July 2013 Archive

    1. Early Delivery: A Look At Ninja Pizza Girl
    2. After Eight Years, Battlefield Project Reality Hits 1.0
    3. It Shall Be Mined: DwarfCorp
    4. Tower-Full: TowerFall PC Getting Full Single-Player Mode
    5. Buckets And Spades: Sanctum 2 Adds Sandbox Mode
    6. Shroud Of The Avatar Solicits Players For Game Assets
    7. Project Maiden, The Game In Reverse
    8. Batman: Arkham Origins Has Multiplayer By Splash Damage
    9. Support Boobjam, A Game Jam About Boobs
    10. Impressions: CastleStorm
    11. I Feel The Need: Need For Madness?
    12. PlayStation Hit Guacamelee Double-Dipping On PC
    14. Latest Humble Bundles Include Deep Silver & Positech
    15. Resistance Is Feudal: Guild Wars 2 Queen's Jubilee
    1. Wasteland 2's Delay: All About Making Choice Matter
    2. Get A Room: Going Down With Love Hotel
    3. Worth The Weight: Skulls Of The Shogun Out
    4. The Adorasplosive Cannon Brawl
    5. Holy Moly: Wings of Saint Nazaire Alpha
    6. The Lioness Roars
    7. For The Glory: EU IV Contains CK II Save Game Converter
    8. NSFW: F**kQuest: Highway To The Bonerzone?
    9. BioShock: Infinite DLC Out Today, Rapture Campaign Soon
    10. GTA IV On PC To Be GTA VI By Time GTA V Comes Out
    11. Daring Do: Dare Protoplay on 8-11 Aug
    12. Mighty Quest For Epic Loot Reins In Pay-To-Win
    13. So... The Biggest Battle In EVE History Just Happened
    14. GASP: Journey Coming To PC!
    1. Wot I Think: Ittle Dew
    2. Get Pissed: Crypt World: Your Darkest Desires
    3. City Of Odd: Tooth And Cog Interview
    4. Tanks Very Much: Men Of War: Assault Squad 2
    5. A Story About A Story About Stories
    6. Trouble Down Under: Saints Row 4 Refused Classification
    7. Hands On: Redshirt
    8. Planting A Seed: PvZ 2 Dave Developer Diary
    9. Klei's Incognita Steps From The Shadow
    10. Wot I Think: Experiment 12
    11. Zoom Zoom Zoombies: DayZ In Arma 3
    12. What's Up Doc? - Overgrowth Looking Quite Nice
    13. Collateral Is An Open-World Cyberpunk Taxi Sim
    14. One Guy Shouldn't Be Able To Make Meridian: New World
    1. Kickstarter Katchup - 28th July 2013
    2. Live Free, Play Hard: CLICK TO LORD AGAIN
    3. The Sunday Papers
    1. The Midnight Table: Winter Tales
    2. Hands On: Shelter
    3. Some: The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Footage
    4. 7 Days To Die Shambles Onto Kickstarter
    5. Heh, They Really Called It "Battlelog"
    6. The Story Of The World's Unluckiest Game Developers
    7. The Flare Path: A Fraud In Fredericksburg
    8. RPS Are At Nine Worlds Geek Fest 2013, This August
    9. Neil Game-Man: Neil Gaiman's Wayward Manor
    10. Errrr: Shadow Of The Eternals Returns To Kickstarter
    11. Activision Goes Indie
    12. FEAR Going FEARee-To-Play With FEAR Online
    13. Wowzers: Torchlight II Sells A Bazillionty Units
    14. City Of Heroes Inspired The Phoenix Project Kickstarting
    15. S***ty F**king Art Game, For Pretentious T**ts
    1. Square Go: Pretentious Game 3 Vs Thomas Was Alone
    2. Cartailed: MotorGun Kickstarter Cancelled
    3. Totally: Rome 2 'Let's Play' Shows Off Campaign Map
    4. Behold Studios Kickstart Chroma Squad
    5. It's Like We're Wanted: Rayman Legends Coming To PC
    6. EA Reports Strong Digital Sales, Still Has PC Earnings
    7. Die And Die Again: Cloudberry Kingdom
    8. Outlast At Last Out In September
    9. Business Time: Ultrabusiness Tycoon III
    10. Rooooooooxanne, You Do Have To Put On A Greenlight
    11. Wot I Think: Shadowrun Returns
    12. Indie Royale & Indie Gamer Chick Make A Bundle
    13. Satellite Reign Sneaks Past Kickstarter Goal
    14. The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot
    1. WhiteMoon Dreams Talk Warmachine Tactics
    2. Teleglitch: Die More Edition Is Imminent
    3. Viscera Cleanup Detail Now With Co-op, Cara Lawsuit
    4. COD BLOPS 2 Gun Balancing Uncovers Absolute Jerks
    5. Matt Gilgenbach Tries Again With Neverending Nightmare
    6. Ghost Panther! Splinter Cell Blacklist Trailer #43,830
    7. Shock As New Sims 3 Expansion Packs Announced
    8. Hands On: Magicka - Wizard Wars
    9. Runescape Is Back, Back! BACK!
    10. Tomb Raider To Continue As Comic, Before New Game
    11. Like A Rolling Stone: InFlux Rolling Out
    12. Rum Doings: Fourteen Minutes Of Assassin's Creed 4
    13. Eidos Montreal Boss Quits, Blames Square Mismanagement
    14. Built To Spill: Crashtastic
    1. Hands On With Payday 2
    2. Swanning About: Zwan
    3. This Volatile Dystopia: Contract Work
    4. Wot I Think: Civ V - Brave New World
    5. 3 Blind Mice: A Remediation Game for Improper Children
    6. Verdict: Cara And John Play Selena Hair Care
    7. Zelda Total War Mod Hits 3.0, Unleashes Amazing Trailer
    8. I Can Dig It: Spelunky PC's Daily Challenges
    9. Interview: KING Art On The Raven
    10. Off The Fence: Nidhogg Finally Releasing (!!!)
    11. Assange 'Em Up: First Look at Disrupt
    12. Just Dance: Journalière Is Surreally Beautiful
    13. Valve Admits To Greenlight's Failings, Working On Fixes
    14. CloudMech ZoomBang InTo ProjectNimbus
    1. Hands On With Skyrim's Falskaar
    2. Fissure Surprise: Space Shock
    3. Crazy Like A Box: Six Sided Sanctuary
    4. Droid Girls Bullethell: Assault Android Cactus
    5. Shambling Man: The Walking Dead Season Two
    6. Particle-u-lary Interesting: Particulars on Greenlight
    7. Massacre Effect: Chainsaw Warrior
    8. A Solid Platform: Iron Soul
    9. Hands On: The Bureau XCOM Declassified
    10. Furry Zombie: Wildstar Has Two Other Races
    11. A-Mused: Make Collaborative Music With Muse
    12. Meet The Bigfigs: Lego Marvel Super Heroes
    13. BioWare Aiming To Fix Dragon Age's Choices, Exploration
    14. Create Very Silly Heroes In Scribblenauts Unmasked
    1. Kickstarter Katchup - 21st July 2013
    2. Satellite Reign's "In Engine Gameplay Visualisation"
    3. Live Free, Play Hard: I Need To Get The Water Pumps Working For Caligula
    4. The Sunday Papers
    5. Atari Auction Implies New Chris Taylor's Total Annihilation
    1. Adagio: Gearbox Re-releasing Homeworlds
    2. So Dumb, So Great: Do Anything
    3. Batman: Arkham Originsss - Copperhead Slithers To Town
    1. Time's A-Wasteland: Wasteland 2 Delayed
    2. The Midnight Table: One
    3. Zoning Out: Vostok On Survarium Alpha Progress
    4. Delaying The Age Of Wonders (3)
    5. Ranger In A Strange Land: Metro LL Factions
    6. Don't Forget: Planetside 2, This Sunday
    7. Streets Of Mage: Shadowrun Returns Returns
    8. Impressions: Ring Runner
    9. 20 Minutes Of Payday 2's Gallery Heist
    10. Shock: Battlefield 4's Campaign Will Be About Things
    11. The Flare Path: Gettysburg Addressed
    12. Wot I Think: The Raven - Legacy Of A Master Thief
    13. Hi-Rez On Tribes' Failings And Future, Tribes Ascend 2
    14. OOO YEAH: Ouya Hit TowerFall Coming To PC
    15. Oh, Hurrah: Capcom's Strider Revival Getting PC Version
    16. The RPS 17,777th Party Post: Curtain Simulator 2013
    17. [Look At] The [Adventurezator] [Trailer]
    1. How The Death Of Richard Perrin's Father Led To Journal
    2. Left 4 Xed? Check Out This Alien Swarm FPS Mod
    3. Where Pain Meets Pleasure (And Slavery): Gulag Paradise
    4. Flashback Was Almost The Godfather In The Future!
    5. Here's Johnny! Saints Row IV Reveals Gat Is Back
    6. Sate Your Curiosity: A Take On Mars Trailer
    7. Taaaaake Onnnn Maaars (Take! On! Mars!) Footage
    8. Planetside 2 Paid-For Buffs Rebuffed
    9. Hell's Spells: Magicka - Wizard Wars Alpha Signups
    10. Interview: Jim Walls' Arresting Development
    11. In The Works For Two Decades, Legend Of Iya Is Gorgeous
    12. Damn Fine: Deadly Premonition Coming To PC
    13. Splinter Cell: Blacklist Trailer #43,829
    14. The Bureau: XCOM Declassified's Story Declassified
    15. Giana Devs Return To Kickstarter With Ravensdale
    1. Hands On: Jane Jensen's Moebius
    2. Avast Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Trailer
    3. Nord Storm: Skyrim Mod Falskaar Is Basically DLC
    4. Here's Looking At Yu(rt): New Cradle Footage
    5. The Wardens Of Stone Wardens Speak
    6. Half-Life Free: Sven Co-op Reborn
    7. Neverwinter's Fury Of The Feywild Update Dated, Detailed
    8. Tangiers Mixes With The Kickstarter Crowd
    9. Interview: Jeff Vogel On Bundles, Graphics And Pessimism
    10. Watch Gods Will Be Watching Expand Into A Full Game
    11. SimCity Leads Depart EA To Go Indie, Grade Jelly
    12. State Of Decay PC Releasing Via Steam Early Access
    13. All Over: Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches DLC
    14. Golly: An Elite: Dangerous Gallery
    15. Not Dead Yet: Tribes Ascend To Get Map-Making Tools
    1. Gaming Made Me: Charlie Brooker, Part 2
    2. Ocarina Of Tide: Shrug Song Is Gorgeous, Musical
    3. Police Quest Reopens As Precinct
    4. Hands On: Splinter Cell: Blacklist
    5. Breaking News: Limit Theory Still Looks Lovely
    6. Killed By A Heart Condition: Daily Mail Exploits Teen’s Death
    7. Magnificently Moody: Monochroma
    8. Heist Master's Voice: Payday 2 Footage
    9. America's Next Top Newell: Valve Pipeline
    10. American McGee's OZombie Kickstarter Cancelled
    11. Nightmare's Over: Dream Machine Chapter 4 Almost Here
    12. Beat The Dungeon And Be The Dungeon In Crawl
    13. Oculus Hoping Free Rift Becomes (Non-Virtual) Reality
    14. Waits And Measures: Ending
    1. Gaming Made Me: Charlie Brooker, Part 1
    2. Music And Maps: Europa Universal IV
    3. Almost Everybody Wins: Counter-Strike Online 2
    4. Some Time With: Cube World (Alpha)
    5. Thunderpwn: The Mad Max Trailer
    6. Ninja Bots Are Big: Warframe Is Surprisingly Huge
    7. Wot I Think: Cross Stitch Casper
    8. Opening Shot: 25 Mins Of Murdered: Soul Suspect
    9. Metroid Rage: Operation Smash
    10. The Tales of Guild Wars 2
    11. Historical Maps: Rise Of The Triad Classic Editor
    12. Back To Ye Olde Future: Time Travel Knight
    13. Is This The End For Tribes Ascend?
    14. End Of Nations Begins Anew As A MOBA
    1. Kickstarter Katchup - 14th July 2013
    2. Live Free, Play Hard: Single Mom With Flamethrower Hands
    3. The Sunday Papers
    1. Steam Summer Sale ULTIMATE HYPERGUIDE
    2. Go Team! - US Gov't Declares Pro LoL Players Athletes
    1. Have An A-Mod-Zing Weekend
    2. What Do Voodoo? Full Mojo Rampage
    3. "Deeper In A Primitive Zone": NaissanceE
    4. BAaaaaAArf: AaaaaAAaaa Getting Oculus Rift Support
    5. Freebooter Sunk: Sinks Kickstarter, Stops Development
    6. A Stalk In The Park: Survarium's Big Map, Plantiest Faction
    7. Cluck You: Humans Must Answer Out Now
    8. Sadwarface: Bohemia Hacked, Change Your Passwords
    9. The Flare Path: Wants A Welbike
    10. Citizen Kane, Ebert, And Gaming's Inferiority Complex
    11. Dress To Depress: Skirt Quest
    12. Aiming Is The Aim: Wildstar's Combat Trailer
    13. Be Gabe Newell In The Team Fortress 2 Update
    14. A Game For My Dad: The Rambo Trailer
    1. Perpetually Cool: White Death
    2. Spiderweb Software Are The New Weekly Humble Bundle
    3. And So It Begins: Steam Summer Sale Started
    4. Clean Of Duty: Viscera Cleanup Detail
    5. Wot I Think: Oknytt
    6. Talk Like An Egyptian: 15 Mins Of Rome II Footage
    7. Tex Murphy: Tesla Effect Has That Name, And A Trailer
    8. Not Gonna Reich You A Love Song: Metro's Story DLC
    9. Store: Bought - Second Life Dev Acquires Desura
    10. Warmachine Coming To PC With Warmachine: Tactics
    11. Where Is The Button For Love: Mechamom
    12. Assassin's Creed: The One With Boats Has Cool Boats
    13. Splendid Man: White Noise Online
    14. Burn The Press: Dragon Commander's Interactive Trailer
    1. Wildstar Dev On Biz Model, Jumping Puzzle Pain & Sunsets
    2. Obscure Becomes More Obscure: Now Final Exam
    3. DekkoScan Takes Pics And Builds Minecraft Worlds
    4. ELEVATEWAR: Owlboy Dev's Elevator Brawler Savant
    5. Goodness Me: Spiderweb Software Is Twenty
    6. A Brew-lliant Idea: Ampu-Tea
    7. Sega Sue THQ For A Million Bucks, Which Seems Odd
    8. PC Gaming A Level Question 1: What Is Payday 2?
    9. Avellone, Vlambeer, Introversion On PC Gaming's Future
    10. Putt-Putt Make Big Sillies Of Themselves Suing Minecraft
    11. Hordey Hi: Zomboid's "Last Stand" Mode
    12. Die Shard: First Footage Of Shroud Of The Avatar
    13. No, Really: DOTA 2's Beta Is Over
    14. It's Official: World Of Warcraft Adding Microtransactions
    1. Here Is That New Grand Theft Auto V Trailer
    2. Hands-On: Dragon Commander
    3. Planetside 2: Call To Arms Vs PC Gamer Menace
    4. Space Jam In Starbound
    5. Dispensables: Tango Fiesta
    6. Spam Fisher: Another Splinter Cell: Blacklist Video
    7. Firefall Welcomes One And All
    8. Star-Quashed Lovers: Radiator
    9. Wot I Think: Deadpool
    10. FINALLY: Superior Spelunky PC-Bound In August
    11. Avellone, Vlambeer, Introversion On Kickstarter, Greenlight
    12. Gloria Victis Is A Highly Ambitious Low Fantasy MMO
    13. Cube World Woes Continue With DDoS Attacks
    15. Half-Life Free Running: An Amazing HL2 Speedrun
    1. Wot I Think: Dark
    2. Pwhoarrery: Elite: Dangerous's Map View
    3. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. MISERY 2.0 Will Make Summer Grimmer
    4. Space Station Titanic: Centration
    5. Synesthetic: Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians
    6. Lucky For Some: Space Station 13 Remake
    7. Prettier Than a Billionty Pictures: Ittle Dew
    8. Chris Roberts Explains Star Citizen's Economy
    9. Project CARS Parks Itself On Steam
    10. Glasswing Reveal The Good Looks Of Insection
    11. Avellone, Vlambeer, Introversion Talk Meaning Of 'Indie'
    12. Incoming! Team Fortress 2 Update Of Fixes And Maps
    13. Hotline Miami 2 Footage! Also, A Talking Chicken
    14. Blizzard Testing Real Money Shop For World Of Warcraft
    1. Kickstarter Katchup - July 7th
    2. Live Free, Play Hard: Illegal Gender Magic
    3. The Sunday Papers
    1. Trombone Gun Shooty Blues: Mercenary Kings
    2. Meet The New Chaos Engine, Same As The Old One
    1. Now With Real Molyneux Quotes: Molyjam 2 This Weekend
    2. Democracy 3: Everybody Wants To Ruin The World
    3. I Really Want Planetside 2's Firework Launcher
    4. Space Playin': GoD Factory: Wingmen Demo
    5. Stitched Up: Steam & Twitch Sitting In A Tree
    6. Doesn't Suck: Robot Vacuum Simulator 2013
    7. Hands On: Dark Matter
    8. Bit.Trip Endless Runner Void Saga Core Fate Flux Saga XIII
    9. Out Of The Dark: Loads Of Shadowrun Returns Footage
    10. Wot I Think: Wargames - From Gladiators To Gigabytes
    11. Indie Fund Ensures Fract OSC's Final Synthesis
    12. Fifteen Minutes Of 7 Days To Die
    13. NARUTO Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst
    14. Runed Awakening: Runescape 3 On 22nd Of July
    15. Behold! The Graft Of A Million Concept Artists
    1. Wot I Think: The Walking Dead: 400 Days
    2. Poe-Faced: The Raven
    3. Kwama Shawarma: Elder Scrolls Online First-Person Cam
    4. Meet The Actor: Gun Monkeys Gets Kevin
    5. Classy Videos Of Dark Souls II Classes
    6. Good GOG: More Silly Prices In The Latest Good Old Sale
    7. Myopia, My Horror: I Can't Find My Glasses
    8. Cloud Gaming: Final Fantasy VII On Steam
    9. Sven Co-Op & The 7 Most Beautiful Words In The World
    10. Spread The Love: Pixeljam's Pay What You Want Bundle
    11. Firefall (Finally) Entering Open Beta For Real Next Week
    12. It's A Steal: Monaco Gets Free Level Editor
    13. Atlas(t): MechWarrior Online Has A "Release" Date
    14. The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Declassified
    15. Hoo-rah: Natural Selection 2 Adding Female Marines
    1. Impressions: Infested Planet Beta
    2. Oh Me Oh Maia: Now On Greenlight
    3. Permission To Learn: Dota 2's Tutorial Widens
    4. Chocks Away: World Of Warplanes Beta Opens
    5. Hot Drop Into Interstellar Marines Early Access
    6. Happy Camels: Total War: Rome II Shots
    7. Give Me: Shelter Looks (Might And) Delightful
    8. Cube World Released And, Er, Unbuyable
    9. Avellone, Vlambeer, Tornquist, More In INDIE MEGACHAT
    10. Thackers: You'd Better Change Your Ubisoft Passwords
    11. Ripple Dot Zero Is Best And Worst Of Retro Platformers
    12. The 57th Best News Of All Time: Outcast To Return
    13. Guncraft Has An Inspiration Or Two
    14. Gateways Editor Is Now Open
    15. Suffer A Breakdown By Playing 17 Breakouts At Once
    1. Broken Age Needs More Money, Tries Steam Early Access
    2. Satellite Reign And Syndicate's Simulation Legacy
    3. Modder's Secession: Ultimate General: Gettysburg
    4. 'Every Decision You Make Is An Abomination'
    5. Don't Starve Dev On Its 'Espionage XCOM' Incognita
    6. Steely Skies: The Maker's Eden Demo
    7. 2K Marin's Jordan 'The Cradle' Thomas Goes Indie
    8. World Of Watercraft: Freebooter
    9. Isometric Espionage: 40 Mins Of Black Annex
    10. Father And Daughter: Super Chibi Knight
    11. Adventure+Jumping = Adventurumping: Aaru's Awakening
    12. Hands On: Arma 3 Wasteland
    13. Hexagonesque: Rotational
    14. Triads Will Rise Again At The End Of July
    15. Darkspore Off Steam After Plague Of Server Issues
    1. Hands Gingerly On: Revenge Of The Sunfish 2
    2. The Greenlight Supershow's Many Games
    3. Nominative Determinism: PlanetSide 2's Battle Islands
    4. Getting If Off Your Chess: Rooks Keep
    5. Morning Has Broken: Legends Of Dawn Out Now
    6. Four Legs Good, Eight Legs Better: Octopus City Blues
    7. Tempest Fugit: Civ V - Brave New World
    8. The Outer Space Industry: Race To Mars
    9. Folk Tale Devs Outline A Grand Sandbox Vision
    10. The Mechin' Of Titanfall
    11. A Load Of Hot Air: SimCity's Airships DLC
    12. Dragon Commander's Call To Pre-Order
    13. That's No Wicket: SWTOR's Ewok Companion Revealed
    14. Star Citizen Certainly Has Some Spacecrafting