The Bridge: Artemis Spaceship Sim
    7. Almost Twenty Minutes Of Diablo III
    8. Mod News: Where's The Scares?
    9. It's Random Question Time, Again
    10. Star Trek: Infinite Space Announced A Bit
    11. The Force Unleashed II Unleashed Too
    12. Dragon Age 2 Rising To Power
    1. Games For Windows Lives
    2. The RPS Electronic Wireless Show 46: Angry!
    3. Interview: Katauri Interactive On Royal Quest
    4. Champions Online Going Free-To-Play In 2011
    5. Verdict: The Ball
    6. A Unclean Slate: White
    7. Sky Rocket In Flight: Nimbus
    8. This Is A Test Of The Emergency Systems
    9. Khaaan: Civilization V DLC Released
    10. A Last Hope For APB?
    1. Carma
    2. The RPS Game Club
    3. Super VVVVVVboy
    4. Perpetuum Beta, Early Access Details
    5. A Gret Time: Gretel And Hansel Pt. 2
    6. Chemically Altered: SpaceChem
    7. Blizzard Square Off With Valve Over DOTA
    8. Behind The Back To The Future
    9. The Monday Melee: Two Worlds II Trailer
    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. Hi-Rez Announce Tribes Universe
    1. Glorg: What You Really Want, If You're Honest
    2. Cardboard Children: Arkham Horror
    3. Diablo III: The Demon Hunter
    4. Diablo III: Team PvP Arenas Trailer
    1. Buy Dogfighter For £1.05, Uh, Next Week :(
    2. Neon Bible: The Polynomial, Demo
    3. Living In A Box: Super Crate Box Released
    4. 90 People Working On Fallout Online
    5. 'Something Pithy About Wayne Rooney'
    6. Gardeners' Questing Time: The UnderGarden
    7. King's Bounty Devs Announce Royal Quest
    8. Snakes And Ladders: Corporate Climber
    9. BFBC2: Vietnam Enters Phu Bai Valley
    10. Independent Hyper-Biff: IGF Entrants 2011
    11. TF2 Community Hats = Money Hats
    12. DICE Say BF3 Needs "Special Attention"
    1. VVVVVV Being Demade To C64, Demo
    2. The RPS Electronic Wireless Show 45: Stern!
    3. Wot I Think - Fallout: New Vegas
    4. Divinity II: Dragon Knight Saga Dated, Shot
    5. Hedgehogging His Bets: Sonic Fan Remix
    6. Dead Space 2D? The Swapper
    7. Anti-Doom: And Now The Blessed Companies
    8. Miner Wars, A Better Trailer
    9. Ace Team Talk Rock Of Ages
    10. 250m Gaming On Facebook, 19% Addicted?
    11. Ok, Visceral Aren't Making The C&C Game
    1. Guardians Of Graxia Released, Cheap!
    2. Chronicles Of Shakespeare: Romeo & Juilet
    3. New Screenshots For A New Beginning
    4. Hmm: The App Store On Mac
    5. Wot I Think: Lost Planet 2
    6. Oh My Goodness: Super Crate Box
    7. Instantly Instant Jam: Play It Below & Stuff
    8. New Vegas G.E.C.K. Mod Tools Released
    9. Mod News: Fluttering By
    10. Section 8: Prejudice Multiplayer Beta Sign Up
    1. You'll Like This: On Shogun 2 Total War's AI
    2. The Ball: Guns, Dinosaurs, Great Apes
    3. Academic Studies Of Violence Cause Violence
    4. How The Gold Master Was Delayed, Pt 2
    5. Fallout: New Vegas, Old Obsidian
    6. Electric Box 2: Eclectic Boogaloo
    7. Jungle Beats - Men Of War: Vietnam
    8. Shifting Sands - Rift: Planes Of Telara
    9. Promised Land: Lionheart Gets A Demo
    1. Impressions- ArcaniA: Gothic 4
    2. Wot I Think - Winter Voices: Avalanche
    3. Thirty Million Steam Accounts
    4. Visceral Confirm C&C Project
    5. Blizzard Suing Creators Of StarCraft II Hacks
    6. Eurogamer Retro: Fate Of Atlantis
    7. A Computer Game: Siamese Enemies
    8. Catagasm: Official Cataclysm Intro Movie
    9. DoW2: Retribution Gets Tyranids
    10. Time, Gentlemen: FFXIV Extends Trial Period
    11. Lost Marbles: Rock Of Ages
    1. Goose Greenlight: Jet Thunder Gets Publisher
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Cardboard Children: Warhammer Invasion
    1. Demo: Letters From Nowhere
    2. School Daze: On Gaming Degrees
    3. Bloc Party: Neverdaunt 8Bit Update
    4. F.E.A.R. 3 Is A Mech Worrier
    5. Land Of The Free: Company Of Heroes Online
    6. Website Acquires Perspex Block
    7. Hands Off My Bird: Chase Goose 2
    8. Monster Munch: Lost Planet 2 PC Released
    9. Underground, Overground: Cities In Motion
    10. An Anonymous Email Arrives From Valve
    1. Back: Star Raiders
    2. BIS On "Private Military Company" For Arma 2
    3. We Have Many Criminals: Space Funeral
    4. The Truth About Rock, Paper, Shotgun
    5. Most Tranquil: Test Drive's Ferrari
    6. Gearbox On Duke 3D remake: Oh, Go On Then
    7. Wot I Think: Lionheart Kings' Crusade
    1. FORE! Cover Your Heads, It's Golf War
    2. The Kingdom Of Loving
    3. Valve Announces Dota 2
    4. Hail To The Guv'nor: Pitchford On Duke
    5. Hunted: The Demon's Forge: The Video
    6. Gillen Vs GRITtv
    7. Mod News: Release-o-matic
    8. In Haiku Hero Verisimilitude Is Rapidly Broken
    9. New Valve Game Revealed Later Today
    10. 11bit Announce Anomaly: Warzone Earth
    11. Spider vs Man: Vindictus Beta Starts Today
    12. No, Really: Men Of War
    1. This Man Is Not A Space Marine
    2. EVE: Queue-Skipping Edition
    3. A Little More Trine 2 Footage
    4. Men With Guns: Guns With Men
    5. Big Fish, Little Fish, Valuable Box: Depth
    6. Coffin Up: Trapped Dead
    7. PT Boats Gets Meaty Add On
    8. Wot I Think: Medal Of Honour
    9. Super Meat Boy Gets Retro 90s Ad
    10. TaliBAM: Medal Of Honor Launch Trailer
    11. Gulag Ork-esta: Gothic 4 Released
    12. Hatching: Divinity II - Dragon Knight Saga
    13. Well, It Is Slippery: Gray Matter Slips
    1. "Vaguely Racist" - Sombreros
    2. A Million Middlemen: GameRanger Did Good
    3. Minecraft Hellshot, Plus Darwinian Invasion
    4. More Arkham City Images
    5. Blizzard Bans Single Player SCII Cheaters
    6. An Armoured Interview: World Of Tanks
    7. Gearbox Confuse Me
    8. Conquest: Divide And Conquer Released
    9. Eurogamer Retro: Curse Of Monkey Island
    10. Stood Up, Count Down: Dinner Date
    11. The Lego Wish-Granter
    12. 2K: No Minerva's Den
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Cardboard Children: Battlestar Galactica
    2. New Gaming Netbook: The Unboxinating
    1. And Then There's The Minecraft Papercraft
    2. Bittersweet: What Brian Reynolds Did Next
    3. "War Ain't No Game, Son."
    4. Bam: Guild Wars 2 Player Reward Calculator
    5. Fire It Up: Killing Floor Incendiary Pack
    6. Brunked: Brink Impressions
    7. Cheer Up: That Doomed Games Business List
    8. Unite For More Action: Mythos Class Trailer
    9. Wot I Think: Front Mission Evolved
    10. Heart Of The Swarm Pencilled In For Q2 2012
    11. Prototypical: Pirates Of New Horizons
    1. Fresh: Box
    2. Crossing The Borderlands: Gearbox Tour
    3. Dammit: WoW Hits 12 Million Active Subs
    4. Edge Of Our Seats: Langdell Going Down?
    5. Tribal Instincts: Red 5 Explain Firefall
    6. Hearts Of Iron II: Iron Cross Released
    7. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Impressions
    8. Mod News: Some Kind Of Sourcery
    9. n'w ga'e foota'e f'r nail'd releas'd
    10. Beta Botters: Perpetuum
    1. Irrational Interviews The Late Kieron Gillen
    2. Impressions: Nidhogg
    3. DeathSpank Coming To PC, Along With Shank
    4. Typing Of The Dead Returns! Ish
    5. Yep: Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2
    6. If You Dig It: Miner Wars Early Access
    7. Katana Na Na: Shogun 2 Assassination Trailer
    8. A Valley Without Wind & Alden Ridge
    9. Talkin' Bout A Revolution: Babel
    10. Left 4 Minecraft: Blocky Modding
    11. New Footage: DC Universe Is Fast, Grey
    1. The Duke Nukem/Borderlands Cruelty Zoo
    2. RPS Indie Awardoramarama
    3. 4 L4Deads: The Sacrifice Is Out
    4. Astigmata: Suffering In A 3D World
    5. Bone Up: Skulls Of The Shogun Impressions
    6. Phew! It's My Yearly Mouse Update
    7. Monk-y On The Run: L'Abbaye Des Morts
    8. Watch First 20 Minutes Of Super Meat Boy
    9. DCS A-10C: Warthog Beta Open To Pre-Order
    10. OnLive Drops Subs Model
    11. Dynasty Worriers: Arcada Mia
    12. Lex, Looser: DC Universe Online Slips
    1. Spooks: Minecraft Getting Monstrous Update
    2. World Of Warcraft: Cataclysm Release Date
    3. Training Day: Cities In Motion Beta Signup
    4. We Like Games About Terrain: From Dust
    5. Medal Of Honor: Beta, Criticism
    6. The RPS Biscuit Charity Drive: The Response
    7. Eurogamer Retro: Uplink
    8. RPS vs Brink: Wot You Thought
    9. Medal Of Honour Renames Taliban Team
    10. Slightly Better Duke Nukem Forever Footage
    11. Bioware Talk Specialisation In SWTOR
    1. The Sunday Papers Gillen-y Supplement
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Cardboard Children: Ghost Stories
    2. What Shall We Do For A Bargain?
    3. The RPS Minecraft Servers
    1. Wot I Think: Lara Croft & the Guardian of Light
    2. That'll Be The "Borders": End Of Nations
    3. Land Of The Free: World Of Tanks
    4. Codies Talk F1 Issues, Defend AI
    5. Wurm Online: Notch's Past Project
    6. Fresh Meat For L4D(2): The Sacrifice Trailer
    7. Wot I Think: Dead Rising 2
    8. Impressions Of Drawn: Dark Flight