June 2014 Archive

    1. The Lighthouse Customer: Starforge (Survival Mode)
    2. Sublime Screenshots: Staring Into This Wylde Abyss
    3. Wot I Think: A Story About My Uncle
    4. Officially The Official RPS The Official News Post
    5. Wot I Think: Sniper Elite 3
    6. Rain, Pain And A Soul Train: Transmigration
    7. DevLog Watch: FAR Colony, Her Story, Prophour23, More
    8. Gimme: Team 17 To Publish Sheltered
    9. Due Process: SWAT-Inspired Multiplayer FPS Due Attention
    10. The Last Night Is Flashback Meets Blade Runner In Pixel Art
    11. The Kerbal Sims Program: The Sims 4
    12. HBO's The Wire, Telltale-Style: The Detail
    13. Reborn: Dreamfall Chapters Split Into Five Episodes
    14. Battlefield Hardlimes To Get Another Beta This Fall
    1. Live Free Play Hard: Sublime Nightmare Wish-Fulfillment
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Self-Interviewing Devs: Proteus And "Walking Simulators"
    2. Is A Sims Game Without Pools Even A Sims Game At All?
    1. Words Which Fail To Do Justice To Elite 4 On Oculus Rift
    2. Stage Presence: A More Realistic, Virtual Reality Rock Band
    3. The Living Minecraft
    4. Trowel Squire: Shovel Knight Brings Joy
    5. The New Millennium: Warhammer 40K - Eternal Crusade
    6. Sneaky Sneaky: 13 Minutes Of Styx Gameplay
    7. Smashing Hulks: Space Hulk - Deathwing
    8. Scoping Strategies: Sniper Elite 3 Out Now
    9. The Flare Path Summer Exhibition 2014
    10. Holy Wow: The Journey Down Chapter 2 Looks Fantastic
    11. PlanetSide 2 Update Adds Long-Awaited Swamp Continent
    12. A Golden Wake Is Blackwell Pub's Roaring '20s Adventure
    13. Dadlier Than Ever: Octodad Free DLC Coming In Dad Shorts
    14. Kinda Sorta MOBA: Dead Island Epidemic Explained
    1. Week in Tech: Buy A Decent Screen, That's An Order
    2. 500 Years In The Making: Chess 2 Coming To PC
    3. Wot I Think (Part Three): Wildstar
    4. Stridulating In The Night: Killing Floor 2's Mutants
    5. Wot I Think: Heroes Rise: The Prodigy / The Hero Project
    6. Behold The Clockface: Timespinner
    7. DOStant Memories
    8. Control Dwarf Fortress With Isometric Graphics And Mouse
    9. Dini And The Wonderkids: A History Of Football Games
    10. The Last Of Icarus: Thomas Was Alone Free Expansion
    11. See Games With Your Face At EGX London In September
    12. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Might Be Good
    13. TerraTech: Build A Tank, Kill Other Tanks
    14. The Charmingest Adventure Game: 39 Days to Mars
    1. Watch Dogs' Multiplayer Is Great, Broken, Great
    2. Areal Kickstarting S.T.A.L.K.E.R. "Spiritual Successor"
    3. Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark And My Certain Doom
    4. Inverted Astronauts: We Are The Dwarves
    5. Wot I Think: Castle - Never Judge A Book By Its Cover
    6. Your Titan, Sir: Titanfall Adding New Modes And Butler Voice
    7. Elite Dangerous Premium Beta 2 Out, Adds Stations, Ships
    8. GRID Autosport Out Now In America, Europe This Friday
    9. Wake Up, Time To Cry: 4PM
    10. Open World Multiplayer Stealth: The Hit Launches Kickstarter
    11. Bearler Hat: Wild Warfare
    12. Jump Leads For Goalposts: Roboduck Football 2030
    13. Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Rolls Out
    14. Company of Heroes 2's Western Front Expansion Out Now
    1. Cardboard Children - Off The List
    2. First-Person Pooper: Swallowed Alive In NS2 Combat
    3. Interview: Egosoft On X Rebirth's Troubled Development
    4. Snog, Marry A Void Destroyer Update Trailer. Or Watch It.
    5. Wot I Think- Valiant Hearts: The Great War
    6. Hey, Good LoLookin': League of Legends Map Makeover
    7. Shhhh: Omerta First Up In GOG Giveaway
    8. Another Man's Sky: Xeno Galaxies
    9. Arma 3 Bootcamp Update: VR Training, Expanded Workshop
    10. Wibble Wobble, Jelly On A Plate: Roguelike Sproggiwood
    11. Rainbow Six Has Male Hostages, & Why They Weren't At E3
    12. Crytek Claims It's Doing Fine, But Rumors Say Otherwise
    13. Anteria Decorating: The Settlers - Kingdoms Of Anteria
    14. Ex-Last Guardian Devs Making Ico-Esque PC Game
    15. World Of Warcraft Player Reaches 90 Without Picking A Side
    1. The Lighthouse Customer - Lichdom: Battlemage
    2. Nude Skins Ahoy! Divinity Original Sin Editor Due This Week
    3. Sex, Romance, And Faction Wars In Dragon Age Inquisition
    4. Just Look At It: For Each Our Roads Of Winter Trailer
    5. Pay To Play: Notch On Minecraft And Monetisation
    6. PSA: Where To Find Rock, Paper, Shotgun Around The Web
    7. We Know: GFWL Not Shutting Down Next Week
    8. Computer Crime: The Masterplan Launches On Greenlight
    9. Team Dispirit: The Nightmare Cooperative
    10. DevLog Watch: Submerged, Biome, Theme Parkitect, More
    11. Speedrunners Without Borders: Summer Games Done Quick
    12. Elder Scrolls-Like Frontiers Still Looks Great, But Delayed
    13. Ubi Trying Really Hard To Not Delay Assassin's Creed On PC
    14. PvZ: Garden Warfare PC 'Not A Port,' Apparently
    15. Halo Studio 'Listening' To PC Fans, But Focused On Xbox
    1. Live Free Play Hard: Itself An Additional Puzzle
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. S.EXE: Vampire The Masquerade - Bloodlines Part 1
    2. Follow The White Rabbit: A Spooky Trip Into Heartwood
    3. Wot I Think: The Fall
    4. Rebirth Reborn: Wanderlust Adventures
    5. Wot I Think: Lifeless Planet
    6. Likeable Roguelike-like: Abyss Odyssey Begins On July 15
    7. Trialfall: Origin Kicks Off Free Timed Trials With Titanfall
    8. That Was Fast: F2P Ridge Racer's Servers Closing In August
    9. The Flare Path: On Spangler's Knob
    10. Ubisoft Explains Hidden Watch_Dogs E3 2012 Graphics
    11. Huh: School Offering Real League Of Legends Scholarship
    12. Dead Rising 3 Out In September, Not Capped At 30FPS
    13. Magical: Trine Conjures Up Online Co-op In Engine Switch
    14. Fleet Streets: GRID Autosport
    1. Wot I Think (Part Two): Wildstar
    2. Watch Dogs Patch Due Soon, Brings Performance Fixes
    3. The Ultimate Torment Interview Of Ultimate Torment, Pt 2
    4. Steam Summer Sale Is Go, With Summer Adventure Madness
    5. On Your Bike: Trials Fusion Adds Tournaments
    6. Feudal Rage: War Of The Vikings' New Berserker Class
    7. Cop Ops: Battlefield Hardline Singleplayer To Be Less Linear
    8. It Takes Thirty-Two, Baby: Infinite Crisis Adding Supergirl
    9. Bread Or Alive: TF2 'Love And War' Adds Bread Weapons
    10. Almost Ready To Go: EU IV - Res Publica
    11. Rule Britannia: Every Ultima For The Price Of A Pint
    12. Twin Souls Is A Gorgeous Stealth Game... With Teleporting
    13. Store Never Changes: Old-School Fallouts Back On Steam
    1. Wot I Think: Magicite
    2. Documentaryised: The Dream Game 13 Years In The Making
    3. Battlefield Hardline: On Meaning And Theme In Multiplayer
    4. Frost And Found: Road Not Taken
    5. Impressions - Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms
    6. Even Prices May Die: Magrunner Free In GOG Sale
    7. Do Not Swallow: LEGO Minifigures Online Enters Open Beta
    8. The Quest To Reclaim Identity: Flashback Dev's Subject 13
    9. Letters Of Intent: Metamorphabet
    10. Heroes Rise: Text Adventures Coming To Steam
    11. The Complications Of Minecraft's Paid Server Situation
    12. Gun(two)point(zero): Gunpoint Gets New Engine, Mods
    13. Despite Hardline, EA Says Battlefield Not Being Annualized
    14. Meet The Team: Quadrilateral Cowboy's Single-player Co-op
    15. TF2 Kicks Off 'Love And War' Update With... Dancing?
    1. Cardboard Children - Rab's Top 50 -THE BREAKDOWN 4
    2. Viva La Revolución: Tale Of Tales Kickstarting Sunset
    3. Wot I Think: Spintires
    4. Super Dario World: In The Kingdom
    5. The Ultimate Torment Interview Of Ultimate Torment, Pt 1
    6. Diorama Dreams: The Handcrafted World Of Lumino City
    7. Ode To Joy: Peggle Free On Origin
    8. Baby Mode: Binding of Isaac Rebirth's Co-op Detailed
    9. Why Microsoft Showed Very Few PC Games At E3
    10. Why Rainbow Six Patriots Got Canceled In Favor Of Siege
    11. Cyberpink - Far Cry 4: Blood Dragon Likely... In Some Form
    12. Notch On New Minecraft EULA: Not 'Literally Worse Than EA'
    13. The Incomplete Enchilada: Secret Ponchos Early Access
    14. Naughty Cat Simulator: Catlateral Damage On Kickstarter
    1. The Lighthouse Customer: GearCity
    2. Video: Watch_Dogs Graphics Mod Revives E3 2012 Effects
    3. Wot I Think: Enemy Front
    4. Survival Of The Fittest: Bearzerkers On Kickstarter
    5. Impressions: Fancy Skulls
    6. Torment: Tides Of Numenera Recedes Till Late 2015
    7. Research Completed: OpenXcom Hits V1.0
    8. Wheel Talk: Text And Drive
    9. How ILya Muromets Your Mother Russia: WW1 Flight Sim
    10. Avast, Me Hell Knights: Pirate Doom Adds More Peg Legs
    11. Ordinary People: Unrest Demo Released
    12. The (New) Forest: First Update Adds Sharks, Better Ponds
    13. Testy: DICE Considering Early Access For Battlefield
    1. Live Free Play Hard: A New Cave System To Explore
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. The RPS Verdict: The Last Days & Best Games Of E3
    2. Dragon Age: Inquisition - Meet The Gang
    3. Wot I Think (Part One): Wildstar
    4. Office Rage: Biometric Emotional Manipulation
    5. Why I'm (Ever So Slightly) Worried About The Witcher 3
    6. Dr. Alchemist: Dungeon Of Elements
    7. Nordic Necromancers Raise Zombie THQ From Its Grave
    8. Mud For The Mud God: Spintires Out Now
    9. The Flare Path: Tales Of The Unexpected
    10. Steam Age: Rise Of Nations Extended Edition Out Now
    11. Not So Slow: SUPERHOT Hits Kickstarter Stretch Goals
    12. Flowing Traffic: Steam Greenlights Another 75 Games
    13. Nothing But The Rain: EVE Valkyrie E3 trailer
    14. Mountain Simulator: 'Her' Fake Game Maker's Real Game
    1. Week in Tech: Alienware's Non-Steambox, SSD No-Brainer
    2. Persistent Online Corpses: Super Rude Bear Resurrection
    3. Gunners For Goalposts - World of Tanks: Football Edition
    4. She & Him - Together: Amna & Saif Tries To Rethink Co-op
    5. Horizon Shine: Watch The Secret Best Conference Of E3
    6. Papercraft Pain: A Song For Viggo
    7. Do Not Pass CS:GO: Weapon Skin Removed After DMCA
    8. Patriots No More: Rainbow 6 Siege Breaches E3
    9. A Free Spike Joint: VVVVVV - Make And Play Edition
    10. Of Gods And Spaceships: New Skyforge Trailers
    11. Matters Of The Heart: The Sims 4
    12. Yes All Men: Assassin's Creed Bro-op Controversy Escalates
    13. Not All Men: Daedalic's Steampunk Adventure
    14. After The Storm.... London's Radius Festival
    15. Angry Urination & Other Scenes From Homefront 2
    1. Fish, Hitler, And Naughty Language: DLC Is Bloody Weird
    2. You Can Never Go Home: Night In The Woods
    3. The Fallout Doctrine: Sheltered
    4. Hot Rods And Vroom Sticks: Project CARS
    5. Stay On Target: Sniper Elite 3 Multiplayer Trailer
    6. Princess Metroidononoke: Ori And The Blind Forest
    7. Platonic Puzzler: The Talos Principle
    8. Beyond Seven Minutes Of Civ: Beyond Earth
    9. Smuggling The E3 Trophy Home: Elite - Dangerous
    10. Science Victory: Civilization 5 Now On SteamOS And Linux
    11. Watery Wandering: Abzu Announced
    12. Hound Of Love: Valiant Hearts - The Great War
    13. Assassin's Disunity: Ubi's Excuse For No Female Character
    1. Cardboard Children - Rik Mayall
    2. Colossal Command: Dreadnought
    3. A Different Kind Of Limbo: Playdead Announce Inside
    4. Grapplewatch 2014: Far Cry 4 Gameplay Swings Away
    5. Hands-On: Alien Isolation
    6. DOOM 4 Definitely Actually Really Revealed At QuakeCon
    7. Spellcasting S-E-Q-U-E-L: Magicka 2 Announced
    8. RPS Verdict: E3 2014 Day Zero, Winners And Losers
    10. Road Trip: The Crew Launches Beta Sign-Ups, E3 Trailer
    11. Raiding Tombs: Lara Croft And The Co-op Sequel
    12. When Androids Attack: Alien - Isolation
    13. Statue Of Killity: Habitat's Momument-Sized Superweapons
    14. Batman: Arkham Knight's Batmobile Looks Really Fun
    15. (Exposed) Muscle Beach: Dead Island 2
    16. Grim Fandango Gets New-Fangled At Last, But...
    17. No Man's Sky's Has Space Dinos & Confusing Exclusivity
    18. Sugar And Vice: Hotline Miami 2
    19. Finally: Grand Theft Auto V PC Announced
    20. FIFA 15 Gets E3 2014 Trailer, Is Balls
    21. BioWare Blathering: Mass Effect And Something Brand New
    1. You Should Probably Pay Attention To IndiE3
    2. Hidden Himalayas: Far Cry 4
    3. Watch-And-Chat: Ubisoft's E3 Shindig
    4. A Little More Faith: Mirror's Edge 2 E3 Trailer
    5. Keeping Up With The Jones: Rise Of The Tomb Raider
    6. Bring A Murderfriend: Co-op In Assassin's Creed Unity
    7. The Lighthouse Customer: The Forest
    8. Murder With Friends: Tom Clancy's The Division
    9. Live Now: Watch EA's E3 Conferencemercial
    10. Diary: Exploring The Watery Depths Of Sub Commander
    11. Ten Points For Gryphon Gore: The Witcher 3
    12. Soulier Than Thou: Dragon Age - Inquisition
    13. Wonkyvision: H1Z1's E3 Trailer Is Honestly Rubbish
    14. Watch-And-Chat: Microsoft's E3 Press Briefing
    15. A Lunatic Notion: The Moon Sliver
    16. Gaijin No More: BIT.TRIPPERS Announce Two Space Games
    17. From Card To Computer: Twilight Struggle
    18. DevLog Watch: Blackshirt, Party Animals, Neon Struct, More
    19. You Got Your FPS In My RTS! Abatron Announced
    20. Eyes Wide Shut: See No Evil
    21. If Life Gives You Oranges: Platformer Juju Gets Trailer
    22. Meching Your Mind Up: Five New Minutes Of Brigador
    23. Top-Down Troopers: Close Combat - Gateway To Caen
    24. Modern Murder-Solving: Sherlock Holmes's E3 Trailer
    1. Live Free Play Hard: The Spacebar Plays A Crucial Role
    2. The Sunday Papers
    3. InSomnia Has Old-School RPG Style, Modern Graphics
    1. Mojang Disallows Money-Making Minecraft Perks
    2. Grappling With Joy: Floating Point Free From Gunpoint Dev
    3. Spelunktroid: Crystal Catacombs
    1. S.EXE: Snowblind Aces
    2. HARDER FASTER PIGEONIER: Hatoful Boyfriend Remake
    3. E3 2014: RPS Predicts Things That Will Definitely Happen
    4. Actual Roguelike Alert: Ancient Domains Of Mystery
    5. Meta-Vapourware: The Magic Circle Announced
    6. And Another: FIFA 15's 'Next Gen' Engine Coming To PC
    7. Impressions: Stomping On The The Stomping Land
    8. Store Wars: GOG Launching Its Own Steam-Like Service
    9. The Flare Path's D-Day D-Tour
    10. E3 Trail-o-rama 2014: Hey, It's Dying Light!
    11. Don't Start A: Riot Completely Overhauling LoL's Map
    12. EA Runs Out Of Plugs, Leaks BF Hardline E3 Trailer Itself
    13. EVE Online Dev CCP Suffers Big Layoffs... Again
    14. Time Loops And Tears In SS2 Mod System Shock Infinite
    1. Canny Valley: The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter
    2. Witcher 3 Gets Release Date, Bonkers New Trailer
    3. Week in Tech: Ultrawide Monitors, DDR 4 & New Intel CPUs
    4. Xbox One Controller Windows Drivers Released
    5. Interview: Northern Shadow's Plan To Rebuild RPGs
    6. Whimper And Crush: Borderlands - The Pre-Sequel
    7. Lone Star: Soloing Wildstar (Part 1)
    8. Ex-Xbone-Exclusive: Dead Rising 3 On PC This Summer
    9. Next-Gen Tetronimoes: Ubisoft Announce Tetris Ultimate
    10. 3, 2, 1: Star Citizen Dogfighting Module Blasts Off
    11. Indie Fest Bit of Alright Now Feral Vector, On July 4th
    12. A Real Tree-t: How To Be A Tree Looks Amazing
    13. Steam Early Access: Games May Never Be Finished
    14. Microsoft's Loss: Ex-Steam Boss Joins Oculus
    15. Eve Online Kronos Expansion Out Now, Brings Piracy
    16. Die Harder: Dark Souls 2 Getting Three DLC Episodes
    17. HTR+ Brings Scaletrix-Like Thrills To Your PC
    1. Wot I Think: Murdered - Soul Suspect
    2. Holden Boyles' Spirit Becomes Qora, Releases New Demo
    3. Spaceship Diplomacy: Spies And Information In EVE Online
    4. That's Quite A Lot, Isn't It? 1001 Spikes Released
    5. The RPS Verdict - Wolfenstein: The New Order
    6. Legend Of Grimrock 2 Out This Year, No Early Access
    7. Last Manchester Standing: Beyond - Flesh And Blood
    8. Another Goat Simulator Update, Another Incredible Trailer
    9. Lagolution: Battlefield 4 Patches Netcode
    10. One Tap Quest Is Dumb And I Hate It And I Can't Stop
    11. Rimworld Alpha 4 Adds Wood, Dodges Obvious Jokes
    12. All Aboard The Gut Train: Tormentum Is Gorgeously Gross
    13. VoidExpanse Expanded to Version 0.8
    14. Today On The Bat O'Clock Batnews: Batdelays & Batmobiles
    1. Cardboard Children – Rab’s Top 50 (20-11): The Video
    2. Oh Hallelujah: Steam Now Lets You Preload To Any Folder
    3. First Look: Homefront - The Revolution
    4. Conceptual Theatre: Irrational Vets Making The Black Glove
    5. Forging Frontiers: EVE's Future
    6. Making Headway: FranknJohn
    7. DRAKERZ-Confrontation: Half-Chimera, All-Game
    8. Weird Weird West: Co-Op Monster-Slaying In Crytek's Hunt
    9. Ships Don't Lie: Battle Fleet 2
    10. Why Did Nobody Play The Floor Is Jelly?
    11. Groovy: Rhythmic Platformer Inside My Radio Announced
    12. A Myth No Longer: Fable Anniversary Coming To PC
    13. Grimrock Tidings: Legend Of Grimrock 2 In Alpha
    14. XCOM Who? - Xenonauts Officially Complete
    1. The Lighthouse Customer: In Verbis Virtus
    2. Platform Wars: War Thunder Connecting PC And PS4
    3. The RPS Conversation: The Forest Early Access
    4. Sequality: Mortal Kombat X Announced
    5. Pixellated Pixies: Where Is My Heart?
    6. Play WildStar With The RPS Community Guild
    7. The Liberty Cell: Homefront - The Revolution
    8. Cretaceous Bodacious: The Stomping Land On Early Access
    9. DevLog Watch: Space Death, Curious Expedition, Firewatch
    10. First Dwarf Fortress Update In Two Years Arrives Next Month
    11. Warmer War: Company Of Heroes 2 - Western Front Armies
    12. Sons Of The Desert: Legions Of Ashworld
    13. Bigger And Huger - Rise Of Nations: Extended Edition
    14. All STALKER Games Saved From GameSpy Server Meltdown
    1. Live Free Play Hard: Faint Ghost Of A Backstory
    2. The Sunday Papers