June 2012 Archive

    1. We've Got Company Of Heroes 2 Screenshots
    2. Level Gaze: Grimrock's Map Editor Is Looking Fantastic
    3. Kickstarter Katchup - 30th June 2012
    4. In July, Cute Things Will Die Violently
    5. Remedy Renaissance: Death Rally Remake Coming To PC
    6. You Can't Run From Death: Suspense II
    1. Wot I Think - Spec Ops: The Line
    2. Metropolitan Future Blues: Hoodwink
    3. Also: Cornered Rat Want To "Finish" Rapid Assault
    4. Hero Academy Opening On Steam, August 8th
    5. Tomorrow Corporation Announces Little Inferno
    6. Elemental, My Deus: Reprisal Desktop
    7. The RPS Social Club Convenes Tomorrow
    8. Robot News Regarding: Sir, You Are Being Hunted
    9. The Flare Path: This Sporting Life
    10. The Repopulation Is About To Get Populated
    11. Hellgate's Open: Diablo Starter Edition Bug Squashed
    12. Killer Tunes: Symphony Looks Like Something Special
    13. Samuright: Skulls Of The Shogun Adds Cross-Platform MP
    14. First Company Of Heroes 2 Trailer Sets Stage, Leaves
    1. Activision Slices Up Radical, Prototype 2 PC Still On Track
    2. Dishonored Notices How Murdery You Are
    3. Meching It Clearer: Mechwarrior Online
    4. Wot I Think: Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut
    5. Wot I Think: Thomas Was Alone
    6. The Amazing Spider-Man Unamazingly Late On PC
    7. Future Imperfect: Ubi Working On Ghost Recon Issues
    8. WildStar's Group Combat Looks Sort Of Familiar
    9. What Are The Odds: Man VS The World
    10. Guilds Will War Once More On August 28th
    11. Living On The Pledge(s): The Banner Saga
    12. Go Minifigure: Funcom To Work On Lego MMO
    13. Candy Camera: Pyrovision Goggles Are Kind Of Amazing
    14. Keeping Dungeons: DarkForge Talk Nekro
    15. Wot I Think: Dungeonbowl
    16. Hmmm: Path Of Exile's Modifiable... Maps?
    17. Calm Before The: ShootMania Storm Beta Approaches
    18. You'll Never Guess What Adult Swim's Adding To TF2
    1. A Spell Of Good Fortune: Quest Of The Wordsmith
    2. Inevitable Hot Stuff: Meet The Pyro
    3. Crate Expectations: On Grim Dawn's $500k Kickstarter
    4. Spec Ops Dev Diary Shows More Grisly Business
    5. Spider-Man! Spider-Man. Er, Spider-Release Date
    6. Wot I Think: Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes
    7. 11 Minutes Of Commanding Carrier Command Footage
    8. Endless Space About To Begin, 4th July
    9. The Giant Stirs: Zynga Shows Social Network, Farmville 2
    10. Why Among The Sleep's Toddler Lead Isn't Just For Shock
    11. Dog Fight Dog: World Of Warplanes Has Modes
    12. Cans Do: Peter Molyneux To Speak At Rezzed
    13. Update Double-Up: TOR's 'Allies' Patch And Pyro Day 2
    1. Walking Dead Episode 2 Coming To Life On June 29
    2. The Men, Women, Mechsuits & Menus of PlanetSide 2
    3. Vroom For Everyone: F1 Online Open Beta
    4. Trash Trial: Deponia Demo
    5. Wot I Think: Cubemen
    6. Olympic Debt: International Racing Squirrels
    7. Gorilla Hugs Kitten, Activision's Indie Compo Winners
    8. Pick Me: A Game Of Dwarves Beta Signups
    9. SimCity Social Casts Net Wide, Ends Up Simple
    10. War Of The Non-Human Tanks: Company of Heroes 2
    11. WAR OF THE HUMAN TANKS Is A Very Good Name
    12. In The Game Of McPixel, You Win Or You Explode
    13. Spec Ops: The Line Launch Trailer Is Kind Of Problematic
    14. War-Named Non-War-Game: Digital Extremes' Warframe
    1. DDO Menace of the Underdark Sees The Light Today
    2. DCS - P-51D Mustang's Astounding Trailer
    3. Watch The Starcraft UK Championships For No-Pennies
    4. Big Slip: Far Cry 3's Release Date A Far Cry From Reality
    5. Magic The Gathering's 2012 Demo of Planeswalkers 2013
    6. Valve Invite You To Meet The Pyro...Soon
    7. All Hands On Decks: Scrolls Alpha "Rapidly Approaching"
    8. Thank Jah: The Journey Down Halves Its Price
    9. Beware And Be Square: Zombox
    10. Miaow Miaow: FreeIndieGames' All-Cat Spectacular
    11. Don Your Sweatbands, It's Oniken
    12. Pirate Download: Risen 2 Does The Demo Dance
    13. Day Z Developers Putting The 'Z' In Rezzed
    14. Awake Into Dreams: TRIP
    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. Cardboard Children: Fortress America
    1. Bwah? Valve Teams Up With Adult Swim
    2. Valve On Why Games Could Very Well Fix Education
    3. Kickstarter Katchup - 23rd June 2012
    4. Shock: Assassin's Creed III Probably Delayed On PC?
    5. Just Deserts: Spec Ops Goes Behind The Line
    6. Riot Explains League Of Legends Downtime, Huge Queues
    7. BioWare Calibrates Mass Effect Extended Cut For June 26
    1. Carry On Crew: World Of Warplanes
    2. A Valley Without Wind Proceeds...Procedurally
    3. Flying High: Ankama's Fly'N
    4. Black Prophecy: Tactics Launches Beta Broadside
    5. Xing May Be More Than Myst Opportunities
    6. Open For Business: Gateways Out Now
    7. Rift: Storm Legion Trailer Stars A Colossus, His Shadow
    8. Skyjacker Shoots Space Up To Bits
    9. The Flare Path: A Moth And A Mother
    10. Some Stalker Fallout? 1C Proposes A Nuclear Union
    11. Altitude0 Is About Planes, And Not Cows
    12. Kicked Off: The Majority Of Gaming Kickstarters Fail
    13. Blizzard Declares Diablo Starter Edition Snafu "Unintended"
    14. Run Mixes Space Invaders, Farming, And... Literature?
    15. Medal Of Honor Warfighter Is Impervious To Bullets
    1. Digital Diablo III Purchases 'Restricted' For Up To 3 Days
    2. Consultan The Creator: CKII Sword Of Islam Interview
    3. The Heroes & Generals Beta Wants You
    4. Wot I Think: Quantum Conundrum
    5. Novel Visuals: Cinders Is A "Complex" Fairy Tale
    6. Norton But Nice: Clean 'Em Up
    7. Magna Mundi Cancelled Due To Lack Of Progress, Trust
    8. CD Projekt On Game Of Thrones, Sex's Place In Gaming
    9. I Dig It: Live Action Minecraft
    10. Next For Grimrock: Map Editor, Some Form Of Expansion
    11. Wot I Think: Tiny And Big - Grandpa's Leftovers
    12. Bring Your Valve To School Day: Teach With Portals
    13. Kim Swift On Quantum Conundrum's Past, Present, Future
    14. Orcs Will Die On July 30, For They Must
    15. Presidents Vs Zombies: 20 Minutes Of Resident Evil 6
    1. Dungeons Of Dredmor Heading To The Wizardlands
    2. Perspective Does That Clever Dimension Shifting Thing
    3. Saints Row 3's Expansion Is Evolving Into Saints Row 4
    4. Diablo III Completed On Inferno With Hardcore Character
    5. Take This Platformer For A: Spin Spin
    6. Penny Arcade: Prohibitively Long Title 3 Trail Is Very Silly
    7. Choose Your Own Anna Anthropy Interview
    8. Day Z Update Probably The Cruelest Yet?
    9. Music To My Thumbs: Transcribing Braid
    10. Founding: Pay For Mechwarrior Online Now, If You Want?
    11. Impressions: Wolfire's Hyper-Realistic Gun Sim, Receiver
    12. Try To Find A Bullet-Free Moment In This PlanetSide Trail
    13. Jig's Up: Secret World's Last Beta Weekend Open To All
    1. Lego Batman 2's Dynamic Demo
    2. Resurrection of Resurrection of Evil: Doom 3 BFG Date
    3. Epic's Turning Chinese I Really Think So
    4. Natural Selection 2 Selected For Rezzed, Naturally
    5. Puzzling Teleportals: Vicinity - Warp Reality
    6. IGF Awards Change Rules, Still Ignore Writing
    7. Ghost Of Recon Past: Ground Branch Kickstarter
    8. Wot I Think: Resonance
    9. Twice The Bundle, Twice The, Uh, Fundle
    10. Black Ops 2 Adding Ranked Dedicated Servers
    11. Wot I Think: Krater
    12. Interview: CD Projekt On Cyberpunk, Future Of DRM
    13. Surface Tension: MS Tablet Is Relevant To Our Interests
    14. Best Games Of 7 Day FPS.. That Don't Have Any Shooting
    15. Super Amazing Wagon Adventure: Oregon Trail But Mad
    16. Lego Batman 2 Launch Trailer Has Everything
    1. Payday: The Heist Left 4 Dead Map Revealed, Unrevealed
    2. Australian Parliament To Create R18+ Category For Games
    3. Unity 4 Brings DX11 To The Huddled Indie Masses
    4. Engineer We Go Again: Dead Space 3's Universal Ammo
    5. Impressions: Splice
    6. Timely Disaster: Neocolonialism
    7. Modern! Minecraft Adds 'Local Area Network' Support
    8. Beyond Britannia: Worlds Of Ultima Free At GOG
    9. IsoMetro: Post-Apocalyptic Turn-Based RPG Underrail
    10. Wot I Think: Civ V – Gods And Kings
    11. Auditorium Dev's Splice Is Really Quite Nice
    12. 4A Talks Multiplayer Metro, PC-Specific Features
    13. Origin Offering Deep Discounts On Many Games... Er?
    14. Have A Randy Old Time At Rezzed
    15. QRRASE The Dead: Magicka - Other Side Of The Coin
    1. Cardboard Children: Combining Two Green Herb Cards
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Polish Overwhelming: Heart Of Swarm 99 Percent Of Done
    2. Civ V Leaves Leonardo's, Joins Steam Workshop
    3. Kickstarter Katchup - 16th June 2012
    4. Gabe's Gamble: Valve Gets Its Own Economist
    1. 4A On Making Metro Smarter - Not Dumbing It Down
    2. He's Not A Drop To Drink: Walter
    3. Dubai Or Not Dubai: Spec Ops: The Line Demo
    4. Karazhan Holiday: Warcraft Summer Challenges
    5. Oh Yes: New Natural Selection 2 Trailer Is Pure Chaos
    6. Schadenfriday: Diabl-NOOOOOOOOO!
    7. Seed If You Like It: Botanicula Demo
    8. The Real Texas Mashes Up Ultima, Zelda, And, Er, Texas
    9. Heavily Engaged: 101 - Airborne Invasion of Normandy
    10. Why Metro: Last Light's Best Character Is A Gas Mask
    11. Hmmm: The Old Republic "Looking At" Free-To-Play
    12. Squeal: Amnesia - A Machine For Pigs Trailer
    13. Rezzed Announces Indie Leftfield Collection
    14. Dying To Try: Tera Adds Week-Long Free Trial
    1. Waterloot: Napoleon - Total War Free Weekend
    2. Vampires Are People Too, In The Sims 3
    3. Space Peril: Drox Operative Now In Beta
    4. Back At The Coalface: Miner Wars 2081 Trailer
    5. Zeboyd's Penny Arcade Episode 3 Out June 25
    6. Lilly Looking Through Hits Target, Sets Sights Higher
    7. The Paths To Glory: Wildstar
    8. Playable Far Cry 3, Shootmania, Ghost Recon At Rezzed
    9. Wot I Think: Escape Goat
    10. Bouncing Ball Bearings: Sphere
    11. Interview: Bohemia Talk Arma 3, Modding, Day Z
    12. A Better Beta: Infinite Joy In Endless Space
    13. Ooooo: Son Of Nor Has Terraforming, Fire Tornadoes
    14. Umm, Errr, Hmm: Foam Is The Weirdest Thing
    15. EU Real Money AH To Become A Reality On Friday
    16. Krater Launches, Perhaps Not Quite Ready [Updated]
    17. Ghost Recon PC Keeps On Slipping Into The Future
    1. Assassin’s Creed III "Frontier Demo" Is Snowy, Bloody
    2. Sounds Good: Resonance Demo
    3. Peasant Surprise: Civilization V: Gods & Kings Factions
    4. Alive! Bigpoint's Universal Monsters Is Revealed
    5. Tropes Vs. Women In Video Games Vs. The Internet
    6. Spacebiff! Sins Of A Solar Empire: Rebellion Launches
    7. Urbane: Slightly More Of SimCity Revealed
    8. Wot I Think: Adventures Of Shuggy
    9. Come To Rezzed In Brighton On July 6th/7th!
    10. Gratuitous Tank Battles Demo Rolls Into View
    11. Oho: Max Payne 3 Cheaters Forced To Play Against Other
    12. Interview: What's Next For Day Z
    13. New Lego Batman 2 Trailer Tells All
    14. Valve Announce Potato Sack Reunion: Oh Boy
    15. Diablo III's Real Money AH Open For Business In America
    16. Hard Choices Update: SSD Price Crash
    1. Wot I Think - Indie Game: The Movie
    2. Follow-Up: Skulls of The Shogun's Win 8 Debate
    3. Radiating Passion: Wasteland 2's Design Document
    4. '9' Director Is Deeply Dippy About The Source Engine
    5. The Two Deaths That Defined Tomb Raider
    6. Home Cinema: Indie Game The Movie Is Released
    7. Syndicatering To Desires: Hostile Takeover
    8. No 7 Samurai: Skulls of The Shogun Goes Win 8-Only
    9. Wilco: Two Guys' SpaceVenture Kickstarter Just Makes It
    10. Fate Of The World: The Decade-Long Game of Civ II
    11. Making Progress: Tribes Ascend's Accelerate Update
    12. Interview: Molyneux In The Moment, Pt 2
    13. Closer To The Heart: StarCraft II's New Units
    14. Hawken's Next Step: Probably Story-Based Single-Player
    15. Slashing Hackers: Diablo's RMAH Requires Authenticator
    1. Play Fix-It Felix, Defeat Wreck-It Ralph
    2. Black Mesa Invites You To Look At Its Bowels
    3. The Sun Goes Down: A Mother's Inferno
    4. Psychedelic Serpent: Qrth-Phyl
    5. Choose Your Own Misadventure: Relive Your Life
    6. It's The End Of E3 As We Know It, And I'm Feeling Fine
    7. Interview: Molyneux In The Moment, Pt 1
    8. I Put A Spell On You: Word Realms Trailer
    9. Interview: Zenimax Defends Elder Scrolls Online
    10. Guild Wars 2: All Quest On The Western Front
    11. Infection: DayZ Servers Hit By Malicious Software
    12. Garbage Before Beauty: Trash TV Demo
    13. King Arthur Devs Reveal Broken Sea
    1. Cardboard Children: Divinare
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Neal Stephenson's Making A Game, Called CLANG
    2. Kickstarter Katchup 9th June 2012
    3. Sigh: League Of Legends Has Been Hacked
    1. Ah, I Just Need To Share This Day Z Story...
    2. On Other Id Things: Bethesda Have Plans For Rage
    3. Not Rocket Science: Carmack's Virtual Reality Helmet
    4. The Flare Path: While My Balalaika Gently Beeps
    5. Crykey: Crytek Moving To F2P For Good
    6. A Game of Dwarves Bedtime Story Trailer
    7. Behold: An Unreal Engine 4 Demo Reel
    8. Lightspeed: FTL Beta Arriving Later This Month
    1. WoW: Vivendi May Be Looking To Sell Activision-Blizzard
    2. TERA Is Free For 30 Minutes In Your Browser
    3. Humble Bundle V Adds Braid, Meat Boy, Lone Survivor
    4. Yikes: Lucius Is Going To Hell In October
    5. Hieronymus: ACE Team Explain Zeno Clash II
    6. Tex Is Back: Project Fedora Receives Its Funding
    7. Purple In The Face: Planetside 2's E3 Bit
    8. A Humble Interview With The Humble Indie Bundle
    9. Hacker's Paradise: Ubisoft On Watch Dogs
    10. "Sacrilegium" Is Actually What They Are Calling It
    11. Dark Souls: Prepare To Stutter
    12. PC Gaming: E3's Dirty Little Secret
    1. A Quick Aside: Wreck-It Ralph Film Trailer
    2. Hmm: EA On Steam/Origin Mega-Sales
    3. RPS Decides: Who Won E3 2012?
    4. Zero Point Invite Everyone Into Deadlock
    5. Doomed To Success: The 7 Day FPS Challenge
    6. Agni's Philosophy: Square's Final Graphics Fantasy
    7. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Has A Robot Or Two
    8. Battlefield 3 Premium, Then...
    9. You Can Planet Yourself: Gameglobe
    10. Just Survive: Dead State Interview
    11. Dead State Kickstarts With A New Trailer
    12. Dead Island: Riptide Is Coming For Your Brains
    13. Star Wars 1313 Footage Shows Fancy Shootin'
    14. Dungeons Of Dredmor: The Game With No Name
    1. South Park: The Stick Of Truth: The Trailer Of Footage
    2. Slo-Mo & Booming Noises: The Elder Scrolls Online
    3. Warface? Warface!
    4. SMASH! Criterion Making Need For Speed Most Wanted
    5. Splinter Cell: Blacklist (I've Been On A Few Of Those)
    6. E3 Day Zero: When Game Violence Becomes Vile
    7. He's On A Boat: Assassin's Creed III Footage
    8. The Bonding Of Isaac: Dead Space 3's Odd Couple Co-Op
    9. Ah, Sanity: Far Cry 3 Dodging Ubi PC Delay
    10. Medal of Honor: Worf Fighter Fights Some More War
    11. Firaxis' XCOM's Apocalypse
    12. Cold Front: Company Of Heroes Interview, Pt 2
    13. E3's Press Events Do Not Represent The Gaming I Know
    14. Still Killing Pain After All These Years: Painkiller Reboot
    1. Watch Dogs: Ubi Does Open-World Hack'n'Stealth
    2. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive On August 21st
    3. Wot I Think: Max Payne 3
    4. Czech Cashed: Arma II Getting Czech Army DLC
    5. No Rush: Starcraft II Getting Mod Marketplace, Streaming
    6. Aww: Epic Make Moves To Hire Big Hugers
    7. Alan Wake 2 In A Town Called Ordinary?
    8. The AI That Designs Its Own Games
    9. Eastern Promises: Company Of Heroes 2 Interview
    10. A Second Studio Of Ex-STALKER Devs Appears
    11. Weirdbiff: Zeno Clash II Arriving In 2013!
    12. Track Suite: Jet Set Radio Reveals Track Listing
    13. Huh: Hawken Gets A Live-Action Trailer.
    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. Cardboard Children: The Catch-Up
    1. Kickstarter Katchup 2nd June 2012
    2. Ron Gilbert, Pt. 2: Legacy, Learning, And... Diablo?
    3. EverQuest II Adding Vaguely Terrifying Voice/Facial Tech
    4. ARMA III Trail Considers Details, Sometimes Shoots Them
    5. Simply Wonderful: SimCity Dated For February 2013
    6. Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron Rolling On PC After All
    1. The Joy Of Hex: Fray Launches June 19th
    2. Lilly Looking Through Sets Sights On Kickstarter
    3. Legollum, Legothmog, Legolas: Lego LOTR Confirmed
    4. Home Launches, Keeps Us Up At Night
    5. Wot I Think: Game Of Thrones
    6. Zokk! There's An Arkham City Demo On Steam
    7. Fresh Tomb Raider Trailer, Release For March 5th 2013
    8. No Fireworks: Activision Infinity Ward Lawsuit Settled
    9. We Are Storm Legion: Rift Getting Massive Expansion
    10. Hard choices: Graphics Card Update
    11. The Flare Path: God Quicksave The Queen
    12. Ron Gilbert Interview, Pt 1: All Things Cave-Related
    13. Warhorse: War Of The Roses Shows Off Mounted Combat
    14. Hey, DOTA 2 Is Free-To-Play, Valve Confirms
    15. Max Payne 3 PC Launch Trailer Focuses On Max's Pain
    16. Sharpest: Dishonored's E3 Trailer Is Quite The Thing