June 2013 Archive

    1. Kickstarter Katchup - June 30th 2013
    2. Live Free, Play Hard: Poor Astronauts :(
    3. The Sunday Papers
    1. Telekinetic President: Saints Row IV Footage
    2. Awooga! FTL Boarded Garry's Mod
    1. Watch: My Hands & Your Eyes On Space Hulk
    2. Rome II Will Conquer 35 GB Of Your Hard Drive
    3. Mercy Me: It's Splinter Cell: Blacklist Versus Trailer
    4. Bogart Game: Face Noir
    5. Profit Storming: Valve Shares Revenue With Toolmakers
    6. Hey Stampede, How About Some Poems: Coin Opera 2
    7. Monkey See, Monkey Post: Gun Monkeys Out Now
    8. Get This Man Up To Speed: PC Gaming Right Now
    9. Official: Satellite Reign To Be True Syndicate Successor
    10. Speediest Racer: TrackMania 2: Valley Out Next Week!
    11. The Flare Path: A Stoichiometric Mixture
    12. Death By A Dozen Flailing Stabs: Silhouette
    13. Julian Gollop's Chaos Reborn Summons A Screenshot
    14. (Syn)Indicate Right: First Satellite Reign Images?
    15. Okay, So Strike Vector Looks Quite Impressive
    16. The Situation: Arma 3's Beta Gets A SITREP
    1. Wot I Think: Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded
    2. Feast Your Eyes On The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Gallery
    3. Truthiness: The Bureau - XCOM Declassified
    4. Have A Half Hour Of Dragon Commander
    5. Wot I Think: CAPSULE
    6. More Rogue To Like: Teleglitch: Die More
    7. Stalk This Way: Survarium Alpha
    8. Wot I Think: Rogue Legacy
    9. VRy Good: Oculus Rift Support Added To Source SDK
    10. All The Games Are Here: Ring Runner Trailer
    11. Class Warfare: Our Darker Purpose
    12. Rodina's Combat Is Atmospheric
    13. Plasmagasm: Endless Space Disharmony DLC Out
    14. Guardian Of The Galaxy: Zeboyd's Cosmic Star Heroine
    1. C++ Of Tranquility: Lunar Software Explain Routine
    2. Horse And Craft: Minecraft Goes Equestrian
    3. Contemplate The Montague's Mount Trailer
    4. No Voids Were Harmed: Void Destroyer
    5. Physics! Watch Some Cars Tumble Down A Mountain
    6. Rezzed: Chris Avellone On Project Eternity & Black Isle
    7. Rallying Cry: Codies Going Back to McRae Roots?
    8. Heaviest Rain: CastleStorm Incoming
    9. Random Access Emotions: Frequency Domain Expands
    10. Rezzed: Look Directly At Wildstar
    11. Staying Humble: Proteus' Origins And Ed Key's Next Game
    12. Routine Is Anything But Routine, Also Beautiful
    13. More Videogames! GoD Factory: Wingmen
    14. Bokida Is A Nice Slice Of Fun
    15. Getting Heavy In Skyrim
    1. Modernish Modernist: Tangiers
    2. Rezzed: Who Won The Game Jam?
    3. Heads You Lose, Then Get Back Again: FranknJohn
    4. Princess Breaker: Long Live The Queen
    5. Player Power: Planetside 2's Player Missions
    6. The Gathering Begins: Steam Trading Cards Out Of Beta
    7. Rezzed: Enter The Frendzone
    8. No Emotions, Just Explosions: Broforce!
    9. How Rocket Plans To Follow EVE's Lead With DayZ
    10. Rezzed: Ragnar Shows Off Dreamfall Chapters
    11. Emotions & Explosions: Frostbite 3 Engine Trailer
    12. Deadpool Is A Videogame With All The Things In It
    13. Conscripted Events: Company Of Heroes 2 Launch
    1. Systemic Shock: Maia's Science And Stories
    2. Spare Some Change: Undertale Kickstarter
    3. The Rock, Paper Shotcast: Rezzed And Confused
    4. Outer Wilds Will Sate Your Inner Adventurer
    5. Arma 3 Alpha Grows Up, Will Be Beta Soon
    6. From East To Quest? Dragon Quest X PC Bound
    7. Eyes On The Machine: Contraption Maker Videos
    8. Darwinning: Species: Artificial Life, Real Evolution
    9. Hook, Line And Sprinter: SpeedRunners
    10. Stare Into The Void: Infinite Space 3 Footage
    11. Live Free, Play Hard: Look Incredulous For The Dragon
    12. Star Citizen Advertises Imaginary Spaceships
    13. Watch Dogs Multiplayer Is A Thing, Then
    14. Beamdog Hoping For Baldur's Gate III Despite 'Legal Hell'
    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. Obsidian, Bohemia, Tornquist, Splash Damage On Story
    1. Hey Internet, Play Planetside 2 With Rezzed
    2. John Talks To Avellone, Tornquist, Introversion & More Live
    1. Hands On: Spy Party
    2. A 26 Second Peggle 2 Trailer
    3. Victorian Steampunk: Refuelling The Chaos Engine
    4. Today's GOG Sale Is Quite The Thing
    5. Walkabout: The Space Nomads Alpha
    6. The Occult Chronicles: Death By Door & Other Humiliations
    7. Heavy Medication: Surgeon Sim Slices TF2's Heavy
    8. Wot I Think: Company Of Heroes 2 Single Player
    9. The Flare Path: Trained To Kill
    10. Goo-ed News: Super Splatters Coming Soon
    11. TrackMania 2: Stadium Drifts In
    12. Hands On: Worms - Clan Wars
    13. Censory Perception: The Bureau - XCOM Declassified
    14. Beta For A MOBA: Prime World Opens Up
    1. Wot I Think - Magrunner: Dark Pulse
    2. The War Z Changes Its Name, If Nothing Else
    3. Lost Planet 3 Trailer Shows Some Lost Planet 3
    4. Greased Lightning: Witcher 2 Semi-Official Combat Mod Out
    5. Respawn On Titanfall, Departing From Call Of Duty
    6. Crypt Of The NecroDancer Combines DDR, Roguelikes
    7. Rogue Legacy Release Date Is... Next Week! Quick!
    8. Talk Swordy To Me: 18 Mins Of Supergiant's Transistor
    9. The Sorry Saga Of Skulls Of The Shogun & Windows 8
    10. What Good Can Games Do? Games For Good
    11. Rezzed: Planetside 2, Watch Sessions Online
    12. Company Of Heroes 2 Open Beta Got A Teeny Bit Longer
    13. Shock: AC IV PC-Bound 'A Few Weeks After' Consoles
    14. Yikes: Baldur's Gate Enhanced Pulled, BGII On Hold
    1. Wot I Think: Soundodger
    2. GI Joe Danger: Hello Games' Team Fortress 2 Crossover
    3. Less Wooden: War Logs Improves Voice Acting
    4. Roguelikeboardgamelike: Cryptic Comet's Occult Chronicles
    5. Telling Tales: Molyneux Vs Vanaman
    6. Hotline Miami 2 Playable At Rezzed
    7. PopCap On Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare
    8. Hotline Miami 2: Multiplayer? No. Map Editor? Hopefully!
    9. Gunpoint's Creator Is Now Fabulously Wealthy, Still Nice
    10. Of Course Valve Are Working On Half-Life 3, Now Shush
    11. Revealed - Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number
    12. Knights of Pen & Paper Rolls For Initiative Today
    13. Shadowrun Returns Returning Next Month, Bringing Editor
    1. A Grim Couple Of Hours With Akaneiro: Demon Hunter
    2. Undertale's Demo Lets You Flirt With A Frog
    3. PC FIFA 14 Will Be Previous-Gen Version
    4. Skulls Of The Shogun Escapes Windows 8 Tyranny
    5. The Oval Office: Nascar - The Game 2013
    6. Masters Of A Pirate World: Caribbean!
    7. GoG Summer Sale Begins, Torchlight Currently Free
    8. Rezzed! Puppygames Hi-Score Competition, Space Hulk
    9. Lifeless Planet Showing More Signs Of Life
    10. Hit The Mechs: Fields Of War
    11. OK, Seriously, Are They Going To Kill Call Of Duty Dog?
    12. Who 'Won' E3 And Other Assorted Musings
    13. Day'z Rocket Answers Many Questions
    14. Kane And Lynched: Hitman Dev Hit With Huge Layoffs
    15. Steamy Simians: Gun Monkeys Steam-Bound
    1. Thief: Eidos' Words Vs My E3 Playthrough
    2. Welcome To The Dollhouse: Daylight
    3. Garry On Crafting: Rust Open Alpha
    4. Valve Are Releasing A Game
    5. Look: Neverwinter Is Coming
    6. Hoth, The DICE Planet: Star Wars - Battlefront
    7. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Gallery Is So Pretty
    8. Videogames! Disastercake Kickstarts Soul Saga
    9. Week In Tech: Haswell Mobile, AMD Goes GHz Gaga
    10. Civil Served: Civilization V: Brave New World Footage
    11. CDP On Free Witcher DLC, Next-Gen DRM Concerns
    12. Hmm: Ubi Asking Gamers To Sign The Division Petition?
    13. Volition Looking To Mod Support For Saints Row Games
    14. Bewitched: Salem Being Dropped By Paradox
    1. Kickstarter Katchup – June 16th 2013
    2. The Sunday Papers
    3. Live Free, Play Hard: Flaming skulls are a valuable part of this forest's ecosystem
    1. Rezzed: Chris Avellone & Ragnar Tørnquist In Session
    1. Wot I Think: Expeditions Conquistador
    2. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Continues The Saga
    3. Joe Danger 1 & 2 Leap Chasm To PC On June 24th
    4. The Old Republic's "Operation Nightmare"
    5. Planetside 2 Call To Arms This Sunday!
    6. Fathoming A Snorkel: World Of Diving Footage
    7. Ooh: A Company Of Heroes 2 Demo, Via The Beta
    8. Build A Better-Than-Xbox-One/PS4 PC For £500
    9. There's Thief (4) Gameplay Footage, Too
    10. The Flare Path: Espouses Esperanto
    11. PopCap Are Making A PvZ Shooter?
    12. Rezzed 2013: Wildstar, Hotline Miami, Day Z Standalone
    13. Walletary Annihilation: Planetary Annihilation Early Access
    14. Announced By The Grace Of Fish: Fez II
    15. Would You Like To See The Evil Within?
    1. Impressions: Card Hunter Beta
    2. On The Threshold: The Last Door
    3. E3 2013, Next-Gen, And PC's Bizarre Invisibility Problem
    4. Elliot Quest Is Very Lovely And Has Strange Monsters
    5. Breath From Above: Dragon Commander
    6. Okay, So Oknytt Is Not Knytt
    7. All Is Not Well In The Digital Afterlife: Master Reboot
    8. PES 2014 Features Headbonk! Tech & F.A.R.T.S, I Think
    9. Interview: Behaviour On Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade
    10. Selling Europe By The Pound: EU IV
    11. Community Service: Project Spark's Alpha
    12. Because It Is The Way Of Things, RIFT Now Free To Play
    13. Deadfall Adventures Slips To Sept, Announces Co-Op
    14. Mingus Mingus Leviathan Warships Mingus Mingus
    1. Twenty Bucks: Planetside 2
    2. Games Are The Ideal Place For Telling Great Stories
    3. Mars Attracts Me: The Red Solstice
    4. Lords Of The Fallen Is Dark Souls Meets Borderlands...
    5. Mooning Over Lune's Free Alpha
    6. As With All Games, Company Of Heroes 2 Has An E3 Trailer
    7. Batman: Arkham Oranges Features Punching, Glowering
    8. House Of Shards: Kraven Manor
    9. No Force Can Prevent There Being A Warhammer 40K MMO
    10. Bohemia Have Decided To Take On Mars
    11. Ten More Minutes Of DayZ Footage Via VG247
    12. Jane Jensen's Moebius Finally Trailerised
    13. Toast The Coast: Infinite Crisis
    14. DayM: Rocket's Next Game To Be About Mountaineering
    1. Maybe Games Just Aren't For Telling Great Stories?
    2. A Little Bigger Planet: Project Spark
    3. Gambon! The Elder Scrolls Goes Online Next Spring
    4. Trials Fusion Fuses Bikes, Future Cities And Caligula
    5. E3 Day Zero: The Gallery To End All Galleries
    6. Ubisoft's The Crew: Ultimate Road Trip Game?
    7. 400 Days Of Glummer: Walking Dead Season 1 DLC
    8. Command & Conquer Has Generals From All Walks Of Life
    9. Boundless Information: Watch Dogs Mission Walkthrough
    10. Mel Of A Time: Avalanche's Mad Max Open World Game
    11. Piracy Is On Ubisoft's E3 Agenda: Black Flag
    12. Battlefield: What Is It Good Four?
    13. Titanfall Is Mechin' Us Whoop
    14. Pithy Headline: The Curious Expedition
    1. Mirror's Edge 2, The Teaser Trailer
    2. Dragon Age 3 Confirmed For "Fall 2014"
    3. Wot I Think: 7 Grand Steps
    4. The Witcher 3 Beards Some Gameplay Footage!
    5. It Came From E3: Dark Souls 2 Trailer
    6. It's Like Gold, Only Liquidy: Quest For Oil
    7. Easily Riled: COD - Ghost Dog Trailered
    8. Mod It All: The Witcher 2 Receiving 'Combat Rebalance'
    9. Shadowy: The Greatest Thief The World Has Never Seen
    10. Busted: GhostControl Inc Scares Up Funding
    11. The Machinegunned Thousands: Verdun
    12. This Is Not A: Mirage
    13. Call To Specular Mapping
    14. X Rebirth Is Still Floating In Space
    15. We're Basically In The Dark About This
    16. Come And Play Planetside 2 With Us!
    17. Heavy Gear Assault's Gear Bay Contains Yellow Gear
    1. Kickstarter Katchup – June 9th 2013
    2. Live Free, Play Hard: ONE THOUSAND SNAKES
    3. The Rezzed 2013 Gamejam With Creative Assembly
    4. The Sunday Papers
    1. Game Over: Penny Arcade Episode Four Out Now
    2. Bittersweet: Arcane Kids' Room Of 1000 Snakes
    3. Go With The Flow: Unfolding Tale Is Beautiful
    4. Dying Light Does The Tedious CG Trailer Thing
    5. State Of Decay Still Coming To PC, But Not 'Soon'
    1. Let's Blather All Over... Xenonauts
    2. Dying To Win: Life Goes On
    3. Indie Royale's Latest Bundle Is All Arcen
    4. Circuitously Fortuitous: Interplay Nabs Freespace IP
    5. Because Why Not: Here's A Fishing Rhythm Game
    6. After Bizarre Piracy Snafu, Vampire Smile Heads To PC
    7. Croteam Funding Serious Sam 4... Via Humble Bundle
    8. Wot I Think: Remember Me
    9. What Does Might & Magic X's "Open Dev" Mean?
    10. The Flare Path: Fancy A Viennese Whirl?
    11. Sentinel Is Tower Defence In A Music Sequencer
    12. Interview: 3AM Explain Magrunner - Dark Pulse
    13. Fantasy Island: Hellraid
    14. Neverwinter 'Launch Date', Despite Being Two Months Old
    15. Piles Of Smiles: HUGPUNX
    1. The End Of Days: Europa Universalis IV Diary Part Two
    2. Knights Of Pen & Paper + 1 Edition Trailer Is Funny
    3. Lethal Dose Is Ten Minutes Of Interesting
    4. Freeze Maim: Metro - Last Light's 'Mobius' Trailer
    5. A Few More Hours With: Marvel Heroes
    6. The Nile Council: Rome II Introduces Cleopatra
    7. Saint's Row IV Trailers Are Generally A Good Thing
    8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows
    9. How Kickstarter Got Gay Marriage Into Massive Chalice
    10. Amazon Opens Indie Games Dept, But Only For The US
    11. Rezzed 2013: Ubisoft Games Confirmed!
    12. What Is Castlevania Ultimate? A Miserable Pile Of Content
    13. Mad Mod Recreates Baldur's Gate in Neverwinter Nights 2
    14. What The Duck: More Unnecessary 8-Bit Retromancy
    1. Square: 'Nothing To Share' About Deus Ex: The Fall PC
    2. Wot I Think: Rising Storm
    3. Purple Ronnie's Gonna Getcha: Return To The Sky
    4. Die Hardest: Perma-Perma-death in The Castle Doctrine
    5. The Crumbling Of America: Infra
    6. Oh Thank God: Fancier Spelunky Coming To PC At Last
    7. AMD Aiming To Smooth Ports Between PC And Console
    8. Amnesia: Another Delay For Pigs
    9. I Spy An Open Beta For Spy Party
    10. Wot I Think: Gunpoint
    11. Murdered: Soul Suspect Is, Er, Announced
    12. DF's Massive Chalice Funded, Skipping Stretch Goals
    13. Humble Bundle 8 Gets Four Games Bigger
    14. Insanity: Shadow Of The Eternals Crowdfunding Canceled
    15. Location Location: Location Services
    1. The Midnight Table: A Forgotten Dream
    2. Wot I Think: Kentucky Route Zero Act II
    3. Company of Heroes 2 Actually In Open Beta Now
    4. Firefall's Final Public Beta Weekend Approaches!
    5. Halo: Micro-Transaction Wars
    6. Now You Too Can Assault Communism
    7. Road Worriers: Ocean City Racing
    8. TBT: The Black Tower Now Requires Funding
    9. Wot I Think: Fallen Enchantress - Legendary Heroes
    10. Student Bodies: Our Darker Purpose
    11. The Many Games Of The RPS Community
    12. Bought The Farm: Mass Lay-Offs At Zynga
    13. Five Seconds Of Promotion For Deus Ex: The Fall
    14. Fishing Hell: Lake Of Roaches
    15. Free Shells: Wargaming.net Scrap Pay To Win
    1. Hard Choices: Intel's 'Orrible New Haswell Chips
    2. Burned By The Midnight Oil: One Late Night
    3. Is This Crazy Exoskeleton Really As Real As It Gets?
    4. Word Games: Failbetter's Black Crown
    5. Win: Rezzed Tickets!
    6. In The Driving Seat: GRID 2 Cockpit Mods
    7. Door Kickers Quietly Posts A Demo To Your Letterbox
    8. The Grave Digger Has No Body To Play With
    9. Wot I Think: The Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing
    10. Bags Of Fun: Wasteland 2 Takes Inventory
    11. The Quick Brown Box: Cubetractor Demo
    12. Eve Online's Odyssey Is A Bit 2001
    13. Ravensdale Puts Orcs On An Oil Rig
    14. Hexy Videos: Two Hours Of Mechwarrior Tactics
    1. Kickstarter Katchup – June 2nd 2013
    2. Live Free, Play Hard: WHAT THE FRIDA KAHLO!?
    3. The Sunday Papers
    1. YAYHOORAY – Fallout: Project Brazil Pt 1 Finally Out
    2. Intergalactic, Planetary: Xenonauts Now On Steam
    3. Wot I Read - YOU: A Novel by Austin Grossman
    4. Surprise! - Kentucky Route Zero Act II Out Now
    5. Frequency Domain Is Your Brain On Synesthesia