January 2016 Archive

    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Free Loaders: Just Chill Out And Be A Raindrop For A Sec
    2. What Are We All Playing This Weekend?
    1. The Perma-Death Endurance Mode DLC Is The Best Version Of Rise Of The Tomb Raider
    2. Lots Of Rural Charm: Stardew Valley Out In February
    3. HTC Vive Vs. Oculus Rift: How Do The VR Headsets Compare?
    4. Fractured Space Free Weekend On Steam On Now
    5. Planets In Space Engineers Sound/Look Pretty Awesome
    6. Docked: Age Of Mythology Tale Of The Dragon Out Now
    7. A World Gone Sane: Strategy and Story In Hostile Waters
    8. A Less Important Guide To My Gaming Setup
    9. Have You Played... Evil Genius?
    10. True Horror: The Town Of Light's Historical Inspirations
    11. Ratchet & Clank Devs Announce Song Of The Deep
    12. The Flare Path: Needs A Hip Replacement
    13. Mass Effect Andromeda, Titanfall 2 Before April 2017
    14. Yes, Horace, There Is A Beyond Good & Evil 2
    1. How Much Memory Do You Need For Games?
    2. StarCraft: Building A Brilliant Brood War Bot
    3. Toot Toot! Sunless Sea's Free Steam Weekend Now On
    4. Rocket League: Learning to Fly
    5. Warhammer: Vermintide's Survival Mode Due In February
    6. An Exclusive And Important Guide To My Gaming Setup
    7. Have You Played... Prune?
    8. Conan Exiles Is Funcom's Open-World Survival Game
    9. GOG Starts Selling Early Access Games
    10. EA Want To Regain "Trust Of The PC Gamer", Not At E3
    11. AI War Devs In Financial Difficulty, Layoffs Imminent
    12. Dota 2's Winter Battle Pass Brings Icy Prettiness
    13. Tribes: Ascend 1.2 Patch Coming Later Today
    14. Battlefleet Gothic Does Galactic-Scale 40K In March
    15. Hex: Shards Of Fate Launches Singleplayer PvE Mode
    1. Snow! (Snow!) Open Beta's Now Go-o
    2. Impressions: Warhammer 40,000 Eternal Crusade
    3. Hard Reset Redux Revamping Throwback FPS
    4. How Tool-Assisted Speedrunning Reveals The Inner-Life Of Video Games
    5. Sun Dogs' Expansive (Then Contracting) Solar System
    6. NCsoft's MOBA Master X Master Coming Our Way
    7. A First Look At Galactic Civilizations III: Mercenaries
    8. Have You Played... 'No Spider' Mods?
    9. Wot I Think: Rise Of The Tomb Raider
    10. Star Wars Battlefront Revisiting Hoth In New Free Stuff
    11. Heroes Of The Storm: Li-Ming, Rebellious Wizard
    12. Waaagh! WH40k: Eternal Crusade On Steam Early Access
    13. Get Up, Come On, Get Down With The Witness
    1. Cardboard Children - T.I.M.E. Stories (Spoiler Free)
    2. Impressions: Between Me And The Night
    3. Ridealong: The Flotilla That Will Cross The Galaxy
    4. The Brilliant Bounty Of The Supporter Program
    5. Homefront: The Revolution's Co-op Maps Will All Be Free
    6. Hands On: Far Cry Primal
    7. Plantarium: The Best RPS Author Plant Names
    8. Dangerous Golf Announced By Ex-Criterion Devs
    9. Star Conflict Giveaway: Nab One Of 2,000 Fighter Ships
    10. Bam! Bif! Pow! LEGO Marvel's Avengers Out Today
    11. Have You Played... Thea: The Awakening?
    12. Pipwick Papers
    13. Planet Coaster Dev Diary Shows Rollercoaster Building
    14. Control Human Swarms And Fight Giants In Okhlos
    15. Resident Evil Spin-off Umbrella Corps Coming In May
    16. FNaF World Pulled From Sale, Will Return Free
    17. Platinum's Ninja Turtles Looks Like A Platinum Game
    1. Should You Play Torment: Tides Of Numenera's Beta?
    2. Premature Evaluation: Garbage Day
    3. League Of Legends: Unpicking World-Famous Plays
    4. Wot I Think: Darkest Dungeon
    5. Street Fighter V Getting Cinematic Story After Launch
    6. Wot I Think: Pythagoria
    7. He Said She'll Say: Her Story 2 Teased
    8. Mind Your Monitor: The Screen Saver Jam
    9. Have You Played... The Pinball Arcade?
    10. The RPG Scrollbars: If Knightmare Was A PC Game
    11. Mega Late, Man: Mighty No. 9 Delayed Again
    12. Payday Co-Creator Announces New Co-op FPS
    13. Tales Of Symphonia Arriving On PC Next Week
    1. Overwatch Beta Returning In February With New Mode
    2. Have You Played... X-Plane?
    3. Heroes Of The Storm Adding Two Diablo Spellcasters
    4. The Sunday Papers
    1. Undertale's Patch Is Full of Secrets
    2. Sven Co-Op Now Free Standalone, Including Half-Life
    3. Have You Played... Blind Monk's Society?
    4. Free Loaders: Playas Only Love You When They Playin'
    5. What Are We All Playing This Weekend?
    1. Arcen's Starward Rogue Released, Bionic Dues Free
    2. How Do You Solve A Problem Like Geralt?
    3. Nine Observations About American Truck Simulator
    4. Goodbye-O-Ware: Writer David Gaider Leaves BioWare
    5. Endless Legend: Shifters Expansion Announced
    6. "A Matter Of Pride" - Massive Talk PC Development, And The Setting And Structure Of The Division
    7. Have You Played... BioShock Infinite?
    8. League Of Legends: UK Teams And The Path To LCS
    9. The Flare Path: Whatever Happened To...
    10. Boo! Five Nights At Freddy's World Jumps Out Early
    11. No Man's Survival: The Solus Project's Looking Good
    12. Shadowrun Devs' Roguelike Necropolis Out In March
    13. Sandbox Seas: Naval Action Boards Steam Early Access
    14. Heroes Of The Storm: How Spring Esports Is Shaping Up
    1. Wot I Think - Homeworld: Deserts Of Kharak
    2. Test Your Getaway Driving Skills In Free Game Berlin'82
    3. Oh: No Mortal Kombat X Alien DLC On PC
    4. Wot I Think: Gemini - Heroes Reborn
    5. Evochron Legacy Blasts Off Into Sandbox Space
    6. Toddlers & Games: How Soon Is Too Soon?
    7. XCOM: Long War Team Making XCOM 2 Mods
    8. Have You Played... Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy
    9. Collaborative Physics Puzzler Dreii Coming In February
    10. Paragon's Very Cinematic Push Down Mid
    11. Starbreeze Making Co-op FPS Based On F2P CrossFire
    12. Titanium White Terrors: Layers Of Fear Out In February
    13. Unravel Offers A Video About Those Yarn Puzzles
    1. Wot I Think: The Westport Independent
    2. Wot I Think: Oxenfree
    3. Paladins: "More Characters, Not Just A Lot Of Variation"
    4. Rainbow Six Siege Operation Black Ice Operators Leak
    5. Far Cry Primal Trailer Confirms It's A Far Cry Game
    6. Pretty Pussycat Platforming In Shelter Spin-off
    7. Have You Played... Dice Wars?
    8. Scrap Mechanic Creative Mode Out On Steam Today
    9. XCOM And Civ Aplenty In Humble Firaxis Bundle
    10. Boo! Resident Evil 0 HD Released
    11. Doof Wagon Rumbles Into Grand Theft Auto V
    12. Life Is Strange Director's Commentary Released
    13. The Witness's Famous Voices And Regular Prices
    14. Hearthstone Arena guide: How to draft, play and beat a Mage - January 2016
    1. Cardboard Children - Elder Sign: Gates of Arkham
    2. Games I Was Wrong About: Part Two
    3. Bet On Cobalt Lets You Gamble On Bot Matches
    4. Pipwick Papers
    5. Microsoft Launching Minecraft: Education Edition
    6. Black Desert's Character Creator Is Now Standalone
    7. Have You Played... Revenge Of The Titans?
    8. Hands On: Dying Light - The Following
    9. Brrrrr! Watch Cities: Skylines Expansion Snowfall Trailer
    10. Blocky Boris Announces London Games Festival
    11. Darkest Dungeon Escapes Early Access Today
    12. Hands On: Shardlight
    13. Metal Gear Online Bursts Out Its Beta Box
    14. The Falling Man: Physics Puzzler Attractio Released
    1. Ark Survival Evolved Beginner's Tips For Surviving
    2. Ark Survival Evolved Taming Guide
    3. Ark Survival Evolved Island Guide
    4. Ark Survival Evolved Base Building Guide
    5. Ark Survival Evolved Resources, Cooking & Crafting Guide
    6. Deus Ex Plus Die Hard: Consortium - The Tower
    7. Impressions: Fear Equation
    8. The Ship: Remasted Sailing To Early Access In February
    9. Demondrian: Piet-Based Puzzle Prototype
    10. Diaries Of A Spaceport Janitor Looks Delightful
    11. eTouchdown: Blood Bowl 2 World Cup
    12. Have You Played... Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved?
    13. Fantastic Contraption Video Mixes Reality And Virtual
    14. Door Kickers 2 Will Release In Early Access This Year
    15. The RPG Scrollbars: Time And Seasons In RPGs
    16. Humble Store's Winter Sale Is On
    17. Phoenix Wrong: Danganronpa - Trigger Happy Havoc
    18. Keep Your Head On: Fallout 4 Beta Patch Out
    19. American Truck Simulator's Free Nevada & Arizona DLC
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Payday 2 And Goat Simulator Swap Goofy Crossover DLC
    2. Fallout 4 Mod Adds Nuclear Winter (And Other Seasons)
    3. Inkle's Sorcery! Adaptation Finally Hits PC In February
    4. The Saturday Supplement
    5. The Best Anime For People Who Dislike Anime
    6. Modern Marvel Part 1: The Sentry
    7. Casualty and Holby City
    8. Bowie Is The Bedrock
    9. Free Loaders: The Cat Who Would Be King
    10. The Ice-Bound Concordance Is Part-Game, Part-Book
    11. What Are We All Playing This Weekend?
    1. 1942: The Pacific Air War Is The Game Most Worth Saving From 1994
    2. A Poirot Preview: The ABC Murders
    3. The Videogame Accountant
    4. Huh! A Valve-Approved Half-Life: Opposing Force Sequel
    5. In Honor Of Bowie, The Nomad Soul Is Now Free
    6. Newspapers, Please: Westport Independent Out Soon
    7. A Tactical ARPG: Hands-On With The Division
    8. Have You Played... Trine?
    9. Her Story & Roundabout In FMV-tastic Humble Bundle
    10. The Flare Path: Bee-Eater Beelines
    11. Mojang Publishing Cobalt On February 2nd
    12. Puzzle Game: Find The Cucumber
    13. Elite: Dangerous Players Discover Alien Life, Shoot At It
    14. Hitman Kills Full Release, Goes Fully-Episodic Instead
    1. CES 2016: OLED PC Screens Are Coming
    2. Guild Wars 2 Free As A Bird Soon, AND THIS BIR- Ok, Ok
    3. Bullet Heaven: Lovely Planet Arcade Announced
    4. Bus Simulator 16 Delayed, Stuck In Traffic
    5. League of Legends: Meet Riot's "Slowest Marksman Yet"
    6. Katamari Meets Bus Simulator: OmniBus
    7. Alakazam! Desert Bus VR Sequel Teased
    8. Wot I Think: Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen
    9. Have You Played... Spookys House Of Jump Scares?
    10. In Defence Of Random Number Generation
    11. Sci-Fi Scares: Stasis's Prequel Chapter Is Coming
    12. Heroes Of The Storm Snubs Shakira With New Hero
    13. Rainbow Six Siege Cracks Down On Cheaters
    14. Spooky Teddy JRPG Spin-Off FNaF World Out Soon
    1. Wot I Think: Tharsis
    2. RIP Hugh Walker, 1949 - 2016
    3. Games I Was Wrong About: Part One
    4. Dota 2 Shanghai Major Qualifiers: Winners And Highlights
    5. Perusing The Main Menu At The In-Game Cafe
    6. Have You Played: Bethesda's Terminator: Future Shock?
    7. Virtual Reality Sneak 'Em Up Budget Cuts Looks Ace
    8. Psychonauts 2's Crowdfunding Has Ended
    9. Watch Morrowind Multiplayer Take Its First Steps
    10. Tom Clancy's The Division Trailer Explains 'RPG' Parts
    11. Ride The Post-Apocalyptic Rails In The Final Station
    12. Aquatic Adventure Of The Last Human Surfacing Tuesday
    13. EA's All-You-Can-Eat Games Subscription Comes To PC
    14. Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India Sneaks Out
    1. Wot I Think: Grim Dawn
    2. Cardboard Children - January 2016 News
    3. To The Moon, And Beyond! Finding Paradise Announced
    4. Steam's Winter Sale Was A Success For Smaller Games
    5. Wot I Think: That Dragon, Cancer
    6. Xenomorph And Leatherface In Mortal Kombat X DLC
    7. Dying Light Adds Deathmatch, Plus Peek At Following
    8. Have You Played Freddy Pharkas, Frontier Pharmacist?
    9. Homefront: The Revolution Striking On May 17th
    10. Bughunt: The Witcher 3 Rolls Out Patch 1.12
    11. Fallout 4: 20,000 Deathbots vs The World
    12. Absurdo-Swordfighting Game For Honor Has Solo Play
    13. Metal Gear Online Beta Launching Today
    14. That Dragon, Cancer Released
    1. Premature Evaluation: Dark Nexus Arena
    2. The Saturday Supplement
    3. The Necessary Bias Of Making A Murderer
    4. Bone Tomahawk Is A Glorious, Gory Western Horror
    5. Travelogue Kino's Journey Isn't Like Ordinary Anime
    6. Why Is Supergirl (CBS, Sky 1) So Terrible?
    7. What The High Oculus Rift Price Means For PC Gaming
    8. HTC Vive Pre-Orders Begin Feb 29th, Release April
    9. Medieval II: Total War Collection Comes To Mac & Linux
    10. Have You Played... Spy Hunter?
    11. Tiger Shark Biting Into Don't Starve: Shipwrecked Soon
    12. Grand Theft Uncle: GTA V's Watch Dogs Mod
    13. The RPG Scrollbars: Inkle Studios On Sorcery!
    14. Have A Fiddle With These Lovely Diddy Planets
    15. Towering Inferno: Highrise Heroes - Word Challenge
    16. NEO Scavenger Dev Is Making A Spaceship Crew Management Game
    17. Tharsis Blasting Off To Mars Tomorrow
    18. And The Smite World Championship 2016 Winners Are...
    1. Smite World Championships 2016: Grand Finals Day
    2. American Truck Simulator Gets A New Tractor-Trailer
    3. Have You Played... Smash TV?
    4. Risk of Rain Team Return With Deadbolt
    5. The Sunday Papers
    1. Old-School Runescape Adds Brand New Continent
    2. Twitch Played Punch Club And Got A Girlfriend
    3. Smite World Championships 2016: Semifinals Day
    4. Have You Played...Star Wars: Rebel Assault?
    5. Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak's First Story Trailer
    6. Free Loaders: Ensign! All Power To Psychotic AI
    7. What Are We All Playing This Weekend?
    1. How Do Infested Planet's Mutations Work?
    2. Half-Life Writer Marc Laidlaw Has Left Valve
    3. Everybody's Gone To The Rapture May Be Steam-Bound
    4. What Should I Be Playing This Weekend?
    5. Smite World Championship 2016: Day 2
    6. Battlefield Hardline Getaway DLC Legging It This Month
    7. Frustrated Pirates Prophesise The Death Of Game Piracy
    8. Have You Played... Prince Of Persia (1990)?
    9. Diablo 3's Mini-Expansion Patch 2.4 Hits Next Week
    10. The Flare Path: Simple Pleasures
    11. Rainbow Six Siege Patch 1.2 Addresses Tick Rate Issue
    12. Far Cry Primal System Requirements Detailed
    13. Mafia III, Doom, Homefront Release Dates Leaked
    14. CS:GO Gives Everyone Nice New Gloves
    15. Unravel Hammers Away At Every Emotional Button Going
    1. Will There Ever Be A Space Game I Want To Play?
    2. Rando-B-Gone: Final Fantasy IX's No Encounters Mode
    3. This Is The Most Incredible Spelunky Speedrun Yet
    4. Crusader Kings II: Conclave Expansion Announced
    5. Smite World Championships: Day 1 Preview
    6. Have You Played... Battlefield 4?
    7. Humble Offers Peeks At Upcoming Monthly Bundles
    8. Hands On: XCOM 2's Brutal Difficulty And Superb Tactical Overhaul
    9. Smite's Pet Treant Goes Solo, Joins Paladins Roster
    10. Amaterasu Leads Smite's Japanese Pantheon
    11. The Milkman Cometh: Psychonauts 2 Has Been Funded
    12. Cyberspace: Adr1ft Begins Launch Countdown
    13. Luckey Apologises For Oculus Rift Price Confusion
    1. The Best Gifts In Gaming
    2. Living Worlds: The Joy Of NPC Schedules
    3. IGF 2016 Finalists Announced
    4. I Hate Rainbow Six Siege's Bombers
    5. Oculus Pre-Orders Open Now, Price Is $600/£500/€700
    6. Sky Fortress Ahoy: Just Cause 3's Patch & DLC Plans
    7. Tiny Robot: More Sneaky Android Reviews
    8. Door Kickers 2 In Development, Switches To 3D
    9. Have You Played... Rage?
    10. Rain World Video Shows Maps, More Physics Wonder
    11. Last Year's CS:GO Match-Fixing Bans Are Permanent
    12. How To Draw And Cosplay Overwatch's Characters
    13. Star Wars: The Force Awakens Rolling To Pinball FX2
    14. A Boy And His Blob Bouncing Onto PC
    15. Sea Change: SOMA Mod Makes All Entities Non-Violent
    1. Cardboard Children - Warhammer Quest - The Adventure Card Game
    2. Wot I Think: Pony Island - The Smartest Game Of 2016
    3. Rise Of The Tomb Raider Clings To January 28th
    4. A Tides Of Numenera Beta Date For Backers & Steamfolk
    5. HTC Vive Pre Revision Adds Front-Facing Camera
    6. Pillar Of Eternity: White March Part 2 Coming In Feb
    7. Have You Played... Black Closet?
    8. This 20,000 Car Trackmania Video Is Creepy
    9. RPS Asks: How To Revamp Assassin's Creed?
    10. Conflict Time Photography
    11. Hearthstone deck guide: Reno Jackson Paladin - January 2016
    12. Sleeping Dogs F2P Spin-Off Triad Wars Closing
    13. Road Trip Driving Game Hac Now Called Jalopy
    14. 720 Noscope Buyout: Activision Blizzard Rekt MLG
    15. Subterranean Astronauts: We Are The Dwarves
    16. Oculus Rift Pre-Orders Just A Day Away
    1. The Best And Worst Total War Games
    2. Comcept's ReCore Coming To Windows 10 Too
    3. Early Access Impressions: Force Of Elements
    4. Smite World Championship 2016: Everything You Need To Know
    5. 2016: Year Of The Unexpected
    6. Build Fun Sculptures In Super Sculptor!
    7. Have You Played... Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People?
    8. Rise Of The Tomb Raider Coming To PC This Month
    9. The RPG Scrollbars: The RPGs Of 2016
    10. Adeptus Fortuitus: Talisman - The Horus Heresy
    11. Brutal Doom's Story Campaign Released
    12. Just Cause 3 Multiplayer Mod In The Works
    13. Oculus Touch Controllers Delayed Till Later In 2016
    14. Final Fantasy IX Coming To PC
    15. Ark: Survival Evolved Gets A Giant Ridable Kangaroo
    16. XCOM Long War Modders Working On Standalone Strategy Game
    1. I Miss Watching Other People Play Games
    2. Speedrunners, Away! It's Awesome Games Done Quick
    3. Have You Played... Transformers: Fall of Cybertron?
    4. The Final RPS Christmas Cracker
    1. A Quick Celebration Of The Mouse And Keyboard
    2. Have You Played... Brink?
    3. The Eleventh RPS Christmas Cracker
    1. I'm A Leg Man
    2. Wot I Think: Fallout 4's Liquid Merchandise
    3. The PC Games Of 2016
    4. The Flare Path: AlphaBet Pilot
    5. The Tenth RPS Christmas Cracker