October 2015 Archive

    1. How To Survive 2 Hits Early Access With Online MP
    2. Go To Bed: Survive The Night Now Spooking PC
    3. Misc. Tricks, Treats: Halloween Goings-on In Games
    4. Have You Played... Quarantine II: Road Warrior?
    5. A Look Inside The Objects In Space Cockpit
    6. Free Loaders: Spooky Halloween Special
    7. A Closer Look At LoL's Summoner's Cup
    8. League Of Legends Worlds Final: SKT vs KOO Tigers
    9. What Are We All Playing This Weekend?
    1. A Psychogeography Of Games #5: Ed Key
    2. Cibele Is A Love Letter To MMO Communities
    3. No More Tears - The Binding Of Isaac: Afterbirth Is Out
    4. For Some Reason Steam Now Sells Dev Tutorial Videos
    5. DevLog Watch: The Best Kind Of Morally Reprehensible
    6. Fright Light: Cute And Creepy Adventure Bulb Boy Is Out
    7. Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 Rethinks Flight And Combat
    8. Have You Played... Fallout 3?
    9. XCOWBZ: Hard West Riding Out On November 18th
    10. Wot I Think: Batman - Arkham Knight
    11. The Flare Path Jigsaw Club
    12. Boo! Dota 2 Celebrates Halloween In Haunted Colosseum
    13. Horror Anthology Lakeview Cabin Collection's New Ep
    14. Civ BE Rising Tide Patch Makes Peace Less Ridiculous
    15. Tribes! Tribes! Tribes! Earthsiege And Tribes For Free
    16. Mirror's Edge - Catalyst Slips From February Release Spot
    17. Just Cause 3 Dev Video Takes You Backstage
    18. Learn To Run A Television Studio With Empire TV Tycoon
    19. The Last Door Season 2 Knocking On Early Access
    1. Inversus Is Two-Tone Tiled Turmoil
    2. LoL: How A Champion Designer Watches Worlds
    3. Lovely Weather We're Having Forecast For November 10
    4. Much Delayed Two Guys SpaceVenture Project Offers Five Nights Spoofing Cluck Yegger Minigame To Backers
    5. The RPS Verdict: Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes
    6. League Of Legends Update: Explaining Baron Nashor's Pre-season Lodger
    7. Dakka Dakka: Battlefleet Gothic - Armada's Orks
    8. Anno 2205 Shows Modular Buildings And Moon Colonies
    9. Bloody Hell: Dawn Of War II - Retribution's Surprise DLC
    10. Boo! Outlast 2 Announced For 2016
    11. I Never Finished Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines
    12. Have You Played... System Shock 2?
    13. Exhuming The Past: The Town Of Light
    14. Paradox Buys White Wolf - Including World Of Darkness & Vampire The Masquerade - From EVE Online Firm CCP
    15. Gold! (Gold!) Farming Simulator 15 Expansion Released
    16. Skelesaurs! Ark: Survival Evolved Celebrating Halloween
    17. Team Fortress 2 Halloween Revives All Prior Halloweens
    18. The Arkham Knight Re-Release Isn't Going Down Well
    19. Murdertown: Hitman Trailer Explores Sunny Sapienza
    1. A Night With The RPS Arma Community, Folk ARPS
    2. The Red-Faced Knight Returns: Batman's Back On Steam
    3. Wot I Think: The Park
    4. Next Year's Indie Giants Today: IndieCade 2015 Winners
    5. Void & Meddler: Episodic Cyberpunk Adventure Started
    6. Wheels Of Aurelia Is A Narrative Driving Game
    7. The Old Republic Awakens: Story Expansion Out Now
    8. Vaporware Dreams - Infinity: Battlescape On Kickstarter
    9. Quake Live Gets Steamworks, Is No Longer Free-To-Play
    10. Rocket League DLC Adds Massive Balls, Square Balls
    11. Have You Played... Body Blows?
    12. Might & Delight's Child Of Cooper Is Pretty, Confusing
    13. Minecraft-like Boundless To Include PS4 Cross-Play
    14. Street Fighter V Hitting The Streets On February 16th
    15. D&D Dark Sun, Ravenloft & Krynn Come To GOG
    16. Crytek's Robinson: The Journey Not Coming To PC
    17. No Man's Sky Set For June 2016, Contains Rutger Hauer
    1. Cardboard Children - Skull
    2. Star Citizen 101: What Is It And Why Is It Controversial?
    3. Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition Is Out
    4. Wot I Think: Warhammer End Times - Vermintide
    5. Have You Played... Crypt Of The Necrodancer?
    6. Screampark: Secret World Spin-Off The Park Released
    7. Cor, That Was Fast! Minecraft: Story Mode Ep 2 Today
    8. Trick And Treat: Catlateral Damage's Halloween Update
    9. The Pipwick Papers
    10. First-Person Swabber: Viscera Cleanup Detail Released
    11. The Upside Of Free-To-Play: Duelyst In Open Beta
    12. Fallout 4 Will Be Preloadable Ahead Of Nov 10th Release
    13. To Your Left A Bit: Battlefield 4's Community Map Today
    14. Julian "Mr X-COM" Gollop's Chaos Reborn Is Out Now
    1. Free Loaders: MSN_lover Is Typing...
    2. Life Is Strange: Episode 5 Verdict-O-Chat
    3. Mojang Set Cobalt Release Date Back To Feb 2016
    4. Why We're Getting So Many Games Workshop Games
    5. LoL Worlds 2015: The Semi-Finals Roundup
    6. Have You Played... Tomb Raider II?
    7. Just Cause 3 Has Learned From The Modders
    8. The RPG Scrollbars: The Damned DM Delusion
    9. Sonic 2 Hack Gives Hedgehog A Portal Gun
    10. Spintires Update Adds New Trucks, Mod Tools To Follow
    11. Avant-Garde Stealth Game Tangiers Hits Troubles
    12. Eggscavated: Wonderland Dizzy Found And Freed
    13. Snookering You Tonight: Pure Pool's Snooker DLC Out
    14. Alone In The Dark Creator's Stealth Horror: 2Dark
    15. Fractured Space Gets Single Lane Mode In New Update
    1. Laser-Launching RTS Shallow Space Hits Early Access
    2. Before/After - Divinity: Original Sin's Enhancements
    3. Have You Played... Hypnospace Enforcer?
    4. Top Secret Is A Game About The NSA Played Via Email
    5. The Sunday Papers
    6. This Grand Theft Auto V Hulk Mod Looks Incredible
    7. League Of Legends Worlds Semi-Finals: Fnatic vs KOO Tigers
    1. Batman Returns: Arkham Knight Re-Released Next Week
    2. Elite: Dangerous Horizons Shows Off Moon Buggies
    3. Overwatch Closed Beta In Europe Next Week Too
    4. Descent: Underground Unearthed On Early Access
    5. Have You Played... Scratches?
    6. Dota 2 Recruits Fallout's Mr Handy As Announcer
    7. League Of Legends Worlds Semi-Finals: Origen vs SKT
    8. First Day Of The Tentacle Remastered Screenshots Appear - Compare And Contrast
    9. What Are We All Playing This Weekend?
    1. Impressions: Spiritual Supreme Commander Sequel Ashes Of The Singularity
    2. One Night With 80 Days
    3. Impressions: Star Wars: The Old Republic - Knights of the Fallen Empire
    4. How Cross Should We Be About Assassin's Creed Syndicate And Other Delayed PC Versions Of Games?
    5. How To Make A Great British Bake Off Game
    6. People Power: Planet Coaster's Smart Crowd Technology
    7. Serious Simming: Falcon Flight Sims Land On GOG
    8. Have You Played... Counter-Strike: Source
    9. Murder: Ghost In The Shell-Inspired Short Story Is Out
    10. Revving Up: InXile Expand, File Autoduel Trademark
    11. Why I Love Tate Mode In Downwell
    12. Activision Blizzard And Their New Team Of Esports
    13. The Flare Path: Battleships, Gunships, Rosehips
    14. Metal Gear Solid V's Costume DLC Is Out, Bugged, Tacky
    15. "Plenty Of Chance" For Halo 5 On PC
    16. Guild Wars 2: Heart Of Thorns Expansion Released
    17. Surprise Remaster Pathologic Classic HD Dated
    1. Wot I Think: else Heart.Break()
    2. Kooky Ooky: I Am Bread & Goat Simulator Team Up
    3. Coast Guard - Is It The Greatest Coast Guard Game Of All Time?!
    4. Build With Friends, Or Not: Wurm Unlimited Released
    5. No Carmack, No Problem? DOOM Multiplayer In Action
    6. Have You Played... Steam Trading Cards?
    7. Total War: Warhammer Out April 28th, Bringing Chaos
    8. Become A Weapon: Deus Ex - Mankind Divided
    9. Please Stop Releasing Lovely New Surfaces, Microsoft
    10. The Last Eight Years Of Gordon Freeman's Unpublished Diaries - RPS Exclusive
    11. Doko Roko Kickstarter Offers Big Swords, Stone Golems
    12. YouTube Announce Ads-Free Subscription Service
    13. Full Flow: PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate Out Now
    14. Spooky Shooter Noct Out... In Early Access?
    15. Unreal Tournament Gets Halloween Maps And Masks
    16. Happily Ever After: Rebellion Buy Woolfe
    17. Luck Be A Trailer Tonight: Fallout's Final SPECIAL Vid
    1. Wot I Think: Sword Coast Legends
    2. Wot I Think: Life Is Strange
    3. Wot I Think: Broforce
    4. £25?! Xbox One Controller's Wireless Adapter Is Out
    5. Hands On - Rainbow Six: Siege
    6. Rocket League Adds DeLorean DMC-12 In New DLC
    7. Have You Played... Burnout Paradise?
    8. Comfy? Telltale's Game Of Thrones Ends In November
    9. Microtransaction Mishap: Payday 2's 'Safe' Skin Tweak
    10. Oh How I Wish I Could Play Space Games
    11. Tales From The Borderlands Episode 5 Is Out
    12. The Bullet Hell Of Isaac: Deathstate
    13. Cheese It, It's The Five-Ocean! Coast Guard Released
    14. You Can't Take The Sky From Me: Rebel Galaxy Released
    15. Emperor Palpatine's "Hit And Run Tactics" In Battlefront
    1. Cardboard Children: Portal
    2. Impressions: Sword Coast Legends (Singleplayer)
    3. RPS Verdict: Downwell
    4. Level Up! Knights Of Pen & Paper 2 Released
    5. Wot I Think: Refunct
    6. Hell-Ementary: Sherlock Holmes - The Devil's Daughter
    7. Is Galactic Hitman Really The Worst Game On Steam?
    8. The Pipwick Papers
    9. RPS Asks: Are You Invading Players' Bases In MGS V?
    10. Have You Played... Thirty Flights Of Loving?
    11. You're Barred: Gragas Removed From League Of Legend Tournament
    12. Now Rolling: Grand Theft Auto Online's Lowriders Update
    13. Liberty: Hideo Kojima Has Left Konami (Updated)
    14. So-Soverlord - Overlord: Fellowship Of Evil Released
    15. Never-Ending Story: Tales Of Zestiria Released
    1. Premature Evaluation: Epsilon
    2. Wot I Think: Downwell
    3. Secret Legend Is The Cutest Thing - Hands On
    4. Caw Blimey: Raven's Cry Is Being Actually Finished
    5. Have You Played... Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe?
    6. Prey For The Gods Is All Very Shadow Of The Colossus
    7. Out Of Time: Life Is Strange Finale Trailer
    8. Steredenn Is a Roguelikelike Shoot 'Em Up
    9. The RPG Scrollbars: Conning Purple
    10. RPS Asks: What Do You Think Of The Steam Controller And The Steam Link?
    11. Party Saboteurs: Splitscreen Spying And Sniping
    12. Roguelite Shmup Galak-Z Coming To PC On Oct 29th
    13. A Free, Short Roguelike: The Ground Gives Way
    14. Valve Improving Steam Customer Support For Real
    1. LoL Worlds 2015: The Fourth Quarter-Final Winner
    2. Memoranda Is A Magical Realist Adventure Game
    3. Have You Played... Far Cry 4?
    4. Free Loaders: Playing Frankenstein With Dinosaurs
    5. League Of Legends World Championships: Day 4 Is KOO Tigers v KT Rolster
    6. The Sunday Papers
    7. Doorways: Holy Mountains Of Flesh Adds New Horrors
    1. LoL Worlds 2015: The Third Quarter-Final Winner
    2. Graveyard Simulator Boon Hill Is A Profound Experience
    3. Little Red Lie Is Next Game From Actual Sunlight Creator
    4. Have You Played... John Woo Presents: Stranglehold?
    5. What Are We All Playing This Weekend?
    6. League Of Legends World Championships: Day 3 Is Fnatic vs Edward Gaming
    7. Dying Light: The Following Out Early Next Year
    1. LoL Worlds 2015: The Second Quarter-Final Winner
    2. Altis Life: My Ridealong With A Rebel
    3. Isometric Action: Brigador Stomps Into Early Access
    4. Family Fears: Masochisia Out Now, Has Demo
    5. Sunless Sea Zubmariner DLC Diving Down Into The Dark
    6. Elf Concerns: Soldak's Zombasite Is Available Now
    7. Little Inferno Devs Crank Up Human Resource Machine
    8. Have You Played... Sir, You Are Being Hunted?
    9. League Of Legends World Championships: Day 2 Is SKT vs ahq
    10. Interview: An Unedited Transcript Of My 80 Days Chat
    11. Crate Disappointment: Payday 2 Crimefest Starts Rocky
    12. The Flare Path: How To Draw An Eagle
    13. Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch Now Crusading On PC
    14. Lick It: Grey Goo's Free Steam Trial Weekend
    15. LoL Worlds 2015: The First Quarter-Final Winner
    1. The Myth Behind The Monsters of The Witcher 3
    2. Conversations With Myself: On Undertale's Universal Appeal
    3. Wot I Think: Mushroom 11
    4. Coming At You: Broforce Explodes Out Of Early Access
    5. Steppe Up: Europa Universalis IV - The Cossacks
    6. League Of Legends World Championships: Day 1 Is Flash Wolves vs Origen
    7. Ashes Of The Singularity Joins Early Access Oct 22nd
    8. Have You Played... Dark Seed?
    9. Lace Up Your Gunboots: Downwell Released
    10. Hello, Neighbor! Is A Stealth Horror Game With Killer AI
    11. Castle Crashers Update Smashes In Fancier Graphics
    12. RPS Asks: Why Are We Sad About Pre-Ordering?
    13. The Age Of Decadence Released, Is Still Very Hard
    14. Ark: Survival Evolved Adds Babies And Battleships
    15. Closed Tests And Murderfests: Overwatch Beta Details
    1. Predicting Tomorrow: The Art, Architecture And Fashion Of Deux Ex Mankind Divided
    2. How 80 Days Adapted The Modernist Spirit Of Verne
    3. Underworld Ascendant: Peek Into The Stygian Abyss
    4. Quick On The Drawn: Fallout 4's Animated Agility Trailer
    5. Arma 3 Roadmap Outlines Coming Updates & Expansion
    6. Secret World Spin-Off The Park Summons Release Date
    7. Have You Played... Dark Souls?
    8. Sneaky Sneaky! Styx: Shards Of Darkness Announced
    9. Adventure Ho! Telltale's Minecraft: Story Mode Started
    10. The Mammoth: Free Game From Former Spec Ops Devs
    11. Watch More Jeff Goldblum In Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3
    12. Indiecade Festival Nominees Announced, Are Great
    13. Civilizationcraft Gets Spiritual "Gods and Kings" Update
    14. Desperados, Rough Riders: Secret Ponchos Is Out
    1. Cardboard Children Post-Essen Shakedown
    2. Marx, Darwin, And Queen Vic Walk Into A Video Game...
    3. Prison Architect Escape Diary: Invisible Is The New Black
    4. We Can Rebuild It: Deus Ex Revision Out Now
    5. Fun Times: The Jackbox Party Pack 2 Is Out
    6. Homeworld: Shipbreakers Clip Shows Big Battles
    7. Have You Played... Plants Vs Zombies?
    8. Allison Road Cancels Kickstarter, Snags Publisher
    9. The Pipwick Papers
    10. Game Of The Month: October - Undertale
    11. Samorost 3 Has The Prettiest Dang Forest
    12. The Witcher 3: Hearts Of Stone Expansion Now Out
    13. Warpals - Civ: Beyond Earth's Rising Tide Diplomacy Fix
    14. Fancy Fancy - Wasteland 2: Director's Cut Is Out
    15. Make Something That Makes Something At ProcJam
    16. Wadjet Eye Going Post-Apocalyptic With Shardlight
    1. Premature Evaluation: Angels Fall First
    2. Wot I Think: Bedlam
    3. Heating Up! Firewatch Coming In February 2016
    4. Crows Crows Crows Kicks Off With An ARG
    5. End Times: Europa Universal IV's Million-Man Battle
    6. Back To The Footie: Rocket League's DeLorean DLC
    7. Wot I Think: 80 Days
    8. Tales From The Borderlands Wrapping Up Next Week
    9. Have You Played... The Guild 2?
    10. Stars Amongst The Stars In Star Citizen
    11. Sirs, You Are Being Hunted: Multiplayer Added
    12. The RPG Scrollbars: Oktoberquest
    13. Distraint Is A Horror Game About The Property Market
    14. Star Wars Battlefront Beta Extended Through Tuesday
    15. Death Trash Is A Grimier, Scarier, Nastier Fallout
    16. Elite: Dangerous Exploration Data Woes, Plus Here's What Horizons' Planets Look Like
    17. 3, 2, 1... Wait! Stars Beyond Reach Now Due March 2016
    18. Hyperdrive Massacre Out Today, Has Space Cars
    1. Settlement Builder Kingdom Due For Release In October
    2. Have You Played... Bernband?
    3. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Has Long Name And Story Trailer
    4. The Sunday Papers
    1. Sym Is A Game About Social Anxiety
    2. Have You Played... Alpha Protocol?
    3. Free Loaders: Our New Weekly Platter Of Free Games
    4. What Are We All Playing This Weekend?
    1. Take On The Martian In Take On Mars
    2. The Doctor Who Game Maker Is A Bit Rubbish But Vital
    3. Wot I Think: The Witcher III: Hearts Of Stone
    4. Mordheim: City Of The Damned Explained In New Trailer
    5. The Park Wants To Feel Like A Stephen King Novel
    6. Have You Played... Invisible, Inc?
    7. ARK: Survival Evolved's Halloween Update Plans
    8. Some Crumbly Thoughts About Games And Bake Off
    9. Broforce Bursts Out Of Early Access Next Week, Celebrates With Power Ballad
    10. Sith'll Help: Star Wars Battlefront Gets More Servers
    11. The Flare Path's World Of Warships Apprenticeship
    12. Latest Witcher 3 Patch Has *13 Pages* Of Notes
    13. Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes Is The Crystal Maze With Bombs
    14. X-COM Creator's Chaos Reborn Is Born This Month
    15. Just Cause 3 Is On A Mission For Demolition
    1. Projectors: A Guide To Truly Cinematic Gaming
    2. Impressions: Star Wars Battlefront Beta
    3. Astroneer Trailer Offers Details Of Planetary Survival
    4. Impressions: Read Only Memories
    5. Valhalla Hills Gets Open, Harder Game Mode In Update
    6. Have You Played... Teleglitch?
    7. Deus Ex Mankind Divided Hands On: "All Signs Suggest It's An Improvement On Its Predecessor In Every Way"
    8. Vomit To Death With CODBLOPS 3's Chaos Powers
    9. Wot I Think - Civilization: Beyond Earth - Rising Tide
    10. League Of Legends World Championships Quarter Finals Will Be Shown On BBC
    11. Big Brains Beats Nuclear Ne'r-do-wells in Fallout 4
    12. Watch This Torment: Tides Of Numenera Crisis Footage
    13. Street Fighter V Enters Beta October 24
    14. This War Of Mine Update 1.4 Improves Scenario Editor
    1. Wot I Think: WildStar Reloaded
    2. Wot I Think - Transformers: Devastation
    3. Hearthstone EU: A Closer Look At Thijs's Winning Decks
    4. Emily Is Away Is A Chat Client-Based Relationship Game
    5. Giveaway: 150 Star Wars Battlefront Closed Beta Keys
    6. Wot I Think: Sublevel Zero
    7. 12 Is Better Than 6 Hits Kickstarter Goal (Updated)
    8. Pathologic Classic HD "Remasters" The Original
    9. Have You Played... World Of Warcraft?
    10. The Fine Art Of Terrible Game Descriptions
    11. Team Fortress 2 Marks Halloween With Alien Invasion
    12. Quetz Is A New Dinosaur In ARK: Survival Evolved
    13. The Pipwick Papers
    14. Minecraft 1.9 Update Gets Magic Flying Capes
    15. Mini Metro Departs Early Access On November 6th
    16. Deus Ex Is 15, So Here's Cartoon Denton & Jensen
    17. Pixel Galaxy Proves It's Hip To Be Square, Is Out Now
    1. Cardboard Children - MtG - Arena of the Planeswalkers
    2. Interview: Overwatch Game Designer On Blizzard's FPS
    3. Watch: Caffeine Really Doesn't Get Up And Go
    4. The Witcher 3: Hearts Of Stone Expansion Launch Trailer
    5. Far Cry Primal Info: Release Date, Screenshots, Trailers
    6. Wot I Think: Prison Architect
    7. Futuristic Adventure Read Only Memories Is Out Now
    8. Have You Played... The Ship?
    9. Cryptark Is A Roguelike Shooter From Apotheon's Devs
    10. League Of Legends New Champion Kindred Delayed
    11. Heroes Of The Storm: Grubby On How To Watch Pro Matches
    12. MGSV: The Phantom Pain Update Adds Insurance
    13. Cyberpunk "Bigger Than Anything CD Projekt Has Done"
    14. EVE Online Roadmap Details Updates Through Spring
    15. Far Cry Primal Trailer: Fight Mammoths With Spears
    16. No Man's Sky Shows Its 18 Quintillion Planets To Colbert
    17. StarCraft 2's UI Is Being Revamped In Patch 3.0
    1. Premature Evaluation: The Flame In The Flood
    2. RPS Discusses: Do Expansion Packs Still Matter?
    3. Games Are Artners: Make Paintings In 99 seconds
    4. Astroneer's Planetary Survival Sure Looks Pretty
    5. Trailer Breakdown: EVERYTHING Is Brilliant About The Coast Guard Trailer
    6. Have You Played... Quake III?
    7. Winners Of The Road To Blizzcon EU Regionals
    8. Doggy Survival Sim Home Free Hits Kickstarter Target
    9. Master of Orion Trailer Gives First Look At Combat
    10. The RPG Scrollbars: Sacred Worlds
    11. QGCON Is A Free Two-Day Conference For LGBQT+ Gamers
    12. Asylum Jam Returns To Challenge Mental Health Stigma
    13. The Journey Down Chapter 3 Looks For A Kickstarter Leg-Up
    14. A House Of Many Doors Smashes Kickstarter Ask
    1. Civilization: Beyond Earth - Rising Tide Trailer Intros New Powers
    2. Take On Mars Goes Electric With Power Update
    3. Fallout: Autumn Leaves Is A DLC-Sized New Vegas Mod
    4. Have You Played... Bookworm Adventures?
    5. P.A.M.E.L.A. Gets G.R.E.E.N.L.I.T. 48 Hours After Launch
    6. The Sunday Papers
    1. Street Fighter V: Laura Gets Leaked, Zangief Gets Trailer
    2. League Of Legends Patch 5.19 Introduces Kindred
    3. Have You Played... Football Manager 2015?
    4. Unbox Is A Physics Platformer About Cardboard Boxes
    5. What Are We All Playing This Weekend?
    6. Call Of Duty Black Ops 3's Story Trailer/Dumb Marketing
    1. A Psychogeography Of Games #4: George Buckenham
    2. Competition: Win A Free Copy Of The Escapists
    3. MGSV: The Phantom Pain Is Making It Too Easy For Me
    4. Circle-Strafing Shooting: Devil Daggers
    5. RPS Community Update: What You Did in Dirt Rally, Europa Universalis, Terraria, Trove and More!
    6. Assassin's Creed Marketing Fails To Find The Fun In Pimps, Cripples, 'Savages' And Famine
    7. Have You Played... Rogue Trooper?
    8. DevLog Watch: The Best Creators Of Game GIFs
    9. You'll Laugh, You'll Cry, You'll Bounce: Breaksout
    10. The Flare Path: Scratch One Summer
    11. Surreal Puzzler Pavilion Coming To PC This Year
    12. Play Time: Dwarf Fortress Kids' Make-Believe And Plays
    13. Go Go Go: SpeedRunners Free Weekend
    14. Humble Monthly Delivers You Mystery Bundles
    15. Yay: UK Games Industry Raises £0.5m For Kids' Charities
    16. Batman Returns: Arkham Knight Due End Of October
    17. Trackmania Turbo Slows, Is Delayed Till Early 2016
    1. Meet The Players Who Create EVE Online Propaganda
    2. Wot I Think: Armikrog
    3. Shine On: Sol Arrives In Smite
    4. Wot I Think: The Beginner's Guide
    5. Minecraft: Story Mode Unearths Episode 1 Trailer
    6. Rainbow Six Siege Beta Extended Till October 4th
    7. Healing Hands: Lt. Morales Heads To Heroes Of The Storm
    8. Have You Played... I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream?
    9. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Pre-Order Silliness Scrapped
    10. Cosmic Encounter Officially Invades Tabletop Simulator
    11. Pimp My Ride: Euro Truck Simulator's Cabin Accessories
    12. Steer Clear Of Armikrog For A Bit
    13. Democracy 3 Update Improves UI, Adds New Events
    14. Dirt Rally Update 0.8 Adds Finland Stages, New Cars
    15. Teddy Bear Swapsies & Drunken Tomfoolery In Fallout 4