April 2012 Archive

    1. Fast And The Furrious: Sonic Racing Transformed
    2. I Call Shotgun: Ghost Reconline's Specialist Trailerfied
    3. Sherlock Holmes Kickstarter Fails, But Games Will Appear
    4. Hard choices: SSDs
    5. Minerva's Decree: Lo, The Fullbright Company Is Formed
    6. Make A Sad, Sad Song: Anna's Music
    7. Tiny World Tour: Ludum Dare 23
    8. D3TV: Diablo III's Eve Of Release CGI Trailergasm
    9. Wrack Doesn't Ruin Doom (Hopefully)
    10. Broom For Improvement: Dustforce Level Editor
    11. A Partridge In A Derby: Dirt Showdown
    12. The Eternal Lightness of Being An Item In WoW
    13. Rise of the Coffee Bots: The Desolate Hope
    14. Hard Choices Essential Update: Intel's New CPUs
    15. Magic, Machine, Money: Shadowrun Funded
    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. Block By Block: Modding Minecraft, Part 2
    1. Portal 2 Map Creator Trailer Is Wonderful, Has Squids
    2. Arm Yourself: Ubisoft Confirms Rayman Legends
    3. Keep Hope Alive: Camouflaj On Tailoring Republique To PC
    4. Brilliant: Players Waging Actual War On EVE's Economy
    1. Hmm: Survarium's Not What We Expected, Better?
    2. Hands On (Deck): Carrier Command (Beta)
    3. Conscripted Events: Heroes & Generals
    4. Warlock Demo Allows Assessment Of The Arcane
    5. Maxis Factor: A SimCity Interview
    6. There's Wallace: Thomas Was Alone
    7. Caribbean Quarter Pounder: Port Royale 3
    8. In The Flood Of Games: Tinysasters
    9. The Flare Path Reading Room
    10. Idle Musing: The Joy Of Bodily Functions
    11. Ghost Recon Future Soldier Gunsmith Trailer Is A Bit Silly
    12. Not iPhoned In: Republique Getting "Unique" PC Version
    13. Prototype 2 Not On PC Until July, Play Thelemite Instead
    14. You Blew It All Up: BF3's Donya Fortress Trailer
    1. Alt-Minds: Please Don't Let A Phone Ruin Your Game
    2. Death From Below: Silent Hunter Online
    3. Survarium Is "STALKER Idea's Next Evolutionary Step"
    4. Sherlock Holmes And The Case Of Dementia
    5. Portal 2's Perpetual Testing Initiative Initiates Next Month
    6. Peel Back The Dark: Lone Survivor Interview Part 2
    7. In Space, No One Should See You Smile: Lost Planet 3
    8. Hey You, Play Games With RPS Readers!
    9. Corvo Blimey: A Dishonored Preview
    10. Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers Is Watery, Grave
    11. A Dad In A Dungeon: Part Three
    12. 'Single-Player Co-op' Puzzler Reset's Trailer Is Amazing
    13. Cryptic Servers Hacked, You Know The Drill
    14. Bethesda Announce New Shinji Mikami Horror: Zwei
    15. MechWarrior Tactics Trailer Will Hex Your World
    1. Dark Knight Prizes: Gotham City Impostors' Free Update
    2. Pengrin: Steam Coming To Linux At Last
    3. Cursors w/o Borders: End Of Nations' Liberation Front
    4. Stalker 2 Dead (Again), But Now There's Survarium
    5. I Saw I Saw Her Standing There
    6. And Now The Game: A SimCity Preview
    7. Vlambeer Tease With Space Murder Prototype
    8. A Valley With A Demo Version
    9. Wot I Think: The Walking Dead Episode One
    10. Maximum Graphics: Crysis 3 To Support DX11
    11. Wot I Think: 3079
    12. Crytek On Fusing Crysis 1, Crysis 2, And District 9
    13. Indie Horror Home Comes Home In June
    14. Arkham Horror: Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC TBC On PC
    1. COD: It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Rag Of Times
    2. Agricultural Simulator – Historical Farming
    3. Interstellar Spacebiff: Salvation Prophecy
    4. Harv And Raph: Gabbin' 'Bout Dishonored
    5. By The Tiny World Forgot: Memento
    6. Dialblo 3's Witch Doctor Has Hell Toads
    7. Hands On: War Of The Roses
    8. James Cameron Will Love Anno 2070 Deep Ocean
    9. Good Snooze: Alan Wake's American Nightmare On PC
    10. Bows Are The New Guns: Crysis 3 VideoTrailer
    11. You'll Have Someone's Guts Out: Running With Rifles
    12. COD, Wallop
    13. Vlambeer's Luftrausers Locks On To PC
    14. Lone Survivor Scares Up Steam Listing, New Ending
    15. Bikers With Jetpacks: Tribes' 'Raid And Pillage' Update
    1. Good News, Bad News: Max Payne 3 Trailer, System Reqs
    2. Interview: Jane Jensen's Pinkerton Road Adventure
    3. The Origin Of Sequels: Another Rayman, Maybe
    4. Happy St. Spectrum's Day!
    5. The Kickstarter Dilemma
    6. Foot-To-Nation: Fifa 12's Expedition Mode
    7. The Legend Of Grimrock Has Reached Level 1.1.4
    8. You'll Never Escape, Hero!
    9. Foiled again!
    10. Triumph!
    11. Nice Try, But No
    12. Oh, Jolly Good!
    13. You Chose... Poorly
    14. Pfft, What Kind Of Dungeoneer Are You?
    15. Building Fear: Lone Survivor Interview Part One
    16. Gabe On 'Ricochet 2' Delay. He Doesn't Mean Ricochet.
    17. They're Waiting For You Gordon, In The Hello Chamber
    18. Deliciously Devious: MMMMMM
    19. The Final Draft: A Valley Without Wind
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Block By Block: Modding Minecraft, Part 1
    2. Tactically Intervening With Minh Le
    3. Rambo: Last Blood Is The Silliest Thing
    4. Banner Saga Kickstarter Wraps, Big Features Added
    5. Dark Days: Torchlight II Opening Goes Bleak
    1. Disnewell Land: Valve Re-Envisions F2P For DOTA 2
    2. Just Deserts: Spec Ops MP Trailer Weaponizes Sand
    3. Hands On: Prison Architect
    4. Pro Cycling Manager Is Back, Back! BACK!
    5. GameCamp Is Back, Back! BACK!
    6. Tearing It Up: TERA Open Beta This Weekend, Too
    7. Maxis: SimCity's Always Online Req Not About Piracy
    8. Wot I Think: Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
    9. Hands On (Heart): Dark Souls
    10. Idle Musing: The Joy Of Tweaking
    11. Ten Years Of Weekends: Ludum Dare 23
    12. The Flare Path: Nukes And Rebukes
    13. World War Weird: Call Of Cthulhu - The Wasted Land
    14. All Together Now: EA's "Online Universes"
    15. Rumor: Prey 2 Development Stricken By Dev Strike?
    16. Intrusion 2 Trailer Fires Lighting Guns, Riding Wolves
    17. Demonic: Diablo III Beta Open For All This Weekend
    18. Brink Devs Not Ruling Out PC Version Of Rad Soldiers
    1. Amanita Sorry To Botanicula Pre-Orders, Give Free Stuff
    2. Yes: Roar Rampage Now Playable
    3. Clutching At Shadows: Thief 4
    4. Starbreeze Smash And Grab PayDay Devs
    5. Botanicula's Humbly Bundled Already: Amanita Collection
    6. Wot I Think: Botanicula
    7. ARMA III Announces New Island, Incredible New Video
    8. Battlefield Heroes' Cartoon Lunacy
    9. Punk’s Not Dead: Yapolitical
    10. Prey 2 Delayed, Not Dead
    11. The Eyes Have It: SCP - Containment Breach
    12. Breivik Testifies About Gaming, Press Ignores The Facts
    13. Technically Leaking: Vessel's Fantastic Fluids
    14. $10,000,000 Given To Kickstarter Games Since March
    15. Scope And Gory: Sniper Elite V2 Demo
    16. Weekend Wars: Guild Wars 2 Beta Event Starts April 27
    17. Bleh: Secret World Declares War On Your Facebook Wall
    18. Slow Down: Runic Can't Commit To Torchlight MMO Yet
    1. Spring Fling: Indie Royale Births A New Bundle
    2. Death Waits: Darksiders II Delayed
    3. Author Sues Ubisoft Over AssCreed's Animus Nonsense
    4. Space Rangers 2 Remastered, Fresh Campaign
    5. Orion: Dino Beatdown Has Classes, Beaten Dinosaurs
    6. A Dad In A Dungeon: Part Two
    7. If Darwinia Met G-Police: Vektropolis
    8. Wot I Think: Avernum - Escape From The Pit
    9. Diablo 3 Beta Appears To Be Opening Up? (Update: nope)
    10. Spyparty: Learn To Party Like The Spies
    11. Interview: Brandon Brizzi On 1000 Amps
    12. Mercenary Ops Trailer Has A Tentacle Monster
    13. Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Entwines PC In Tendrils
    14. Hey-Ho, The Witch Isn't Dead: GFWL Not Going Anywhere
    1. Spock Ops: Star Trek Trailer Discovers Slow-Mo
    2. Witcher 2 Devs On "Adult" Games, Extending Endings
    3. Dark Souls PC: Prepare To Sigh
    4. Thinking Through It: Telepath Tactics
    5. Kicking, Stabbing & Burning The Habit: Diablo III's Monk
    6. The HERESY Of Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition
    7. Dishonored Honours Us With A New Trailer
    8. Water Works Well: SimCity
    9. The Newest Shiny-Shines Of CryENGINE 3
    10. Here Comes The Sun: Grim Dawn Kickstarter
    11. Wot I Think: Tribes: Ascend
    12. Money In Old Hat: The Indie Buskers
    13. Come To Rezzed, The PC Show We're Helping Out With
    14. The Witcher 2 Is Now The Witcherest Of All
    15. Ghost Reckoning: Future Soldier Trailer Shoots Many Men
    1. Superbrothers: Sword And Sworcery Now On Swteam
    2. Exactly What It Sounds Like: Minecraft DOTA
    3. Kitching Up With Catchstarter's Big Names
    4. Jane Jensen's Next Game Is Moebius
    5. Gearing Up: Automation Demo
    6. Paul Dacre Simulator: The Republia Times
    7. Prototype 2: The Saddest Game In The Whole World
    8. Jumbled Sales: Why Pre-Owned Is In Gamers' Interests
    9. Crysis 3 Confirmed, Is Crystal Maze-y
    10. Runic On Torchlight vs Diablo, ARPGs' Slow Evolution
    11. The Riches And Patches Of Grimrock
    12. Woah, you totally solved the puzzle
    13. Wings, Commanders: Ensign-1
    14. Prey For Rune 2
    15. Two Guys From Andromeda Reform To Make Space Quest
    1. Ban-Ish: EA Games Now Playable Offline When Banned
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. TERA's High Elves Say Hi
    2. Treadful Mistank: EA Explains Tiberium Alliances' Tanks
    3. Cutting Edge: New Prototype 2 Anti-Helicopter Propaganda
    4. That Was Easy: Valve's Hardware Is Wearable Computing
    1. Wakey Wakey: Sleeping Dogs Gets A Release Date
    2. Wargame: European Escalation Escalates For Free
    3. Gaikai Lets You Shoot A Man In The Face On Facebook
    4. Robota: Our Fourth Month In Perpetuum
    5. Will It Fly: New Crimson Skies Nigh?
    6. SF Molyjam: A Tale Of Three Parkour Romances
    7. The Flare Path: Titanic Struggles
    8. Oddworld Buzzes In With Hand of Odd
    9. Wook! SWTOR Gives 30 Free Days To Level 50 Players
    10. Steamin': Valve Recruitment Ad Reveals Hardware Plans
    11. Beamdog "Interested" In Casting Icewind Dale Remake
    12. Firefall's Story Explained In Fancy Cinematic
    13. Of Buckles and Swashes: Risen 2's "Unfair" Combat
    1. It's (Bullet) Time For Another Max Payne 3 Trailer
    2. Hoe-No: Farming Simulator's Bottle Mod Adventure
    3. Patient Readmitted: Theme Hospital Now On GoG
    4. Spooks: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Multiplayer Footage
    5. Fetch Quest: Torchlight 2 PAX Walkthrough
    6. Out Of The Beta Quadrant: Stellar Impact
    7. Naval Gazing: Naval Warfare Arctic Circle Demo
    8. Medal Of Honor Warfighter's First In-Game Trailer
    9. Space, Squared: Notch's 0x10c First Screens
    10. Hands On: Firefall Beta
    11. Post-Kickerstartpocalypse: Fargo Swats Wasteland Fears
    12. Oh Dear: C&C Tiberium Alliances May Have 'Borrowed'
    13. Nexuiz Beta Seems Popular, New Keys On Saturday
    14. Hi-Rez Celebrates Tribes' Launch By Reading Its Diary
    1. With An S: Pongs Is The Greatest Game(s)
    2. Prepare For GFWL In Dark Souls: Prepare To Die
    3. Guest Blog: Interplay's Wasteland Memories
    4. Harassing Ford: Han Solo Adventures
    5. A Dad In A Dungeon: Part One
    6. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier's "Stealth" Is Technological
    7. Diiiirrrrttt ShooooowdOOOOOOwwwnnnnnnnnn!
    8. Game Of Thrones RPG Out In June, Kissed Its Sister
    9. The Midlife Of Crysis - Crytek's Third En Route?
    10. Interview: GoG Speak Their Brains On All Things "G"
    11. No Reused Levels: Details Of Dragon Age 3 Emerge
    12. Wargame: Of Wargame, Wargames and WarGames
    13. Wot I Think: The Ballads Of Reemus
    14. There's Blood In My: Dungeonbowl
    15. THQ (Sort of) Explains Warhammer 40K MMO Changes
    16. Savage: Diablo III's Barbarian Shouts and Breaks Things
    1. RIP, Waggleton P. Tallylicker: Bulletstorm 2 Canceled
    2. Lost Planet 3 Debut Trailer Wants You to Get Lost
    3. Resident Evil 6 Trailer Goes Big on Zombies, Melodrama
    4. TERA Starts A New Journey (To Monsters)
    5. Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes: Open Of Beta
    6. Bat-To-Ball: Out Of The Park Baseball 13
    7. Magic Relentlessly Continues To Gather
    8. Help R. Kelly To Swear Properly
    9. Happy As Larry: Al Lowe On Remaking His Classic Game
    10. Replay Trying To Bring Back Space Quest, King's Quest
    11. War (Of Magic) Is Over: Fallen Enchantress
    12. Xenonauts' New Look Emerges From The Deep
    13. A/S/L/FXAA/MLAA? Edge-Smoothing's Future
    14. Reopening The Battlezone - Bionite: Origins
    15. Men Of War: Condemned Heroes Breaks Free April 12th
    16. Upcoming Epic From Epic To Be Epic (And PC-Only)
    17. Defiance Trailer Shoots First, Leaves Us Asking Questions
    18. Mechin' Magic: Borderlands 2's Fifth Class to be DLC
    1. Shogun 2: The Rise And Fall Of Reginald Samurai, Part 3
    2. The Monday Papers
    1. Interview: Obsidian's Chris Avellone on Wasteland 2
    2. Petition Attrition: Dark Souls Confirmed For PC
    3. Where'd I Go Just Now: Vidiot Game
    4. Mass Effect 3 Resurgence DLC to Add Multiple Player Maps
    5. Devilish: Torchlight II "Ideally" One Month After Diablo
    1. Hair Apparent: John Romero Details "MMO-ish" FPS
    2. Shogun 2: The Rise And Fall Of Reginald Samurai, Part 2
    3. Team up! Wasteland 2 Hits $2.1m, Obsidian On Board
    4. Revenge Of The Bundle: IndieFort
    5. Wot I Think: Offspring Fling
    6. Fourplay: Pointing And Clicking With Resonance
    7. Idle Musing: The Joy Of Making Time
    8. The Flare Path: Flustered By Flux
    9. Spec Ops: The Line Is A Grisly Business
    10. Witcher Too: Former CDP Lead's New RPG At Deck 13
    11. Gods And Kings To Fight Over Civilization in June
    12. GOG Talks Preserving Value Of Games, Death Of DRM
    13. You Blinked: Shadowrun Passes Kickstarter Goal
    14. CD Projekt Giving More Free Stuff to Witcher 2 Owners
    1. To The End? Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut Set for Summer
    2. Will You 'Like' The Ghost Recon Network
    3. Yorkshire-Man Belmont: Poacher
    4. Ear is Ten Mins of Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of Two
    5. Head-To-Head With 30 Mins Of Showdown Effect Footage
    6. Fallout Free For Forty-Eight Hours
    7. A Thorny Issue: War Of The Roses
    8. Gaming Is Good For You! (If You Pick Out The Good Bits)
    9. EA Responds To Hate Campaign From Homophobes
    10. Planetside 2 Draws Its Guns
    11. Wot I Think: Da New Guys: Day Of The Jackass
    12. Pay Up: King's Bounty Games Released On Mac
    13. Space Race: Starlight Inception's A Kickstarter Space Sim
    14. Erm: EA Voted 'Worst Company In America'
    15. Winter Is Running - Aliens: Colonial Marines
    16. Confrontation Launches, Welcomes Rag'narok
    17. New Ravaged Trailer Flips Trucks, Birds
    18. Blizzard Crafts One SCII Championship To Rule Them All
    1. Why, Robot: No Plans for Orcs Must Die 2 Mod Support
    2. Time Paradox: Indie Royale Launches April Fools Bundle
    3. Botanicula Creepycrawls Out On 19th April
    4. Jordan Weisman Aiming To Kickstart Shadowrun Returns
    5. John "Q" de "Q" Lancie Is In Quantum Conundrum
    6. Benefits With Friends: Far Cry 3 Multiplayer
    7. Play These: The Best of Adventure Game Studio
    8. Wot I Think: Legend Of Grimrock
    9. Amalur's Next DLC "Magically Floats In The Sky"
    10. Hands On: Borderlands 2
    11. Penny Arcade Adventures Returns In Hands Of Zeboyd
    12. SimCity's "GlassBox Engine" Videos Reveal Sim Systems
    13. Teachers Blame Violent Games For, Um, Everything
    14. Carrier Command Pre-Order Beta, Delayed Release
    15. Notch In Space: 0x10c Revealed
    1. Hard Choices: Motherboards
    2. It's Time For Games To Offer Us Solid Food
    3. Far From Terraria Firma: Starbound
    4. Is This The DROD You're Looking For?
    5. Exploring The Studious World Of Adventure Game Studio
    6. To The Moneymobile! Antichamber Joins The IndieFund
    7. Reverse Child Catcher: Offspring Fling
    8. Tabletop On Your Desktop: Void Rim
    9. Shogun 2: The Rise And Fall Of Reginald Samurai, Part 1
    10. Naval War: Arctic Circle Ships Out On April 10th
    11. Diablo 3: When I'm Hunting Demons
    12. Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery Headed For PC
    1. 10 Thoughts And Cool Things About Guild Wars 2
    2. How Many People In This Crowd Have Seen Molyjam?
    3. Back To Black Isle: Fargo On Obsidian Joining Wasteland 2
    4. They Might Be Giants IF Tribute: Apollo 18+20
    5. Leisure Suit Larry In The Land Of The Kickstarters
    6. A Month Of Monstrosities: Deadly 30
    7. Eric Ruth: Demakes, Corril Slayer, & Wanking To Antiques
    8. Orcward Manoeuvres In Death: Orcs Must Die! 2
    9. Smoke And Lasers: Fixation
    10. Rock Paper Shotcast Episode 3: A Bad Ending
    11. All Right Sweethearts, What Are You Waiting For? STASIS
    12. The GAME Is Back On: Bought Out Of Administration
    13. This Is Hardcore: Takedown Takes Off
    14. Beard Your Own Monarch In The Crusader Kings II DLC
    15. Creatures, Pets: Torchlight 2
    1. The Sunday Papers