May 2011 Archive

    1. Drakensang Online Has A Decent Bog
    2. Out Today: Hamilton's Great Adventure
    3. First Sight Of Metro: Last Light
    4. Fetch Your Shades: Deepak Fights Robots
    5. Very Modern Warfare: Thoughts On CoD Elite
    6. The Money Train: CoD Elite Explained
    7. What If Gordon Freeman Had A Body?
    8. Soul Survivor: Survivalism Mod For Minecraft
    9. Still Alive: Company of Heroes
    10. Well Sourced: Clear Skies Movie Hits Part 3
    11. Antisocial Network: Call of Duty Elite Trailer
    12. Starcraft II: Heart Of The Swarm Teased
    13. Cryptic Now In A Perfect World
    1. Impressions: Project Zomboid
    2. A Quiet Day For PC Gaming News
    3. Six Gun Saga Pre-Orderer Posse Access
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Gaming Made Me: Sim City 2000
    2. Spotlight On Biscuit - Frozen Synapse
    1. The Friday Indie Forecast
    2. Impressions: Space Pirates And Zombies
    3. Not CreaVures: Creatures IV
    4. Wot I Think: Avadon: The Black Fortress
    5. The RAGE Rave: QuakeCon Is Go
    6. Futuremark Tease Three Games, Maybe
    7. Seal The Deal: Space Marine Pre-Order Stuff
    8. Deathmapping: Just Cause 2's 11m Casualties
    9. Steam Says: You Can Pay £2.50 For Far Cry 2
    10. Frozen Synapse: Here, Reviewed By Meer
    11. Trion Explain End Of Nations
    12. Shogun 2 Ikko-Ikki Faction DLC Out Now
    13. The Witcher 2 1.1, Take 2
    1. Play This Game: Japan World Cup
    2. Gunshine: Open Beta and Impressions
    3. Awww! Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure
    4. Chinese Prisoners Used As Gold Farmers?
    5. Assassin's Creed Revelations Teaser & Pics
    6. Red Faction: Armageddon Goes Eighties
    7. Modern Warfare 3 Shows Its Wares
    8. The Slow, Strange Death Of The Demo
    9. Roll Up, Roll Up: Minecraft 1.6 Patch Arrives
    10. What On Earth Is Dark Scavenger?
    11. They've Runed It! Diablo III's Runestones
    12. Are You Ready? Fight! SSF4:AE DRM WTF
    13. "30% Better Framerate": The Witcher 2 Patch
    14. The Syndicate Reboot: The Script?
    1. King's Bounty Joins Facebook
    2. Music To Test By: Portal 2's Free Soundtrack
    3. Wot I Think: Dirt 3
    4. DeathSpank vs Anti-Spank
    5. Creep Is Death: Creeper World 2
    6. Feeling Blue? Space Marine Dev Diary #2
    7. Direct2Drive Sells Out
    8. Wot I Think: Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean
    9. Deus Ex 3 Wants You To Want Things
    10. Scrubbing Up Nicely: DiRT 3 Launch Trailer
    11. Mod News: Silence Is Golden
    12. On Hunted And The RPG "Detour" Claim
    13. Double The Dinosaurs: Orion Prelude Grows
    14. Improbability: Hothead's Hitchhiker's Guide
    15. Firefall Video Talks PvP, Instancing, Robots
    16. Bad Maths: Windows 8 In 2012
    17. Age Of Conan Going F2P, And Unrated
    1. Give This A Go: Tiny Bang Story Now £7
    2. Cloudfrag Is An Interesting Idea
    3. With Fire & Sword - Captain Smith, Pt. 3
    4. Spooks! It's Ghost Recon: The F2P MMO
    5. Indie Stone Stop Selling Zomboid. But!
    6. Fallen Enchantress Videos, Dedication
    7. The Impossible Day: Duke Forever Is Gold
    8. No Parping: A Valley Without Wind Details
    9. Post-Rapture: BioShock Infinite Breaks Cover
    10. A Song Of Grass And Fire: Minecraft 1.6
    11. Frozen Synapse Thaws Soon - New Trailer
    12. From Hell: The Hellgate Mini-Movie
    13. Inevitable: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
    1. F.three.A.R. "Soul King" Multiplayer Trailer
    2. You Should Be Interested In: Paradox Shift
    3. Sax Appeal: Vote Now In The Saxxy Awards
    4. Carmageddon Countdown To Indie Reveal?
    5. Robot Rock: The RPS Plain Sight Night
    6. APBeta: Open For All This Afternoon
    7. Heavily Engaged: Waterloo
    8. 11 Minutes Of Dead Island Footage
    9. Stop, Drop, Roll: Action Half-Life 2 V2 Out
    10. "Preinforcements": Achron Is Coming
    11. Brink: Gets A Big Patch This Week
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Spotlight On Biscuit - S.P.A.Z.
    2. Gaming Made Me: Counter-Strike
    1. Lego Of Tradition: On Traveller's Tales
    2. Making Torchlight II's Levels And Stuff
    3. Funderbolts & Lightning: Storm Announced
    4. Bang: Bulletstorm Gun Sonata DLC Released
    5. My Propeller: SKYDRIFT Announced
    6. Zombie Cow Is Dead: It's Size Five Games
    7. Hellgate: Back, Back! BACK!
    8. Eschatoludology: What's Your Final Game?
    9. Infinite Dragons? Dragon Age III Confirmed
    10. Cargo! The Quest For A Demo
    11. TikGames Announces Chucky Game
    1. RPS Asks: Do You Care About Early Reviews?
    2. Daggerdale Gathers Its Weapons
    3. Start A Tab: Minecraft Acid Trip Mod
    4. Soldiering On: Arma III Announced
    5. Lose Your Head: Serious Sam 3's Kamikazes
    6. Command Command & Conquer
    7. The Guild Wars 2 RPS Fanquisition
    8. Notch Working On Minecraft Sky Dimension
    9. Play On RPS' Passworded Brink Servers
    10. What? Skyrim Will Have "Unlimited Dragons"
    11. Serious Samurai: Sengoku Closed Beta
    1. Can You Help The Indie Stone?
    2. Life-Less: No New Valve Game At E3
    3. Across The Universes: Cross-Server WoW
    4. Interview: Escaping The Grind In Guild Wars 2
    5. Wot I Think: The Witcher 2
    6. With Fire & Sword - Captain Smith, Pt. 2
    7. Atari Going Casual: Cryptic For Sale
    8. It Only Gets Weirder: Socks Incorporated
    9. Take Your Pick: Terraria Released
    10. Cold War X-COM: Xenonauts On Show
    11. Mod News: Excuses, Excuses
    12. Duelling Wizards: MoaCube Reveals ArcMagi
    13. Crysis 2 Retaliation Map Pack Available
    14. Some More Thoughts On The Witcher 2
    1. Portal 2's Final Hours: The Book
    2. Bioshock 2 Minerva's Den Comes To Daddy
    3. Wot I Think: Fable III PC
    4. Sarif Industries Are Sponsoring Deus Ex 3
    5. Hey, Artists: Crunchy Leaf Games Want You
    6. Run For Your Life: City Of Epic
    7. CivVille: Civ World Revealed
    8. Just A Quickie: Gotham City Imposters Image
    9. The Moving Dead: Dead Island Trailer
    10. Remember: Amnesia DLC, Game Free Today
    11. The Witcher 2 Update: Oh Dear, Updated!
    12. Water Good Idea: Hydrophobia's Darknet
    13. Disposable Worlds And Imagining Brink 2
    14. Wahey: Dragon Age: Legends Made Fun
    15. Practical (Joke) Uses For The Portal Gun
    16. No The Witcher 2 WIT Today
    1. Holy Happy Monolith: Gotham City Imposters
    2. Decaycation: Dead Island Screens
    3. Attention Seeking: Deus Ex 3 Asset Nonsense
    4. Ever-Questin': Sony's MMOs Return
    5. Gazing In Astonishment: Naval Warfare
    6. Risen 2: Dark Waters Gets Bright Images
    7. Hands On: InMomentum
    8. The Witcher 2 Has Four Launch Trailers
    9. Fabulous Massles: ME3 Will Have Man Love
    10. Alien: Not Just 'A Licensed Game'
    11. Fearsome Engine: Fireburst Trailer
    12. All Hail 'Hitman: Subtitle'
    1. Armour Too: Iron Front
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Get: Rise Of The Immortals Beta Keys
    2. Not Cardboard Children: THUNDERSTONE!
    3. Spotlight On Biscuit - Age Of Empires Online
    4. Gaming Made Me: The Hitchhiker's Guide
    5. Quick, Something! Modern Warfare 3 Teasers
    1. Oh No! More Game Sequel Plans Leaked
    2. Wargame: European Escalation Announced
    3. Call of Whoopsie: Modern Warfare 3 Spoilt?
    4. Heroes Of Newerth Is Free For A Bit
    5. With Fire & Sword - Captain Smith, Pt. 1
    6. Ace Of Space: Sanctum Gets New Level
    7. The RPS Verdict: Brink
    8. Impressions: Steel Storm Burning Retribution
    9. Look At You, Hackers: The Deus Ex Data Theft
    10. Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning Looks Good
    11. Don't Be Lonely: Diablo III's Followers
    1. Brink: Release, RPS Servers, Bugs
    2. A Game Of Thrones: Genesis Will Fight Dirty
    3. What Is Ubisoft's 'Ambitious PC Project'?
    4. Interview: Prey 2's Oddness, Freedom & Ians
    5. Brawl Busters To Get A Beta'ing
    6. Guild Wars 2's Lion's Arch Is Looking Lovely
    7. More On Alien: 'Action' Title, New Studio
    8. A Death Is For Life, Not Just For Quickload
    9. Creative Assembly Birthing Alien: The Game
    10. Civilization V Is Getting A Hot Seat Mode
    11. Section 8 Prejudice Gets Assault Mode
    12. It'll Be A Hit, Man: Hitman Absolution Details
    13. End Of The Line: Western Lineage To Close
    14. Play: Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy
    1. Impressions: Hydrophobia Prophecy
    2. Iron In Zion: Fallout New Vegas DLC 2
    3. Ten Things You’ll Think Playing Deus Ex 3
    4. Eden Games Go On Strike Against Atari
    5. Crusader Kings II Is About Relationships
    6. Build It, They Will Come: MinecraftCon 2011
    7. Good Portential: The Portal 2 Modkit Is Out
    8. Cursin' Co-Op Crusaders Crusadin' For Christ
    9. Max Head Room: Max Payne 3 Screens
    10. You Can Play Rift For Free, Now
    11. Rabbiting On: The Pretty Madness Of Alice 2
    12. Erik Wolpaw Talks In Depth About Portal 2
    13. Age Of Empires Online Online In Autumn
    1. NaClBox: Play Monkey Island In A Browser
    2. Wot I Micro Think: Lume
    3. Spy Party To Unwrap "Paid Beta" Access
    4. Aha! Proper Info On Hitman Absolution
    5. Bald Spot: Hitman 5's Trailer And Title
    6. Gaming Is Mostly Dead: Dead Block Trailer
    7. Change of Plans: We're Going Here Instead
    8. Thoughts On Garshasp: The Monster Slayer
    9. Er, Australia: GoG Drops Geo IP Check
    10. Crysis Some More: DLC Due In One Week
    11. WoW Subs Down, Expansions Needed 'Faster'
    12. These Tribes Ascend Screens Are Sexy
    1. Club Together: Dungeon Siege III Trailer
    2. Watcher Two Witcher 2 Videos
    3. Call Of Duty: Project Collossus In November?
    4. Valve "Not Giving Up On Single Player At All"
    5. David Braben Making A USB PC For £15?
    6. BEEP!
    7. Heavily Engaged: Panzer General 2
    8. Mortar The Point: Darkest Hour Hits v5.0
    9. Motor Bloat: Test Drive 2 Free DLC Out
    10. A Tunnel Vision: Extreme PortalCraft
    11. A First Look At: Sword Of The Stars II
    12. Oh My Goodness, Play The Tiny Bang Story
    13. Panzer Command: Ostfront Has A Demo
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Gaming Made Me: Games Workshop Made Me
    2. Perpetuum Expands, 15-day Trial
    1. Rumour: Call Of Duty Online Reveal Nears
    2. Dynamo Daimyo: A First Look At Sengoku
    3. "Fan" Produces 70s Movie Poster For Portal 2
    4. Dead On: Die2Nite Begins Season 2
    5. Bethesda Can Do Basic Maths, Prove It
    6. All The World Is Green: Orcs Must Die Trailer
    7. Boom And B(D)ust: From Dust Dev Diary
    8. Bringing Saxxy Back: The Saxxy Awards
    9. Deus Ex 3 Will Support 3D, DX11, Acronyms
    10. Frozen Synapse SP Campaign Released
    11. Wing And Prayer: Aion Update Is Quite Pretty
    12. Patching Windows: Dead Block Announced
    1. Hands On: Star Wars The Old Republic PvP
    2. Even More Assassin's Creed: Revelations
    3. Duke Nukem Is Also A First-Person Shooter
    4. Confirmed: Rage Is A First-Person Shooter
    5. Free4Free: Age Of Empires Online Beta
    6. The RPS Blood Bowl Cup Could Be Yours!
    7. Please Welcome In The Second Guest
    8. Blizzard Offer Free Trial Of WoW Remote
    9. Teasy Now: The Darkness II Coming To PC
    10. Good Old Games Has Dragonsphere For Free
    11. Mass Effect 3 Aimed At "Larger Audiences"
    12. Wot I Think - Capsized
    13. That's Enough Brink Videos For Now!
    14. Aw, Mass Effect 3 Is Delayed Until 2012
    1. Dwarfs!? Tunnels Its Way To Release, Demo
    2. Why It's An Indie Games Roundup
    3. Psych! Pro Cycling Manager 2011 Announced
    4. Section 8 Prejudice Launch, Unlockable Mode
    5. Bet You'll Have A Good Time: The Wager
    6. Red Faction Armageddon Looking Outdoorsy
    7. Mod News: All the Questions
    8. Taking Up Space: Mass Effect 3 Screens
    9. How The Witcher Dealt With Choice
    10. Let's Speculate About Far Cry 3
    11. Portal 2 Trickshots
    12. You Could Play Avadon: The Black Fortress
    1. With Fire and Sword Demo, Release
    2. And: APB Reloaded Open Beta On May 18th
    3. Also: Bethesda Announce New Vegas DLCs
    4. No PC Demo For Red Faction: Armageddon?
    5. A (Difficult) Day In The Life Of An MMO Studio
    6. Makin' Star Movies: Star Dreams
    7. Demo: The Wonderful Towers Of Mr Imp
    8. Monday Night Combat's Update Is Insane
    9. Baith Snell An' Keen: Of Orcs And Men
    10. OpFlash Red River: Our Verdict
    1. Wot I Think: Darkspore
    2. Sony Troubles Extend To PC Services?
    3. RPS Social Club: Up North, May 28th
    4. Heavily Engaged: Close Combat 2
    5. Hands On With Driver: San Francisco
    6. Wester Wants Paradox "Riff On Syndicate"
    7. Ticking Over: No Time To Explain Trailer
    8. What Did You Play This Weekend?
    9. Better Living Through SpaceChem Updates
    1. The Sunday Papers