March 2013 Archive

    1. Planet Explorers? Planet ExSPORErs More Like
    2. What A Ballast: The Aurora Wager
    3. RPS Asks: What Are You Playing Over Easter?
    4. Fancy That: Unreal 4 Engine Trailer Is Spectacular
    5. BioWare's Gaider On Dragon Age II's Flaws, Dragon Age III
    6. The Flare Path: UNITA Play This
    7. The Best In-Game Table You'll Ever See
    8. Super Best Friends! PC & PS3 Dust 514 Trailer
    1. The Creative Assembly Announce F2P Total War: Arena
    2. That Looks Painful: A Thief Teaser Trailer
    3. Hands On: Divinity - Original Sin
    4. Trawling The Money Sea: Net Gain's Final Hours
    5. PC Gaming In Still Not Dead Shocker
    6. Tim Schafer In Host Master Deux: Host Harder
    7. Eyes-On: Rome II's Teutoburg Forest
    8. See Space Hulk See Space Hulk See Space Hulk See
    9. Wolface - Fables: The Wolf Among Us Is Telltale's Next
    10. Shock: Konami Still Won't Confirm Metal Gear 5 On PC
    11. Dragon Age III's Gaider On The Impracticality Of Sexism
    12. Commenting on RPS: 3 Simple Rules
    13. IGF Winners: The Habitual Voyeur Of What Is Known As...
    14. Funky Little Boatrace: Activision's Astonishing Face Tech
    15. Double Fine's Broken Age Receives Trailerage
    1. Rock, Paper, Shotgun Apology For Using Female Writers
    2. Make It To Break It: Planetary Annihilation's Creation Tech
    3. Pole-Vaulting The Shark: APB Vendetta Kickstarter
    4. Nega-Hexagon: Chaotic
    5. Just SWAT The Doctor Ordered: Intruder
    6. Fiddle With The Gundamentals In Relock
    7. Meta, Man: Knights of Pen & Paper +1 PC-Bound
    8. 'Scloosive Trailer: WARFACE Puts Its War In Your Face
    9. Tripwire's Rising Storm Whips Up A Trailer
    10. Dark Side Of The Jam: NASA's Grand Game Experiment
    11. BioShock Infinite: A Few Essential Tweaks
    12. And Mulch More: Plants vs Zombies 2 Mere Months Away
    13. Wonderbaarlijk: Age Of Wonders III First Footage
    14. Battlefield 4 Prattle Feed For All The New News
    15. First Look: Space Hulk
    1. Impressions: Pandora - First Contact
    2. Crytek & Epic's Tastes Of Tomorrow
    3. Cardboard Children: A Board Game Column
    4. Roll Up: Scrolls Public Beta On Sale Next Month
    5. Nu-Desktop Dungeons Free Again, For A Bit
    6. The Great Outdoors: Legend Of Grimrock 2
    7. Make Peggle, Not War: PopCap's Finest For Free
    8. Play Of The Gun: The Best Amendment
    9. Ten Intrigues I Didn't Mention About BioShock Infinite
    10. Wada Way To Go: Square Enix Loses Money & Its Boss
    11. Homes All The Rage: Player Housing In Wildstar
    12. Hell's Campbell's: Pixeljunk Inc.
    1. Turn-Based Tattle: Battle Worlds - Kronos Interview
    2. Arena.Xlsm Is An RPG Made Entirely In Excel
    3. Grime To Kill: Dust - An Elysian Tail
    4. Plunder-Full: Assassin's Creed IV Trailer
    5. After DC DOTA, A Magicka MOBA: Wizard Wars
    6. DC Does DOTA: Infinite Crisis
    7. Psycho Killer, DLC: Borderlands 2 Adds Character, Levels
    8. Voice Of The Voiceless: 15 Minutes Of Transistor
    9. Wot I Think - BioShock: Infinite
    10. A Horror Game That Isn't Slender: Daylight
    11. The Double Fine Adventure Has A Name: Broken Age
    12. Deep Rising: Firaxis Tease Possible XCOM Sequel
    1. Live Free, Play Hard: The Week’s Finest Free Indie Games
    2. Kickstarter Katchup - 24th March 2013
    3. The Sunday Papers
    1. Ghost Panther Assault: Splinter Cell's Three Playstyles
    2. Going On The Defensive: Sanctum 2's First Trailer
    3. As If Parallax Didn't Already Look Insane Enough...
    4. Runescape Still Exists, Is Getting A Threequel
    5. Hark! Dungeon Defenders 2's Co-Op In Action
    1. Rhi, Light My Fire: Rhianna Pratchett On Tea, Cakes & Lara
    2. Arrowed In The Face: Tower Fall
    3. Crossover To Bear: Left 4 Dead 2 Meets Resi 6
    4. Pyramid Scheme: Total War II Egyptian Faction Revealed
    5. Beyond The Alpha: Have Fun In Arma 3
    6. Taking The Black: Deponia Dev's Turn-Based Blackguards
    7. Adventures In F2P - What Does KingsRoad Offer?
    8. Blizz-Card: Hearthstone - Heroes Of Warcraft
    9. Company Of Heroes Retaining Online Functions Via Steam
    10. The Flare Path: KillHouse Rules
    11. SimSettlement: Banished Is About Survival And Life
    12. Man For Sale: Chris Avellone On Torment Kickstarter
    13. Teased: Battlefield 4 Will Have Boats, Awful Slogan
    14. Spring (Wallet) Cleaning: Steam's Indie Spring Sale
    15. They Never Stay Dead: Might & Magic X: Legacy Announced
    1. Wot I Think: SimCity
    2. BRRRMMM! Trials Evolution: Gold Launch Trailer
    3. Double Fine Debuts Weird Motion Rhythm Game Thing
    4. Green Screen: TMNT: Out Of The Shadows Footage
    5. Miner Wars 2081 Source Code Made Available To Modders
    6. Clonesome: The Swapper Soon To Be Steam-Bound
    7. Gosh, Shu Looks Like A Very Lovely Thing
    8. Gorn Home - Star Trek: The Game's Villains
    9. Frozen Endzone's Influences, Singleplayer & Unsportiness
    10. Party Like It's 1995: Gone Home's Music
    11. Mega Modders Bring Sonic Unleashed To The PC
    12. Isles Of Thunder: Battle Worlds - Kronos
    13. Steam Early Access Debuts With Arma 3, Prison Architect
    14. Begging For Wub Wub: Audiosurf Air Trailer
    1. Wot I Think: DLC Quest
    2. What Is Wildstar? "You're Gonna Find Out, Cupcake"
    3. If Girl Talk Made Games: DoomRL And GMDoom
    4. Dungeon Defenders 2: A Gentler, More Persistent MOBA
    5. AC III: The Continuing Tyranny Of King Washington
    6. Gurnaphics Card: NVIDIA's Face Works
    7. Impressions: Ultratron
    8. Duke Is Out: Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition
    9. Zenimax On TESO's First-Person Mode, Mudcrab Armies
    10. Sadface: Tomb Raider DLC Will Not Offer Any New Tombs
    11. Deep Silver Survey On Saints Row IV Collector's Edition
    12. Zenimax: Elder Scrolls Online Will Become More Open
    13. Marked Improvement: Mark Of The Ninja's Special Edition
    14. Drip Feed: Rain World
    1. Dead On: A Dead State Interview
    2. Riot Act: League Of Legends Banhammer Applied
    3. Impressions: Consortium
    4. Nihilistic New Metro: Last Light Gameplay Trailer
    5. What Happens If You Play Elder Scrolls Online Like Skyrim?
    6. Basti-Onward: Supergiant's Next Game Is Transistor
    7. Hut Hut Hut: A Frozen Endzone Preview
    8. Big Hands I Know You're The One: TESO's 1st Person Cam
    9. Bedroom Gymnastics: Anna Anthropy's Triad
    10. Dying Total War Fan Immortalised As Rome 2 Unit
    11. The New Hatness: Rift VR Coming To TF2 This Week
    12. Get Away From Her, You Glitch: ACM's 3.8GB Patch
    13. Enter, Stranger: Legend Of Grimrock Reworked
    14. Right Back Hat Ya: Fez Coming To Steam
    15. Defeat: Petroglyph Cancels Victory Kickstarter
    1. Cardboard Children: Eclipse
    2. Offline: EA CEO John Riccitiello Has Stepped Down
    5. The End, I Guess
    6. Hark, Some Form Of Head Accouterment!
    7. Warning: core error
    8. In The Fold: Ancient Workshop Reveals Origami Sim
    9. Editorial: Let's Not Pre-Order Games Any More, Eh?
    10. Top-Down Topiary: Shattered Haven
    11. A Sorry Tale: EA Offering SimCity 4 To SimCity 5 Buyers!
    12. Space Chickens! Humans Must Answer Beta Demo
    13. Waaagh-Face: Slitherine Announce Turn-Based 40K Game
    14. Cara Loft: Tomb Raider Concept Raiding
    15. Hard Choices: Build Your Own Steam Box
    16. TIGA Style: UK Games Industry Returns To Growth
    17. Eurogamer & Rock, Paper, Shotgun's Rezzed Is Back!
    18. PCVania: Castlevania Lords Of Shadow In Steam Registry
    19. Know Your Roll: Dead State's Combat Video
    20. BAFTA Chat: A Couple Of Hours With Ken Levine
    21. Kickstarter Katchup - 17th March 2013
    1. Live Free, Play Hard: The Week’s Finest Free Indie Games
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. SimCity Modder Tells Us Offline Regional Play Easily Done
    2. Verdict: Saints Row 4 Trailer
    3. SimCity Boss's "Straight Answers" Seem Pretty Wiggly
    1. Wot I Think: Driftmoon
    2. Poly(theist) Thriller: More Godly Reus Footage
    3. Purrfect: Pre-GDC Game Jam for CATS
    4. Gird Your Loins For GRID 2
    5. City of Anti-Heroes: Saints Row IV Is Super Saints Row
    6. Schrödinger's SimCity: EA On Hacks vs Mods, Fixing Traffic
    7. Benefits From Friends: How To Get Arma 3 Lite
    8. Frozen Endzone: The Frozen Follow-Up To Frozen Synapse
    9. Wuzza Wuzza: The Nomad Soul Re-Released on GoG
    10. The Flare Path: Refleks Action
    11. Firaxis Talk Us Through Civilization V's Brave New World
    12. Waaagh! Slitherine Gets Warhammer 40K License
    13. Madness Re-Returns: McGee Ponders EA-Free Alice 3
    14. Goose Chase: Tactical Intervention Open Beta Now
    15. Thief: Getcha Gothy Garrett Here
    1. Blues For Mittavinda Is A Gloriously Odd Odyssey
    2. I Cannot Figure Out What To Do In Starseed Pilgrim
    3. Teen Zombie vs Plants: Edward & The Strange Invasion
    4. On The Trail(er): Call Of Juarez – Gunslinger
    5. Fan's Folly: Jurassic Park: Aftermath
    6. Random Indie Picks From The Wisdom Of The Crowd
    7. Finally, A BioShock Infinite Trailer!
    8. Gimme Shelter: Sanctum 2 In Motion (Probably)
    9. Gabe Says Valve's Business Grew "50%" In The Last Year
    10. Avoid Dysentery And Acquire Wealth In Pioneers
    11. Exclusive: Incredipede For Steam Trailered, Discussed
    12. Modder Runs SimCity Offline, Maxis Remains Silent
    13. Neverwinter Trailer #23123123: The Control Wizard
    14. Crack: Surgeon Sim Steam Version Adding Brain Surgery
    1. Week in Tech: Will It Play Crysis, & More On PS4
    2. Still Alive: Dead Cyborg Episode 2 Out Now
    3. Proof Of Climate Change? A Tropical Skyrim Overhaul
    4. Minecraft To Introduce Subscriptions, Y'know, For Kids
    5. Garriott On Shroud Of The Avatar, Why He Needs KS
    6. Impressions: Sapience
    7. Dishonored's The Knife Of Dunwall Unsheathed
    8. SimCity's Sims Don't Seem That Smart After All
    9. A Call To Arms: Planetside 2 Tomorrow Night
    10. Night Drive: Euro Truck Simulator 2
    11. Cloaking Quads: Planetside 2's Sexy March Update
    12. Illumininjas: Low Light Combat On Sale For Charity
    13. It's A Steal: Castle Doctrine Alpha Released
    14. Er, OK: Xi3 Claims Valve Asked Them To Make Piston
    15. Tilt The World In Squaresville
    1. Maxis Insider Tells RPS: SimCity Servers Not Necessary
    2. A Dishonorer Is You: Proper Dishonored DLC Teased
    3. Metro 20-2.5D: Underrail Alpha Available
    4. Make Quake With TrenchBroom
    5. Payday 2: Mo' Money, Less Problems (Hopefully)
    6. Legend Of Dungeon Randomizing Everything - Even Music
    7. Piston Gets P-ssed On By Valve
    8. Pants Vs Zombies: 20 Minutes Of DayZ Standalone
    9. Got Moon? Joe Got Game's Shackleton Crater Kickstarter
    10. Eador Aid: Second Beta For Masters Of The Broken World
    11. Michael Bay's War Of The Worlds - Anomaly 2 Impressions
    12. StarCraft II: Heart Of The Swarm Starts Beating
    13. TCR: Machine For Pigs Now 'Much More' Like Amnesia
    14. Dreamfall KS Wraps, Barely Misses Bonus Side-Game
    15. No More Monkey Business: Ron Gilbert Leaves Double Fine
    1. Wot I Think: The Showdown Effect
    2. 2012: A Space Engine
    3. SPACEBEARS: Preorder StarDrive For Beta Access
    4. Starface: Endless Space - Free DLC & Sale
    5. Frameface: We've Got Warframe Beta Keys
    6. Through The Looking Glass: Paul Neurath Interviewed
    7. Cardboard Children: Isla Dorada
    8. Defyance Is A Syfy Shooter With Frytful Guns
    9. SimCity Is Inherently Broken, Let's Not Let This Go
    10. This Mortal Toil: A Diary, Part Three
    11. Get Pumped: PISTON Preordering Open At SXSW
    12. Way Down In The Hole: Sword Of The Stars - The Pit
    13. Alarming: Dead Space 3 - Awakened DLC
    1. Kickstarter Katchup - 10th March 2013
    2. Live Free, Play Hard: The Week’s Finest Free Indie Games
    3. The Sunday Papers
    1. Mario And Dear Esther Walk Into An Absinthe Bar: Spate
    2. Phosphor On Project Awakened's Life After Kickstarter
    3. Go Cooperate With Yourself - Brothers: Tale Of Two Sons
    1. Revealed: Richard Garriott's Massive Ultima Successor
    2. Natural Caution: The Perils Of Cheap Game Keys
    3. Impressions, Part 2: Jason Rohrer's The Castle Doctrine
    4. Deathmatch Doves: Hawken Hands-On
    5. Shadowrun Returns Alpha Footage
    6. Initial Impressions: SimCity
    7. Biffstarter: Project Awakened's Ambitious Funding 'Plan B'
    8. Alpha Male: Arma 3 Alpha (And Series) Trailered By Dslyecxi
    9. The Flare Path: Maxims To Live By
    10. On The Power And The Diminishing Returns Of “Indie”
    11. Death Notes: Mine Your Step
    12. Age Of Empires II HD Advancing To The Steam Age
    13. Echomokation: Pulse Is About Blindness And Synesthesia
    14. Le Scythe: Death Inc Dies On Kickstarter Vine
    1. SimCity Vs The People: Why Apologies Aren't Enough
    2. Impressions, Part 1: Jason Rohrer's The Castle Doctrine
    3. West To Kill: Call Of Juarez - Gunslinger
    4. Fear And Roaming: Darkwood
    5. Strategic Syndicates: Net Gain
    6. Reverse Shmup Retro/Grade Moonwalking Onto PC
    7. Dances With Dongos: Lost Planet 3
    8. ASCII And Ye Shall Receive: 7 Day Roguelikes
    9. Deus Ex 3's Producer On Hollywood, TV & Videogames
    10. A Weeping Song: After To The Moon, A Bird Story
    11. End Of End Of Nations: Petroglyph Returns With Victory
    12. NVidia Apologises For Crummy Tomb Raider Performance
    13. Long Wait Ahead: Walking Dead S2 Coming In 2014
    14. NOOOOOO, IT STILL HAUNTS: A Third 7th Guest Game
    15. Night, Night: Project Awakened Kickstarter Falls Short
    1. CDP On Role Of Combat, Sex, And Choice In Witcher 3
    2. Plane Sailing: Torment 2 Funded Already
    3. Edge Of Space Is Clearly On Edge Of Madness
    4. Space Jam: NASA Hosting A Game Jam This Weekend
    5. Garry's Mod Earns $22m, Gives Most Of It To The Taxman
    6. Wot I Think: Tomb Raider
    7. Toot Toot: First Steamboxes Might Be Here By June
    8. The Ice Tech Cometh: Company of Heroes 2 Re-Dated
    9. Running With Rifles Is Also Creeping With Rifles
    10. Torment 2: What Can Source The Nature Of A Crowd?
    11. Stunt Island & A Lament For Flight Sims' Lost Levity
    12. MechWarrior Online In Testing Times. The Good Kind.
    13. You Can Totally Watch The Gaming BAFTAs Below
    14. Yessss: Zeno Clash II's Trailer Looks Crazier Than Ever
    15. Can Art Be Games? - Avant-Garde
    16. EA 'Confident' Origin Issues Won't Plague Euro SimCity
    1. Wot I Think: March Of The Eagles
    2. The Arma 3 Alpha Gives Us Reasons To Be Excited
    3. Humble Android 5 Also On PC, With Added Hexagons
    4. And Also: Blood-To-Bowl Manager Revealed
    5. Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Can See Far Away In The Leaves
    6. A Brief Moment Of Perverse Gratitude To GFWL
    7. Infinite Excitements: Eye-Spy Thief IV Screenshots
    8. Strike Suit Zero Gets Triple Monitor Cockpit View
    9. Looking For Party Like It's 2007: Retro Runescape Reborn
    10. Updated: Dead Space Isn't Pining For The Fjords
    11. CD Projekt On The Witcher 3's Open World, Beards
    12. Issue Six (Six Six): The Secret World's PvP XP Overhaul
    13. Gamers Line Up To Play SimCity...
    14. Nearly Brilliant: A Small Talk At The Back Of Beyond
    15. Sky(rim)'s The Limit: Skyrim Adding Legendary Levels
    1. I Played Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army For Half An Hour
    2. Week In Tech: Overclock Your Monitor With NVIDIA
    3. Never Forget: You Can Play Games With RPS Folk
    4. Fez: The Musical - Melodisle
    5. Dreamfall Chapters Has A Stark, Arcadian Trailer
    6. Cardboard Children: Minigame Library
    7. Mounty: Neverwinter Allows You To Ride The Sport Cow
    8. Out Of Exile: Torment Officially Going To Kickstarter
    9. Hands-On: Divinity - Dragon Commander
    10. The Showdown Effect Shows Takedowns, Effects
    11. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Revealed (Last Week)
    12. A Trailer With Pirates: Assassin's Creed IV - Black Flag
    13. Heads Up: Insurgency Pre-Orders Terrorise Your Wallet
    14. Fear Not: Maxis Planning To Expand SimCity's Cities
    1. Kickstarter Katchup – 3rd March 2013
    2. Live Free, Play Hard: The Week’s Finest Free Indie Games
    3. The Sunday Papers
    1. Here's An Interesting Idea: Multiple Languages In Cyberpunk
    2. The De-Dauntifying: DOTA 2 Gets In-Game Tutorial
    3. Counter-Struck: Tactical Intervention Out This Month
    1. Wot I Think: Brütal Legend
    2. Lance Lance Revolution: Pixelry
    3. Mayday, Mayday! - Metro: Last Light Releasing In May
    4. Hands-on: Heroes & Generals
    5. Behold! The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt Gallery
    6. Telltale On New IPs, Beating JJ Abrams To The Punch
    7. Dark's Gameplay Trailer Shows Squatting, Darkness
    8. Exclusive: All About The New Space Hulk PC Game
    9. The Flare Path: In Wuppertal
    10. Yerli: Single-Player Games Must Be "Online Single-Player"
    11. Playground Nightmare: Auti-Sim Is About Childhood Autism
    12. My Colony For Some Pants: Salem Enters Open Beta
    13. Orion: Dino Horde Announced, Free To Beatdown Buyers
    14. Endwar - Warhammer: Wrath Of Heroes Shutting Down