August 2014 Archive

    1. Firewatch: Alight Here For First Trailer And Screenshots
    1. Super Meat Boy Forever Is An Auto-Running Platformer
    2. Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell - Down In The Valley Next Jan
    1. S.EXE: F**k Everything (RNSFW)
    2. Prison Architect Alpha 24 Improves Modding, Adds Snitches
    3. Wot I Think: Cloud Chamber
    4. Diablo III Patched, Now Greater, More Seasonal
    5. Full Motion Video: Dying Light
    6. Grand Theft Aiden: The #WatchDogsIV Mod
    7. A Log Book: The Forest Diary Part Two - Sharkrolling
    8. It Got Out: Containment Protocol Demo
    9. The Flare Path: Fruit Of The Thorn
    10. Suspicious Mind: Sherlock Holmes - Crimes & Punishments
    11. Freeware Garden: Level 2 - Virus Master
    12. Titanfall Without The Titans: A New Humans-only Mode
    13. Rhythmic Shmup: Harmonix's A City Sleeps
    14. When Hope Dies: Breach And Clear - Deadline
    1. Week in Tech: AMD's New 285 GPU, NVMe SSDs And Stuff
    2. Make Your Own Myth: Moon Hunters
    3. The Risen 3 Report, Day 6: The Price Of A Monkey
    4. Oooh! Twitchy Spinny Dodge 'Em Up oO
    5. Makoa And Meercats: A Rite From The Stars
    6. They Only Come Out At Night: Gridland
    7. Something For The Weekend: RPS Social Club
    8. Get Your Head Around This: Miegakure's 4D Puzzling
    9. Wot I Checked: Chess 2 - The Sequel
    10. Hexcells Infinite Is Out Monday, All Other Gaming To Cease
    11. Freeware Garden: Roguelight
    12. Smell The Glove: The Magicka Devs' Gauntlet Revamp
    13. Quake For Noobs: Quake Live Adds Loadouts & Autohopping
    14. Escape Dead Island Has A Release Date, For Some Reason
    1. Dote Night: Does Lore Matter To Online Wizard Fights?
    2. Dig It: The British Geological Survey's Minecraft Britain
    3. Wot I Think: The Journey Down Chapter 2
    4. FMV Without The Clicking: GOG Starts Selling Movies
    5. The Risen 3 Report, Day 5: The World's Longest Arm Wrestle
    6. Shadowrun: Dragonfall Now Has Standalone Director's Cut
    7. Humble Jumbo Bundle 2 Now More Jumbo, Adds 3 Games
    8. Shape Of The World Is A Growing Exploration Game
    9. Lo-Fi Let's Play: Mystery House
    10. The Mass Effect Effect: Dragon Age Inquisition's Multiplayer
    11. Freeware Garden: Mouse Corp
    12. Valve Time Force: Super Time Force Now On PC
    13. StarCrawlers Trailer Has Turn-Based Spaceship Crawling
    14. Aww: Musical Planetary Puzzler Awe
    1. Cardboard Children - Heroes of Normandie
    2. Mix Drinks For Cyberpunk Dogs: Valhalla
    3. Hands On: Renowned Explorers
    4. Parkitect Kickstarter Trailer Revives Old Theme Park Vibes
    5. Impressions: Gabriel Knight 20th Anniversary
    6. Mont-Martyred: Assassin's Creed - Unity
    7. Shadow Of Shadow Of The Colossus: Titan Souls Trailer
    8. Live$treaming: Amazon Buying Twitch For $970 Million
    9. Impressions: Mini Metro
    10. Giants - Citizen Kobe: NBA 2K15
    11. Freeware Garden: Impulse
    12. RSPCA Approved: Free-Range Dragons
    13. Choose Your Own Spaceship - 50 Mins Of Civ: Beyond Earth
    14. Grappling Jellyfish: Deep Under The Sky Trailer
    1. The Lighthouse Customer: Dex
    2. You Little Wonder: Age Of Wonders III - Golden Realms
    3. Holiday Space Japes - Elite: Dangerous Smuggling Video
    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. Death To Middlemen: Dirty Dozen Sale Direct From Devs
    1. Wot I Think: Metro Redux
    2. Freeware Gardener's Question Time: 21/08
    3. Looking Solid: Metal Gear Solid 5's Gamescom Trailer
    4. Free Sneaking: Dishonored's Steam Weekend Trial
    5. Dreamers Of Dreams: Sentris Early Access
    6. The Great Prosperini, PI: The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter
    7. BildungZroman: The Walking Dead Season Two Finale
    8. Paradise Cities: The Crew Has Lots Of Game Modes
    9. The Flare Path: And The Battling Bastards Of Charlie Sector
    10. What's Yours Is Mined: Cloudbase Prime
    11. Freeware Garden: Remnants Of A Beautiful Day
    12. Get Hype(rion): CCP Detail Next EVE Online Expansion
    13. One Pixel's Perfect: Adventures Of Pip
    14. The Grandest Stage Of Them All: SpaceWrestler
    1. Week in Tech: Bent Screens, Reversible USB, AMD SSDs
    2. Giving Voice To The Void: Ancient Space
    3. An Hour With: Shadowgate
    4. Minecraft's Bukkit Mod 'Ended' By Dev, Continued By Mojang
    5. Impressions: Galactic Civilizations 3
    6. Humble Jumbo Bundle 2 Is Great: GalCiv 2, CK2, Terraria...
    7. Indie Vroom: Super World Karts
    8. The Behemoth Tease New Game, Has World-Destroying Bear
    9. Mod Of The Century: Distant Worlds Star Trek
    10. The Escapists Is Out On Early Release
    11. Freeware Garden: Glitch Dungeon
    12. 2K Games Cheap, Borderlands 2 Free This Weekend
    13. Five Nights At Freddy's Looks Creepier Than Knotweed
    14. Teleporting Platformer Super III Is Cute, Launches Kickstarter
    1. Dote Night: How Did I Spend £215 On A 'Free' Game!?
    2. Atari Reviving Alone In The Dark & RollerCoaster Tycoon
    3. Hands-On: Pillars Of Eternity
    4. This Is A Test
    5. Come Die With Me: Don't Starve Together
    6. Former Deus Ex And BioWare Devs Announce Sienna Storm
    7. Borges 'Em Up: Intimate, Infinite
    8. Conjoined: Eight Minutes Of Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth Co-Op
    9. Game Kebab - King's Bounty: Dark Side Released
    10. Lo-Fi Let's Play: Dream Zone
    11. The Golf Club Drives To The Green, Is Released Now
    12. Freeware Garden: Comedy Quest
    13. Presenting Exhibit A In The Witcher 3 Trial
    14. Custom Space-Crud: Habitat Adding Mod Support
    15. Monty's Icons: Hearts Of Iron IV
    1. Cardboard Children - Incursion
    2. Build-A-Youth: The Sims 4's Character Creator Demo
    3. Hands On: Dead Island 2
    4. Team Meat's Live Action Stealth: A Voyeur For September
    5. Wot I Think: Detective Grimoire
    6. Cor Blimey, Wotcha: Arena Of Fate
    7. PC Powerslam: Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship
    8. Vagante, That Spelunky-Style RPG, Is Now On Kickstarter
    9. Zone Of The Defenders: Fortnite
    10. Brawl Of The Wild: Double Fine To Publish Gang Beasts
    11. Freeware garden: Americano
    12. Enemy Starfighter Trailer Drums Space Battles Into You
    13. Another Dawn: Mountain Now On Steam
    14. New Middle Earth: Shadows Of Mordor Trailer Is Zeitgeisty
    1. The Lighthouse Customer: Frozen State
    2. Gamescom 2014 Verdict: Diversity, Doom And Automatons
    3. Rules For Games: Do & Don't #8
    4. Space-Ninjas: Warframe Adding Zero-G Combat Mode
    5. Eyes-On: Mordheim – City of the Damned
    6. Give Your Eyes, Teeth: Surgeon Simulator DLC
    7. Games Journo Sim: Always Sometimes Monsters Demo
    8. Nearing The Finish Line: Project CARS Gamescom Trailer
    9. Team Fortress 2's Workshop Now Accepts Merchandise
    10. Kirk Out: Interstellaria v0.4 Trailer Is Mighty Fine
    11. Freeware Garden: Space Goblin In A Land Of Jello
    12. Ships Of Steel: Sunless Sea's Revamped Combat
    13. Puppygames' Fate Worse Than Closing: Basingstoke
    14. History Completing Itself: EU IV And CK II Still Growing
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Hive Jump Is Spelunky Starship Troopers
    1. S.EXE: Dragon Age II And The Long Road
    2. Simulated Urban Area - Cities: Skylines Announced
    3. All The Space You Can Handle: Gal Civ 3 Enters Beta
    4. The Hole Thing: Donut County
    5. World of Warcraft Getting Warlordier On November 13th
    6. The Risen 3 Report, Day 4: The Salem Duck Trials
    7. Rome II Daughters Of Mars DLC Adds Warrior Women
    8. The Flare Path: A Flummox Of Foxers
    9. Why Did You Give Me This? Steam Can Now Hide Games
    10. Freeware Garden: The Wizard
    11. Far Cry 4's Kyrat Has Bad Guys 'n' Badgers
    12. Eyes On: The Witcher 3
    13. 2D Blaster Relic Hunters Zero Will Be Open Source, Free
    1. Week in Tech: Intel Shrinks Desktop Apathy Down To 14nm
    2. Got The Claptrap - Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
    3. Impressions: Lovecraftian Citybuilder Clockwork Empires
    4. Hands On: Galak-Z, The Roguelite Arcade Shooter
    5. A Log Book: The Forest Diary Part One
    6. PaydayZ: Overkill's Walking Dead Co-op FPS
    7. The Risen 3 Report, Day 3: Jack The Sack
    8. Interview: Luis Antonio Talks Twelve Minutes
    9. This Is A Sneaking Mission: Metal Gear Solid V On PC
    10. Freeware Garden: SanctuaryRPG
    11. Editorial: Assassin's Creed Is No Longer Critically Relevant
    12. Dragon Fights And Spoilers - Dragon Age: Inquisition
    13. You'll Be Never Alone From November 4th
    1. Dote Night: Era And The Case For A Dota Reserve Squad
    2. Expandalone Alone: Company of Heroes 2 Ardennes Assault
    3. Teenage Spacekicks: On Planetarion And Caring Too Much
    4. Mouse Souls: Ghost Of A Tale
    5. Unreal Tournament 2014 Playable, Free To All
    6. Six New Witcher 3 Screenshots And A Trailer For You
    7. HOMMage: Might & Magic Heroes VII Announced
    8. Hands On: Alien Isolation
    9. First Look: Twelve Minutes
    10. The Risen 3 Report, Day 2: Voodoo Matt Berry
    11. Freeware Garden: Ronin
    12. Unexpected: BioWare's 4v1 Online RPG Shadow Realms
    13. Action Allegory: The Binding Of Isaac Rebirth Trailer
    14. Bel-oh That's Lovely! Below's Gamescom Trailer
    15. Lethal League Looks Legendary, Out Soon
    1. Cardboard Children - Jumanji
    2. Splatummer Holidays: Dead Island 2 Trailer
    3. Wot I Think: Words For Evil
    4. It Rises: Sierra Returns With Geometry Wars & King's Quest
    5. Fall Of The Tomb Raider: No PC Release For Rise
    6. The Risen 3 Report, Day 1: Boobpirate vs Hulk Chicken
    7. Twitter News: A Bird Story Trailer & Release Date
    8. Titanfield: CoD Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Revealed
    9. Impressions: Pure Pool
    10. Kingface - Grand Ages: Medieval Announced
    11. Freeware Garden: Nekra Psaria
    12. Cyclonic! Space Hulk: Ascension Edition Announced
    13. Kaiser Versus Unicorns - Toy Soldiers: War Chest
    14. Remember 'Em? Time Travel Tricks With Life Is Strange
    1. The Lighthouse Customer: Rodina
    2. Planetside 2: Hunt With The Traitors!
    3. Hands On: The Long Dark Early Access
    4. Scouts Honored: Football Manager Data Being Used By Pros
    5. Wot I Think: Mind - Path To Thalamus
    6. Dungeons 2 Emerging Into Daylight Next Year
    7. Hard West Kickstarter Offers Turn-Based Cowboy Tactics
    8. Bif Pow Oof: Ultra Street Fighter 4 Released
    9. Freeware Garden: Expat
    10. The 'Z' Word Is Zipline: Dying Light
    11. Gods Will Be Patching: The Mercy Update
    12. Best In Show: Sleeping Dogs Definitively Remastered
    13. Agrarian Game Again: Farming Simulator 2015 Trailer
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Unwrap The Bones, Light The Incense: Resurrecting Sierra
    1. Interview: Early Access, Stealth And Mods In Invisible, Inc.
    2. Twitching: A Few Solutions But More Problems
    3. Impressions: Road Rash Spiritual Sequel Road Redemption
    4. Not A New Wargame, But A War Game: Act Of Aggression
    5. Crytek On Unpaid Staff: "Some people were very impatient"
    6. The Eyes Have It: '60s Sci-Fi Shoot-o-Puzzle Albedo
    7. Arma 3 Dev Branch Takes On Helicopters
    8. Sandbox Sataning: Lucius 2 Announced
    9. The Flare Path: Dora Explorer
    10. Football Manager 2015 Announced And That's It
    11. Steam Free Weekend-o-rama: Jets vs. Vampires vs. Soldiers
    12. 3D Benchmark Tool Comes To PC - Ryse: Son Of Rome
    13. Downloadable Cunning: AI War - Destroyer Of Worlds
    1. Week in Tech: MMOuse, Shield, Superwide Is Super Cool
    2. Shocks To The System: Solarix Interview
    3. Wot I Think: The Sun At Night
    4. Procedural Plundering: Heat Signature Trailer
    5. Wot I Think - Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey
    6. History Trip: Castle In The Darkness Is A Videogame
    7. Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies Shambling F2P To Steam
    8. Twitch Trimming Archives & Muting Copyrighted Music
    9. Smashing Skellingtons: 20 Minutes Of Hellraid
    10. Freeware Garden: Tarantella Sicilienne
    11. It's Valve Time: Source 2 Now Powering Dota 2 Tools
    12. Mod A Mod: Dota 2 Mod Tools Released
    13. Kilrathi Gratuit: Wing Commander 3 Free On Origin
    14. Build And Battle: The Settlers - Kingdoms Of Anteria
    1. Dote Night: Videogame Photography
    2. Prophetic: Glitchhikers Chap Starts Game "EP" With Oracle
    3. Impressions: Road Not Taken
    4. Join Us At 8pm UK Time For Streamed Planetside 2
    5. Wot I Think: Unrest
    6. The Stomping Land Is Moving To UE4, Still Sorta Dead
    7. XCOM: The Board Game Is The Board Game Of XCOM
    8. Going Up: SimCity Timed Demo Released
    9. Lo-Fi Let's Play: Crimson Crown (Transylvania II)
    10. The Detour Of The Beagle: Evolve Delayed
    11. Freeware Garden: Super Slalom
    12. Hazard Flag: Colin McRae Rally Offering Refunds
    13. Crossbrover: The Expendabros Out Now For Free
    14. Boom Clap: Mortal Kombat X's Three Flavours Of Raiden
    1. Cardboard Children - The Unopened Box
    2. Stick Or Twist: Pick Winners In CSGO's Pick'Em Challenge
    3. Tunnel Vision: Actual Games
    4. Minecraftbut With Connected Worlds: Oort Online
    5. Fixing (For) A Hole: Cavern Kings
    6. Outcast Is The 57th Best PC Game Of All Time
    7. Wasteland 2: Fargo On NPCs, DLC & Save-Scumming
    8. Tetris With Guns: GunBlocks Demo
    9. Endings Game: Human Extinction Simulator
    10. On Moddin' Pond: Life In The Woods Mod Pack For Minecraft
    11. Re: Remastered Resident Evil - REmake
    12. Freeware Garden: Weird City Interloper
    13. Pass It On: Never Alone's Cultural History
    14. Real World Tower Defense: MapsTD
    15. Four-Player Anime Space Battles: Stardust Vanguards
    1. The Lighthouse Customer: Son of Nor
    2. Succour And Shelter: The Spare Set
    3. Wot I Think: Quarries of Scred
    4. Near-Future: Wasteland 2 Possibly Delayed A Mite
    5. Video: Slowly Starving To Death In Eidolon
    6. First-Person Sporter: Game On For Epigenesis
    7. DevLog Watch: That Which Sleeps, Limit Theory, [encrypted]
    8. Bad Day At The Office: Tom Vs. The Armies Of Hell
    9. Back To The Arena: Toxikk
    10. The Placing Of Products: Middle Earth - Shadows Of Mordor
    11. Freeware Garden: Ghost Wheel?
    12. Pinball Wizards And Warriors: Rollers Of The Realm
    13. Just Stare At Drift Stage For A While
    14. Open Call: Epic Offering EGX Floor Space To Unreal Devs
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Street Fighter X Tennis: Facepunch Reveal Deuce
    2. Eerie Late-Night Public Access TV - 2:22AM
    1. S.EXE: The Arboretum
    2. Dreamy Driving: Glitchhikers Deluxe On Sale
    3. Wot I Think: Halfway
    4. Final Fantasy 14 Launches Two-Week Free Trials
    5. The Thought Processes Of A Serial Hearthstone Loser
    6. Tiny Wizard Is A Tiny Free Download, Dev Wants Feedback
    7. Zed Is (Not) Dead - Z: Steel Soldiers Comes To Steam
    8. Beyond Good & Evil 2 Continues As Ancel Goes A Bit Indie
    9. The Flare Path: Belt-Fed, Bipod-Mounted, Beer-Cooled
    10. Mid-Level Loading Be Gone! Thief 3 Gold Mod Leaves Beta
    11. Freeware Garden: (The Aptly Named) 3DTextAdventure
    12. Wot I Think: Sacred 3
    13. 3 For 3? Stash: No Loot Left Behind Kickstarter
    14. Reduxing On Early Access: Exodus Of Sol