February 2015 Archive

    1. Grab Your Sickle: A Druid's Duel Released
    2. See Hints Of The Prisoner In Contrast Devs' We Happy Few
    3. Subverting The Nazis: Alternative Hearts Of Iron Playstyles
    4. Get Lost: Curious Expedition Free Weekend
    5. A Handful Of Beautiful Guild Wars 2 Concept Art
    6. What Are You Playing This Weekend?
    7. Cock And Bullet Story: 12 Is Better Than 6
    1. What If Steam Never Existed?
    2. Electric Dreams, Part 2: Optimists At Heart
    3. Mo' MOBAs: Bandai Namco Announce Supernova
    4. Video: File System Aging - 1. Defragmentation
    5. Underworld Ascendant Is Funded
    6. Life Is Strange Episode Two "On Track"
    7. A Roguelike Gallery: Batman - Arkham Knight
    8. Jetpack Squad Is A New Shooter From Intrusion 2 Dev
    9. Capcom Apologises For Resident Evil Co-Op Bungle
    10. The Flare Path: Draftees And Deserters
    11. Grab Them By The Eyes: Signs From Terry Cavanagh
    12. Freeware Garden: The Matter of the Great Red Dragon
    13. Pistols At Dawn: Free Local Multiplayer Duelling In Duel42
    14. Gun Boots: Downwell Coming To PC
    15. Fable Legends Will Be Free-To-Play
    1. Why You Don't Need Multiple Graphics Cards
    2. Update Will Let You See Through The Eyes Of Your Guild Wars 2 Character
    3. Impressions: Oscura - Lost Light
    4. Looking Glass / Irrational Does System Shock 2 Live
    5. Making Things To Build - Cities: Skylines Mod Trailer
    6. Early Impressions: Rimworld
    7. Charm And Chills In A Big Scary World: Hunger
    8. Smite Patch Brings Bellona, Goddess Of War
    9. Poirot Takes On The ABC Murders
    10. Square Enix Humble Bundle Is A Curious Grab Bag
    11. Freeware Garden: Death Ray Manta
    12. Murdertime: Hotline Miami 2 Release Date & Payday Bits
    13. Gather Your Party: RPS Social Club This Saturday
    14. The Absence Of Is Pokes At The Afterlife
    15. A Glimpse Of Our Cyberfuture In Neon Struct Trailer
    1. Dote Night: SpectateFaker And Riot's Jibber Jabber
    2. Bard: League Of Legends Roaming Support Revealed
    3. Klick Klick Klicking In Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
    4. Norse Code: Jotun's Cold Colossi
    5. Wot I Think: Homeworld Remastered Collection
    6. How to play around Secrets in Hearthstone
    7. Ruins of Endoth, An RPG Designed For Lunchbreaks
    8. Warhammer 40,000 MOBA Alert
    9. Odd Checkout Action In Free Game Forever
    10. Shambles: Resident Evil Revelations 2 Lacks Local Co-op
    11. Bloodsports.TV Looks Like Borderlands vs Smash TV
    12. Freeware Garden: Ode To Cactus
    13. Sail Away: Sea Of Solitude Looks Fab
    14. Cops, Androids, And Murders In The Right Side Of Town
    15. Staring At Survival Sidescroller Snowbroken
    1. Cardboard Children - On Dungeons & Dragons
    2. Telltale And Lionsgate Mixing Games With Filmed Episodes
    3. Wot I Think: Hand of Fate
    4. Touch The Sky: Sid Meier's Starships Release On March 12
    5. Hands On: Hearts Of Iron IV
    6. Gridlock: GTA V Delayed Again
    7. Hearthstone Cheat Sheets: Mage Edition
    8. Star Citizen FPS, Social Features Coming "In Short Order"
    9. Plutoku: A Pleasing Riff On Sudoku
    10. Wot I Think: Frozen Cortex
    11. Work A Cybernetic Implant Support Line In Bionic Bliss
    12. Freeware Garden: Off-Peak
    13. A Leaked Look At The Cancelled Legacy Of Kain: Dead Sun
    14. Sikk Tricks And Polarity Flips: FutureGrind
    15. Tinkle Tinkle Little Star: Musical Space In Sunrose
    1. Valve Showing Unannounced SteamVR Hardware At GDC
    2. Premature Evaluation: Eden Star
    3. Between The Cat's Eyes: Night Shift
    4. Wot I Think: Trash TV
    5. Paranormal PI: Darkside Detective
    6. Victor Vran: Early Access Impressions
    7. Antholojam Has 15 Golden Age Sci-Fi Games At Any Price
    8. Explore (And Die In) The New World With Pioneers
    9. Birdman And Braid Or (The Imitation Games)
    10. Oh: Kickstarted Tactics 'Em Up Duelyst Will Be F2P Instead
    11. Clockwork: A Time-Faffing Puzzle Platformer
    12. Worlds Adrift Showcases Cannon Fire Gameplay
    13. Freeware Garden: Don't Escape 2
    14. A Tennessee Waltz: Hot Tin Roof
    15. Long Live The Student Council President: Black Closet
    16. Vessel & Blade: Caribbean! Released
    1. Blast Prettier Pathogens In Cell HD: Emergence
    2. Afterfall: Reconquest Episode 1 Is AfterOut ReNow
    3. Like Rogues? Like Space? Try Approaching Infinity
    4. Construct Starships & Deconstruct Enemies In Reassembly
    5. The Pipwick Papers
    6. The Sunday Papers
    7. Shoot Baddies For Good Causes: Tiny Robot Justice Squad
    1. Enjoy Skiffy Mash-ups Via Sins Of A Solar Empire Mods
    2. Scratch That Strategy JRPG Itch With Agarest 2
    3. The Book Of Unwritten Tales Gets A Second Tale
    4. This ClickHole Text Adventure Will Terrify And Inspire You
    5. What Are You Playing This Weekend?
    1. Full Throttle's Great Relationship
    2. Pollen's Trailer Plus The Buzz About Plants In Space
    3. Why People Are Making The AI Fight Itself In Civilization
    4. Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball Is What It Says It Is
    5. Dungeons 2 Keeps On Keepin' On
    6. Dungeon Deckbuilder Hand Of Fate Exits Early Access
    7. In Celebration Of Early Access Games
    8. Tombsday: Owl Cave's Making Charnel House Trilogy
    9. The Flare Path: Muskets, Moscow, And M4s
    10. XCOM With Steamy Robots: Warmachine Tactics Demo
    11. Freeware Garden: I Know This
    12. Smash-o! Medieval Engineers Launches Into Early Access
    13. Stormy Story - Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition
    14. Go For The Eyes! Minsc And Boo Coming To Neverwinter
    1. ESL Announces "World's Largest" CS:GO Event
    2. Cult Development: A Paradox Profile
    3. A Chiming Desktop Chum: Music Friend
    4. FIFA Ultimate Team On Player Upgrade Spree
    5. Rhythmic Violence: THUMPER
    6. Early Impressions: Offworld Trading Company
    7. Old World, New World: EU IV - El Dorado
    8. To The Moon Minisode 2 Is Really Very Good
    9. No App Needed To Play Assassin's Creed Unity Anymore
    10. Freeware Garden: Iron Snout
    11. Pew Pew: Watch Nine Minutes Of Captain Forever Remix
    12. Like Grimrock But Steampunk? Yes Please: Vaporum
    13. History With Dragons - Bladestorm: Nightmare On PC
    1. Dote Night: Seriously, Puck This
    2. Gfinity Announce First UK Esports Arena
    3. Grrrmrmrmrm - Chainsaw Warrior: Lords Of The Night Out
    4. Keep On Trucking: Spintires Development Back On Track
    5. Sburb Shots: Hiveswap Is The Homestuck Adventure Game
    6. Underworld: Ascendant Wants To Let You Improvise
    7. Wot I Think: Two Hours Of The Legend Of Candlewind
    8. Hotline Miami 2 Gets Into The Sequential Art Business
    9. The Random Element: Scenario Generator
    10. Puzzling Personalities: Pillar Released (And Has A Demo)
    11. Freeware Garden: Rocket Smash ex
    12. Sims 4 Mac Out Now, Free For Sims 4 PC Owners
    13. Gotcha! Local Multiplayer Snap 'Em Up Paparazzi Released
    14. You're Not Going Out Like That: (Try To) Dress Up
    1. Cardboard Children - Star Realms/Death Angel
    2. Train Station Curation: Alice And Pip Explore Off-Peak
    3. Evolve Wot I Think-In-Progress: Conclusion
    4. Minecraft: Bug Fixes I Have Enjoyed
    5. Crusader Kings II Is Three Years Old And Free For A Week
    6. Squeenix Seek Anachronox Pitches (If You Fund & Make It)
    7. Hands On: Cities - Skylines
    8. WoW Boosting Colour Blind Filter Options In 6.1
    9. Impressions: Lucius II
    10. Terraria Otherworld Is Not Terraria 2 But Kind Of Is
    11. Freeware Garden: Aero Chimera
    12. Where's The Boning? Bonetown - The Power Of Death
    13. Game Maker Maker Bought By Online Gambling Firm
    14. Explode Your Face: Strafe Demo Released
    1. Premature Evaluation: Monstrum
    2. Dota 2 Tops 1 Million Players At The Same Time
    3. Hands On: Tale Of Tales' Sunset
    4. InstaDoom Mod Adds Selfie Stick And Filters
    5. Video: A Return To The Long Dark
    6. World Of Tanks Generals Card Game Closed Beta Opens
    7. Sigma Theory: Turn-Based Espionage From Out There Dev
    8. A Walk In The Woods: Way To Go
    9. Dwarf Fortress Getting Procedural Poetry Analysis
    10. Monstrous Investigations: Walkerman Demo
    11. More Immersive, More Sim-y: Deux Ex Mod GMDX Updated
    12. Exuberant Adventuring In The Last Shore Trailer
    13. The Sound Of Space: Sputnik Dog Simulator
    1. I Bring You Fire: Lucius 2 Released
    2. The Sunday Papers
    3. The Pipwick Papers
    4. Hearthstone Hero guide: Paladin
    5. Hearthstone Hero guide: Hunter
    1. Splat-o! Carmageddon: Reincarnation Adds Multiplayer
    2. Magic Makeovers: Dragon Age Inq Adding Customisation
    3. Swanker Planets: Planeter Deluxe Released
    4. What Are You Playing This Weekend?
    1. Electric Dreams, Part 1: The Lost Future Of AI
    2. Frozen Cortex Has A Release Date Trailer
    3. Gearbox On Remastering Homeworld, Mods & Multiplayer
    4. Warframe Relays Update Brings Social Hubs
    5. Afterbirth - Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth Expansion Info
    6. So Let's Take Our Mind Off Things With Just Cause 3
    7. Dakka's Delight - Space Hulk: Deathwing Trailer
    8. Fassassin's Creed Movie In 2016
    9. The Flare Path: Dave Does Dovetail
    10. Peter Molyneux Interview: "I haven’t got a reputation in this industry any more"
    11. Musical Word Puzzling: Alphabeats Demo
    12. Hearthstone Hero guide: Priest
    13. Freeware Garden: Ever Yours, Vincent
    14. Don't Just Stand There, Etc: The STALKER Bundle
    15. Dungeons & Dragons & Co-op: Sword Coast Legends
    16. Lovekill - CoH 2 and Total War: Rome 2 Weekend Trials
    1. Why You Need A High-Refresh / 120Hz-plus Monitor
    2. The Long-Lost Characters Of Half-Life 2
    3. SUPERHOT: A Chat With Alice And Pip
    4. Blizzard's Digital Space Goat Raises $1.9m For Ebola Relief
    5. See Homeworld Remastered At 5K Resolution
    6. Galactic Inheritors: A Space 4X From HoI 3 & CK2 Designer
    7. Phrase Alert: L'Esports D'Escalier
    8. Caesar With Cogs - Lethis: Path of Progress Trailer
    9. Foolish Fancy: Judge Dredd Games
    10. Planetfall: Layoffs At Everquest/H1Z1/Planetside Dev
    11. Freeware Garden: Synclox
    12. Pleased Tzimisce You: Bloodlines Antitribu Mod Out
    13. Birds Of A Feather: Gathering Sky
    14. On-Rails Space Explosions: Star Horizon
    1. Dote Night: A Beginner's Glossary For Dota 2
    2. Dota 2: Winter Wyvern Info, Comic, WOLF PUP NEWS
    3. The Making Of Warhammer: Total War (THE MOD)
    4. Dreadnought By A Long Shot: 10 Minutes Of Big Ships
    5. Evolve Wot I Think-In-Progress, Part 2: Puny Humans
    6. The best Rare neutral cards in Hearthstone
    7. Loss Of Faith: Will Godus Ever Have A God Of Gods?
    8. Have You Played... Lego Harry Potter?
    9. The Lost Vikings Roll Out In Heroes Of The Storm
    10. Holy 4000 Priest deck guide
    11. GNOG Is A Head-Scratching Puzzle Game
    12. Razed By Screens: STOP DRIPPING IN MY FACE
    13. Second Of The SimCityNots: Cities Skylines Out March 10th
    14. Hearthstone deck guide: Firebat's Mech Shaman
    15. Dream Quest, My Favourite Game Of 2014, Is Out On PC
    16. StrifeCro's Winstreak Paladin guide
    17. Hearthstone Hero guide: Warrior
    18. Freeware Garden: Regeria Hope
    19. Asteroids: Outpost Is Atari's Multiplayer Craft-O-Surviver
    20. Nordic Warmen: Wargame Red Dragon Free DLC Out
    21. Spinny Blue Things Platforming: A Gander At Mekazoo
    1. Cardboard Children - Arcadia Quest
    2. Elite: Dangerous Update 1.1 Adds Player-Made Starports
    3. Evolve Wot I Think-In-Progress, Part 1: Monster Maths
    4. CLIP CLOP: Horsing Around In Hest Til Fest
    5. Beyond Looking Glass: Underworld Ascendant Interview
    6. 22cans Confirm Godus Team Shrinkage, Admit Mistakes
    7. Wot I Think - Ephemerid: A Musical Adventure
    8. The Long Dark Update Doubles Terrain Size Again
    9. Fluffy Fluffy News! Toonstruck Arrives On GOG
    10. Tactical Shootybangs: Interstellar Marines Free Trial Week
    11. Freeware Garden: Mibibli's Quest
    12. BioWare Austin's Shadow Realms Cancelled
    13. Bang Pow Growl: Mouthy Doom Replacement Sounds Mod
    14. Click Click Bang Bang: GOG's Shoot 'Em Up Sale
    1. Premature Evaluation: Besiege
    2. Evolve Guide: Turtle Rock On Beginner’s Tips For Monsters
    3. Return To The Witcher 2: Part 2 - The Not So Good Bits
    4. Drollest Dungeon: Pixel Heroes - Byte And Magic
    5. Evolve Guide: Turtle Rock On Beginner's Tips For Hunters
    6. Oh Godus, What The Hell's Going On?
    7. Have You Played... Sokobond?
    8. Contrast Follow-Up To Feature Masks, Drugs, Memory Loss
    9. Grow Home, Pilgrim: The Gardens Of Unearthly Delight
    10. Seaworthy: FTL-Style Naval Combat With Sea Shanties
    11. Where Are The Romantic Comedy Videogames?
    12. Sid Knows Best: Poppa Meier Builds Starships
    13. Freeware Garden: Alice In The Mushroom Hole
    14. Thumb Up 'Em Up: The Long Way
    15. Happy S.T.A.L.K.I.N.G.: Survarium Freeplay Mode Plans
    16. Battlecruising: Universal Combat CE Is Free
    1. Rive Long And Prosper; Die Soon And Admire Explosions
    2. Rule The Skies And Comb The Desert With Tolroko
    3. Arma Maria: Play Hitman-Inspired Levels In Arma III
    4. Planetside: The 1%
    5. The Pipwick Papers
    6. Can't Touch This: Resident Evil 2 Remade In UDK
    7. The Sunday Papers
    8. Portal 2 Level Reinterprets Companion Cube's Doom
    1. Victor Vran Vannounced: Vatch Veaser Vrailer Vere
    2. Neptune Had Mercy: Kickstarter Campaign Now Live
    3. Drive Any Track Will Powerslide Through Your MP3s
    4. What Are You Playing This Weekend?
    5. Mighty Quest For An Epic Launch Is Victorious
    1. S.EXE: Come Together
    2. Persistent Competition: Mortal Kombat X's Faction Wars
    3. Return To The Witcher 2: Part 1 - The Good Bits
    4. Wot I Think: Sunless Sea
    5. Wot I Think: Apotheon
    6. Mod-Me-Defs: Dying Light Mod Tools Coming
    7. Have You Played... The Movies?
    8. RPS Asks: What Would You Do With Call Of Duty?
    9. Gratuitous Space Battles 2 Beta Available To Buy Now
    10. Programming Is The Best Puzzle Game
    11. The Flare Path: Black Sea Battlecast
    12. Satanic Ritual Simulator: Sabbat Free For A Bit
    13. Freeware Garden: Elders Of Madness
    14. A Beautiful Relic: 37 Mins of Homeworld Remastered
    15. Now Docking: Subnautica Adds Submarine Mothership
    16. Pong In Space With Missiles: Redshift Blueshift
    1. Hacking It: Republique Remastered On PC This Month
    2. Wot I Think: Grow Home
    3. Assassin's Creed Rogue PC Release Date Announced
    4. Early Access Impressions: Darkest Dungeon
    5. Now Steaming: FMV Fighting Game Stay Dead
    6. Have You Played... Dungeons of Dredmor?
    7. First Of The SimCityNots: CitiesXXL Out Today
    8. Skave On: Warhammer - Vermintide Co-op FPS Announced
    9. Cleaning Cars And Packing Boxes: The Fiddly Bits Of Hac
    10. Choose Hamlet's Own Adventure: To Be Or Not To Be
    11. Freeware Garden: The Static Speaks My Name
    12. The First 45 Minutes Of Grow Home
    13. Get To Work! First The Sims 4 Expansion Announced
    14. Drive!Drive!Drive! Across Several Tracks At Once
    1. Dote Night: LoL Tourney Abandons Awful LGBT Rules
    2. Plans And Elevations: The Sims 4 Concept Art
    3. What Can Games Learn From Action In Comics?
    4. Shape Of The World Will Grow On You/Around You
    5. This Isn't A Post About Rise Of The Tomb Raider
    6. PSA: Hey! We've Got A Functioning Reviews Database Now
    7. Rewind: Small Radios Big Televisions Becomes Full Game
    8. Character Creation Perfected: Perfect Glowing Bodies
    9. Looking Glass Founder's Underworld Ascendant Revealed
    10. Life In Flowcharts: Are Games Art?
    11. Race The PlayStation Exclusivity: Labyrinthia Mode Added
    12. Rebound: Original Binding Of Isaac Getting New DLC
    13. Freeware Garden: Troll Song Verse One
    14. There Will Be A Bargain: The Humble Star Wars Bundle
    15. Watch Your Garden Grow: Viridi
    16. For The Emperwhaaa? Warhammer 40,000: Regicide Trailer
    1. Cardboard Children: XCOM: The Board Game - Part 1
    2. Die To Win: Free Platformer Rock Bottom
    3. Wot I Think: Game Of Thrones Episode 2
    4. London, Arise! Sunless Sea Is Released This Friday
    5. Wot I Think: The First Few Hours Of Raven's Cry
    6. Ubisoft Restore Games After Key Reseller Mess
    7. Have You Played... Saints Row 2?
    8. Dear Avalanche, Please Let Just Cause 3 Focus On Fun
    9. Mod-Me-Do: Dying Light Mod Block & Takedowns Tackled
    10. Plants Vs Porkers: Battle Ranch Demo
    11. Craftwar: StarCraft 2 Editor Adding Warcraft III Assets
    12. Freeware Garden: Game Jam
    13. Minecraft: Minecon London Gets Dates, Venue
    14. PlanetSide 2 Dev SOE Is Now Daybreak Game Company
    15. Unlife Is Strange: Spooky Selfie
    1. Premature Evaluation: Tiny Trek
    2. Fantasy League Of Legends And The $1m Prize Pool
    3. Dispense 4K Screenshots: Remembering Rogue Trooper
    4. I Am Gonna Drive In Sweden: Euro Truck Simulator 2
    5. First Look: Albino Lullaby
    6. Face-Breaking News: Condemned's Possible Indie Future
    7. Bayonetta Sorta On PC Ish A Bit (Ok It's A Browser Game)
    8. Hands On: Battlefield Hardline
    9. Mod-Me-Don't: Dying Light Mod Blocks And Takedowns
    10. Wot I Think: Life Is Strange, Episode One
    11. Freeware Garden: Tokyo 1923
    12. Explore Colourful Voids In Opoid
    13. Build A Warship: Psycho Starship Rampage Alpha Demo
    14. Gunsport: A Beach Sport For Cyber-Dudes
    1. Starr Mazer Kickstarter Promises Unlikely Fusion Of Genres
    2. The Pipwick Papers
    3. VHS Story: Tell A Tough Guy What To Do
    4. Particle Mace, A Game Of Competitive Space Physics
    5. Transformice Chews Its Way Onto Steam
    6. Watch Evolve Singleplayer Matches With Commentary