April 2011 Archive

    1. Leader Of The (Jet)Pack: FireFall PvP Trailer
    2. Gaming Made Me: Coverdiscs
    1. Portal 2 DLC #1 Is FreeFreeFree
    2. Dungeon Read: Sieging Comics
    3. 12 Splendid Things About The Witcher 2
    4. Sex Hells: Polymorphous Perversity
    5. We're On The Brink Of Brink, Now
    6. SMAAASH! Capsized Crash Lands Today
    7. Win: City Of Heroes' Wedding Theme
    8. Bad Lieutenant: Hector Badge of Carnage
    9. Intriguing: Need For Speed: The Run
    10. Snikt! Marvel Universe Free-To-Play
    1. Blink And You'll Myth It: Mythos Released
    2. Hands On: Star Wars: The Old Republic
    3. More Sword D'œuvres: The Making Of Hunted
    4. The RPS Verdict: Portal 2
    5. Team Assault Is Accepting Beta Signups
    6. Portal 2 DLC Should Arrive This Summer
    7. Rather Helpful: Shogun 2 Multiplayer Tutorials
    8. Valve On Portal 2: Spoiler Interview Part Two
    9. Itemised Billing: Dragon Age 2 Item DLC Out
    10. RPS Gaming Community Update
    11. Scroll With It: Minecraft 1.6 Bringing Maps
    12. Hitting A Wall: Ridge Racer Unbounded
    1. Call of Juarez 3 Is Proper Silly
    2. WoW Goes Trolling
    3. GLaDOS Is A Good Old Brick
    4. Wot I Think - Cargo!
    5. Good Old Geralt: The Witcher 2 Preview 2
    6. FEAR 3 is Afraid Of Being Released Just Yet
    7. Mod News: The Expanding Mod-o-Sphere
    8. Valve On Portal 2: Spoiler Interview Part One
    9. Dinosore: Telltale's Jurassic Park Delayed
    10. Airborne: Darkspore Releases Tomorrow
    11. Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword & Trailer
    12. MOWAS Updated, Arrival Of DLC
    13. Line Of Defense "Nightbridge" Glimpsed
    1. Trackmania 2: A Better Trailer.
    2. Eurogamer Retrospective: Dreamfall
    3. THQ Not Chucked Out of Games Workshop
    4. The Art Of Hitting Stuff In The Witcher 2
    5. Minecraft Modders Will Not Pay A Fee
    6. Hands On: Hunted - The Demon's Forge
    7. And Now Brink Explains The Basics
    8. Get Capsized This Friday
    9. Your Doodles Are Bugged Infects Steam
    10. Lord Of The Rings Euro On The Move
    11. Back In The Water: Hydrophobia Prophecy
    12. What's This Now? Terraria
    13. Baffling Yars' Remake Now Available
    14. No More Valve Single-Player?
    15. Cry For Free: Crysis 2 Editor, CryEngine SDK
    1. Google, Can Indie Stone Have Their Money?
    2. Gunstacking: Stack Guns On Guns On Guns
    3. Heavily Engaged: Sid Meier's Gettysburg!
    4. Brand New Colony: Alpha Centauri Retro
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Not Cardboard Children: Cosmic Encounter
    2. Gaming Made Me: Battlefield 1942
    1. Twoer Defence: The Two Worlds 2 Spin-Off
    2. A Timely Death Is Wise: Soul Brother
    3. Survival Of The Smartest: Evolve
    4. A Naked Truth: Cargo Released, Impressions
    5. Lions Said: The Making Of Fable III PC
    6. Fate Of The World Earth Day Bonuses
    1. Chat: Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword
    2. Arma II: Reinforcements Out, Trailer
    3. Seriously? One New Serious Sam 3 Screen
    4. Might Fight Right? SMITE Is... Announced.
    5. Thing Of Legend: Fable III's Platform Choices
    6. Sinister Existence: Daggerdale Details Story
    7. Indevinitely: The Witcher 2 Dev Dev Diary
    8. Cel And Back: First Templar Celian Trailer
    9. Meatcraft: Minecraft In The Real World
    10. Spacious: Two New Mass Effect 3 Screens
    11. Voxel Pops: Lexaloffle Show Voxatron Editor
    12. Hey! Let's All Play Steamlands
    13. Shop Clever: UK Retailers Sell Portal 2 Early
    1. Fatties And Free-Running: Brink Hands-On
    2. Wot I Think: Sanctum
    3. New Settlers 7 Patch Adds Free Co-Op Mode
    4. Vote For Magicka's Free Map
    5. Born Again - X: Rebirth Announced
    6. High Seas Concept: Picaroon
    7. Portal 2 In 4 Hours? The Steam Timer Is A Lie
    8. Dawn of War 2's Last Stand Stands Alone
    9. Retroarrgghhh: Project Zomboid Footage
    10. Behold! Garshasp: The Monster Slayer
    11. Mod News: Release The Valve
    12. CoD: Black Ops Escalation Pack Trailer
    13. College Humour: The A.Typical RPG Is Out
    14. Given Free Rain: Minecraft 1.5 Patch, Demo
    1. Another Free Space Pun: Space Engine
    2. Trackmania 2: The First Footage
    3. A Ton Of Saints Row: The Third Screens
    4. Let's Address Some Portal 2 Nonsense
    5. Need For Speed World Expands, A Bit
    6. Robots Need Hats? Portal 2 Has A Store
    7. Cars & Co-Op: Rage Multiplayer Previewed
    8. Undoomed: Doom 4 Not "Reskinned Rage"
    9. Deaugmented: Deus Ex 3 Highlights Optional
    10. Wot I Think: Portal 2
    1. Potano: GLaDOS Is Stealing Our Spuds
    2. Soldier's Pings: Red River Dev Diary #3
    3. Skyrim’s Levelling/Skills System Clarified
    4. Rage In Motion
    5. Hands-On Preview: Rage
    6. 20 Reasons To Be Excited About Skyrim
    7. Preview: Prey 2
    8. THQ Registers "Metro 2033: Last Light"
    9. Incredibly Thoring: Hammer Of The Gods
    10. Hail: Ten New Duke Nukem Forever Screens
    11. ARPG Gets Dark: Path Of Exile
    12. Shelf Life: Darkadia
    13. This Red Faction Armageddon Trailer Is Dark
    1. Potatwo? The Valve ARG Ain't Over
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. The Full 12 Minutes Of Battlefield 3 Footage
    2. Service Announcement: Play Audiosurf
    3. Gaming Made Me: Descent
    4. DICE Talk Up PC Focus For Battlefield 3
    1. GLaDOS' Countdown Is Up
    2. Scare Tactics: Fear 3 Multiplayer Trailer
    3. Shogun 2 DX11 Patch To Land Early May
    4. So This Is: A Battlefield 3 Trailer
    5. Black Prophecy Devs Address Community
    6. Humble Frozenbyte Bundle Success!
    7. A Cursory Glance: New Cursed Crusade Shots
    8. Laser Knight Show: Stalwart
    9. Valve ARG Will Climax In Seven Hours
    10. TF2's Update Is Hatless
    1. Gambling With An RPG: Battleslots
    2. Global Agenda Is Free From... Now
    3. Section 8: Prejudice Launch Trailer Is Manly
    4. The First Templar's Roland Says Hi
    5. The Next Big Thing Has A Demo
    6. Alright, So Steamlands Looks Pretty Perfect
    7. Jagged Alliance: Reloaded Alpha Footage
    8. Projekting: Hands On With The Witcher 2
    9. Modblops: Black Ops To Get Mod Tools In May
    10. Future Shock: First Anno 2070 Trailer
    11. Anomaly: Warzone Earth Demo Creeps Out
    12. Epic Offer Bulletstorm Soundtrack For Free
    1. Interview: Lionhead on Fable III, PC and GFWL
    2. So I've Been Playing The Witcher 2 A Bit...
    3. Risen 2: Dark Waters Features Pirates
    4. Nightlife: Rift Rogue Class Trailer
    5. Late Arrival: Hands-on with Fable III PC
    6. Swing! Baseball Mogul 2012 Demo
    7. GLaDOS Invades The Potato Sack
    8. Not LFG: 250K Sign Up To RuneScape Clans
    9. Mod News: Rebuilt
    10. 10 Reasons You Need To Play Ace Of Spades
    11. Bombed: SEGA On Streets Of Rage Shutdown
    12. Avec Sarif: Deus Ex 3 Sarif Industries Video
    13. Imagine That: EA DRM Goes Haywire
    14. Garry's Mod Outwits Pirates, Bans
    1. Portal Video Explains Those Metal Leg Things
    2. SF X Tekken And SSFIV AE Coming To PC
    3. Vlambeer Master Karate In Two Hours
    4. Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Announced
    5. Apocalypse, Now: Magicka 'Nam Launches
    6. Operation Raccoon City Shots Are Quite Dark
    7. Brink Will Use Steamworks, Specs Detailed
    8. Gothic Will Rise(n) Again
    9. Humble Frozenbyte Bundle Appears Today
    10. That Sanking Feeling: Sanctum Impressions
    11. Tell Us: What's Your Dream Game?
    12. Patrician IV: Rise Of A Dynasty Released
    13. Plot Holes: Portal Comic Pt. 2 Arrives
    14. Waffle: Games On A Plane
    15. BIFF! Batman: Arkham City Is "Open"
    16. Battlefront Offer Theatre Of War 3 Demo
    17. Black Ops: Escalation Confirmed(ish)
    18. Brink And You'll Miss it: Brink Arrives Early
    1. Mass Effect MMO Speculation Is Nebulous
    2. Scrounge Lizards: Hoard Impressions
    3. Oh, Completely: Clear Sky Complete
    4. Red River Runs Co-Operative, Or Something
    5. Drakensang Online Taking Beta Applications
    6. TF2 Hats Raise $430,543 For Japan
    7. Opinion: Blurring Genres
    8. School's Out: DADIU Graduation Games
    9. Raptorous Applause: Dino D-Day Hits Steam
    10. Sky Walker: Be In BioShock Infinite
    11. Take Your Pique: Rage Trailer Shows Guns
    12. Unclear Sky: Minecraft's Weather Update
    1. Wot I Think: DCS A-10C Warthog
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Thinking With Panels: Free Portal 2 Comic
    2. Gaming Made Me: Crimson Skies
    1. Crysis 2 Will Go Up To 11
    2. Friends Of The Earth: Dirt 3's Party Mode
    3. Alice: Madness Returns Shots Are (Yes!) Mad
    4. Siege Three Dungeons For The Price Of One
    5. No Surrender: Duke Nukem Is Baiting You
    6. Mass Effect 3: Revenge Of The Spoilers
    7. Wot I Think: Anomaly - Warzone Earth
    8. Paranoid Much? The Secret World Is Afraid
    9. World Bank Estimates 100k Gold Farmers
    10. Splatterhouse: Confetti Carnival Impressions
    11. Space Oddity: Lesbian Spider-Queens of Mars
    12. Reign: Conflict of Nations Free, Cheap Stuff
    13. Gabe Newell Is Messing With Us
    14. Lord, It's Not My Shepard: A Mass Effect Movie
    15. Red Faction: Armageddon Trailer Has A Lady
    16. Minecraft Has A Release Date Wait What?
    17. Squee: First Trackmania 2 Image
    1. Grimdark Diary: Relic Talk Space Marine
    2. New Commodore 64 Priced Wait What?
    3. Dungeon Siege III misses release date
    4. Rockin': Supreme Ruler: Cold War Footage
    5. Not Much: Prey 2 "Screenshot" Revealed
    6. Genda Bender: Global Agenda Now Free
    7. Eve Online: Audience With The King Of Space
    8. Overgrowth Alpha Now A Playable Game
    9. Player Interaction Versus Story In MMOs?
    10. The Man In The Moon: Driftmoon Trailer
    11. Old, School: The Sims 3 Generations Coming
    12. DARPA's Anti-Submarine Warfare Game
    13. Oh-Oh, Uru: Myst Online Goes Open Source
    1. StarCraft II vs Bejeweled vs L4D vs Iron Chef
    2. Waffle: My Distracted Gaming Mind
    3. RPS Social Club Meeting April 16th, May 28th
    4. The Younger Scrolls: Mojang Prepping Alpha
    5. The Fast And The Führerious: Panzer Corps
    6. Table? Topped: Team Assault Announced
    7. Wot I Think: Don't Take It Personally...
    8. Eurogamer Review - The Sims Medieval
    9. Skull-To-Ball: Blood Bowl World Cup 2011
    10. Hearts Of Iron III: For The Video Diary
    11. Easy Now: Battlefield Play4Free Is Out
    12. Section 8: Prejudice Lands On May 4th
    13. Weird Factory: PopCap's 4th & Battery
    14. Mod News: Dead Mods
    15. Here's Free Stuff For LOTRO EU Newbies
    16. Free Mass Effect 2 For Dragon Age II Owners
    17. My Lord: Lord Of Ultima Launched
    18. Indies vs Gamestop/Impulse
    1. Oh Yes: Valve's Mysterious Meta Game
    2. Take It Personally: Don't Take it Personally
    3. Portal 2 Marketing Materials Are Funny
    4. Goes To (DX)11: Unreal Engine Tools Video
    5. Tesla: The Weather Man Has A Demo
    6. Point And Click At The Black Mirror 3 Demo
    7. Brink Is "Ready & Able", Apparently...
    8. Info-blam! City Of Heroes Reaches Issue 20
    9. The Witcher 2: System Specs, Fancy Screens
    10. Pavements Of Anger: Streets Of Rage Remake
    11. Detour Is Competitive Road Building, Odd
    12. WIN! Men Of War: Assault Squad
    13. Accumulo Nimbus: AGS Gets Digi Distro
    14. Gabe Newell's Favourite-Ever Game Is...
    15. The Unbetafication Of Spiral Knights
    16. D&D: Daggerdale Gets To The Fighting
    17. No Country For Boring Men: Osada
    1. Bulletstorm Demo Bothers Showing Up
    2. Spider-Man: Edge Of Time Trailer
    3. New Anno - Not When You Were Expecting
    4. If You Buy One PC Upgrade This Year…
    5. EDGE-Borg Reveals Max Payne 3 Details
    6. Saints Row: The Third Footage, Lay-offs
    7. EG Retro: Legend Of Kyrandia + MAPS!
    8. Boy Meats World: Super Meat Boy Mega-Patch
    9. Spotlight On Biscuit- Crysis 2 Impressions
    10. Phew/Boo: Planetside Next Is Alive/Delayed
    11. Root Maneuver: The Potato Sack Bundle
    1. This Volition Documentary Is De(s)cent
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Major League Gaming Kicks Off
    2. Come Back To The Future Now (And For Free)
    3. Chess Receives v1.01 Patch
    4. Opinion: Is Fighting Being Dumbed Down?
    5. A Vision Of Tomorrow: 'The Rim Of The Sky'
    6. Russian Novel "Unfinished"
    7. Opinion: Ladies Of Leisure
    8. Hoop & Stick II Demo Released Today
    9. What One Thinks: The Mansion Of Happiness
    10. Introducing 'UbiMan' Copy Protection
    11. Is It Too Soon For Mary Celeste Horror Game?
    12. Please Stand By
    13. The Iconoclasts Impressions