September 2013 Archive

    1. Start Your Steam Engines: Xi3's Piston To Cost $1000
    2. Here's Why Titanfall Stole The Show At EG Expo
    3. Edmund McMillen On The Orgins Of Isaac
    4. A Cute Puzzle Game: Tri Trailer
    5. The Calm Of A Dying Sun: Solar Flux
    6. No Oceans, No Clarity, No Sense: AssCreed IV PC Delay
    7. Amiga Amigos: Inescapable
    8. About Space Time: Infinite Space 3: Sea of Stars Footage
    9. Block And Baffle: CLARK
    10. Battlefield 4 Might Have A Game Mode For Everyone
    11. Indies On SteamOS, Pt 1: 'Openness,' Potential Pitfalls
    12. The Quatermain Man: Deadfall Adventures
    13. Also From EGX, And Montreal: Batman Talk
    14. Eidos Montreal Talk Thief At EG Expo
    15. Wasteland Kings Is Now Nuclear Throne
    1. Live Free Play Hard: I'm Friends With The Octopus
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Harleague Of Legends Quinn: Jinx Is Latest LoL Champion
    2. Surgeon Simulator ARG Yields Out Of This World Secret
    3. Let's Blather/Cower All Over Neverending Nightmares
    4. Oh Jeez Oh Man: Mount And Blade II Looks Fantastic
    5. Elastic Dreams: Starbound's Grappling Hook
    6. The Sim(ian)s, Free: Gun Monkeys Free Weekend
    1. Horror Stories: A Maddening Lack Of Imagination
    2. Edge Of Eternity Is A French J-RPG? It's Ambitious
    3. Rebooted And Transformed: Shadow Warrior
    4. Valve's Final Announcement: The Steam Controller
    5. An Alien-Focused XCOM? Firaxis Talks Possibilities
    6. Step Inside For The Evil Within Footage
    7. X Rebirth: Trading And Mining, Together At Last
    8. Planetary Annihilation Beta Launches, Is Very Expensive
    9. The Flare Path: Toad Array
    10. Rumour: MS Streaming Tech Puts Halo 4 On PC
    11. Divinity: Original Sin Condemned To 2014
    12. Shining Star - EVE Online: Rubicon Launching in Nov
    13. It Burns Brightly: Star Citizen 'Sizzle' Trailer
    14. Combat Sandwich: WildStar's Excellent-Sounding Abilities
    1. Wot I Think: Scribblenauts Unmasked
    2. Contagion Hopes To Catch Kickstarter Fever
    3. Hue Dunnit: Play The Nihilumbra Demo
    4. 'Roid Rage: Space: The Return Of The Pixxelfrazzer
    5. Jeff Strokes: Batman: Arkham Oranges Trailer
    6. Wot I Think: Shadow Warrior
    7. No Joke: South Park Finally Gets Release Date
    8. Wowzers: Skyrim + CryEngine = Lichdom
    9. A Cut Above: Surgeon Simulator Adds SPACE SURGERY
    10. Planetary Annihilation Seeking Lore Help From Community
    11. The Ballads Of Reemus 2 Sings For Its Supper
    12. Nvidia Working With Valve, Linux Community For SteamOS
    13. Office Of Fair Trading Not Happy With In-Game Purchases
    14. Free-To-Play Legacy Of Kain, Thy Name Is Nosgoth
    1. Wot I Think: Ironclad Tactics
    2. Sean Bean Is Aboard Train Simulator 2014
    3. The Banking Crisis: Thief
    4. Steam Machines: Valve Announce Hardware
    5. Hydro-Eclectic: Raindrop Looks Surreal, Dark, Pretty
    6. The Waiting Game: Metal Gear Solid V Footage
    7. Wandering In Words: Black Crown Interview
    8. An Unexciting Video About Optimising Planetside 2
    9. Citizen Deathstick: Marlow Briggs And The MASK OF DEATH
    10. Burnout Crash Mode: The Game - Truck Stop
    11. IndieGameStand Launches Store As Alternative To Steam
    13. Flashback Remake Coming To PC Next Week
    14. Wang Squared: Saints Row's, Er, Bat In Shadow Warrior
    1. Impressions: State Of Decay
    2. Guilds Wars 2 Has A Lovely Free Trial For You
    3. Editorial: An Appeal For Unrealism
    4. Treely Magic: Arcane Worlds
    5. More Alone: Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut Trailer
    6. Ice Ice, Baby: CoH2 Gets Two New Maps
    7. Demon-Stration: Hellraid Interactive Trailer
    8. Halfway Is XCOM Meets Alien In Spaaaace
    9. Diamond Roads: The UK Remade In Minecraft
    10. The Dead Linger Coming To Steam With New Engine
    11. Castle Mania: Decorating Homes In Shroud Of The Avatar
    12. Hands On With Rising Storm's Island Assault
    13. An RPS Social This Weekend (Saturday)
    14. Finally: The Death Star Trench Run For Oculus Rift
    15. Oh Me, Oh: Maia Coming To Steam Early Access In Dec
    1. Solar System: Inside Project CARS' Galileo Engine
    2. Abstract Space: Kromaia
    3. Wot I Think: The Raven - Part Three
    4. After GLaDOS: Valve Releasing SteamOS
    5. Mud, Sweat And Gears: WRC 4
    6. Trade Away: Rise Of Venice
    7. Impressions: Knock, Knock
    8. Citizens Of Earth Points The Way To Kickstarter
    9. Chaos Reborn To Birth Multiplayer Demo "Soon"
    10. Week In Tech: 4K, The Complete And Unabridged Shizzle
    11. Project Reality 2 Will Be CryEngine Standalone
    12. Last Knight Looks Pretty, Silly, Pretty Silly
    13. The Entire World Is A Lie In VVVVVV Creator's Naya's Quest
    14. Indie-ana Jones: Nigoro Whipping Up La Mulana 2
    1. The Flare Path: Talks To The Bogeymen
    3. The Sunday Papers
    1. Bloody Wonderful: DOTA 2 Getting LAN Support, GLaDOS
    2. State Of Decay Hits Steam, Er, Sans Keyboard Controls
    3. World To Remain World Of Warplanes-Less Until Nov
    1. Cardboard Children: War Of Words
    2. Untold Riches: An Analysis Of Portal's Level Design
    3. Fin De Siècle: Amnesia - A Machine For Pigs
    4. Valve Have Three Announcements For Next Week
    5. A Good Day To Try: Showdown Effect Free Weekend
    6. Here's That Jaws Text Adventure You've Been Wanting
    7. Level With Me, Richard Flanagan
    8. (Bullet)Storm's Coming: Vanishing Of Ethan Carter Detailed
    9. Bird Is The Word: Aer Looks Ethereally Brilliant
    10. Nowhere Might Be The Most Ambitious Pitch
    11. No Flare Path Today, Simulation Offering
    12. THUD: Development Of Neal Stephenson's CLANG Halted
    13. Editorial: How We Got The PAX Post Wrong
    14. (Near) Futurama: SimCity Expanding Into Tomorrow
    15. Prepare To Enter Extraction
    16. September To Dismember: Shadow Warrior Trailer
    1. Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft Beta Impressions
    2. Guests And Goblins: Knock Knock
    3. Impressions: Foul Play
    4. OUYA No Longer Stopping PC Releases With FTG Funding
    5. Of London And The Sunless Sea: Failbetter Interview Pt 2
    6. Chivalry: The Deadliest Warrior Has Very Mean Vikings
    7. Dark Souls 2 Coming To PC 'Shortly' After Consoles
    8. Survivalish: Day One: Garry's Incident
    9. To Boycott PAX Or Not To Boycott PAX?
    10. Greenlit: Next Car, Eden Star, SUPERHOT, More
    11. Nail In The Coffin: Warhammer Online Going Offline
    12. Guns 'N' Seeds: Epigenesis Alpha
    13. Voice Casts: In Verbis Virtus
    14. That Riddick Game Diesel Teased? An iOS Movie Tie-In
    1. Humble Indie Bundle 9 Expands, And In Style
    2. Aulroight, How Am Ya? Travelogue Launch Trailer
    3. Have Some Wilde Brawls In Foul Play
    4. Urban Trial Freestyle Launches, Off A Ramp Presumably
    5. You Can Do What To Whales In Windforge?
    6. Czech Mate: Arma Tactics Coming To PC
    7. Join The DotAs: Ring Runner: Space Defense League
    8. (Space) Colonial Ambition: RimWorld
    9. The Lies That Bind Us: The Mainstream Media And Gaming
    10. Assault On History - Timelines: Assault On America
    11. Well Blow Me Up: MechWarrior Online Launches
    12. Insanity: 30 Games From Hotline, KRZ, More Devs For $15
    13. Despite Auction House Removal, Diablo Staying Online
    14. Super Troper: The Evil Within Trailer
    1. Fin(ally): Blizzard Removing Diablo III's Auction House
    2. Wot I Think: Card Hunter
    3. Hands On: Inverto
    4. The Eyes Have It: Gamers 1, Non-Gamers 0
    5. Cardboard Children: Pathfinder Adventure Card Game
    6. Charm Offensive: River City Ransom Kickstarter
    7. GATV Free On Steam Today!
    8. Silent Hunter Online Open Beta? Fo' Sho
    9. The Last of USMC: Ultimate Space Commando
    10. Video Explosion: Meet Nether, Phosphor's DayZ Killer
    11. No More Heroes: Project Awakened Not Phosphor's Focus
    12. Brief Impressions: Watch Dogs
    13. Valve's Steam Box Still Happening, Showing Next Week
    14. Terraria Liiiiiiiiiiives: Long-Awaited 1.2 Update Trailered
    1. Monomania: Shades Of Old In Blackpowder's Betrayer
    2. Just Watch: Next Car Game's Incredible Physics
    3. Jings! Mighty No. 9 Is More Than Kickstarted
    4. A New Slice Of Warframe: Update 10 Is Here
    5. Betafield: BF4 Open Beta In October
    6. FM 2014 Is Out Oct 31st At 12:01am
    7. Of London And The Sunless Sea: Failbetter Interview
    8. A Machine For Gibs: Rise Of The Triad 1.1
    9. Good Deal Lauda: Classic Cars For F1 2013
    10. Impressions: Godus
    11. Player Vs Nobody: Firefall Suspends PvP Element
    12. Rather Chipper: Spud's Quest Released
    13. Tinned Pi: Iron Soul Launch Trailer
    14. The Bat And The Beautiful: Arkham Origins' PC Pretties
    1. Live Free Play Hard: Sorry, I Don't Date Games Without Guns In Them
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Child Of Light Devs On Far Cry, Controversy, Constraints
    2. Chickens In The Mainframe: CS:GO Maps
    1. Wot I Think: ArmA III
    2. Squeeelite: Elite: Dangerous Orchestral Trailer
    3. Child Of Light Devs On Poetry, Female Characters
    4. Blue Estate Is A Motional Fringe Game
    5. Level With Me, Andrew Weldon
    6. Sounding The Horn: LOTRO Rides To Helm's Deep
    7. Wot I Think: Hexcells
    8. The Crew Has Giant Cities, Deserts, Shinies
    9. The Flare Path: Does The Hippy Hippy Shako
    10. Wow: Hyper Light Drifter Is Diablo Meets Link To The Past
    11. Robber Man - Payday 2 Interview
    12. If Minecraft Went Triple-A (And Mirror's Edge-y): Eden Star
    13. Be Better Than Alec: Win At Card Hunter Right Now
    14. SPIDERS EVERYWHERE: Metro's Developer Pack DLC
    1. Hands On: Eldritch
    2. Campaignless Transition: Arma 3
    3. Have A Look At Heroes Of Loot
    4. One List To Rule Them All: IndieCade 2013 Nominees
    5. Fire And Slice: Bound By Flame
    6. Obviously Obscure: Final Exam
    7. Gluggy Lovely: Treasure Adventure World Trailer
    8. Those Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Trailers So Far
    9. Wot I Think: Rayman – Legumes
    10. Planetary Annihilation Beta This Month, Out December
    11. BioWare On Race, Romance, And (R)Time In Dragon Age
    12. Command & Conquer To Revisit Red Alert, Tiberium
    13. Let's Play With Your Mind: The Stanley Parable Trailer
    14. Finger Clicky Explodey Rewardy: Alien Rage Trailer
    1. Steam Adding Option To Share And Borrow Games
    2. OUYA, What's Going On Here Then?
    3. Humble Indie Bundle 9 Is Go(od)
    4. Wot I Think - Splinter Cell: Blacklist
    5. Space Age: Kerbal Space Program Is Turning 0.22
    6. Why Is Dota 2 The Biggest Game On Steam?
    7. Tête à Tête: TESO Team Talk Alliance PvP
    8. FIFA Foot-To-Ball 14 Demo Out, Doesn't Like You Much
    9. Video Interview - Valiant Hearts: The Great War
    10. Dark Souls Meets Hotline Miami? That's Blood Alloy
    11. BioWare On Dragon Age's Combat, Exploration, Choices
    12. Klei Xcommunicates Word Of Incognita's Paid Alpha
    13. Wizard! Wizardry VI, VII, and 8 Are Now For Sale On Steam
    14. Tom Clancy's Endwar Returning... As A Browser MOBA
    15. Drool: Eldritch Is Thief Meets Lovecraft Meets Roguelike
    1. Impressions: FarSky's Random Undersea Survival
    2. Call Of Duty In SPAAAAAACE
    3. GameCity Festival Returns To Nottingham Next Month
    4. Diesel Powered: New Chronicles Of Riddick, Maybe MMO?
    5. Me, Myself And AI: The Fall
    6. Hello! Come Play Games With The RPS Community
    7. Revitalised: Assassin's Creed - Liberation Coming To PC
    8. Tex Murphy: Tesla Effect Gets A Whopping Great Trailer
    9. Tetrapulse Certainly Is Strange And Pretty And Co-op
    10. Impressions: Delver Alpha
    11. Dreadchase Gets Explained A Little Bit
    12. Impressions - Valiant Hearts: The Great War
    13. Impressions: Ubi's 'Art Game' Experiment, Child Of Light
    14. Et Tu, CA? - Rome II Devs Apologize For Issues
    1. Zenomorph: The Art And Evolution Of Zeno Clash
    2. Carpe Fulgur Localising Trails In The Sky SC
    3. Dwindling: Size Five Put The Swindle On Hold
    4. (No Longer) Touching The Void: Nihilumbra
    5. Wot I Think: Brothers - A Tale Of Two Sons
    6. Space Engineers Are The Best Engineers
    7. Next Stop: State Of Decay
    8. Wot I Think: Amnesia - A Machine For Pigs
    9. Dream A Little Dream: Lucid - The Awakening
    10. Ship Of The Iceberg: Starpoint Gemini 2
    11. Weather Or Not: The Long Dark
    12. Star Citizen's $20m Goal: First-Person Combat
    13. Battleforge Soon To Be No More
    14. DayZ Devblog Reveals Latest Feature Set
    1. Oh, And Homeworld: Shipbreakers Is No Longer F2P
    2. Live Free Play Hard: In Case of Emergency Smash Glass And Take Sword
    3. The Sunday Papers
    1. Even EVE's Lead Designer Has Left For LoL
    2. Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie 2 Is Happening For Some Reason
    3. Oh Hell: No Offline For Diablo III PC Despite Consoles
    4. Molyneux On Religion, Godus' "Crazy" Single-Player
    1. Best Of Gamescom: IL-2 Sturmovik And Oculus Rift
    2. A World Of Hort: PVZ: Garden Warfare Undead Trailer
    3. Impressions: Door Kickers
    4. Worlds Of Magic Shows Worlds, Magic, Of
    5. Fish Physics And Sword Care: Shadow Warrior Trailer
    6. Molyneux Promises Ludicrously Big For Godus
    7. Assassin's Creed 4000 Minutes Of Gameplay Footage
    8. Full Bore Promises Open-World Boar Exploration Action
    9. The Flare Path: Łódź You Believe It!
    10. Not-So-Lone Survivor: Claire Brings The Scares
    11. Mass Affect: Ambrov X Boasts BioWare Talent
    12. Tale Of Tales Teases An Empty World
    13. Arcen Anounce Bionic Dues, Do Humble Bundle
    14. Seizium: Rad Soldiers Appears On Chrome Store
    1. Impressions: The Banner Saga's Single Player Story
    2. Package Deal: Steam Trades Upgrades
    3. The Whimpering World: Catachresis
    4. In Space Stations, Screaming Is Audible: Solarix
    5. Stoic On Using Kickstarter Again, TBS Factions' Future
    6. Anno What You Want: More Banished Footage
    7. Cameo Man: Lego Marvel Super Heroes
    8. Hey, Let's Give David Gallant More Money Than He Needs
    9. I Like Big Bots: Hawken Ascension Upate Trailer
    10. Hotline Miami Devs Reconsidering Sexual Assault Scene
    11. You Can Now Have I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream
    12. Many Mechanized Minutes Of XCOM: Enemy Within
    13. Fungeons And Dragons: Project Eternity's Strongholds
    14. Sanctum 2's "Ruins Of Brightholme" Incoming
    15. Good God? Find Out In Simpians
    1. Level With Me, Auriea Harvey
    2. Aztez Trailer Lays It Out In Black And White (And Red)
    3. Pixeljunk Inc. Looks Brothy Brilliant
    4. Will This Be A Cornerstone Of PC Gaming?
    5. Under Surveillance: 14 Minutes Of Watch_Dogs
    6. Perfection Isn't, But Still A Quiet, Calming Puzzler
    7. You Dancing? Crypt Of The NecroDancer Pre-Order Trailer
    8. Wot I Think: Outlast
    9. Algebraic: Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon
    10. Guild Wars 2 School: Super Adventure Box Back
    11. Castle of Illusion Remade, Released, Readallaboutit
    12. DC Universe Online Expands For An Eighth Time
    13. New Metro: Last Light DLC Crawls Rapidly Toward You
    14. The Alpha Frontier: Planet Explorers 0.62 Trailer
    1. The RPS Verdict: Total War: Rome II
    2. Family Gathering: Brothers - A Tale Of Two Sons
    3. Destruction On The Derwent: Grid 2
    4. Mod Yays! Don't Starve & Gateways On Steam Workshop
    5. Wot I Think: The Raven - Part Two
    6. Nightmares In Slumberland: Lucid - The Awakening
    7. Space Tease: New Limit Theory Footage
    8. Incredible! Space Hulk: Deathwing Teased
    9. At Blast: Wolfenstein: The New Order Footage
    10. Of Madness And Steamships: Sunless Sea
    11. You Don't Know Zach: Deadly Premonition
    12. Mysterious Cities Of Gold Seeks Further Fortune
    13. Shades Of Sanity Wants Your Mind
    14. Minecraft Has Sold 12 Million Copies, Which Is A Lot
    1. Wot I Think: Sepulchre
    2. Mega Man Creator Returns With Mighty No. 9
    3. Free As In Vlambeer
    4. Quick Pitch: Football Manager 2014 Trailers
    5. FlatOut Pancaked: 'Next Car Game' Is Stunning
    6. Genetically Modified Ops: XCOM - Enemy Within
    7. Silence Broken: Ubi Say NVIDIA Deal Safe For AMD Users
    8. Wot I Think: Total War – Rome II
    9. Hardware: Shipbreakers Is Now Homeworld: Shipbreakers
    10. Pussy Galore: A Mew Genics Trailer
    11. Everquest Next Videos Reveal Fantasy Handsomeness
    12. Faithful: Godus To Appear On Early Access
    13. Like Herding Dwarves: Bravada
    14. We Are Floating In Space: PULSAR: Lost Colony
    1. Dragon Age: Inquisition In Motion
    2. Live Free Play Hard: LUDUM DARE 27 EDITION
    3. The Sunday Papers