December 2014 Archive

    1. Have You Played... Misadventures Of P.B. Winterbottom?
    2. 10 Things To Do During Holiday Gaming Load Screens
    1. Growing your Hearthstone card collection
    2. Have You Played... Half-Life: Opposing Force?
    3. How To Eat Your Cake: Consortium And The Fourth Wall
    1. Have You Played... Gone Home?
    2. Raiding The Fan-Made Tombs of Lara Croft
    1. Have You Played... Grand Theft Auto IV?
    2. The Successes And Failures Of Building Powerful PCs
    1. Have You Played... Uplink?
    2. Our contributor's favourite games of 2014
    1. Have You Played... Cart Life?
    2. The Christmas Leftovers 2014: Part Two
    3. The Flare Path: Bulges
    4. The Christmas Leftovers 2014: Part One
    1. Have You Played... Dracula Cha Cha?
    2. RPS Presents: An RPS Christmas Present
    1. Our favourite game of 2014: Endless Legend
    2. Have You Played... Deadly Premonition?
    3. Hearthstone Hero guide: Druid
    4. Ho Ho Ho-race: Merry Christmas Readers!
    1. Cardboard Children - The Games of NO! CONCEPT!
    2. Alice & Pip's Shut Up 2014 This Isn't About You Awards
    3. The greatest CCG Of 2014: Hearthstone
    4. Chaos Reborn Gets Single-Player Mode
    5. Kerbal Space Program Beta: How Is it?
    6. Comfort Jumping And The Joy Of Superfluity
    7. Boo! One Late Night: Deadline Released
    8. Have You Played... Call Of Juarez Gunslinger?
    9. SCHIING! BLAM BLAM Killing Floor 2's Guns & Perks Video
    10. Living Dead Galaxy: Space Pirates And Zombies 2
    11. Elite Dangerous Impressions, #2 - Finding A Fight
    12. TF2's Mannpower Mode Beta Adds Grappling Hooks!
    13. Freeware Garden: The Screening
    14. Space Engineers Fishes For Community Ships
    15. The Sims 4 Going On An Outdoor Retreat
    16. Larianew Year Resolution: Divinity Polish And New RPGs
    1. Premature Evaluation: Frontiers
    2. Do You Want To Build A Snowman?
    3. The Bestest Best RPG Of 2014: Dragon Age Inquisition
    4. Kick! Punch! Patch! For King Of Fighters '98 UMFE
    5. Insurgency Early Access Impressions: What's It Like Now?
    6. Outcast 1.1 Brings HD Support To The 57th Best Game Ever
    7. Dealing with area-of-effect damage in Hearthstone
    8. Have You Played... Ticket To Ride
    9. Wot I Thought: Micro-Thoughts On Many Games
    10. Dumbrella: Resident Evil Revelations 2
    11. Alpha Dog: Star Citizen Update Triples Its Playable Ships
    12. Hidden Bundle Bargains In The Steam Holiday Sale
    13. Get Into Here: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Studio GSC Reopened
    14. Freeware Garden: A Postcard from Afthonia
    15. Surgeon Sim Creators Prototype: Worlds Adrift
    16. Word Up! Twine 2 Released
    17. Your Monday Morning Weird: You Don't Know The Half Of It
    1. The Bestest Best WHAT Of 2014: Secret Habitat
    2. Valiance Online Opens Pre-Alpha Spandex People Testing
    3. Have You Played... Deep Under The Sky?
    4. Mount & Blade Viking DLC Isn't Quite In Ship Shape
    5. King’s Bounty: My Zombie Wife & The Belt O’Doom
    6. The Time Thief: A Game For All Seasons
    7. The Sunday Papers
    8. Cosmic Star Heroine Alpha Already Shows Star Quality
    1. The Bestest Best Something In 2014: Legend Of Grimrock 2
    2. Clever Girl, The Hunter: Primal Is Out For You
    3. Have You Played... My Father's Long, Long Legs?
    4. Local Multiplayer Party Time! Sportsfriends Released
    5. Why P'n'P Numenera Makes Me Interested In Torment
    6. Zombie Vikings Looks Like Brawly, Grotty, Stabby Fun
    7. What Are You Playing This Weekend?
    1. S.EXE: Coming Out On Top (NSFW)
    2. Jobs Worth: Dwarf Fortress Update 0.40.20 Released
    3. The Bestest Best Being Pleasantly Lost Of 2014: Bernband
    4. Catching Up With Eyezmaze: Grow Clay
    5. Wot I Think: Deadnaut
    6. Comfort Games
    7. Game Time For Gold In Proposed World Of Warcraft Update
    8. Have You Played... The Secret World?
    9. Elite Dangerous Impressions Part 1 - Learning To Fly
    10. StarCraft 2 Gets 2015 Ladder Maps, Retcons Dream Pool
    11. The Flare Path: Accosts Accomplished Add-On Artisans
    12. Ghost Run In Pac Man: The 8 Pages
    13. Freeware Garden: Goat Herd and the Gods
    14. Be Exactly What It Says: The Watcher
    15. Pay To Be A Sweary Lady: Payday 2 DLC Blast
    16. LoL's Snowdown Game Mode: Legend Of The Poro King
    1. Week in Tech: Epic End Of Year Review
    2. Report: Steam Cracks Down On Price-Dodging Gifting
    3. The Bestest Best Gosh, What? A New Esport? Good: Smite
    4. The Spend Times: Steam's Holiday Sale Is Live
    5. Early Impressions: Lords Of Xulima
    6. A Gift From Simogo: The Sensational December Machine
    7. Glossary of terms
    8. Have You Played... Syndicate?
    9. Tell You No Lie - Telltale Making Minecraft: Story Mode
    10. Ubisoft's Assassinspology Free Games Are Live
    11. Wot I Think: Metal Gear Solid V - Ground Zeroes
    12. The Inevitable Failure Of Transformers Games
    13. A Couple Of Hours With... Dungeon Defenders II
    14. Oregon, Home: Life Is Strange
    15. Hearthstone Hero guide: Rogue
    16. Freeware Garden: Cat-Ana
    17. Powering Down: Transformers Universe Closing In January
    18. Amplitude's Endless Sale Ends In Six Hours
    19. Cyberpunk, Open World Hotline Miami-like Metrocide Is Out
    1. Dote Night: The Training Wheels Of Wizardry
    2. Time To Admire Art In Secret Habitat
    3. The greatest horror game of 2014 - Alien: Isolation
    4. The Sims Medieval: Latest Crusader Kings II Expansion Out
    5. Magicka 2 Hands On: How To Refine Slapstick Co-Op
    6. It Came From The Demoscene: POP - Methodology
    7. Have You Played... The Secrets Of Raetikon
    8. Video: Hands On With Evolve
    9. Cities: Skylines - Hope For Heartbroken SimCity Fans?
    10. Satellite Reign: Early Access Impressions
    11. Hatred Has Returned To Steam Greenlight
    12. Kerbal Space Program Beta Brings Bases, Skills, Lots
    13. Freeware Garden: bird song
    14. Mod Tools And Megalodon: Depth Patched
    15. Out Of Exile: Avernum 2 Crystal Souls Out January
    16. Bowling, Basketball And Bugs: Starbound's Winter Update
    1. Cardboard Children - The Awful Green Things
    2. Elite Dangerous Is Out, Here Are Our Review Plans
    3. The greatest action game of 2014: Middle-earth: Shadow Of Mordor
    4. Bang Thhhwpp Splat - Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 Announced
    5. Interview: Humble Bundles Raise $50 Million For Charity
    6. Destiny And The Consolation Of Consoles
    7. Shifting Snows Bring 6.83 Dota 2 Patch
    8. Have You Played... Syndicate?
    9. NEO Scavenger Is Out Now, Hints For "Next Thing"
    10. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Has A Second Playable Character
    11. You Can Go Home Again: Fullbright Talk Tacoma
    12. Fullbright: Tacoma's BioShock Similarities "Not Deliberate"
    13. Freeware Garden: A Date In The Park
    14. Annual Analysis: Music, Movies And End Of Year Lists
    15. Valve "Would Not Publish" Hatred, Deletes From Greenlight
    16. Side-Scrolling RPG LISA Is In A Mess
    17. Cacowards Celebrate 2014's Best Doom Mods And Levels
    18. Stop! Sign Motion Demo Ahead
    1. Premature Evaluation: The Deer God
    2. Warhammer Quest Is Coming To PC And I Must Write This
    3. The Bestest Best Words Of 2014: Sunless Sea
    4. Ring The Bell: Dark Souls Slays GFWL, Transferring Saves
    5. Wot I Think: The Dream Machine Chapter 5
    6. Second Act: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Released
    7. Have You Played... DmC: Devil May Cry?
    8. Hands On: Total War - Arena
    9. A Fine Haul Of Booty: Air Buccaneers Now Free
    10. There's A Unity of Command Sequel In The Works
    11. Ultima Ratio Regum v0.6.0 Adds Cities, Fortresses, Coins
    12. Freeware Garden: MURDER
    13. Just Cause 3 Screenshots For Looking At
    14. Salty Survival: Stranded Deep Looks Lovely In This Trailer
    15. Charlotte Gore's Screened Made Me Scream
    1. The greatest strategy game of 2014 - Distant Worlds: Universe
    2. Dark Futures: Clint Hocking
    3. The Sunday Papers
    4. Have You Played... TowerFall Ascension?
    5. Human Orbit: Look At What I Did, Dave
    6. No, Please No, Not Another Game Player Has Baby Article
    7. Make A (Re)Quest: Fight The Dragon Launched
    1. World Of Warships Gameplay Video Released
    2. The Bestest Best Worldbuilding Of 2014: Dark Souls 2
    3. One Cut: Samurai Duelling In Kiai Resonance Trailer
    4. Have You Played... League Of Legends?
    5. Dog Sled Saga Has It All: Dogs, Sleds, A Saga
    6. Caledonian Antisyzygy: Beeswing Is Now Available
    7. Horror: The Games I Can't Play
    8. What Are You Playing This Weekend?
    9. Stamina: Distance Out On Early Access
    1. Party Games: Do Cocktails And Videogames Mix?
    2. The Valleys Are Alive With The Sound Of Music: The Bends
    3. The Bestest Best Kickstarter Of 2014 - Divinity: Original Sin
    4. Microsoft: "It's Time To Talk About Gaming On Windows"
    5. Strewth, It's Strife - Veteran Edition
    6. Behind The Mask: Five Nights At Freddy's
    7. Huah! CoD: Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Trial Weekend
    8. Have You Played... Red Faction: Guerrilla?
    9. Freespace Boardgame: Sort-Of Interplay Sort Of Returns
    10. Fight! BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend On PC
    11. The Flare Path: Wages War In The West
    12. Syndicate This: Satellite Reign Launches On Early Access
    13. New Games For Old Drops: There's To Be A Steam Auction
    14. Freeware Garden: OverPowered
    15. Keep Scrollin' Scrollin' Scrollin': Mojang Release Scrolls
    16. Um: Areal Devs Are At It Again, With STALKER Apocalypse
    17. Rise Of The Rayman: JUJU
    18. Huge Tracts Of Land: Cities XXL
    1. Week in Tech: Buy Yourself The Gift Of Graphics
    2. Counter-Strike Global Offensive Boards The Update Train
    3. The greatest co-op game of 2014: Far Cry 4
    4. Doomdump: Unseen Treats From Romero's Archives
    5. Wot I Think: Dead State
    6. Elite Dangerous Launch Video More Dangerous Than Game
    7. Have You Played... X-COM: Terror From The Deep?
    8. Flight Simulator X Lands On Steam December 18th
    9. Strategic Scoundrels: Blackguards 2
    10. UFO Conspiracies: Why Aren't You Backing To Azimuth?
    11. Freeware Garden: offɭine
    12. Necro-Nauty But Nice: Deadnaut
    13. We Are Saleing: Humble Store 'Winter' Sale Now On
    14. A Kind Of Magic: Hex 'Shattered Destiny' Set Out
    15. Cool Spaceships Ahoy: EVE Online Rhea Update Launched
    1. Whatever Happened To X-COM's Julian Gollop?
    2. Gollop: Own X-COM "Hopeless Cause" After Firaxis Game
    3. Dote Night: The Problem With YouPorn Sponsorship
    4. Write 'Em Up: Elegy For A Dead World Released
    5. The greatest adventure game of 2014: The Wolf Among Us
    6. The Entire Screen Of One Game Will Hurt Your Brain
    7. Wot I Think: The Talos Principle
    8. End Of The Line Team Fortress 2 Update Starts Here
    9. Have You Played... Sepulchre?
    10. Walking Simulator With A Gun: Ultimate Pâté
    11. Where Do Zombies Come From? Dying Light Explains
    12. The RPS Book Club For Games: Alive!
    13. HD Wizards: Heroes Of Might & Magic III HD Announced
    14. Sim City 2000 Is 20 Years Old And Free
    15. Freeware Garden: Orion
    16. Goblins vs Gnomes Arrives At The Hearthstone Tavern
    17. InkQuest: Explore Lionhead's Abandoned Adventure
    18. Babies And Badasses: New Alien Isolation Difficulty Modes
    19. Freeman Rush: HL2 RTS Lambda Wars Free On Steam
    1. Cardboard Children - DOBBLE
    2. Alice's Evening... Stare? Blade Runner Blues
    3. The Bestest Best Exploration Of 2014: Salt
    4. Brothers Creator Now Riding The Rails At Hazelight
    5. Darklands Retrospective: What RPGs Are Supposed To Be
    6. Thieves And Cowboys: Local Multiplayer Shoot-o-Bluffs
    7. Have You Played... Dragon Age: Origins?
    8. See How Inhuman You Can Be In Human Element
    9. Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Gets Competitive Mode
    10. Parcel Force: This Way Up Is A Cute Puzzler
    11. Enter The Gungeon: A Dungeon Crawler What Has Guns
    12. Freeware Garden: Peen Peen (NSFW)
    13. Julian Gollop On Kickstarting Chaos: "It Was A Bit Scary"
    14. Interview: X-COM's Julian Gollop On Remaking Chaos
    15. RPS Postbag: Dead State Is Out Of Early Access
    16. Call Off The Dogs: The Witcher 3 Delayed Into May 2015
    17. Marching On: The Banner Saga 2
    1. Premature Evaluation: The Masterplan
    2. Triple Fine: Day Of The Tentacle Special Edition Announced
    3. The greatest 4X of 2014: Endless Legend
    4. The Talos Principle: A Placeholder POV
    5. Why WoW Is Now All About WarCraft 3-Style Player Bases
    6. Some Odd Gentlemen Are On A King's Quest
    7. Have You Played... Skeal?
    8. How Christmas Shopper Simulator Ruined Christmas
    9. Wot I Think: Lara Croft And The Temple Of Osiris
    10. Decoy Dog: Metal Gear Solid V Multiplayer Announced
    11. Tacoma Is The New Game From The Makers Of Gone Home
    12. I'm After Before: First Video Of Prehistoric Strategy Game
    13. Freeware Garden: Petrichor
    14. Cross-Platform Punching In Street Fighter V
    15. New No Man's Sky Trailers Show Space Stations, Portals
    16. RE5734L3R: The Clue's Probably Not In The Name
    1. Gary Grigsby's War In The West (Isn't A Mission Statement)
    2. The Bestest Best Landscape Of 2014: Mountain
    3. else Heart.Break() Attack and Vine
    4. AvP Retro: A Stand-Up Fight Or Another Bughunt
    5. Have You Played... Half-Life?
    6. Be Someone's Entree: Human Flesh Added To DayZ Stable
    7. The Sunday Papers
    8. Skyrim Mod Enderal's Trailer Explores The Undercity
    9. Libraries And Liquor: A Day In The Life
    10. It's A-Parta The Plan! Total War: Rome II - Wrath of Sparta
    1. Black Desert: Charming Smiles And Fast-paced Slaughter
    2. The Bestest Best Combat Of 2014: NEO Scavenger
    3. Dead Island: Epidemic Ready To Infect Beta Players
    4. Have You Played... TRON 2.0?
    5. Super Wolfenstein HD Relives Classic In Ridicul-O-Vision
    6. The Lives Of NPCs
    7. Ghosts, Jelly, And Wilderness: Devs With Ferguson Bundle
    8. What Are You Playing This Weekend?
    1. S.EXE: Creatures Such As We
    2. Wot I Think: Warhammer 40,000 - Armageddon
    3. The Bestest Best Word Of 2014 - MGR: Revengeance
    4. Good Problems: The IGF Awards Are No Longer Vital
    5. Street Fighter V Exclusive To PC (And PS4, But Whatevs)
    6. Prog Rock And Prog Games: I Want Games That Do Less
    7. StarCraft's James Phinney On New Project Gigantic
    8. Mojang's Scrolls Is Now Elder Enough For A Full Release
    9. Have You Played... Desktop Dungeons?
    10. Rainbow Six: Siege Is An "Input Driven" Videogame
    11. Steal Christmas: Payday 2 Event Adds Heist, Masks, More
    12. The Flare Path: Wargaming - Where To Start?
    13. Cruisin' For A Brusin': Door Kickers Adds New Campaign
    14. Freeware Garden: Teddy Terror
    15. Resident Evil Remaster Arreiving In Janreuary
    16. Mirrorshades On For Void & Meddler
    17. Costumed Fighting: Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round PC-Bound
    1. Week In Tech: Decade-Long Monitor Marathon Is Over
    2. Not-Deus Ex: First Look At New Game's Engine
    3. The greatest puzzles of 2014: Hexcells Infinite
    4. Post-Irrational Decisions: 2K Founds New Super-Studio
    5. Diary: Surviving A Minecraft Modpack Crash Landing
    6. Seasonal Lies: GOG Launch "Winter" Sale
    7. Have You Played... Scribblenauts Unlimited?
    8. Order From Chaos: Loop Released
    9. Rowy Horror Show: Saints Row IV The Musical
    10. Sokobanology Lessons: Polyology
    11. 27 Million Viewers For LoL Worlds Final
    12. Raised By Screens Chapter 11: Goblins & Lagomorphs
    13. inXile Tease Another cRPG Comeback: Bard or Baldur?
    14. Freeware Garden: Bladesque
    15. Wacky Physics Sandwichbox: I Am Bread Released
    16. Dead Streets - The Old City: Leviathan Released
    17. Existential Kart Racing: Mario Cars 2
    1. Dote Night: Twitch Reflexes
    2. F2P Spin-Off Total War Battles: Kingdom Announced
    3. The Bestest Best Tactics Of 2014: Door Kickers
    4. The Politics Of Spanking: Hurt Me Plenty
    5. A Ranger In Far Cry 4: Part Three - Taking A Bow
    6. Rebuild Your Robogirlfriend: Love You To Bits
    7. Have You Played... The Dig?
    8. Dragon Age: The Ferelden Scrolls #7 - Castling Rocks
    9. Car-To-Ball: Rocket League
    10. Hands On With Evolve: Where The FPS Meets The MOBA
    11. Why Aren't Ubi Games On UK Steam? We Still Don't Know
    12. Freeware Garden: POEng'n'Klik
    13. Hearthstone: Goblins Vs. Gnomes Clanking Out Next Week
    14. The Crew Getting Day 1 Patch, Fixes - Er - Crews
    15. Turnip And Swede: Assassin's Creed In Victorian London
    1. Cardboard Children - December News
    2. Livesteaming: Steam Broadcasting Launches In Beta
    3. The greatest FPS of 2014: Wolfenstein The New Order
    4. Game Dad: Resident Evil Rev 2 Barrying Up February
    5. Wot I Think: Telltale's Game Of Thrones, Episode 1
    6. Theme Park In Space With Guns: The Spatials
    7. Have You Played... Frozen Synapse?
    8. Early Impressions: The Crew
    9. Stanley Watched The Trailer: Job Lozenge
    10. Wot I Think - Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions
    11. Reach Out And Touch Games: Leap Motion 3D Jam
    12. Freeware Garden: Yet, I despise him
    13. Seasons After Fall's Chaotic Calendar
    14. In The Grump Tank: Arkham Knight
    15. Forget Me Not: Lethe Is Physics Plus Horror
    1. To My Dying Day: Five NEO Scavenger Stories
    2. Premature Evaluation: Eternal Winter
    3. Other Video Game Calendars Are Available
    4. The Bestest Best Racing Game Of 2014: Qvadriga
    5. Our PC games of the year 2014
    6. Impressions: DeadCore
    7. Report: Counter-Strike And Controversy At Dreamhack
    8. Release Dated: The Grey Goo Petroglyph Do
    9. Have You Played... Nurikabe?
    10. Food For Thought: Prison Architect's Alpha 27 Update
    11. Aaaaaages: Broken Age Act 2 Delayed Till Early 2015
    12. Wot I Think: Lumino City
    13. Chaos Reborn Conjured Onto Early Access Next Week
    14. Freeware Garden: Infini-Quest
    15. Don't You Know? The Jackbox Party Pack Released
    16. All Aboard! The Mysterious Dark Train
    17. Drill, Baby, Drill! The Joylancer