May 2012 Archive

    1. Trailer Overwhelming: Quantum Conundrum's PrE3 Taster
    2. Perpetuum Gazes On Its "Gamma Frontier"
    3. Tagged: Battlefield 3's Premium Service Confirmed
    4. Tiny & Big Released Date Is Chopped And Lassoed
    5. Humble Indie Bundle V Is A Corker
    6. Wot I Think: The Sea Will Claim Everything
    7. Ubisoft Files Against Author's "Frivolous" Lawsuit
    8. Fight In The Shade: Skyrim's Dawnguard Trailer
    9. Kinetic Void Hits Kickstarter Goal At The Last Moment
    10. Cultural Expansion: CK II - Sword Of Islam
    11. Stellar Spacecrafting: StarForge
    12. 8-BitMMO Gets Playable Zombies, MegaMap, Hats
    13. Growing Up, Blowing Up: Indie Royale Graduation Bundle
    14. Replay Suing Wisecrack For Sam Suede Kickstarter
    15. Sleepwalking Saviour: Back To Bed
    1. InMomentum Patch Improves Multiplayer, Tweaks Lots
    2. Devil In The Machine: Error 37 Returns To Diablo
    3. Mensa Academy Has The Worst Football Team
    4. Magicka: Other Side Of The Coin Landing In June
    5. Planetside 2: A Gallery Of MAX, Comparisons, Tanks
    6. CD Projekt Red's New RPG: Cyberpunk
    7. Wot I Think: Iron Front: Liberation 1944
    8. Nvidia On Cloud As The Future Of PC Gaming
    9. Pinky: Doom 3 Gets "BFG Edition", Mounted Flashlight
    10. Assassin's Plead: Beiswenger's Ubisoft Lawsuit Dropped
    11. Nuns On The Run: New Hitman Trailer Is Dumb
    12. Portal At The Pictures: Lab Ratt
    13. Divinity: Original Sin Casts First Trailer
    14. Rezzed Announces Talk Of The Future Of Total War
    15. Saw Red: Frozen Synapse Expands, Gains Co-op
    16. Quite The Thing: Dead Space Teases "New Chapter"
    17. Crysis 2 Is Back On Steam, But EA's Not - For Now
    1. The Guild Pre-Wars Continue
    2. The RPS Verdict: Diablo III
    3. Procedural Adventure Evolves: Stranded In Singapore
    4. Wild Things Still Roam: Among The Sleep
    5. Fare Well, Horizontal: Against The Wall
    6. Far Cry 3 Teaser Is Neat, Is Neat, Has Tiger Feet
    7. Divinerest: Divinity - Original Sin Announced
    8. CryEngine 3 / Beam Physics: Soft Body, Hard Metal
    9. Portalmanteau: Why You Should Play The Gateways Beta
    10. Wot I Think: Alan Wake’s American Nightmare
    11. What's This? Your Diablo III Is Evolving
    12. Things You Will Not Get: Amalur Patch, Reckoning 2
    13. Tears Of Joy: Binding Of Isaac DLC Now Available
    14. Isometric Isolation: The Inflicted - A Battle For Sanity
    15. ARMA III Continues To Look Absolutely Absurd
    1. In Another Junkyard: The Other Brothers
    2. A Mod Of A Game Of Thrones: Crusader Kings II
    3. Diablo III: The Unofficial Novelisation
    4. Procedurally Generated Points And Clicks: Symon
    5. A Bat, A Cat, A World Of Weird: OFF
    6. Crowdageddon: Carma Reincarnation Cashes In
    7. Let There Be Jetpacks: Hi-Rez On The Future Of Tribes
    8. Juiced And Spruced: Making Better Games
    9. The Rock, Paper Shotcast Episode 5: Drunk On Tums
    10. Play Borderlands 2, See XCOM: Rezzed Revs Up
    11. Planetside 2's Fire In The Sky
    12. Morning Mythologies: Legends Of Dawn
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Kickstarter Katchup 26th May 2012
    2. Space Punk's Not Dead: Mass Effect 3's Rebellion DLC
    3. What Did I Just Watch? - Mad Riders
    4. PlanetSide 2 Trailer Makes Interesting Soundtrack Choice
    5. Funcom Illuminatis Slight Secret World Delay
    1. Text My Breath Away, StoryNexus
    2. The Flare Path: Up With The Larks
    3. Underground Overlord: Gnoblins
    4. Xcommunication: XCOM - Enemy Unknown Interview
    5. Speed Raiser: Charity Gaming For Autism Research
    6. Wot I Think: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
    7. A Free World: Civilization V (For A Little While)
    8. Indie Game: The Movie Coming To Steam
    9. What The Secret World Is Getting Right (And Wrong)
    10. Metro: Last Light Live Action Trailer Goes Boom
    11. It's Totally Underground: The Cave's First Trailer
    12. Windward Is Basically Sid Meier's Pirates: Deathmatch
    13. Horse Amore: Next Skyrim Update Adds Mounted Combat
    1. Devil May Buy: Real Money Auction House Delayed Again
    2. 38 Studios And Big Huge Games Lay Off All Staff
    3. Yes They Can: Because We May Indie Sale
    4. Fear Too? DARK Teaser Goes Boo
    5. Communication Breakdown: Gamer Mom
    6. Krater Opens Up To Reveal Pre-Order Beta
    7. Surviving: Some More Thoughts On Day Z
    8. Spectral Time Warrior: Ghost Recon - Future Soldier
    9. Space Is Infinite, Time Is Brief: Kinetic Void
    10. Ron Gilbert's New Game Revealed: The Cave
    11. Hands On: F1 Online
    12. Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Is Maybe Too Pretty
    13. Unified: Unity Of Command Patch/Sale/Demo
    14. Goodness: I Really Want To Play Zineth
    15. Around The World In 80 Deaths: Round World
    16. Total War: Shogun 2 Map Editor Totally Out Now
    1. DIY FPS: You Could've Made This ShootMania Trailer
    2. Red 5 Post Mid-Beta Development Update
    3. Lost Planet 3 Footage Raises Some Eyebrows
    4. Hands On: XCOM - Enemy Unknown Part 2
    5. Words With Enemies: Word Realms
    6. Monstrous Murders: Eerie Canal Talk Dreadline
    7. Heroes & Generals Being Drafted For Closed Beta
    8. Gosh: Diablo III Is The Fastest-Selling PC Game Ever
    9. Setting Sale: The Adventure Bundle (In A Box)
    10. Oh My: Marvel Heroes MMO Sounds Superb
    11. Blockham City: Lego Batman 2's Open World Trailerfied
    12. A Rant: Enough Of Single-Player MMOs
    13. From Dust Now Playable From Browsers
    14. Latest Tribes: Ascend Update Brings Back Disco
    15. Blizzard Tries To Reassure Hack Victims, Results Vary
    1. XCOM: Release Date Unknown: FPS Slips To 'Fiscal 2014'
    2. Are Social Games Really Social? Games?
    3. Let The Gameshow Commence: Bullet Run
    4. Defiance: From Small Screen To Other Small Screen
    5. Hack'n'Slash Fic: On Diablo III Difficulty and Dumbness
    6. First Look: Company Of Heroes 2
    7. Play To Say: The Lighter Side Of CAPTCHAs
    8. Chris Jones Talks Tex: Bringing Back Tex Murphy
    9. Hands On (Safety Off): XCOM - Enemy Unknown
    10. The Little God That Could: Reprisal Gets Full Release
    11. Saving Throw: Amalur Dev Pays Gov, Pegs MMO For 2013
    12. EA Closes The Book On Dragon Age Legends
    13. Dante's Peak: DmC Devil May Cry PC-Bound In 2013
    1. Shout At The Devil: Blizzard Aware Of Diablo III Hacks
    2. Click To Behead: The Social Game Of Thrones
    3. Wot I Think: The Journey Down Chapter One
    4. Origin Sets Up Stall For Crowd-Funded Games
    5. Aliens: Colonial Marines Incubating Until 2013
    6. Carmandgeddem: Stainless Talk Kickstarter At Rezzed
    7. The Other End Is Nigh - Mass Effect 3 Actors Return
    8. War Used To Be So Much Fun: Tiny Troopers
    9. The Weight Of The World: Gravity
    10. Super Team-Up! The Left 4 Dead / Payday Crossover
    11. Edge Fund: The Journey Down HD On Sale Now
    12. Lively Island: Techland's Mad Riders
    13. Fire In The Whole: Far Cry 3
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Kickstarter Katchup
    2. Surviving In Day Z: Part Three (& Musings)
    1. Oi, Diablo: Torchlight II Beta Stress Test This Weekend
    2. The RPS Verdict: Sniper Elite V2
    3. Engines Of Destruction: Gas Guzzlers
    4. Help, Help, I'm Being Suppressed: XCOM
    5. We Are The Knight: Legends Of Eisenwald
    6. Guns Of Icarus Takes To The Clouds
    7. Gratuitous Tank Battles Steams Up, Honest Trailer
    8. Robin's Hood: Harley Quinn's Revenge Trailer Goes Batty
    9. Life After Diablo: Grim Dawn Soldier Trailer
    10. The Flare Path: Bog Standards
    11. Bottom Of The Ninth: 38 Can't Pay State Or Employees
    12. I (Barely) See What You Did There: This Is A Tab
    13. How Diablo III's Solo Experience Reveals A Hollow Game
    14. So Many Graphics: Epic Reveals Unreal Engine 4
    1. Quantum Conundrum Serves Some Science Juice
    2. Resonance Cascading Onto PC June 19
    3. So: Skyjacker's Space Combat Looks Impressive, Demo
    4. Stop Making Scenes: Against Cinema In Games
    5. Crysis, Meet STALKER: CryZone - Sector 23
    6. Opinion: Why The Problem With Diablo Isn't Diablo
    7. Two Year Old Sam Is Serious About New Demo
    8. You Will Say D'aaaw: Balloon
    9. Endwar: Activision And EA Settle Infinity Ward Lawsuit
    10. Ex-Call of Duty Folks Debut F2P Offensive Combat
    11. Speak Up: BioWare Now Taking Dragon Age 3 Suggestions
    12. Day-Saving Savings: Indie Royale All-Charity Pack
    1. Out Of Lords: Warbarons
    2. Sins Of A Solar Empire: Rebellion Hits Final Beta Phase
    3. Heroes That Meander: Towns
    4. Speaking Of Devils: Diablo III Interview
    5. A Chat With Rocket, Creator Of Day Z
    6. Wax On: Project CARS Raises Over €1M Funding
    7. SWTOR Free Weekend Coming Up!
    8. PvPvP: Rift Adding Three-Faction Open World Battles
    9. THQ Surfaces: South Park Delayed, Darksiders II Dated
    10. Nvidia Joins Cloud With GeForce Grid, Partners With Gaikai
    11. The Silliness Is Strong In McPixel
    1. Blizzard Address Diablo III Issues With "Emergency" Fix
    2. Fract Got Pretty: Light + Sound = Win
    3. Vote With Your L33t: TERA Patches Political System
    4. Hitman's Sniper Challenge Available Now To Pre-Orders
    5. Hey You: Play Games With RPS Readers!
    6. Your Tuesday Kickstarter: Tex Murphy - Project Fedora
    7. Wargame: European Escalation - A Battle Report
    8. Time For A Reckoning: 38 Studios In Trouble?
    9. Celestial Gardening: Kyoto Is A Very Pretty Thing
    10. Next Secret World Beta Weekend Returns To Kingsmouth
    11. Starbound Has A Lot Of Trees
    12. Diabolical: Blizzard Details Diablo III Starter Edition
    13. Hack Slashes: Three Hours With Diablo III
    1. Not The End Of The World: Wasteland Not Browser-Based
    2. Realm Explorer Looks Intriguing, But Hmm
    3. The New CD Projekt RPGs? Let's Wildly Speculate!
    4. But What *Is* A Diablo III, Anyway?
    5. Former Freedom Force/BioShock Devs Making: Dreadline
    6. The Dream Machine Wakes Up On Steam
    7. Perpetually Testing Portal 2's Perpetual Testing Initiative
    8. Wot I Think: Call Of Cthulhu - The Wasted Land
    9. The Monday Papers
    10. Surviving In Day Z: Part Two
    11. Tomb Raider Jumps, Misses, Slips Into 2013
    12. Eve Inferno Sets Galaxy On Fire On May 22nd
    1. Photo Finish: Republique Gets Funded
    2. Stretching The Definition: This Is The Only Level 3
    3. Supernatural Splinter Cell: DARK Is A Vampire Stealth RPG
    4. Double Fine Adventure Documentary Is An Aching Grin
    1. Beyond Screenshots: BGE2 Gets New Footage
    2. Dues And DOTAs: Valve And Blizzard Reach Agreement
    3. Random-O-Compo: Be An NPC In Krater
    4. Wot I Think - Risen 2: Dark Waters
    5. Role Playing Rome: Age Of Decadence
    6. Lords of War: EVE Interview, Part Two
    7. Wot I Think: Naval War: Arctic Circle
    8. Company Of Heroes 2 Is Happening, We've Seen It
    9. Tropico 4 Is Free On Steam This Weekend
    10. DOTA 2 Championships In Seattle, Beta Population Grows
    11. RPS-o-Chat: Playing The Secret World
    12. The Flare Path: Bear With A Soar Head
    13. The Secret World: Postcards From The Edge Of Madness
    14. Hitman: Sniper Challenge Aiming For August Launch
    15. Puzzling: Double Fine Teases Ron Gilbert's New Game
    16. Tick-Toque: Republique Rallies For Final Kickstarter Push
    17. Blizzard Beats Early WoW Blues With Cross-Server Zones
    18. Hmmm: Pass Some Time With Passengers
    1. Thank You For The Day Zero: Surviving In Day Z
    2. Streamy: Rift Introduces Fancy Patch-o-Matic Client
    3. Summoned: The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing
    4. Buenas Noches, Buenos Aires: Reversion
    5. Six New Mechwarrior Online Videos (Count 'Em!)
    6. Max Payne 3's Launch Trailer Is A Week Early
    7. Uncivil War: Assassin's Creed III Gets An In-Game Trailer
    8. Dishonored Release Date "Set" For October 9/12th
    9. So I Want To Be A Hero! Quest For Glory I to V On GOG
    10. A Dad In A Dungeon: The Final Part
    11. What Happened To Black Mesa: Source? Part Two
    12. Wot I Think: Warlock - Master Of The Arcane
    13. Level Cap: World of Warcraft Subscribers Hold Steady
    14. Ratchet & Clank Devs Announce Outernauts For PC
    15. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Trailer Is A Sombvertisement
    16. I Don't Think Hot Coffee Is Actually About Coffee
    1. Just A Little Something: Souvenir
    2. Thoreauly Hermitic: Walden, A Game
    3. Space Quest Sequel Finally Gets A Kickstarter
    4. Rockstar Reboots Social Club, Free Max Payne Comic
    5. Tribes' Update Count Continues To Ascend With Tartarus
    6. Saturday Morning Satan: Diablo III Gets A Cartoon!
    7. Why Elder Scrolls Online Needs To Be A Sandbox
    8. MEIN LEBEN! Wolfenstein 3D In Your Browser, Free
    9. It Started With A Kick: A Xenonauts Preview
    10. Lords of War: EVE Interview, Part One
    11. No BioShock Infinite This Year, Not For You
    12. Important RPS News: You Are Numerous (And Best)
    13. Interview: What Happened To Black Mesa: Source? Part 1
    14. Temporary Templars: Secret World's First Beta Weekend
    15. A Wake's B-Side: American Nightmare PC-Bound May 22
    16. Serious Sam Second Encounter Seriously Encounters F2P
    1. (Entire) Life Science: Portal 2 Perpetual Test Initiative Out
    2. Carmageddon's Crowdsourced ReReincarnation
    3. Looking Glass Half Full: Lilly Looking Through
    4. Gone Home: Fullbright Shine A Light On Their 1st Game
    5. BGE2 Not Yet Gone To The Great Beyond
    6. Regal Counsel: Crusader Kings II Interview
    7. Carrot In Hell: Wrath Of The Dead Rabbit
    8. A Song Of Scripts & France: Game Of Thrones Chat
    9. Dino Dash: Primal Carnage
    10. Moebius Money, No Problems
    11. The Sun Has Got His Moneyhat On: Grim Dawn Funded
    12. Old Before Its Time? SWTOR Subs Sliiiiiide
    13. The Binding Of Isaac Gets Wrathier This Month
    1. Shadows Fall On The Path Of Exile
    2. RPS Asks: What You Are Up To?
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Firaxis On XCOM vs Xenonauts & Optional Kill-Cam
    2. Block By Block: Modding Minecraft, Part 3
    3. Interview: Klei's Anderson Talks Upside Of EA's "Indies"
    4. Anachro-tastic: Orion: Dino Beatdown Savages Steam
    5. Skullgirls Says Yes To Cross-Platform, No To GFWL
    6. Sci-Free: Sanctum Adds Medals, Gets F2P Weekend
    1. Blood For The Blood Bowl!
    2. Speak & Spell: Warlock - Master Of The Arcane Interview
    3. Ridge Racer Unbounded Demo Vrooms Into View
    4. Death & The Muton: Firaxis On XCOM Fatalities & Floaters
    5. The Elder Scrolls Online Teases Us Ouroborosly
    6. The Wrong Side Of Red: Waking Mars
    7. Orion's Belter: Endless Space
    8. The Flare Path: Mustangled Up In Blue
    9. Choo-choo! FFRacer Is A Train-Racing Moviegame
    10. A Lot Of Tamriel Estate: The Elder Scrolls Online
    11. Lock And Michelangeload: Renaissance Heroes
    12. Indie Royale Bundle Defends Some Dungeons
    13. Saints Row Stands Alone With "Enter The Dominatrix"
    1. We Gotta Loose Fukkin' Nook: Ghost Recon Alpha
    2. No Rush: 2112 Blends MMO, RTS, And Tower Defense
    3. Words & Physics, And What Could Yet Be
    4. Call Of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land Has Risen
    5. Wot I Think: Dark Scavenger
    6. Bleat This: XBLIA Hit Escape Goat Heading PCwards
    7. Elderer: The Elder Scrolls Online Confirmed For 2013
    8. Save This: Lewie Procter Is Five Years Old!
    9. Old Sneakers: Thief Deadly Shadows On GOG
    10. Punk’s Not Dead: But This Series Is
    11. Jagged Alliance: BIA Puts A Patch Over Your Eyes
    12. Robota: Our Fifth Month In Perpetuum
    13. And Yet It Flies: Chasing Aurora Looks Gorgeous
    14. Opinion: Why 'Indie' Has Become A Bad Word
    15. Take It For A Spin Out: Dirt Showdown Demo
    16. EA Wants To Know What You Think About Origin
    17. Et Tu, E3? Valve Not Planning Any New Announcements
    1. Prickstarter: Leisure Suit Larry Remake Going Ahead
    2. Finish Her: Skullgirls Coming To PC
    3. Realms Of Ancient War Is An ARPG, And That's Okay
    4. Project Zomboid Update Promises Reanimation Animation
    5. A Preview Of A Game Of A Game Of Thrones
    6. A Dad In A Dungeon: Part Four
    7. Cautionary Tales: SimCity Plays With Fire
    8. Wot I Think: MacGuffin's Curse
    9. The (In)Convenient Truth Of Diablo III's Global Play
    10. Wot I Think: Binary Domain
    11. Hands-on: Dungeonland
    12. BioWare Force Pushes Back Against SWTOR Doubters
    13. Hooray! Steam Adding Remote Game Installs
    14. Of Jumping And Guns: Rockstar Outlines Max Payne DLC
    15. CODBLOPS 2 Has Horses & Robots & Everything
    1. Wot I Think: A Valley Without Wind
    2. Important XCOMmunication: Floaters Return
    3. Wait, That's It? Skyrim's First DLC Sort Of Revealed
    4. Violent Night: Hitman Absolution
    5. The Free To Play Quake III Is Now Slightly More Free
    6. More Like Dungeons Of DredMOD
    7. Kickstopped: The Strange Case of Mythic: Gods & Men
    8. The Rock, Paper, Shotcast Episode 4: Sexcast!
    9. Hats, Tea & Urban Regeneration: Fallen City
    10. A Game Of Resources: A Game Of Dwarves
    11. CODBLOPS 2 Does Modernish Warfare
    12. Keeping That Dungeon Warm: Nekro Is A-Go-Go
    13. If Music Be The Food Of Love, Play Plink
    14. What's In A Trailer: Reset Devs Explain Amazing Debut
    15. End Of The Beginning: Nebulous Hero's Ace... Tutorial?
    16. My Anti-Heroine: Diablo III's Wizard Isn't Very Nice