November 2010 Archive

    1. Deus Ex: Inhuman Revolution
    2. Allegedly: Urban Terror HD
    3. At The Steps Of The Bone Hut: Norrland
    4. Plane Sailing: A Closer Look At Rift
    5. It's Topical Tuesday: Put The Kettle On
    6. Wot I Think: Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer
    7. See Subversion At World Of Love
    8. Spinning A Yarn: The Cat Lady
    9. Here I Go: "Pirates Of The Burning Free"
    1. Bargain Basket: Arcen games for the cheap
    2. Gareth Campesinos! Reviews: FM 2011
    3. Thanks For Screwing The PC Over, Genuinely
    4. Witcher 2 Gets Orangey-Blue (Screenshots)
    5. X-Communique: Julian Gollop Speaks
    6. EUIII: Divine Wind Arrives Dec 14th, Trailer
    7. Heavy Brain: Gray Matter Demo
    8. Command Carriers: Orion: Prelude
    9. Breaking News: Total War Title Trembles
    10. TrickJump: On First-Person Movement
    11. To The Big Smoke: Loondon
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Cardboard Children: No Column Today
    1. GamersGate Not Too Pricey Either
    2. Swords And Soldiers HD Out Dec 1st
    3. Steam Ultro-Discount #3 - Torchlight, VVVVVV
    4. Shmup Demo: Chrono Rage
    5. Girl!!! Knife!!! Fight!!!: Don Quixote
    6. Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes Out, Demo
    7. Wife And Two Squids: Octodad Again
    8. Green Man Gaming Offer £1 Trial Weekend
    9. Steam Sale Day 2: Recettear For £4
    10. Serve The Servants: Server Suggestions?
    1. War, In Your Face. It's Crytek's Warface.
    2. Crytek Say The PC Is A Generation Ahead
    3. Flight Control HD Released, Is Maddening
    4. Really Real: Unreal Reel
    5. Tool Bugs: Clones Demo
    6. Double Fine On Not Producing PC Games
    7. Back To The Future: In Game Shots
    8. Oh Hey Look It's Apache: Air Assault
    9. DC Universe: Gotham City Trailer
    10. You Do Have To Be Mad To Live There: Lylian
    1. Beastly: Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom
    2. Steam Mega-Wonga-Ultro-Sale
    3. H.A.W.X. 2 Open Skies DLC Released
    4. Say Hello To Anomaly: Warzone Earth
    5. Wot I Think: Poker Night At The Inventory
    6. Keyed Heroics: Rhythm Zone
    7. It's A Reel Good Time: Radical Fishing
    8. DeathSpank: Thongs Of Virtue Out Nov 30th
    9. Rift: A Capital City, Beta Keys
    10. Mod News: And Lots Of It
    1. CLEAVO! Return to Tiny & Big
    2. Return To Desktop Dungeons
    3. Lara Gets Online Co-Op, At Flipping Last
    4. Markus 'Notch' Persson Talks Minecraft
    5. BFBC2V: Flamethrowers, Guns Made Of String
    6. Okay I Have No Idea: New Glitch Video
    7. Art Brute: The Infinite Ocean
    8. It's A Wrap: Battle For Endor and/or Yavin
    9. Where Is Elder Scrolls V?
    10. OpFlash: Red River - First Footage
    11. Your Daily Kinect Hack: A Laser Sword
    12. CD Projekt To Pursue Fines For Torrenting
    13. The Visitor: Massacre At Camp Happy
    14. Conducting War: Red Orchestra 2 Pics
    1. Undeathcon: Atom Zombie Smasher
    2. Poker Night At The Inventory Released Today
    3. Steam In Psychic Powers Shocker
    4. Our Ultimate Goal: World Supremacy
    5. Eve Online: Incursion, A Trailer
    6. Hey Cube: Back To The Cubeture
    7. Bolshy: Revolution Under Siege Demo
    8. Eurogamer Retro: Myst
    9. Wot I Think - Alien Breed 3: Descent
    10. Monty Python Facebook Games Inbound
    1. Blimey: Age of Empires 3 For 10 Pence/Cents
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Cardboard Children: The 4C
    2. Cliffski Shows Us The Games
    3. Natural Selection 2 Beta Begins
    1. Home Invasion: Family Defense
    2. Don't Desert The Bus
    3. Wot I Think: Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit
    4. Guild Wars: Hearts Of The North Out
    5. Want In On The Magicka Beta? Robe Up
    6. Blink And You'll Mys It: Myst Speed Run
    7. An Operation Flashpoint: Red River Trailer
    8. Right Royal: Kingdom Under Fire II
    9. Rift: Lost Subtitle, Closed Beta
    1. Gel Proves Slippery: Portal 2 Now In April
    2. Guess: Which Is The Most Prolific Platform?
    3. (Hopefully) Good New Games: Witcher 2
    4. Johnny Depp Is A Stud
    5. Deus Ex 3: A New Screenshots
    6. Deus Ex 3: A New Trailer
    7. Fable 3 PC version still in development
    8. You Have To Use The Rope: Zen Bound 2
    9. Zombie Driver: Blood Race Released
    10. Leap Years: ...But That Was [Yesterday]
    11. RPS Game Club: Manshoots!
    12. Vindictus Looking Meaty In Launch Trailer
    13. A Nuclear Error: R.U.S.E. DLC Next Month
    14. TimeGate Show Section 8's Swarm Mode
    15. In The Ungulate Nebula: Planet Horse Demo
    1. Terror-ist: MP Blames CS For Racist Murders
    2. King Arthur: The Druids Announced
    3. Wot I Think: Dinner Date
    4. Solving BioWare's Code: Mass Or Steel?
    5. Mod News: General Election
    6. Incredible: Bioware Reveal Man With Gun
    7. New: Bus Simulator!
    8. Illiberation Theology: Gods Vs Humans Demo
    9. Consider Create's Contraptions, Play Demo
    10. Get The Minecraft CPU Map
    1. No... But Yes! Yars' Revenge To Be Remade
    2. A Strange Tale: Dark Days For Bizarre?
    3. The Journey Down: Over The Edge
    4. X-Communicated: The Xenonauts Interview
    5. CODBLOPS First Mission Without Firing
    6. The Witcher 2: May 17th 2011
    7. WoT! 500,000 Play World Of Tanks
    8. Jane Jensen's Gray Matter Out, Costs €∞
    9. APB Sold, Definitely Going Free-To-Play
    10. The Rat Pack: Playable Skaven In WO 1.4.0
    11. Bulletstorm Is Rude, Gigantic Death Wheel
    12. Two New Super Meat Boy PC Characters
    13. We Know About The Overzealous Spam Filter
    1. Launched: The New GFW Marketplace
    2. Daddy Issues: Venetica
    3. No 'Con: Transformers MMO Westward Bound
    4. O Kaptain! My Kaptain: Kaptain Brawe Demo
    5. Die2Nite: Horrifying Harbour Of Crime
    6. The Ultimate RPG For Commodore 64
    7. The Last One To Know: The First Templar
    8. Activate The Three Artefacts And Then Leave
    9. Almost Twenty Minutes Of: Darkspore
    10. IndieDB Awards Want Your Vote
    11. Good Old Games Adds Baldur's Gate II
    12. Wot I Think: The UnderGarden
    13. Codies Talk "Balance" For Dirt 3
    14. Blimey: Lego Star Wars III
    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back In The Water, On A Boat, In An Aeroplane, Fly Your Horses, Or Parachute Somewhere: Sydney Shark
    1. Cardboard Children: Being A Janitor
    1. 'Allo, Saurus - ORION: Prelude
    2. GSC Explain The STALKER TV Show
    3. World Of Goo: The Hat
    4. RPS Electronic Wireless Show Episode 47
    5. Squarepusher: Chaos Invaders
    6. ActiBlizz Financials Suggest Bungie PC Title
    7. Instant Action: Dead
    8. The TRON-a-tron: TRON Evolution
    9. Your Quest In STALKER 2?
    10. Blood Is Love: Bloodline Champions Videos
    11. Vampire: Bloodlines Unofficial Patch 7.2 Out
    1. He's A Bit Spineless: Octodad
    2. Shogun 2: Total War Release Date Announced
    3. Reich Here, Reich Now: Reich Footage
    4. APB Purchased By Free-to-Play Company?
    5. Store Wars: Rivals Threaten To Boycott Steam
    6. Notch Releases MineCraft "Patch"
    7. EA Announce The Fancy Pants Adventures
    8. The Ball: The Interview
    9. Man Makes Open Source Kinect Drivers
    10. No Euphemism: The UnderGarden Demo
    1. Royal Quest In-Game Footage Already
    2. Interview: Channel 4's Alice Taylor & Jo Twist
    3. Channel 4 Reveals Next Wave Of Games
    4. Majesty 2: Battles Of Ardania Goes Gold
    5. Fallout New Vegas Might Work Better Now
    6. Daytime! Daytime! MineLARP
    7. Perpetuum: Win 30-Day Timecodes, Launch
    8. Mod News: Playing Catch Up
    9. Hot Diggity: Digger Simulator 2011!
    10. The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. TV Series
    11. Hmm: Jagged Alliance 2 - Reloaded Details
    12. Demonstrable: Immortal Souls
    1. Wot I Think: Call Of Duty Black Ops
    2. TWITCH! Genesis AD Enters Beta
    3. How To Write PC Game Reviews
    4. Interview: Miner Wars 2081
    5. NSFW: Sexy Adventures On Porn Island Demo
    6. Kohan, Kohan, Kohan
    7. Is It Really A Bloody Good Time?
    8. Beaten Up: BIT.TRIP BEAT
    9. Black Ops Out! Kinda Out. Video.
    10. Wot I Think: James Bond - Blood Stone
    1. Super Meat Boy + Minecraft + VVVVVV
    2. Betastar Galactica
    3. Bethesda, You Flippin' Betta
    4. Ice-T Is Very Pleased
    5. "Look At That Shit"
    6. Gratuitous Space Battles: Galactic Conquest
    7. Stronghold(s): Dead Animal Ammo, Beta
    8. The Old Republic: PvP And Stuff
    9. The List: Your Suggestions
    10. Fantasy Star: Dragon Age 2 Wobblecam
    11. Watch4Free: Battlefield Play4Free Footage
    12. Technical Itch: The Witcher 2
    13. Shooter Tutor: FPS Trainer
    1. Chell Is Other People: Cute Portal Cosplay
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Cardboard Children: Bad News
    2. Tubular Belle: World of Subways 3
    3. The_RPS_Bargain_Bucket-RELOADED.torrent
    1. The Demo Of The Ball
    2. L-Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiie-nheart: Cursed Crusade
    3. Gee, Man: More Beyond Black Mesa
    4. Happy Burning Things Night, Burners
    5. Something For The Weekend: Marvel Brothel
    6. Choppy Waters: Sail Simulator 5 Demo
    7. I Played A Computer Game: Bronze
    8. Text To Speech: Andrew Plotkin Interview
    9. Shot Shot: Battlefield Play4Free Announced
    10. Footage, Info On Spielberg's Cancelled Game
    11. The Frighteners: Dead Space 2
    1. Warning: Old
    2. Good News, Bad News, THQ News
    3. WHAT: New AI War Expansion Next Month
    4. Private Military Company: "News Media"
    5. The Indie Supper-Singing Spectacular
    6. Hat Map: Shogun 2's Backstory Explained
    7. I've Been Playing DeathSpank
    8. Mod News - Oh, There's The Scares
    9. Poker Night At The Inventory TF2 Rewards
    10. Gene Sequence: DarkSpore Gets A Beta
    11. Dinner Date Pre-Order Available, Interview
    1. Some Impressions: The Fate Of The World
    2. Fabulous Muscles: Shank Demo
    3. Judges Say The Funniest Things
    4. James Bond: Blood Stone Launch Trailer
    5. New Battlefield To Be Announced This Friday
    6. Dejobaan Games Is Working On: Musorqua
    7. The Art In Artillery: DigiTanks Demo
    8. Da Doo Tron Ron: Sp.A.I
    9. Europeans! Win LOTRO Money
    10. Men Of War: Assault Squad Open Beta
    11. Hay! Farming Simulator 2011 Demo
    1. Wot I Think: Lego Universe
    2. Bloody Good Deal
    3. Shock, Horror - Afterfall Coming 2011
    4. Algorithms Discover Build Order From Hell
    5. Free This Weekend: Games!
    6. IF Author Raises $10,000 In One Day
    7. A Few More Minutes Of Firefall
    8. DOTA 2 Site Up, Questions Answered
    9. Depreciated: The Antiques Roadshow Demo
    1. Laser Chat: Gratuitous Space Campaigns
    2. EG: The Fall Of Realtime Worlds
    3. Game Club: Operation Arrowhead 6th/7th
    4. "I Am Not A Carrier"
    5. Repetitive Strain: Tedium
    6. Bejeweled 3: Bejewelier
    7. Hell, Yes: Escape From The Underworld
    8. Boldly Going: Artemis' Thomas Roberston
    9. Oh Man, More Zombies: Bunch Of Heroes
    10. Call Of Duty: Black Ops Video Piñata
    11. The Metrics: Old Republic's Imperial Agent