July 2012 Archive

    1. A Desktop Dungeon: Browser Spelunky
    2. Wot I Think: Prototype 2
    3. Inevitable Disturbance In The Force: SWTOR Goes F2P
    4. Take A Bow: War Of The Roses Ranged Combat
    5. Turn-Based Trouble On The Way: Moon Rising
    6. Howl At The: Moon Intern
    7. Strike While Its Hot: Miner Wars 2081 Demo
    8. Wot I Think: Inversion
    9. Responsive: Anna Update Addresses Feedback
    10. 'Coding Error' Caused Uplay Exploit
    11. Bethesda Have Rights To STALKER, Claims Galyonkin
    12. Day Z Passes 900k Unique Players, Arma II Still Tops Steam
    13. The Slightly Less Elderly Scrolls: Morrowind Overhaul 3.0
    14. Watch Firefall's Updated Recon Whip Up Fresh Ghosts
    15. Dear Succesther: Everybody's Gone To The Rapture
    16. Swords With Friends: Baldur's Gate's Cross-Plat Co-op
    17. PlanetSad: PlanetSide 2 Beta Delayed
    1. The RPS Verdict - Warlock: Master of the Arcane
    2. Conano: Tiny Barbarian DX
    3. Ubisoft Responds To UPlay Security Drama, Issues Patch
    4. Brokedown Fences: Deadly Neighbors
    5. Rangers, Princesses, Spies, Aliens: Indie Gala 7
    6. Man With A Moody Camera: Paranormal
    7. These Sporting Lies: Olympic Videogame Events
    8. Roll Up: Mutant Blobs Attack
    9. Warning: Big Security Risk In Some Ubisoft PC Games
    10. Aliens vs Presenter: Natural Selection 2 At Rezzed
    11. Age Old Question: Pegi Ratings Are Now UK Law
    12. Building A Sky Caper: Windforge
    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. Cardboard Children: Descent 2nd Edition
    1. Large And In Charge (Of Lasers): Tera's Argon Queen
    2. Battlefield Battle: BF3 To Be Supported After BF4's Launch
    3. Kickstarter Katchup - 28th July 2012
    4. Errrrrr: Hawken's Live-Action Series
    5. Spread The Word: Secret World Free Next Weekend
    6. 87 Bazillion Mechs: M.A.V. Is A Gearhead's Dream
    1. Wot I Think: Orcs Must Die 2
    2. De L'Ombre: Worlds
    3. Jaws-Dropping: 007 Legends Gets Licence To Kiel
    4. Primitive Coding: Minecraft Busts Out A New Block
    5. Speed Demonstrated: Need For Speed Most Wanted Trailer
    6. Grey Skies Are Gonna Kreia Up: KOTOR 2 Is Done
    7. Fighting In Continents: Planetside 2 Beta Splashes Down
    8. Dishonored's Dishonourable Pre-Order Rat Trap
    9. Not Just More Of The Samurai: Shogun 2 Has Saints Row
    10. ArenaNet On Guild Wars 2... As A Platformer
    11. The Flare Path: Isle Of Boobies
    12. Knock-Knock. 'Who's There?' Ice-Pick Lodge. 'Uh-Oh.'
    13. Important: Paradox And Cyanide Are Building An Impire
    14. "Blood To The Sexy": Deck 13's Blood Knights Revealed
    15. WRC 3 Trailer Shows Off Shiny Spanish Tarmac
    16. Bethesda Says Dawnguard "Not Announced" For PC
    17. Spare A Click For Crysis 3's "Interactive" Trailer?
    1. Wizard! Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition Out 18th Sept
    2. The State Of Computer Games... From 1984
    3. Death On Two (Very Fast) Legs: MechWarrior's Jenner
    4. In Your Facebook: Outernauts Out Now
    5. A Timely Test: Portal 8 1/2 Minute Speed Run
    6. The Banner Saga Reveals First Combat Shot
    7. Hands On: Darksiders II
    8. Enlightening: Ultima Forever Interview
    9. Dishonored "Daring Escapes" Trailer Is Blinking Good
    10. Always A Gamble: Zynga's Casual Peril
    11. Hands On Horror Mod: Grey
    12. Battle Arenas: Defense of the Ancients, An Introduction
    13. Playday: Payday's Official Unofficial L4D1 Map Out Now
    14. Grounded: Microsoft Flight Development Has Stopped
    15. Dread Not, Firefall's Upgraded Dreadnaught Is Here
    16. I Suspect Gabe Newell May Not Be A Fan Of Windows 8
    1. Shadowrun Online Footage, Cost Change Details
    2. Latest Steam Hardware Survey Produces Many Graphs
    3. Logic Problems? Logic Solutions: ir/iational
    4. Death Becomes This Darksiders II Footage
    5. Goal'd Pieces: PES 2013 Demo Allows Us To Play Ball
    6. Unlimited Hyperborea: Half Life 2's Missing Information
    7. Barks & Bytes: Eight Minutes Of Sleeping Dogs
    8. Skiing Double: Tribes Ascend's Twinfusor Update
    9. WoW's Mists Of Pandaria Out 25th September
    10. Paradox's DLC Policy: Don't Piss Off The Community
    11. Quake Live Map Rotation, Free Spider Crossings
    12. No Fluff: Quantum Conundrum's Interdimensional DLC
    13. Avellone Tempted To Kickstart PlaneScape 2: DO IT!
    14. You - Yes, You - Can Play Path Of Exile This Weekend
    15. Hands On: Dead Space 3
    16. Undead On Arrival: L4D2's Cold Stream DLC Finally Out
    1. Tribes Ascend: Why It's Great
    2. Vital Home Improvements Of Mechwarrior Fandom
    3. Bundles Of Sun: Indie Royale With RPGs
    4. Eyes On: Company Of Heroes 2's Cold Front
    5. On The Ledge: Penny Arcade Ep 3 DLC & 4 Inbound
    6. Skyrim Patched Anew, But Whither Dawnguard PC?
    7. Prime Optimus - Fall of Cybertron PC Details
    8. Oh Goodness: Cloudbuilt Looks Heavenly
    9. A Miserable Little Pile Of Letters: ASCIIvania
    10. A Song Of Lightning And Poison: Firefall's Summer Update
    11. Soon, Shoot Many Robots Will Let You Shoot Many People
    12. Caustically Optimistic: MechWarrior Beats You With Heat
    1. Critical Path: Dev Superstars On Games' Importance
    2. Space P-Body: Portal Goes To The ISS
    3. Fodder For Thought: Recruits
    4. Interactive Moving Images: Stay Dead
    5. Wot I Think: Anna
    6. State Of Xen: A Story About My Uncle
    7. Skyjacker Kickstarter Fails But Project Continues
    8. Let's Not Lose Track Here: DLC Is A Good Thing
    9. Invinciwiz: When Diablo III's Invisible Numbers Go Wrong
    10. Patently Ridiculous: Notch vs Barry Bumgardner
    11. It's Alive, It's Alive, It's Alive: PC Gaming
    12. Bronze For Beelzebub: Devil's Third
    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. Cardboard Children: Some Games
    1. Post-Apocalyptic Funding: Wasteland 2's First Screenshot
    2. Kickstarter Katchup - 21st July 2012
    1. Hart Reset: Flying Wild Hog's Free PDF Artbook
    2. The New Switcharoo: SWAP
    3. Starbound Receives Support From Wanderlust: Rebirth
    4. Fortnite's Jessen Talks Minecraft, PC Gaming, UE4
    5. Colossal Cave Action Adventure: Cavenaut
    6. To Serve And Project: Ether
    7. Sleep Is Not Death: Ghosting Dishonored
    8. Exquisite Corps: Panzer Corps - Afrika Korps
    9. The Flare Path: My Bloody Valentine
    10. Picross My Heart: Pixel Blocked!
    11. DOTA, LOL: All Heroes Of Newerth Heroes Going Free
    12. Deja Vu Z: The War Z Has Zombies, Permadeath
    13. What Delay? Torchlight II Still Aiming For Summer
    1. WoW Loses Movie Director, Turns Players Into Mounts
    2. Killing's In The Name Of: Battlefield 3 Armored Kill
    3. RPS Asks: Aren't Games Great?!
    4. Biological Warfare: P-3 Biotic Is A Twin Stick Fun Time
    5. Diskette Boy: A PC Gaming History Mashup
    6. Where The Wildlings Are: Crusader Kigns II GOT Mod
    7. Of Mounts And Blades: LOTRO's Mounted Combat
    8. Blizzard Acknowledges Diablo III Always-On Acts As DRM
    9. Tera's Political System: A Tale Of Ad Space And Exploits
    10. Space, Auditory: Endless Space Interview
    11. The Legend Ascends: Heroes Rise
    12. Epic Considering Always Online For Fortnite [Updated]
    13. MechWarrior Online Wants You To Meet The Centurion
    1. Hotline Miami: Me vs Level 4
    2. Wot I Think: Endless, Nameless
    3. Battlefield 4 Is Really Real, Beta Next Year
    4. PlanetSide 2 Has A Pointless CGI Trailer
    5. Errrr: Origin's "Landmark" 9.0 Update
    6. World Of Warplanes' World Of Control Options
    7. Updates Overwhelming: ME3's Earth, Aquaman In DCUO
    8. Just Release Assassin's Creed, Not Six Different Versions
    9. Runic Explains Why Torchlight II's Taking A While
    10. Neverwinter Invites You To Look At Its Dungeons
    11. Rezzed: Our, And Your, Game Of The Show
    12. Vivendi Enlist (Boo Hiss) Banks To Help Shift Activision
    13. Resident Evil 6 Has Big Nasty Things Too
    1. Bye Bye Bots: Game Limits Returning To Diablo
    2. One For The Mages: Warlock Multiplayer Beta
    3. Wot I Think: Rune Masters
    4. Sight For X'or Eyes: Legends Of Pegasus
    5. Watching The Watchmen: The Games Journalism Prizes
    6. Mars On Tracks: NASA's Unity-Powered Curiosity
    7. Jaws Will Drop: Thirteen Minutes Of Metro - Last Light
    8. In Which You Play As A Tree: Bonsai Defense
    9. I Wanna Be The Guy: Gaiden Absolutely Hates You
    10. Power To The People: The Trouble With Crowd-Sourcing
    11. You May Recognize SWTOR's Newest Companion
    12. Hands On: Richard & Alice
    13. Happy Feat: Steam Linux Progressing Well
    14. The Devil Wears Spandex: Marvel Heroes
    1. Interviews About Borders: Pitchford Talks Borderlands 2
    2. Turn-Based Biff 'Em Up: Aztez
    3. Awesome: Awesomenauts Coming To Steam Soon
    4. Fifty Shades of Babe: Duke Nukem Reads E. L. James
    5. The Bunny Homicides: Hands On With Overgrowth
    6. House Of Horrors: Anna Released
    7. Guild Wars 2: Every Crowd Has A Sylvari Line-Up
    8. Honour The Call of Battlefield 4
    9. Absent Heroes: Choose Your Own Interview II
    10. UDon'tPlay: UbiDRM Servers Wobble During Steam Sale
    11. Mouthing Off: Deadpool Game Announced
    12. It Belongs On A PC: La Mulana Remake
    1. Kickstarter Katchup - 15th July 2012
    2. Cardboard Children: Photo Special!
    3. The Sunday Papers
    1. Seedling Is Zelda: Link To The Past In Your Browser
    2. No Consolation Needed: Epic Mickey PC-Bound Nov 18
    3. Everything You Need To Know About PlanetSide 2's Beta
    4. What's This? Your Firefall Is Evolving
    5. Have Faith: Mirror's Edge "On The List" For A Return
    1. Griddle Me This: Defense Grid 2 Kickstarter
    2. Delawere: AssCreed III's Co-op Wolf Pack
    3. Shipping Bricks: Brick-Force Out Now
    4. All The Bullets: GL Invasion
    5. Mana Reservoir Dogs: Magicka's Other Side Of The Coin
    6. Stats: League Of Legends In "Quite Popular" Shocker
    7. Amazon Invades Free To Play Worlds, Brings Gifts
    8. Mass Effect: Paragon Lost Offers Details, Gets Vega
    9. Exactly What It Sounds Like: MMOAsteroids
    10. Pandoraing To The Crowd: Hands-On With Borderlands 2
    11. The Flare Path: Tempts Fate
    12. Storm In a Beta Cup: ShootMania Storm
    13. Who KERS Wins: F1 Race Stars
    14. It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's A Mech: Strike Suit Zero
    15. Amnesia: AMFP Forgets Release Date, Slips Into 2013
    1. Cliffy Returns: Fortnite PC-Exclusive, First To Use UE4
    2. Masters Of The Profane: Warlock Multiplayer
    3. Chivalry's Not Dead, Actually Looking Quite Good
    4. Introversion's Rezzed Session: Explanations, Demos
    5. Realms Of Ancient War Appears In September
    6. Paying Out For The Summer: Steam Sale Is Here
    7. E.Y.E. Now Allows You To Give It The Eyeball
    8. Streets Ahead: New Hitman Video Is Rather Good
    9. In Des Por-ate Times: Ultima Forever
    10. A Sneaky Glimpse At The Secret World's July Update
    11. Borderlands 2 Trailer Employs "Wimoweh" Effect
    12. Lite Saber: More Free SWTOR, This Time For All
    13. Pop Shove-It To Indy Nosebone: Tony Hawk HD PC-Bound
    14. Valar MMOrghulis: First GoT 7 Kingdoms Footage
    15. Clint Hocking Is Now At Valve And Has Taken A Photo
    16. Gift That Keeps On Gibbing: Hard Reset's Free DLC
    17. Earthbound: Mass Effect 3's Next DLC Headed Home
    1. Little Inferno Teaser Burns Toys, Memories
    2. Batman: Arkham City Prequel Set For Silver Age
    3. SWTOR Wants You Back. Yes You, Steve
    4. Unmechanical Looks Pretty Mechanical, Frankly
    5. Hey, Robot Rising Is Not Rise Of The Robots
    6. Rezzed's One-Hour Gamejam - Play The Results
    7. Primal Carnage Shows Dinos Vs Flamethrower
    8. Hollywood's Finest Vents: Deus Ex To Become A Movie
    9. Trouble In The Trees: Medal Of Honor Multiplayer
    10. Secret World To Get New Missions, More On Monthly Basis
    11. Lights, Camera, Memes: Source Filmmaker Open To All
    12. SOE: PlanetSide 2 Beta Starting 'Within The Next Month'
    1. CODBLOPS 2 Has Reznor & Villain With Beard
    2. A Crews Missile To The Face: The Expendables 2
    3. The Misadventures And Mirth Of Project Zomboid
    4. Imp-ressive: Endless Forms Most Beautiful
    5. 3/5ths Of RPS, Quasi-Live On Stage
    6. Kicking The Kingdom: Kickstarter Coming To UK
    7. DayZ You'll Remember All Your Life
    8. Summertime And The Killin' Is Easy: Killing Floor
    9. What's In The Box, Peter?
    10. Coming Soon: Serious Sam 3 BFE DLC For You And Me
    11. Ex-Call Of Duty Head On Business Vs Innovation
    12. Brothers In Arms: Furious Four Still Alive, Has "Evolved"
    13. Phinally: Phantasy Star Online 2 Journeying West
    1. Valve To Crowdsource Game Library With Steam Greenlight
    2. Wot I Think: The Walking Dead Episode Two
    3. Fassassin's Creed
    4. Wot I Think: Team Fortress 2
    5. Techno-Logic: ir/rational Redux
    6. Headline With A ? - Is This The Steam Summer Sale?
    7. Will Day Z Stand Alone? If So, When?
    8. The Sweet Clang Of Success
    9. Fullbright On The Games Gone Home Is And Isn't Like
    10. You Winarium Or You Diearium: Survarium
    11. Wot I Think: Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion
    12. Glam Dunk: BasketBelle Is Out Now
    1. Cardboard Children: Infiltration
    2. The Sunday Papers
    3. Day Z Heading For Half A Million Players
    1. Kickstarter Katchup - 7th July 2012
    2. Of Ooos And Ahhhs: Of Orcs And Men Looks Quite Good
    3. Don't Worry, Activision Also Has A Walking Dead Game
    4. Life-Changing: Molyneux Pegs Curiosity For August
    1. Fear Not: Walking Dead Ep 3 On Track For Mid-August
    2. WWI Meets RPG: The Trench
    3. Mulling Mode 7 Man's Management-Centric Maia
    4. Interview: Best Way Talk Nuclear Union
    5. Secret World's Tornquist On F2P, Single-Player Games
    6. Wait, Since When Did Diablo Need An Endgame?
    7. The Sicilian Defence: Battlefront Talk Plans, Prices, & Pixies
    8. Ain't No Mystery: Fullbright Talks Gone Home
    9. The Flare Path: Brighton Breezy
    10. From The Shadows: Hands On With Dishonored
    11. Multitasking - What To Do While Gaming
    12. Magrunner Mixes Blade Runner, Portal, And... Cthulhu?
    13. Minecraft 1.3 Adding LAN, Adventure Mode In August
    1. The Bright Coloured Nights Rises
    2. Unfurled: Scrolls Alpha Starts Today
    3. Crazy Like A Roguelike: ElonaPlus
    4. Student-Made FPS Grim Looks Pacey, Explosive
    5. It's Rezzed Tomorrow! And It's Going To Be Rather Good
    6. Voxel Populi: Planet Explorers
    7. Rick Dangerous Is Spelunky's Horrible Uncle
    8. Endless Space Begins
    9. Take Note: Epic Mickey 2 Cast Will Break Into Song
    10. Fall Of Cybertron Trailer Reveals Metroplex, Dinobots
    1. Blizzard Rejects Linux-Ban Claims, Blames Cheating
    2. I Shall Remain Is A Game You Can Play
    3. Freudian Quips: Polymorphous Perversity
    4. Squared Off: Final Fantasy VII Confirmed For PC
    5. Look: Important End Of Nations Beta Happenings
    6. Bordercraft Diablo Story: Platformines Mixes All The Games
    7. Secret World's Tornquist On WoW Copycats, What's Next
    8. Monstrous: The Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing
    9. By Jingo! AssCreed III Trailer Takes Itself Seriously
    10. Slender Delivers Scares From Internet's Darkest Depths
    11. Land, Sea, And Car: ARMA III Bares All
    12. World Of Tanks' Solution To Balance Issues: More Tanks
    1. Quantum Conundrum Activates The Demo Dimension
    2. Call Of Duty Online Is An Online Call Of Duty Game
    3. Phoning It In: Hotline Miami
    4. CA On Rome II's AI, Scope & Incendiary Pigs
    5. Roguelike Resurrection: ADOM Seeks Funding
    6. Crikey: EU Rules You Can Resell Downloaded Games
    7. Alt.Rezzed: Indie, Boardgames, Jam
    8. Wot I Think: The Secret World
    9. Box News: Portal Legos, Limbo Special Edition
    10. You Win Or You Grind - Game of Thrones: 7 Kingdoms
    11. Metro 2013: All Aboard Resident Evil 6's Zombie Train
    12. Necro Gaia Is A Game Where You Play As Earth
    13. A Big Deal: Indie Royale's Got Journey Down, Eight Others
    1. Sex'n'Dogs'n'Wrack'n'Ruin: Total War Rome II Live
    2. Excitable Archipelagos: Caribbean!
    3. Hail CAesar! A Chat With Total War: Rome II's Lead Dev
    4. Rezzed: 5th RPS Indie Mud Wrestling Championships
    5. Scars And Stripes: Assassin's Creed III
    6. Surprise! Eyes-On With Total War: Rome II
    7. Praise Be: Civ V - Gods And Kings Demo
    8. There Were Tanks At Tankfest: A Report
    9. Revenge Of The Subscription Game
    10. Finally Flowing: Left 4 Dead's Cold Stream
    11. A Galaxy Far Cry Away: Hocking Exits Lucasarts
    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. Cardboard Children: THUNDER ROAD