August 2013 Archive

    1. One Of Dragon Age's Big Influences? Planescape Torment
    2. Eyes On: Dragon Age - Inquisition
    3. The Silence: Ubisoft Silent About AMD Customers
    1. Cardboard Children: TRAINS.
    2. Zoned Out: Eyes On With Survarium
    3. Shawshank Inception: Prison Architect Alpha 13
    4. The Next Hour Is Starbound Hour
    5. Foot-To-Landmine: FootLOL - Epic Fail League
    6. Wot I think: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Ultimate Edition
    7. Night of the Living Game: Metal Dead
    8. Quakelike: Tower Of Guns
    9. Natural Selection 2 Needs Cash, Asks The Crowd
    10. Engines 'Ere: Star Citizen Hangar Module Is Out
    11. The Flare Path: Secretes Secret History
    12. Build Your Own Joke: Ground Pounders
    13. Salute! America's Army: Proving Grounds On Steam
    14. No Oceans? Minecraft's Rebuilt World Generator
    15. Checked Space? Ethan: Meteor Hunter
    16. We're Just Going To Call It AssFlag
    1. Cell-ibrating Prison Architect's Finest Jails
    2. This Week's MEGADEAL: Humble Paradox Bundle
    3. Get On The Death Road To Canada
    4. It's Scary When It's Darkout
    5. Real-Life Playing Game: Always Sometimes Monsters
    6. Recover Your Lost Worlds With Dragon Age Keep
    7. Greater Than The Sum: Samurai Gun(n)
    8. First Look: Lego Minifigures Online
    9. Wot I Think: Shelter
    10. Watch Eighteen Minutes Of Wasteland 2
    11. Shadowrun Returns Returns In January For Berlin
    12. Thumb Pulled? 100 More Titles Greenlit
    13. Badger Week: Shelter Launch Trailer
    14. Free To Hurt: In Torment
    1. We're All Going On An Arma Holiday
    2. SWAT's This? A Takedown Trailer? Clancy That
    3. Contraption Maker Rolls Onto Steam Early Access
    4. Air Raid Material: Sid Meier's Ace Patrol
    5. Skyward Collapse's Nihon no Mura Expansion
    6. Would You Like To Try Again? FF14 Re-Released
    7. The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot's 'Open House' Event
    8. Ironclad Tactics Looks Rather Splendid
    9. Impressions: SolForge
    10. Comic Timing: Team Fortress Celebrates Its 17th Birthday
    11. The Big Gamble: Gun Monkeys Distributes Keys
    12. Guild Schools, Too: Super Adventure Box Returns
    13. Drive The Car, Shoot The Gun: Quantum Rush
    1. The Mod Squad: XCOM - Enemy Within Interview
    2. Awesome: Awesomenauts Expansion Hits Goal
    3. Some News About Avadon 2: The Corruption
    4. (S)Quids In: Octopus City Blues Kickstarter
    5. This Batman: Arkham Origins Gallery Is Ridiculous
    6. Gotta Go Fast: SpeedRunners
    7. Card Hunter Releases September 12th, Brings Joy
    8. Dirty Bomb Now Extraction, Nexon Publishing
    9. Cop-Out: Precinct Crowd-Funding Cancelled
    10. Build Your Own AdventurOS
    11. Impressions: Skullgirls
    12. Me, Myself And The Dark Eye: Memoria
    13. Second Act: TesserAct
    14. Strike Vector Is Clear For 2014 Take Off
    1. So I Played Some Wolfenstein: The New Order
    2. Super Hot's Novel Take On Time-Stopping Is Super Cool
    3. Jerkwad Cat Simulator: Catlateral Damage
    4. Wot I Think: 1996 Electronic Dream Phone
    5. Hot Tin Roof: The Cat Who Wore A Fedora
    6. Freeeeowwwww: Altitude0
    1. Live Free Play Hard: Angels Ate My Brain
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Endless Endlessness Pt 2: Dungeon Of The Endless
    2. Endless Endlessness Pt 1: Endless Legend
    3. RPS Asks: What's Your Bank Holiday Playlist?
    4. Sure Sounds Like Blizzard Wants To Take WoW F2P
    5. Guess What? There's Another WildStar Video!
    6. Far Too Many Men Of War: Assault Squad 2 Screenshots
    1. Eyes-On: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
    2. Sky Nations Takes Minecraft For A Balloon Ride
    3. Sadly No Fey-Corgis: Neverwinter Update
    4. Chivalry Teams With, Er, Spike TV For Expansion
    5. Impressions: Full Mojo Rampage
    6. Watashi Wa Is A Soul-Soothing, Non-Shooting 7DFPS
    7. Wing Bystander: Star Citizen (Kinda) Playable Next Week
    8. Colonial Conundrum: A Lovely New Maia Video
    9. Interview: Humble Bundle On Humble Bundles
    10. The Flare Path: Goes Dutch
    11. The Last Game Trailer: Tactical Intervention
    12. Underground, Overground: Age Of Wonders III Footage
    13. Shamble On: DayZ DelayZ-ed Again
    14. Demon Possibly Weeping: Lords of Shadow 2
    15. Boo(m) - Call Of Duty: Ghosts To Have Dedicated Servers
    1. Interview: Killmonday On Fran Bow, Mental Health, Beauty
    2. Free-To-Scare: F.E.A.R. Online Trailer
    3. Humble Origin Raising Millions, Adds Two More Games
    4. Nico Time: Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse Trailer
    5. Let's Talk (And Play) Rome II Multiplayer
    6. But Can I Craft A Mine? Everquest Next - Landmark
    7. Island Hopping: Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Footage
    8. Time Crysis: CryEngine Loses Number, Gains Version
    9. Swords: Shadow Warrior Swordleasing In Swordtember
    10. I Am Space Agog At This X-Rebirth Gallery
    11. Bloodless Champions: Dead Island MOBA Detailed
    12. Dear Esther Dev's Rapture No Longer Coming To PC
    13. Royal Crumble: Stronghold: Crusader 2 Trailer
    14. Flipping Roles In Elementary, My Dear Holmes
    15. Zounds! - Elder Scrolls Online To Be Subscription-Based
    1. Impressions: Divekick
    2. Guilty Of Awesome: Framed
    3. Iron Giants: I Think I've Fallen For Titanfall
    4. I'm Feeling (Cautiously) Optimistic About Dragon Age
    5. It's 2013 And I Want To Play Quake: In The Shadows
    6. Reporting For Duty: Redshirt Beta
    7. Watch, Don't Touch: Watch Dogs Movie In The Works
    8. Skid Remarks: The Crew Trailer Is Pretty Neat
    9. Witness The Murdered: Soul Suspect Trailer
    10. Doom's Doom Ray Of Doom! LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
    11. Boson X Causes Largely Haphazard Collisions
    12. How Is It Still Called WARFACE?
    13. Rules For Games: Do & Don't #6
    14. Bleeding Babies: The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Trailer
    15. Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Announced
    16. Smiley-Face Bubble: The Sims 4 Will Be Offline
    17. Barking Up The Right Tree? Space Wolf
    18. Fruits Of Their Labour: Arkham Oranges Intros Firefly
    19. XCOM: Enemy Within Is An Expansion, Out 15 November
    20. Thank Goodness: Peggle 2 And PvZ: GW Not On PC First
    21. And This Week's Hacking Victim Is... League Of Legends
    1. Impressions: Race The Sun
    2. World Exclusive Shelter Video Review (By A Kitten)
    3. Wasteland Kings: The Anti-Binding Of Isaac
    4. War Browser: Panzer General Online Trailer
    5. EVE: Valkyrie Will Probably Sell A Million Oculus Rifts
    6. Humanity Is So Last-Gen: The Sims 4 Announced
    7. We've Got Games For Days: 7DFPS Round Up
    8. To Make It Better: Hearthstone Beta
    9. Shut Up: Barkley 2 Looks... Good?
    10. Hi Sky! World Of Warplanes Out Of Beta Next Month
    11. Running Out Of Real Words - Aarklash: Legacy
    12. No Oceans: EU Saints Row IV Has Stupidest Delay Ever
    13. Your Move, Steam: Origin Offers Full Refunds
    14. Look What We Can Post About: The Division
    15. Walk, Don't Run: Shadowrun's Berlin Campaign Delayed
    16. Wallets Out For WildStar's Payment Model
    17. Games For Windows Live Perma-Closing Next July
    18. Tamriel, Man: Skywind Squeezes Morrowind Into Skyrim
    19. Wot I Think: The Bureau - XCOM Declassified
    1. Hands On: Sir, You Are Being Hunted
    2. GOG's Greenlight? Indie Submissions Portal Opened
    3. Back To The Sanitarium: Shades Of Sanity
    4. Sir, You Are Being Hunted Alpha On Steam Early Access
    5. North & South: Teslagrad Demo Out
    6. At Last, A Sequel To F1 2012! The F1 2013 Trailer
    7. Respecced: Forge Will Be Free-To-Play
    8. Leaving The Crystal Lake: Camp Keepalive Out Soon
    9. Shining A Light On Candle
    10. Put Your Feet Up: Hero Of The Kingdom
    11. The Silence: An Update
    12. 0x10c Cancelled For Good, But Fans Plan To Do It Anyway
    13. Pillow Fort For The Day: Sword 'N' Board
    14. Wasteland Kings Is Vlambeer's All-Star Roguelike
    15. Squeal - Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs Out Next Month
    1. Live Free Play Hard: Mavis Beacon Teaches the Primordial Chaos Beyond the Veil of Sanity
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Fund Alum So I Can Play It, KThx
    2. Impressions: Super Splatters
    3. Mirror's Sledge: 12 Minutes Of Dying Light Footage
    4. In Which You Build The Track As You Race: Krautscape
    5. Cardboard Children: Boardgame News
    6. For What It's Worth: Call Of Duty Will Be Best On PC
    7. Try And Trireme Again: Total War - Rome II
    1. Wot I Think: Dishonored - The Brigmore Witches
    2. The Little Scamp: Tropico 5 Announced
    3. Contradictory Headlines, Pt 2: Msoft Hires Ex-Steam Boss
    4. Gone Home: A Tale Of Two Dads
    5. Apparently We've Got The Might & Magic X Trailer First
    6. 30 Minutes Of Me Blathering All Over Shadow Warrior
    7. Visible City: Thief Out February
    8. Contradictory Headlines, Pt 1: GFW Marketplace Closing
    9. Woo! Mossmouth Have Made Spelunky At Home On PC!
    10. The Flare Path: A Phantasmagoria Of Foxers
    11. Wot I Think: Space Hulk
    12. Audiosurf Air Coming To Steam Early Access Next Month
    13. (Vr)Oooo(m): Grand Theft Auto Online's Persistent Insanity
    14. Ve(ry) Nice: The Rise Of Venice Trailer
    15. MOBA Of Sauron: The Guardians of Middle-earth
    1. The Smell Of Bullshit: Arkane ARE Making Prey 2
    2. A Web Of Lies: Democracy 3 Hands-On
    3. Launchermageddon: Blizzard Desktop App
    4. Wot I Think: Gone Home
    5. Station To Station: Astrobase Command
    6. Capital Letters! Space Hulk Launch Trailer
    7. Pretty Up CS: GO's Guns In The Arms Deal Update
    8. Morri-gone: Dragon Age - Inquisition
    9. What's Black And White And Dead All Over? Betrayer
    10. Brian Fargo On InXile's Darkest, Publisher-Driven Days
    11. Jazz Hands-Free: Rayman Legends
    12. Collectable: Combat Monsters
    13. Shadow Run: Contrast
    14. AIEEEEEE, SPLAT: Death From A 1000 Ft Fall
    15. Beyond Good And EAvil: The Humble Origin Bundle
    1. Hurrah: Call Of Duty Has Women Now, Also Multiplayer
    2. Wot I Think: Payday 2
    3. Devolver Will Be Watching Over Gods Will Be Watching
    4. I Hope To High Heaven That Heaven's Hope Is Good
    5. Arkane On The Future Of Dishonored, Stories, Multiplayer
    6. Assassin's Creed: More Trailers Than A Tornado's Tummy
    7. You Can Play Legend Of Dungeon, If You Want
    8. Not Dead: Chivalry Sells 1.2m Copies, Updates
    9. Wot I Think: Saints Row IV
    10. Hidden Path's Windborne Looks Lovely
    11. The Boy Who Cried: The Wolf Among Us
    12. Saints Row IV Dev Diary Explains A Few Things
    13. The Witcher 3's Bleak Cinematic Trailer
    14. Watch Dogs Isn't About Dogs, It's About Computers
    15. Wealthy Shadows: Tangiers A-Thieves KS Success
    1. Wot I Think Of Spelunky's PC Port
    2. What Is This: Catdammit
    3. Royal Visit: The King Of Fighters XIII Comes To Steam
    4. Crate Expectations: CS: GO Getting TF2 Style Drops
    5. Scare Bear: Finding Teddy Looks Like Limbo Meets Fez
    6. Did Nvidia Accidentally Announce GTA V For The PC?
    7. Stealth Tactical Heisting: Mike Bithell's Volume
    8. Wot I Think: Europa Universalis IV
    9. Today Is The (Pay)day (2): Launch Trailer Within
    10. JRPG Revival Project Phoenix Rises On Kickstarter
    11. Stone Age: Stone Rage
    12. Kickstar(craf)ter: StarCraft Universe Goes To Kickstarter
    13. Endless Space Devs Reveal Dungeon Of The Endless
    14. Icarus Proudbottom Teaches Typing Is Incredible
    1. Wot I Think: Papers, Please
    2. Hanging With The Project Spark Developers
    3. Hello, Burnstar Looks Like Fun
    4. These Tactics Are Real-Time: Black Talons
    5. Bicycle! Bicycle! MTBFreeride's Downhill Fun
    6. Teleglitch Telechat
    7. Modness: High School Of The Dead Mount & Blade Mod
    8. This Way To: Middle Of Nowhere
    9. Two (Yes Two!) Starbound Videos For You
    10. Demonstrated: The Pleasing Visuals Of Aaru’s Awakening
    11. One Day, Altis Will Be Yours: Arma 3 Footage
    12. Less Brutal, More Legend: Karmaflow Is A Rock Opera
    13. The Bug And The Beautiful: Morphopolis
    14. Headblaster Is Frantic, Hilarious, Head-Exploding Fun
    1. Live Free Play Hard: Happy Anniversary
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Sir, You Are Being Hunted Alpha Opens 19th August
    3. Why Not: Saints Row 4 Gets $1 Million Special Edition
    1. The Midnight Table: Kemet
    2. Space Oddities: The RPS StarMade Server
    3. Total Fight: Macedon vs Rome In Rome II
    4. Lots Of Bots: Mechwarrior Online Adds 12 Vs 12
    5. Independence Day: IGF 2014 Open, Ch-Ch-Changes
    6. Curve Studios Tease 'White Space'
    7. I Dreamed A: Dream Is Dear Esther Meets Deus Ex
    8. Today Is A SNOW News Day
    9. S2 Working On 'Second Generation' MOBA, Strife
    10. The Flare Path: And The Warbird Wager
    11. How Wasteland 2 Will Acknowledge Gender, Discrimination
    12. Wot I Think: The Dream Machine Chapter 4
    13. Satellite Reign, 7 Days To Die, Maia, More Greenlit
    14. Awww: Civilization Online Korea-Only For Now
    15. RPS Asks: Year To Date / Year To Go?
    16. Release AVALANCHE: Spelunky, Papers, Guacamelee
    1. So, Uh, We Got Chris Hecker To Interview Himself
    2. Unreal 4 Video Contains Zero Explosions
    3. Take A Peek At Neverwinter's Furious Feywild
    4. Shack Attack: Arma 3 Construction Mod
    5. Eyegasm! 5 Minutes Of Gorgeous X-Rebirth Footage
    6. Kinaesthetically Teasing: Myriad
    7. Splendid: The Europa Universalis IV Demo Is Here
    8. Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons PC Bound
    9. Veni, Vidi, Dixi: Total War - Rome II Interview
    10. Fly Me To The: MirrorMoon Is Smart, Mysterious, In Beta
    11. OK Then, Pt 2: There Is A Civilization MMO Now
    12. OK Then: Deep Silver Making A Dead Island MOBA
    13. Mark Of The Ninja DLC Sneaking Out
    14. Digital PC Games Go On Sale Down The Amazon
    1. Insanity: Carmack Takes Full-Time Position At Oculus
    2. Wot I Think: Beatbuddy: Tale Of The Guardians
    3. Cast Your Eye Buffs On EverQuest Next
    4. Iced: Company Of Heroes 2 Sales Halted In Russia
    5. Looking Fly: Secrets Of Raetikon Is Gorgeous
    6. Precinct Kickstarter Arrested, Alternative Funds Sought
    7. Project Eternity Looks Like Its Concept Art
    8. Command & Conquer Dev Diary Explains Things
    9. Inaugural Madness: Saints Row 4 Gets Free Demo (Kinda)
    10. Torment Devs On Progress, Death, Putting Story First
    11. RPS Verifies: Those Left 4 Dead 3/Source 2 Images, More
    12. Re-Route Masters: Payday 2's Dynamic Maps
    13. Ship Shapes: Wayward Terran Frontier
    14. Arma 3's Single-Player Is Episodic, Released Later
    15. Keyboard Kombat: Battle Type
    1. The Obligatory QuakeCon 2013 'Where's Doom 4' Chat
    2. Conversion Conversation: Europa Universalis IV
    3. StarMates: I Made An RPS StarMade Server
    4. The Boulder And The Brave: Catapult For Hire
    5. Knight Here, Knight Now: King Arthur's Gold
    6. Customisable Beards: War Of The Vikings
    7. Hats Off: Make Money In The Planetside 2 Player Studio
    8. Cardboard Cretin: Witness My Defeat In Card Hunter
    9. The Story Of QuakeCon's (Post) Secret Best Case Mod
    10. Lost Planet 3 Will Rupture Your Eyeballs
    11. Next For id: Maybe Quake, Probably Not RAGE Or New IP
    12. Mushroom Kingdoms: The Elder Scrolls Online
    13. Reptile High Club: Dragon Commander Out Today
    1. Stealing History: Dark Camelot And Thief
    2. Arma 3's Helicopters Can Actually Land And Stuff
    3. ShootMania's Friend Game: Invites For Non-Players
    4. Death's Doorkeeper: Postmortem
    5. Tangiers Would Like To Burroughs Some Money
    6. Dig Deep: Paranautical Activity Kickstarter
    7. Monolithic Monochrome: Betrayer
    8. Carsplat! Drive's Vehicle Physics Are Awesome
    9. Okay, Doorways Is Scaring Me
    10. Shadowrun Returns' Berlin Campaign In "Late October"
    11. Wargame's New DLC Seems Generous
    12. Planetside 2's Jungle Wars: Hossin Revealed!
    13. But Will It Polarise Opinion? Polarity On PC
    14. Day Z Dev Diary Explains Many More Things
    1. Live Free, Play Hard: Piss-Based Economy
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Pills Here: Fran Bow
    2. Skullgirls PC Somehow Actually Happening
    3. The Dongs Are Back In Town: SR4 Australia
    1. The Midnight Table: Utterings
    2. First Look: Everquest Next
    3. Forging Worlds: Everquest Next - Landmark
    4. Second Round: 7 Day FPS 2013
    5. Riot, Girl: Gone Home To Launch On 15th August
    6. How Does It Feel: Wolfenstein: The New Order Delayed
    7. Take On Mars Lands On Steam Early Access
    8. No Memes Allowed: Ridge Racer Beta
    9. Papers, Please Arrives August 8th, Pre-Orders
    10. The Flare Path: In Pavlov's House, Feeding His Dog
    11. Disney Infinity Reveals "Toy Box Mode Combat"
    12. Impressions: Megabyte Punch
    13. Bethesda Talks Prey 2, Denies Arkane Involvement
    14. He Comes: Rome II Hannibal Trailer
    15. Hackneyed & Slash: Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow Demo
    1. Gather, Mortals: Carmack Speaks (And id Streams It)
    2. A Day With Wasteland 2
    3. Love It Up: Hate Plus To Release Aug 19th
    4. Tetris + Lemmings = MouseCraft, Apparently
    5. Apollo-ing Conditions: Starpoint Gemini 2 In Development
    6. Wot I Think: Splatter
    7. Don't Let It Catch You: Race The Sun
    8. BREAKING: PC Games Will Be At Eurogamer Expo 2013
    9. Hands On: Total War – Rome II
    10. Project Contingency Is A Fan-Made Halo Game
    11. Rise Of The Triad Is Finally Reborn
    12. A Strange Turn - What Is XCOM: Enemy Within?
    13. Still Should Be Impossible - Meridian: New World In Action
    14. Still A Title: Megabyte Punch
    15. Dongle-ing: Mount Your Friends Climbs Onto Greenlight