October 2011 Archive

    1. Cripes: Humble Voxatron Making A Ton
    2. Davionline: Mechwarrior Online In 2012
    3. My Word Is Power: The Critter Chronicles
    4. Pop Voxel: Humble Debut For Voxatron
    5. Cardboard Children: Zombie Games
    6. Jagged Alliance Reboot Not Turn-Based
    7. Betaing Around The Bush: Wildstar Sidles Up
    8. Ball-To-Brick: Wizorb
    9. Impressions - Batman: Arkham City
    10. SOTS 2 A "Turnip" Admits Dev, Vows To Fix
    11. The Gadget Show Plays BF3 Better Than You
    12. Eve's Dropping: The Binding Of Isaac
    13. Byte vs Brick: Foot-to-ball vs Battle-to-field
    14. Oh Dear No: Magic The Gathering Rap
    15. Visit Not-Japan Today: Kenshi
    16. GameCity Loves Minecraft
    17. Indie Royale: How'd It Work Out?
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Mods And Ends: Minecraft's Weeping Angels
    2. Men of War: Vietnam Game Editor Released
    3. Den Defence: Assassin's Creed Revelations
    4. Sizing Up: Strike Suit Zero Preview
    5. Overbooked: No More Room In Hell Imminent
    6. World In Progress: Bioshock Infinite
    7. Testing, Testing: Portal 2 Puzzle Creator
    8. The Flare Path: A Plague Of Caterpillars
    9. Wot I Think: The Book Of Unwritten Tales
    10. Expansive: Origin Signs Major Publishers
    11. Undeyeing: Team Fortress 2 Halloween
    12. Crimson Blaggard: Red Rogue
    13. Flight Check: Take On Helicopters Released
    14. Colonosaurus: Jurassic Park: The Game
    1. Traaaaaiiiiins: Railworks 3 Trains vs Zombies
    2. Hands On - Mass Effect 3: Galaxy At War
    3. Face Fear: Lego Harry Potter Yrs 5-7
    4. R’lyeh Good: Magicka: The Stars are Left
    5. A Note On Battlelog And Battlefield 3's SP
    6. Hands On: All Zombies Must Die
    7. No Nauts: XenoSquad
    8. BlizzCon's Peculiar Homophobic Moment
    9. Law: Fallout MMO Can Continue To Continue
    10. RPS Asks: Games For Halloween?
    11. Darkspore DRM Shuts Out New Players?
    12. Sons Of Monarchy: Crusader Kings II
    13. New Pics For The Old Republic
    14. Just Cause 3 Ready To Explode?
    1. Wot I Think: Gemini Rue
    2. PS2: "Eight-By-Eight Kilometre Continents"
    3. Bundles Of Love: Indie Royale Site Launches
    4. Wot I Think: Stronghold 3
    5. Wot I Think: Battlefield 3's Campaign
    6. Richard Garriott Defeats NCSoft In Battle
    7. Wot I Think: Football Manager 2012
    8. New XIII Game Is A Puzzler
    9. Gullible Human Drones: Warp
    10. From Alpha To Omega: Discovery
    11. The GTA V Rumour Mill Grinds Away
    12. Reporting: The Adventures Of Tintin Demo
    13. Anno 2070 Trailers Unearths Online Options
    1. Co-BIFF: Space Marine Adds Free Co-Op Mode
    2. Sky High, Or Below The Rim? Skyrim Specs
    3. Cryptic Comet Reveals The Occult Chronicles
    4. Modern Warfare 3 Will Launch At Some Point
    5. Wot I Think: MDK2 HD
    6. Level With Me, Dan Pinchbeck
    7. Ok, Playing Battlefield 3 Now
    8. Rockstar Announce Grand Theft Auto V
    9. Cliffhanger Talk Shadowrun Online
    10. WIT: Serious Sam - The Random Encounter
    11. Perhaps Beta Test Naval War: Arctic Circle?
    12. Annotated: Blue Byte Talk Anno 2070
    13. Risen 2 Pub Slams "Technology Gap" Ports
    1. Flipper-To-Ball: The Pinball Arcade
    2. RPS Exclusive Lack Of A Battlefield 3 Review
    3. Real Life Dragon: Skyrim Live Action Trailer
    4. Competitive Clicking: Starcraft II Tournament
    5. Frankenstein's Modster: TF2 Halloween Mods
    6. Wot I Think: Dungeon Defenders
    7. The Secret World's Templar Beginnings
    8. Less Is More: Gabe Newell On Game Pricing
    9. Attracktive: Data Jammers FastForward
    10. Super Bacon Boy: Mr Bree Returning Home
    11. Byte Vs Brick: Week Ending October 22nd
    12. Red Versus Blue: Blizzard DOTA
    13. Hands On: Syndicate
    14. Ow My Brain: Parallax
    1. Oh! And Also A Heart of the Swarm Trailer
    2. The Battlefield 3 Hardware Post
    3. The Sunday Papers
    1. Cardboard Children: A Quick Hello
    2. The MMOnitor: City Of Heroes
    3. World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Trailer
    1. Look, Here Is A Diablo III Cinematic
    2. WoW Expand(a)s Into "Mists of Pandaria"
    3. Diablo III Free To WoW "Pass" Subscribers
    4. Modern Warfare 3: Steamworks, LAN, VAC, Etc
    5. Mods And Ends: Pick 'N' Mix
    6. CCP: Subs "Flawed", Eve "Hurt"
    7. Do You Remember LotR: War In The North?
    8. Orcs Must Continue To Die
    9. Hooray For Random Indie Discounting!
    10. Storytime With Battlefield 3
    11. Digging For Gold: The 2012 IGF Pirate Kart
    12. The Flare Path: Happy Trafalgar Day
    13. Wot I Think: Costume Quest PC
    14. Smashier And Grabbier: Every GTA For £4.99
    15. Role Playing Rhythms: Sequence
    16. Teenage Qix: Lightfish
    17. RPS Asks: What Do you Want From Doom 4?
    18. Titles And Tactics: The Making Of Scrolls
    19. Damnation: Doom 4 Delayed Indefinitely?
    20. Delight: Dungeon Defenders Demo
    1. Hands On: The Old Republic - Part One
    2. Wot I Think: Drawn - Trail Of Shadows
    3. Turtle Rock's Shooter Goes CryEngine
    4. Avaricious Artillery: Catapult For Hire
    5. Introversion Announce Prison Architect
    6. It Just Means 'Horizon': New Skyrim Pics
    7. It's A Race To The Future
    8. Tiling Away The Hours: Carcassonne On PC
    9. Hard Graphed: Fifa Manager 12 Demo
    10. An Hour Of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
    11. Starcraft Universe PvP Test Playable Now
    12. Fear Nothing: Firefall's Dreadnaught
    1. This Is Indie: The 300 Game Pirate Kart
    2. We'll Myth It: Mythos Europe Soon Dead
    3. Wot I Think: Might & Magic Heroes VI
    4. Monumental: Kairo
    5. Boom: CCP Fire 20% Staff, Focus On Eve
    6. On The Record: GFWD(ead Rising)
    7. Not Alone In The Dark: Blindside
    8. New Modern Warfare 3 Shot Heralds QUIZ!
    9. Stop Teasing Me With Fake Freedom
    10. Crossbreeding: The Sims 3 Pets
    11. Brick And Mortar: CitiesXL 2012
    12. Cactus' Keyboard Drumset Loving Werewolf
    13. Bloodless But Hexy: Gobbowl
    14. Rising Storm Approaches For Red Orchestra 2
    15. I Lied To You About Batman
    16. Rift: What A Difference 229 Days Make
    1. Relax: Nature Treks - Healing with Color
    2. Sleepwalkin' Guy: Braindead
    3. RPS Chat-o-Think: Skyrim
    4. Batman: Arkham City Arrives 18th November
    5. TERA Still Coming Out, Apparently
    6. The Real Battlefield Has Purple Dildos
    7. Cortex Command Is Still Unfinished, Amazing
    8. Skyrim: The Guerilla Blacksmith
    9. ROFLPlaying Game: Frayed Knights
    10. Syndicate: Eurocorp Old & New
    11. Mojang Can Still Use 'Scrolls' For Now
    12. DICE: Shooters "transforming into a service"
    13. This: Indie Jones & The Temple Of Minecraft
    1. Prepare To Want: Mari0 Is Remarkable
    2. New Introversion Project, Subversion Delayed
    3. Smash & Grab: Every GTA Game For £8.74
    4. The Tau Join Dawn of War 2 , Sorta
    5. Skyrim: The Zombie Torturer
    6. Space Scaled Back: Blue Libra
    7. Gaming Brain: Expert Response To Greenfield
    8. Skyrim: The Bad Vegetarian
    9. Multi-Platform: A Tale By Alex
    10. Tendril In The Heart: Prototype 2
    11. Paint The Blue Planet Red: Fisher Diver
    12. Byte vs Brick: Week Ending Oct 15
    13. Best Wishes To Project Zomboid
    14. Mega Man Thinks With Portals
    15. SW:TOR Recognises There Are No Oceans
    16. The Book Of Unwritten Tales' Demo And Date
    17. Man vs Man: SF x Tekken On PC
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Cardboard Children: Bionic Horse
    2. Costume Quest: Double Fine Return To PC
    1. Mods And Ends: Jagged Alliance 2
    2. It's... The Last-Ever Arkham City Trailer!
    3. New Necromantic: Demonicon Preview
    4. Hands On: DXHR: The Missing Link
    5. Wriggling Woods: Worms Crazy Golf
    6. No "Room" For Space Marine Sequel
    7. Allods Remains Undaunted, Erodes Grind
    8. The Flare Path: Vertigo, Volo, Memo
    9. It's Actually Quite Large: Unepic
    10. ...What? Oceanspirit Dennis
    11. Luminous Revolution: Square's New Engine
    12. Opening Up: The Secret World
    13. Tanks In Progress: Gratuitous Tank Battles
    14. The Salad Days: Hegemony Rome
    15. Capital: CCP Offer Discount, Overdue Nerf
    16. Top Scientist Addles Brain, Warns Gamer
    1. Valve Celebrates One-Year "Manniversary"
    2. How Is Fifa 12 Like An RPG?
    3. Hmm: Dark Millennium Online Details? No
    4. machina eX: Live Action Point And Clicking
    5. See Syndicate Move - First Ever Footage
    6. Fantastic Cartography: Memories And Maps
    7. RPS Asks: What Is Your Virtual Talent?
    8. Jonah Lomu Rugby On PC Tomorrow After All
    9. Apartment Of Health: Lone Survivor
    10. The Name Game: Inside The "Scrolls" Case
    11. Fear The Reaper: Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer
    12. Medium Well Done: The Blackwell Deception
    13. A Rush Of Wood: OIO
    14. Cliffhanger Announce Shadowrun Online
    15. Dirchie Kart, Dirchie Kart, Dirchie Kart
    1. Warhammer 40k Dark Millennium Dated 2013
    2. Fixed Levitating Zombies: Dead Island Patch
    3. Wot I Think: Orcs Must Die
    4. Mass Effect 3 MP Explained Via Videotrailer!
    5. Escher-Pades: The Bridge Demo
    6. Sky Budgets: Airline Tycoon 2 Demo
    7. Wot I Think: Sengoku
    8. Space Free For All: Stellar Impact
    9. Ready Jet Go! Tribes Ascend Closed Beta
    10. Most Able: Fallout's Tim Cain Joins Obsidian
    11. Extra Rations: The Baconing DLC And Sale
    12. Zynga Steps Back From Facebook?
    13. Infinite Crisis: PlanetSide 2 Gets Wolfman
    14. Rage: Surprises And Miseries
    15. Colours Of Magic: Trine 2
    16. The New World: Salem Explained
    17. Confirmed: Battlefield 3 Features Destruction
    18. Sonic Generations Steams On To PC
    1. Productivity = Gone: Defender's Quest
    2. Racy: Ex-Stig And The Crowd-Sourcing Portal
    3. The Day Is Here: Live Action Dragon Age, Ep 1
    4. Crafty: WoW Sneaks In Real/Fake Cash Trades
    5. Jetpackasaurus: Orion Prelude Footage
    6. Beta Path To Crusader Kings II
    7. Mario Is Better With Ninjas: Megamash
    8. Hands On Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning
    9. Memories: To The Moon Trailer, Release Date
    10. Little Big Adventure Revived On GOG
    11. Interview: Reto-Moto On Heroes & Generals
    12. Sheparding: Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Detailed
    13. Cock A Hoot: Leisure Suit Larry HD
    14. Jinkies! MDK 2 HD Trailer
    15. DXHR: Missing Link Spoilers Video Thing
    1. Botanicula: Team Samorost & Chums' Latest
    2. IndieCade Awards And Alternatives
    3. Very Disco: Hitman Absolution
    4. Aw, It's Twins(tick) Shooter: Waves Demo
    5. Impressions: Orcs Must Die
    6. Sword Of The Stars II Closed Beta Imminent
    7. Heroes & Generals: Re-Announced, Trailered
    8. Finally A Game For Girls! Lady Popular
    9. Never Say Never: Maybe Make Some Change
    10. Byte vs Brick: Week Ending Oct 7
    11. Mass Effect 3 Gets Massier With Multiplayer
    12. Toy That Lives: Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7
    13. Tribes Ascends Into Beta Next Month
    1. GSC Respond On Stalker 2 DRM Issue
    2. The Sunday Papers
    3. Size 5 "Probably" Making New Ben & Dan
    4. Enemy Known: Xenonauts vs Paypal
    5. Rage: Settings Patch/Carmack On PC Probs
    6. The Demonstrating Of Isaac
    1. Cardboard Children: Fortune & Glory
    2. Tripwire Release RO2 "State Of The Game"
    3. Hyperbiff: Prototype 2's Combat Trailer
    4. Towering: Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
    5. "Permanent Internet Access" For STALKER 2
    1. Mods And Ends: Grand Theft Auto IV
    2. Gloom Too: Battlefield 3: Single-Player Shots
    3. The Flare Path: Iron Cross Edition
    4. And A Bunch Of Other Random Indie Bits
    5. Boom: Serious Sam: The Random Encounter
    6. Wot I Think: Air Conflicts: Secret Wars
    7. Space Marine's Exterminatus Co-Op Dated
    8. 64-Player For The Weekend, Sir?
    9. Hassault And Battery: Gotham City Imposters
    10. Are There Going To Be Dragons In Minecraft?
    11. Amy Wants To Hold Your Hand
    12. Ghost Recon Online Devs Explain Their Game
    13. Freehistoric: Dino Run SE
    1. Back In Bullet Time: Max Payne 3
    2. In Need Of Management Now: Football
    3. Next Spring, Winter Comes To King's Bounty
    4. Minecraft 1.9 Pre-Released, Again
    5. Wot I Think: Rage
    6. Unforgotten: Neverwinter Free, Delayed
    7. Welcome To The Machine: Nous
    8. "Xerath Is An Extremely Good Farmer..."
    9. Go West: Dead Rising 2 Off The Record
    10. Future Wars: Anno 2070 Gets Militant
    11. Impressions: Game of Thrones: Genesis
    12. Batman's Special Friend In Action
    13. Sweet Desert: Fixing Rage's Texture Problems
    14. Rockstar Fan Q&A Points To No RDR
    1. CCP CEO Says A Big Sorry
    2. Dragon Age: Better In Pixels Than Reality
    3. Yay! SpaceChem Joins Humble Bundle
    4. Pay What You Want Sadface For Proun
    5. Does It Need The Number? Insane 2
    6. Be Heartening: A Bastion Interview
    7. Storyseeking: Interactive Fiction Competition
    8. Nexus: The Jupiter Incident Sequel? Maybe.
    9. Sengoku: Diary Of A Nobutoki #3
    10. Telling Tales: The Art Of Game Stories In 2011
    11. Albion The Bridge: X Rebirth
    12. Pre-Flight Snack: Take On Helicopters
    13. Yeah, Pretty Epic: Unreal In Flash
    14. Serious Sam: Double D Single Demo!
    1. Working Rage ATI Fix Now Out
    2. Why Don't You Review Portal 2: Peer Review?
    3. Devs Discombobulated Over Gaming Future
    4. Save World Space Week With Space Games?
    5. Raging About Rage PC
    6. Tell Me About Your Gaming Laptop
    7. We Shoot People: WarCo Interview
    8. Commenting on RPS: 3 Golden Rules
    9. Browse Diablo 3's Items, You Greedy Wretch
    10. Imaginary Friend: 8-Bit Night
    11. Who Pixelled Laura Palmer? Twin Peaks 8-Bit
    12. Modern Warfare 3 Is A Shooting Game
    13. Orcs Must Be Demonstrated (And Then Die)
    14. Wot I Think: Glitch
    15. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Dated March '12
    1. Man-Shoot, -Slice, -Sling: The Darkness II
    2. Cardinal Quest: Devoutly But Briefly Free
    3. Cards Of Not-Card: The Hearts Of Iron CCG
    4. Accurately-Named: Gundemonium
    5. Dead Island DLC Expectedly Delayed
    6. The RPS Verdict: The Binding Of Isaac
    7. Veni, Vidi, Voxel: Voxatron
    8. Byte vs Brick: Week Ending Oct 1
    9. Trendbusting: Saints Row 3 PC Undelayed
    10. Joining Hacked BF3 Servers = Banhammer?
    11. Mods And Ends: Lashings Of Doom
    1. Not Cardboard Children: Quinns & Not Quinns
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. UFO Legacy Defence: Xenonauts Preview
    2. SWTOR Gets Fancy Galactic Maps
    3. SEGA's Aliens: Colonial Marines Presentation