January 2011 Archive

    1. HoI III: For The Motherland Is Taking Shape
    2. Steam Bun: Sims 3 Ultimate Bundle On Steam
    3. Wot I Semi-Think: Two Worlds II, Day Two
    4. Hands On With Section 8: Prejudice
    5. A Little Help Here: Tiny Barbarian
    6. COD:BLOPS First Strike Images, No PC Date
    7. Battlestar Galactica Open Beta On Feb 8th
    8. Hey, That's My Hexagon! Castle Vox Released
    1. Bulletstorm To Feature Constant Online DRM?
    2. The Sunday Papers
    3. Cardboard Children: Tom Vasel
    1. The Old Republic Reveals A Flashpoint
    1. Patrician IV: Rise Of A Dynasty Announced
    2. (Still Not A) Dungeon Siege III
    3. Bulletstorm Skillisodes Have A Stupid Name
    4. AI War Hits v5.0, Light Of The Spire Released
    5. Magicka Infomercial Is Excellently Half-Arsed
    6. Help Pirates, Says Preloaded's Phil Stuart
    7. We Have Interesting Traits, Like 'Club Footed'
    8. Oh, We Are Getting A Crysis 2 MP Demo
    9. A Spot Of Guardening: GW2's Guardian
    10. Shift 2 Unleashed's "Career" Trailer
    11. Hexa Going, Going, Gon: Greed Corp Out
    1. Alec And John's Thoughts On Magicka So Far
    2. Wot I Semi-Think: Two Worlds II
    3. Eggo Arr Aws Eeeee! Aa Oo Aaiier!
    4. I Thought World Of Tanks Was In Open Beta
    5. Summer Gunnings: Brink Out May 20th
    6. Eye On Aion: 2.1 Patch Pt. 2 Live
    7. Breach Around, Eurogamer Review Out
    8. 4000 Metres Down: Dive To The Titanic
    9. Darkspore's "Hero Editor" Looks Familiar
    1. Death Of The Demo: $5 Game Rentals
    2. Dead Space 2: Severed Not Coming To PC
    3. Stay Positive: Negative Spacecraft
    4. Batman & The Joker Are BFFs
    5. Crasher: Get One Of 1000 Beta Keys
    6. Operation Flashpoint: Red River Talkyfootage
    7. RAGE Releases New Screenshots, Hell Chilly
    8. Bird Strike: Curse Of The Chocolate Fountain
    9. Don't Toy With Them: MicroVolts Beta, Trailer
    10. Mod News: Hiding Somewhere
    11. PlanetSide Next: Thousands Of Players, Lo-Fi
    1. Magicka Receives Mighty Patch Already
    2. Caramel Skies: Venus Patrol
    3. Fan Movie-Off: Fallout Nuka Break
    4. Throne Together: A Crusader Kings II Preview
    5. Magicka Launched, But Rather Buggy
    6. Grand Mer: A Reel Good Time (Dies)
    7. Some Custom Cars In Test Drive Unlimited 2
    8. Skyrim Combat Details, Uh, Detailed
    9. Fancy A Game Of Bridge? Artemis Updated
    10. Hell Is Other People, But Also Yourself: suteF
    11. Indies, Dr Gillen Will See You Now
    12. Pucker Your Butthole: New Bulletstorm Trail
    13. Here's Some Battlestar Galactica Online
    14. Put On My Robe & Wizard Hat: Magicka Demo
    1. Atom Zombie Smasher Is Out, Also Demo
    2. Poo Ghosts? Sanctum Of Slime Footage
    3. A Linear Shooter: Wolfenstein 1-D
    4. Mythos Finally Debuts In Europe
    5. Only Way To Be Sure: Lost Aliens RPG Art
    6. When Copy Protection Was Fun
    7. Man Believes He Can Win WW2, Is Wrong
    8. League Of Legends Introduces Co-Op Play
    9. DCUO Is SOE's "Fastest Selling Game Ever"
    10. The Paradox Convention Preview Blowout
    11. Cry For Me(n): Crysis 2 Multiplayer Manshoots
    12. Crash Time 4 Demo Is A Bit Good
    13. Spell Check: 5 Mistakes To Avoid In Magicka
    14. Ta-da! Dash-Da-Dash DX
    1. The Sunday Spacers: Aurora
    2. Now Premiering: Beyond Black Mesa
    3. The Sunday Papers
    4. Gamers' Voice To Challenge Black Ops Bugs
    1. Cardboard Children: Deathwatch RPG
    2. The RPS Omnibus
    3. The First Image From PlanetSide Next
    4. Hands On With DOWII: Retribution
    1. Love Grows Stronger, Deeper, Cheaper
    2. Mount & Blade Gets Fires & Swords & Guns
    3. Ultimate DoW2 Retribution Gallery! Yes!
    4. Magicka Released Date Confirmed, Eek! Soon!
    5. Naked War Doesn't Want Your Money
    6. The Next Big Thing: The Next Big Thing?
    7. DNF Release Date, Snakes Rise From Graves
    8. InfiniRaveHammer = Modern Warfare 3?
    9. World Of Love 2: 28th January (Next Week!)
    10. Are Telltale Working On The Walking Dead?
    11. Dragon Space 2 Armour in Dead Age 2
    12. Blizzard Offers MMO Modder Mercy
    1. Here's A Preview Build Of Sarah's Run
    2. Secrets Of Brink Revealed
    3. Exclusive: Frontier's The Outsider Cancelled?
    4. My Chemical Romance: Zach Barth Interview
    5. Tidalis Lite Is Not Tidalis, Say Arcen Games
    6. Good News For World Of StarCraft Modder
    7. A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda Has A Demo
    8. Eww! Dead Space Multiplayer Trailer Is Gross
    9. Down Under: Red Faction Armageddon
    10. Bethesda Confirms Mod Support For Skyrim
    11. Proto-MineCraft Abandoned Due To Epic Error
    1. Anders Gustafsson On The Dream Machine
    2. Activision Recommends Death For Bizarre
    3. Breach Gets Its Gadgets Out
    4. The Tale Of The Ultimate Starcraft AI
    5. Blizzard Squishes 'World of StarCraft' Mod
    6. Preview: Test Drive Unlimited 2
    7. Mod News: Variety Pack
    8. "MMORTS" Is A Real Thing, Honest
    9. Eve Online: Incursion (Part 2) Is Live!
    1. LBP2 Testers Recognise Superiority Of PC
    2. No Mirrors, Lots of Edges: Fotonica
    3. He Ain't HEVy: Paper Half-Life
    4. IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs Of Dover Announced
    5. Never Forget: Infogrames' Greatest Hit
    6. Gunbot Diplomacy: Play Portal 2 With PS3ers
    7. Martha Quinn Needs Punctuation Lessons
    8. StarCraft II+Modders+Techno = StarCraft MMO
    9. GoG Reveals Latest Adventure Releases
    10. An Interview With Iron Helmet Games
    11. Son Of A Gun: Cannon Fodder 3 Announced
    12. FatShark Talk Hamilton's Great Adventure
    13. Skyrim's Creation Engine Detailed
    14. Kooky: Sverak & Dvorsk√Ĺ Film Now In English
    1. EDGE On How Angel Of Darkness Went Wrong
    2. Justice For Desktop Dungeons
    3. DOWII Retribution Gets Multiplayer Beta
    4. No PC Bulletstorm Demo, CliffyB Indifferent
    5. Win: DC Comics Stuff Via Titan Books!
    6. Post Mortem: Recettear
    7. Inevitable Kinect SDK Claims Surface
    8. Fly Papers: An Ode To Sim Manuals
    9. Raising Our Game: Parliamentary Games Day
    10. Fight At The End Of The Tunnel: SSFIV PC?
    11. Rift Is Looking Pretty Classy
    12. Still Alive + Minecraft = Internet
    13. Monday Starts With Goblin War Machine
    14. Elemental Expansion Is "A New Game"
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Cardboard Children: 2010 Plan
    2. The RPS Omnibus 2.0
    3. 3D PC Gaming Without Glasses
    4. Earthrise Brings A Slightly Better Trailer
    1. Blacklight: Tango Down Sequel Will Be Free
    2. This Is An Art Attack: King Arthur 2 Coming
    3. Exorcising Elder Scrolls' Voice Issues?
    4. Unfatality: Arx Fatalis Source Code/Patch
    5. 13,000 Lines Of Chat In Portal 2
    6. RPS Electronic Wireless Show Episode 48
    7. Embrace The Dark: Gamma Screen Gratitude
    8. Good Old Games Are Up To Something
    9. Fatshark Reveals: Hamilton's Great Adventure
    10. Chuffed: The Last Express Available To Buy
    11. Codies Bringing F1 To The Browser
    12. A Chat With Fract Creator, Mr Flanagan
    13. Shift 2: Unleashed Gets Trailered, Dated
    14. Trees, Wool & Sugar: It's A Minecraft Update
    1. The Cursed Crusade Demonstrates Ambitions
    2. The Starting Line: Bloodline Champions Out
    3. Shogun 2 Trailer Shows Campaign Features
    4. Tight(s): DC Universe Online Basically Out
    5. SC2 Master & Grandmaster Leagues Exist
    6. Hardware: The Infinite Conundrum
    7. RPS Game Club: Sunday Night Manshoots?
    8. Balloon Head Dead, No Redemption
    9. Pre-Order Dragon Age 2, Get Pretend Objects
    10. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr: Dead Space 2 Launch Trailer
    11. No F3AR: Not Until May, Anyway
    12. Let's Start Every Day With Cartoon Violence
    1. Minecraft Enters Million-Sellers Club
    2. I Found Tealy & Orangey To Be Entertaining
    3. Bioshock 2 PC DLC Finds A Vita-Chamber
    4. Newtonian Rebellion: Defy Gravity Demo
    5. Dusky Balls: NightSky Demo
    6. Bulletstorm Diorama For Satirical Reference
    7. Mod News: Early Bird
    8. Play Monday Night Combat On A Wednesday
    9. Elemental Expands With Fallen Enchantress
    10. Lego Universe's Space Ninjas Unmasked
    11. Gemini Rue Trailer Is Badass, Game Out Feb
    1. RPS Tomb Raider Screenshots!
    2. Champions Online Free-To-Playness Dated
    3. First Details For Stalker 2?
    4. Toxic Avenger: The 90 Min GTA IV Movie
    5. Monster Closets: Alien Hallway Demoified
    6. WoL Footage: Harris, Steenberg, Betts
    7. Spell Chucker: Z-Type
    8. DC Universe Reveals "Robotic Super-Egg"
    9. Keen Prospector: Miner Wars 2081 Demo
    10. Sniper's CryEngine Sequel Sighted
    11. EteRNA: Game To Design New Molecules?
    12. Age Of Decadence Assassin Quest Footage
    13. It's Coming: Battlefield 3 At GDC 2011
    14. Snow Business: Winter Voices Ep. 1 & 2 Out
    15. Lo-Tech: Bulletstorm Specs Friendly
    16. Some Thoughts On Starpoint Gemini
    1. New Minecraft Gubbins Includes Cake
    2. Bloody Hell
    3. Jurassic Park Game Inspired By Heavy Rain
    4. Is It SUPPOSED To Be Stick Dudes?
    5. Ship Simulator Extremes v1.3 Patch & Editor
    6. APB: Re-beta'd, The Sign Up
    7. Wot I Think: SpaceChem
    8. Top Selling PC Games 2010 Are Predictable
    9. Minecraft + Kinect = Internet Glory
    10. Omek Interactive Show PC Body-Tracking
    11. March Of The Tiny Men: Conquest
    12. EA Partners To Publish The Secret World
    13. IGF Student Showcase Finalists!
    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. Razer Hydra Gets Own Portal 2 Version
    1. Skyrim Info Egg Now Hatching
    2. John Nation: A Yank In The (Virtual) RAF
    3. Here's To You, Pop-Pop
    4. Amnesia Nearing 200k Units Sold
    1. Stress The Abstract: Fract Beta
    2. Torchlight II Details: PvP, Up to 8-Player
    3. Sounds Like 'Dirty Underwear' To Me
    4. Wot I Think: The Dream Machine
    5. Kingmakers: Lionheart Expanded, Rebranded
    6. Kentucky Route Zero Wants Your Money
    7. Dragon Age II & The Downloadable Prince
    8. ArenaNet Look Back On Their Decade
    9. Dead Space 2 Features Screaming, Ghosts
    10. Stealing The Show: Thief 4 Lecture At GDC
    11. Free Makes Money: LOTRO Revenue Triples
    12. Civ World Closed Alpha Starts Jan 12th
    13. What Big Swords You've Got: Core Blaze
    1. Captain Intense & The Dude Revolutionise PC
    2. HeyDOS: I Am An Insane Rogue AI
    3. Walker Digital To Sue Activision Blizzard
    4. World Of Tanks Claims Important Number
    5. Editorial: THQ's Online Pass DRM
    6. Fallen Earth's "State Of The Game"
    7. Better Living Through Chemistry: SpaceChem
    8. Lenovo Show Arcade Laptop Casemod
    1. Crush Your Gnomes: PvZ Garden Ornaments
    2. That's The Point: Super Spike Dislike
    3. Get Voting: BI Community Awards 2010
    4. Measure Yourself
    5. Angry Internet Birds
    6. Athlete's Fleet: Star Battle
    7. Daily Kinect Hack: Become A Superhero!
    8. Offline Gaming: EA Announces Latest Cull
    9. Some Impressions: Cities In Motion
    10. Tomb Raider Screens Locked In A Cupboard
    11. Look, There Go The Voxels: Voxatron
    12. Mod News: New Year Bumper Pack
    13. Activision Naffed Off With The UK
    1. Civ V Designer To Work On Elemental
    2. Rift: No Subtitle But Launch Date Instead
    3. APB Reloaded Beta "Late February"
    4. Metroid/Pet Droid: K.O.L.M.
    5. Unreal Estate: A House In California
    6. Megawind: TES3's Ultro-Mod Pack
    7. Nothing At All Announced About Fable 3
    8. More Kinectyhacks: World Of Wavecraft
    9. Newsflash: Ubisoft Turn Off DRM Of Legend
    10. Wot I Think: Precursors
    1. Gesture-Based: Kinect Used To Play RUSE
    2. Earnings Call: Recettear's Follow-Up Revealed
    3. En Masse: More Mass Effect 2 DLC Coming
    4. INDIE STRONG: IGF Finalists Announced
    5. Capsized Looks Swell, Exciting, Difficult
    6. Ever-Win: Neverwinter Nights 2 On Steam
    7. Rather Inspiring: The Spire Trailer
    8. Wot I Think: Back To The Future Ep 1
    9. Nifflas: NightSky Release For 6th Jan
    10. The Exciting List Of 2011's Excitements