July 2016 Archive

    1. Lazarus Is An 'MMO Roguelike' That Restarts Every Week
    2. Quantum Quest Is A Cyberpunk Tabletop Sim
    3. Have You Played... Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine?
    4. Chiptuney RunGunJumpGun Will Kill You In August
    5. Help: The Game Collection Benefits War Child Charity
    6. The Sunday Papers
    7. Little King's Story Brings Feudal Fun Times Next Week
    1. 2D Fighting Game Blade Arcus Punches Onto PC
    2. Paragon Adds Thorny New Hero Next Week
    3. Disney Infinity Lays Out Road Map Of Slow Death
    4. Every Time You Die In Valley, The Countryside Dies Too
    5. Have You Played... The Sims Online?
    6. All Aboard the Post-Apocalyptic Choo-Choo: The Final Station Out This August
    7. Free Loaders: Make A Spaceship Out Of Pirate Pieces
    8. What Are We All Playing This Weekend?
    9. The Great Whale Road Disembarks On Early Access
    1. Stable Orbit Is A Space Station Simulator Set In 2034
    2. Build Ships As Your Own Worst Enemy In Defect SDK
    3. How Hyper Light Drifter's Ammo Recharges Its Combat
    4. StarCraft Universe: The "MMO" That Blizzard Let Live
    5. Your Final Final Reminder: Free Windows 10 Ends Today
    6. Phantom Brave Now On PC, Has A Free Demo
    7. What's It Like To Launch An Indie Game From China?
    8. Diablo's Auriel Coming To Heroes Of The Storm In August
    9. Voodoo Garden: A Beautiful, Swampy Clicker Game
    10. Look At You, Backers: System Shock Kickstarter Ends
    11. Wot I Think: Headlander
    12. Have You Played... Quake 2 Chaos Deathmatch?
    13. DoDy: WW2 FPS Day Of Infamy Invades Early Access
    14. Hearthstone's Next Adventure: One Night In Karazhan
    15. The Foxer
    16. The Flare Path: Bird Sim Blueprint
    17. Terraria: Otherworld Gets A Rethink
    18. NVIDIA Will Refund You $30 For Your GTX 970
    1. Man Makes Miniature NES Out Of Raspberry Pi And Beats Nintendo To The Punch
    2. Book Of Demons Pops Up On Early Access
    3. Steampunk Courtroom Drama Bohemian Killing Out Now
    4. Stop That, It's Silly: Nvidia's New Titan X Graphics Card
    5. Doom Update Adding New Modes, First DLC Detailed
    6. This Is The Police Delayed For A Week After Publisher Forgets To Press Button On Steam
    7. Ark & Rainbow Six Siege Free Steam Weekends
    8. The Bleeding Edges: The Stone Retrospective
    9. Run Like Hell! Seum: Speedrunners From Hell Released
    10. Video: What Dota 2's VR Spectator Mode Looks Like!
    11. Interview: Ice Pick Lodge On Pathologic HD And Preserving Madness
    12. Horny: Total Warhammer Beastmen Expansion Is Out
    13. Have You Played... Supercars International?
    14. Darksiders Revamped In 'Warmastered Edition'
    15. Dota 2 International Compendium Update Brings Stickers, VR Spectating
    16. Home Improvisation: Full Release Delivered, Some Assembly Required
    17. No Man's Sky's Survive Trailer Is Full Of Poison
    18. Okhlos Releases Angry Mob On August 18
    1. IF Only: What Will You, The Detective, Do Next?
    2. Weird: Life Is Strange Live-Action Series Announced
    3. If Only No Man's Sky Could Go Unreleased Forever
    4. Prison Architect 2.0 Is The Last Major Update
    5. Wot I Think: Quadrilateral Cowboy
    6. Railing Rats: Ratz Instagib Released
    7. Have You Played Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun?
    8. Things I Don't Need To Do When PC Gaming Any More
    9. Oof! Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Re-Releases Are Messes
    10. Redwall-ish Ghost Of A Tale Squeaks Into Early Access
    11. Six Years Later, Developers Fix Munch's Oddysee Port
    12. Dota 2: The International's $18.5m Prize Pool Breaks Own Previous Record, Is STILL Growing
    13. Jalopy: Back Seat Driving And The Remains Of Uncle
    14. Free DLC Coming To Total War: Warhammer This Week
    15. Rainbow Six Siege Expansion Aims To Squash Cheaters
    1. Riptide GP: Renegade Brings More Watery Futureracing
    2. Overwatch's Ana Can Stun You So Hard You Quit Playing
    3. Cardboard Children - City Of Iron
    4. Watercolour Wandering: Sacramento Is Out Now
    5. Quake Champions Video Explains Special Abilities
    6. Psychedelic Survival: We Happy Few Hits Early Access
    7. Wot I Think: Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma
    8. Isaac Expansion Brings Inventory-Munching Locust King
    9. Have You Played... Hardly Workin'?
    10. Halo Wars 2 Dev Diary Explores Threatening New Villain
    11. Hack The Planet: Quadrilateral Cowboy Released
    12. The New Donor Portraits
    13. Ghost In The Shell: First Assault Slips Into Open Beta
    14. When Is No Man's Sky Coming Out?
    15. Telltale Adds Multiplayer Voting Mode To Future Games
    16. Jalopy: Trapped In The Sausage Shop
    17. Graph March: Rejig Grids To Save Your Walkers
    1. Premature Evaluation: The Culling
    2. Wot I Think - Human: Fall Flat
    3. Battlezone 98 Redux Launches Red Odyssey Expansion
    4. The Turing Test Gets Release Date, Asks Big Questions
    5. I Like Cutscenes Now
    6. What Civ VI Could Learn From Civilization: Call To Power
    7. Fart Bigger In South Park: The Fractured But Whole
    8. Foot Hell: Ashi Wash Introduces Awful Japanese Spirit
    9. Have You Played... Dawn Patrol?
    10. Revenants (Whoa-oh!): BrainBread 2 Out Free For Source
    11. Zok! Thwap! Marvel Ultimate Alliance Returns Revamped
    12. The RPG Scrollbars: Hello From The Magic Tavern
    13. Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Story From Comic-Con
    14. Kojima Logo Trailer: We're Whalers On The Moon...
    15. Gears of War 4's PC Exclusive Features Detailed
    1. There Are Definitely No Alien Organisms In SurvHive
    2. All The Delicate Duplicates Looks Like Gone Home Viewed Through The Bottom Of A Beer Bottle
    3. GSC Game World's Cossacks 3 Charging Into September
    4. Kelvin And The Infamous Machine Now Time-Travelling
    5. The Sunday Papers
    6. Give 'Em the Ol' Razzle Dazzle in The Ben Wander Murder Collection
    7. Suda 51's The Silver Case Remaster Gets Debut Trailer
    1. Deceptively Cutesy FPS Lovely Planet Arcade Out Now
    2. Be A Clumsy Buffoon With A Friend In Human Fall Flat
    3. This Week In Skin Gambling: Legal Letters; Dodgy Deals
    4. Rational Schemes: New Enemies, Hero For Necropolis
    5. Sonic Mania Remixing Classic 2D Games; New 3D Sonic Coming Too
    6. Free Loaders: Dice With The Devil In The Pale Moonlight
    7. What Are We All Playing This Weekend?
    8. Mei The Best Team Win: Overwatch Open Starts Today With $300,000 Prize Pool
    1. Life Is Strange Ep 1 Now Free, Available On Mac/Linux
    2. Conception II Bringing Date-O-Dungeoning To PC
    3. Here's 12 Minutes Of The Infinite War From Call of Duty
    4. Generation Next, Part 1: How Games Can Benefit From Procedurally Generated Lore
    5. Kick-o! Street Fighter V Adding Juri On Tuesday
    6. Toot Toot! Jalopy Rolls Into Hungary With New Update
    7. Evolve's New Hunter Is... Shocking
    8. Wot I Think: Kentucky Route Zero Act IV
    9. Free Windows 10 Upgrades Will End Next Week
    10. A-flutter: The Butterflies Of Firewatch
    11. New No Man's Sky Trailer Explores Trading
    12. Have You Played... Richard & Alice?
    13. Telltale Share New Walking Dead Screens & Details
    14. A List Of Emotions Experienced While Playing A Dark Souls Game For The First Time
    15. League Of Legends: Riot Shake Up The Lane Swap
    16. The Flare Path: Submarine Dreams
    17. The Foxer
    18. Elite Dangerous Pilots Find Alien Map Hidden In Probe
    19. Nightdive Clarify "RPG Stuff" In System Shock Remake
    20. WoW: Gul'Dan Stars In First Legion Animated Short
    21. Procedural Pooches: Death Road To Canada
    1. Dark Souls III Modder Fills Entire World With Crabs
    2. Dutch Company's Questions To No Man's Sky About 'Superformula' Used To Generate Planets
    3. Wot I Think: Starbound
    4. Terraria 1.3.2 Patch Gets The Party Started
    5. The Bleeding Edges: The Black Watchmen
    6. Tick Tock Pig O'Clock: It's Clock Simulator
    7. Poly Bridge: Just Starting Out With Stresses And Strains
    8. Machinarium Has Sold Lots And Lots Of Copies
    9. Crusader Kings II Is Getting A Poxy, Plaguey Expansion
    10. Have You Played... Star Wars: Rebellion
    11. Stardew Valley Sprouts Up On Mac And Linux Next Week
    12. Tomb Raider DLC Rising: Co-op, Croft Manor, Zombies
    13. Star Wars Battlefront Launches Offline/Co-op Skirmish
    14. Hook: A Quietly Satisfying Mini Puzzler
    15. Bear With Me Investigates Plush Noir In August
    16. Dead End Road Is A Vehicular Horror Game
    17. Guild Wars 2: Living World Returning For Season 3, Brings Own Vortex
    1. Send In The Clowns: Bad Rats 2 Released
    2. Hearthstone Who? Uno Coming August 9th
    3. What's It Like To Start Anew In Stardew Valley?
    4. Cover This: Gears Of War 4 Vid Shows Physics Traps
    5. Just Myst It: Obduction Delayed Into August
    6. Towering Above The Rest: Project Highrise
    7. Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Biting Into September
    8. Undead Lemmings: Zombie Night Terror Released
    9. Arcane Dimensions Is Quake Rethought For 2016
    10. Surface To Air Laser Fights: No Man's Sky
    11. TowerFall Creator Announces Mountain 'Em Up Celeste
    12. Have You Played... Guacamelee?
    13. Life Is Strange Episode 1 Going Free Tomorrow
    14. Earth's Sun Destroys Internet - Hooray!
    15. A Light In Chorus Gets Cosmic New Direction
    16. RimWorld Reddit AMA Talks Prototypes And Future Plans
    17. Humble 2K Bundle Offers Spec Ops The Line For A Dollar
    18. Overwatch's Ana Now Live Plus D.Va & Zenyatta Buffs
    1. Cardboard Children - Lost Patrol
    2. World Of Warcraft: Legion Pre-Expansion Patch Now Live
    3. Wot I Think: Necropolis
    4. Bam! Biff! Hi! Meet Telltale's Batman In New Trailer
    5. State of the Art: The Visceral Style Of Scorn
    6. Finally! Kentucky Route Zero Act IV Released
    7. The Assembly Assembled, VR Morality Game Out Now
    8. Summer Hols: Hitman's Summer Bonus Episode Is Out
    9. Giveaway: 100k Free Steam Keys For Megabyte Punch
    10. Have You Played... Cities: Skylines
    11. When Insects Attack: Earth Defense Force 4.1 Out On PC
    12. Darkest Dungeon Patch Makes Brigand Vvulf Less Gittish
    13. Wot I Think: I Am Setsuna
    14. The Latest Steam Game Charts: Wait What
    15. LawBreakers Trailer Shows Off Enforcer Action
    1. Biff! Bam! Tekken 7 Reveals Bob And Master Raven
    2. Oh, Whoops! Crackdown 3 Is Coming To Windows 10
    3. Premature Evaluation: RimWorld
    4. Tanks A Lot: Steve Jackson's Ogre Rolling Onto PC
    5. Wot I Think - Aurion: Legacy Of The Kori-Odan
    6. Minecraft: Story Mode Ep 7 Jacking In Next Week
    7. The Deliciously Dark Comedy Of Inside
    8. Urban Empire Is A Fascinating Political Citybuilder
    9. Have You Played... South Park: The Stick Of Truth
    10. Dynasty Warriors Dev's Berserk Game Coming In Autumn
    11. Cranks & Goggles Puts Rubber To The Early Access Road
    12. Wild Aggro Druid deck list and guide
    13. Star Wars Battlefront Shows Off Death Star Expansion
    14. 2016's Most Promising RPGs
    15. Portable Distractions: Laptop Gaming
    16. Bushy-Tailed: Shelter Devs Tease "Meadow"
    17. Back To The Wasteland: Fallout 1.5 - Resurrection
    18. Star Wars: Trials On Tatooine Brings Free Lightsaber Experience To Vive
    1. Fox News: The First Tree's Wandering Wildlife Is Lovely
    2. Co-op Kitchen Calamity In Overcooked This August
    3. Get Streetwise in Urban Pirate
    4. Have You Played... The Settlers?
    5. The Real Texas Gets "Mini-Sequel" And Steam Release
    6. The Sunday Papers
    7. Have Near Death Experience In Antarctica This Summer
    1. Rick And Morty VR Promises Weird Science And Portals
    2. Take To The Stars With Star Citizen's Free Fly Week
    3. Grow Up Heads To The Moon On August 16
    4. Klocki Is A Pleasant Little Puzzle Game For A Quid
    5. Have You Played... It Came From The Desert!?
    6. Fancy A Kickabout? Super Arcade Football Now Online
    7. Free Loaders: No Trash Left Behind In Breach & Clean
    8. What Are We All Playing This Weekend?
    9. Farming Simulator 17 Introducing Female Farmers
    1. Update Your Sig: 3DMark Launches New Direct X12 Test
    2. How Doom's Glory Kills Maintain Momentum
    3. Nvidia's VR Funhouse Is A Wacky Physics Showcase
    4. Alien Threat Teased In Elite Dangerous Distress Calls
    5. The Secret Ending To Inside: How To Find All The Orbs
    6. Telltale's Batman Swooping Down In August
    7. Early Access Impressions: Soldak's Zombasite
    8. Videoball Is Out Now, Now You Can Videoball
    9. Twin Trouble In Hitman's Interesting New Elusive Target
    10. Have You Played... Delta Force?
    11. Survive Hordes Of Robots In VR Gunfighter Raw Data
    12. Cyborg Pals: Satellite Reign Launches Co-op Mode
    13. A Short Conundrum About Monitors, Now Resolved
    14. New No Man's Sky Trailer Takes A Tour Of The Universe
    15. The Flare Path: Firefights
    16. The Foxer
    17. C'Thun Priest (Standard) deck list and guide - July 2016
    18. Indie Legends 4 Bundle Includes Door Kickers, Skullgirls
    19. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered - Watch Full Crew Expendable Mission
    20. Wizened Wanderer: Old Man's Journey
    1. Come Get Yer Armour In Kingdom Come: Deliverance
    2. Star Citizen Backer Gets $2550 Refund After Attorney General of Los Angeles Gets Involved
    3. Horrorsport: Push Me, Pull You Released
    4. Kickstarter's Head Of Games: "Kickstarter Fatigue Only Lasts Until Someone Sees Their Favourite Game Pop Up"
    5. Nvidia Ansel Now Snapping In Mirror's Edge Catalyst
    6. Impressions: Song Of The Deep
    7. Inside Has Gloriously Subtle Animations - Come See!
    8. Headlander Gets Release Date And A Jazzy New Trailer
    9. Total Warhammer Beastmen Expansion Announced
    10. Have You Played... Shogo: Mobile Armor Division
    11. Fallout Shelter Now Available On PC
    12. EDF! EDF! Earth Defense Force 4.1 On Steam Monday
    13. Watercolour Wandering: Sacramento Looks Lovely
    14. Pipkemon Go
    15. World Of Warcraft: Legion Will Start To Leak In August
    16. Servant of Yogg-Saron Tryouts guide
    1. Valve Cracking Down On Skin Gambling Sites
    2. Shhhhh! World Of Warcraft Silencing Abusive Players
    3. IF Only: Birdland And The XYZZY Awards
    4. It's Electric: FIFA 16's Ultimate Team Chemistry Fixed
    5. Making The UK Communist in Hearts of Iron IV - Part 2
    6. Silly Football In The Swindle Dev's Behold The Kickmen
    7. Fallout 4's Vault-Tec Workshop DLC Coming July 26th
    8. Have You Played... Lands Of Lore?
    9. Chat With A Wonky AI: Event[0] Blasts Off In September
    10. New Humble Bundle: Rocket League, Spelunky, Nidhogg
    11. Hearthstone: Get Murloc Shaman For Recruiting Friends
    12. Morgl the Oracle unlock guide
    13. Poly Bridge Lets Twitch Viewers Pitch In With Creations
    14. Steam Charts: Familiar Faces
    1. Anarcute Released! Will the Revolution be Cute?
    2. Shadowrun Devs Release Roguelikelike Necropolis
    3. Cardboard Children - Board Games Revisited Part 2
    4. Overwatch's New Hero Is Ana - Pharah's Mum
    5. Bustin' Makes Activision Feel Good: Ghostbusters Is Out
    6. The Bleeding Edges: Extrasolar
    7. Intergalactic, Planty: The First Stellaris Species Pack
    8. Plantera: A Manageable Clicker Game (For Now)
    9. Magic Duels' Eldritch Moon Expansion Rising Next Week
    10. Have You Played... Desperados: Wanted Dead Or Alive?
    11. You Can Play Pokémon GO On PC, Sort Of
    12. Grand Theft Auto V's Cunning Stunts Update Now Live, Redux Mod Due In August
    13. FTC Say Warner Bros Paid YouTubers For Positive Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Videos
    14. The Most Disruptive Thing About Let's Play Videos
    15. Rocket League To Fund Esports With Crate Drops
    16. Overwatch: Competitive Play Update May Not Have Stopped Leaver Trolling
    17. Remaster Citadel: System Shock Reboot Is Funded
    18. Jack In To Quadrilateral Cowboy On July 25th
    1. Coo! Splash Damage Being Bought By Chicken Company
    2. Premature Evaluation: Stonehearth
    3. Arma 3's Apex Expansion Now Exploring New Lands
    4. Wot I Think: Killing Time At Lightspeed
    5. More FPS For Your FPS: Doom Launches Vulkan Support
    6. That Ain't Falco: Brawlout Smashing Into 2017
    7. Making The UK Communist In Hearts Of Iron IV
    8. The Lion's Song: Ep 1 Offers A Charming Free Short Story
    9. Dreambreak Escapes The Police State On July 21
    10. The Hex Is Pony Island Dev's Next Game
    11. Have You Played... The Sims 3?
    12. Brutal Doom Dual-Wielding New Doom's Guns
    13. Everything Should Have The Name I Give It
    14. Valve Revise Team Fortress 2's Casual Matchmaking
    15. The RPG Scrollbars: The Rise And Fall Of Audio Logs
    16. Look Around You: Pokemon Go
    17. Long War Studios Release New XCOM 2 Mods
    18. RimWorld Alpha 14 Adds Scenarios, Comes To Steam
    19. Watch: Shadowhand Dev Offers Peek At Card Combat
    20. JC2MP Creators Cancel Just Cause 3 Multiplayer Mod
    1. Survival Action-Horror The Other 99 Due In August
    2. Reimagined: The Spatials Galactology Hits Early Access
    3. Orange Moon Plants Platforming Flag On Early Access
    4. Have You Played... Wing Commander III?
    5. Bum Rush Is Cibele Dev's Racing-Combat-Dating Sim
    6. The Sunday Papers
    7. Killing Time At Lightspeed's Enhanced Edition Out Now
    1. The Lion's Song Episode One Free On Steam
    2. Gawp At GTA 5's Redux Overhaul Mod
    3. Find Space: Stellaris Alpha Mod Adds Loads Of Changes
    4. Have You Played... Tricky Truck?
    5. Megadimension Neptunia VII Brings Long Name To PC
    6. Free Loaders: Go Floating On The River Of Bones
    7. What Are We All Playing This Weekend?
    8. Battlefield 1's New Medic Class Will Revive & Retaliate
    1. Starbound Finally Launches At The End Of The Month
    2. The Assassin's Guide To The City: Dishonored 2
    3. Fruit Ninja VR Cuts Into Early Access On Vive
    4. World Of Warships Charts Course For New Mode
    5. Timely! Democracy 3's Electioneering Expansion Released
    6. Wot I Think: Orwellian Phone Hacking Game Replica
    7. Elite Dangerous: Arena Free For Keepsies This Weekend
    8. Armello's Cute And Cuddly Battle Tides Update Now Live
    9. Team Fortress 2 Launches Matchmaking
    10. Have You Played... Starflight?
    11. Overwatch Unveils Its Next Hero on July 21
    12. Riders of Icarus Beta Lets You Tame Dragons, Realize Your Wildest High-Fantasy Dreams
    13. Broforce Broifies Bruce Lee, Tank Girl, Dirty Harry
    14. The Flare Path Invites You To...
    15. The Foxer
    16. Goblins and Grottos Graduates to Full Release
    17. You Can Buy Richard Garriott's Blood For $5000
    18. Civilization VI Egypt Vid Is Comin' Atcha
    1. Why Gothic Is More Believable Than Modern RPGs
    2. Warhammer 40k: Dawn Of War 3 Shows Full E3 Demo
    3. Zoom Zoom: F1 2016 Lining Up 22-Player Multiplayer
    4. Interview: How The Esports Integrity Commission Hopes To Crack Down On Cheating
    5. Tomb Raider Raided: Denuvo DRM Allegedly Cracked
    6. Grand Theft Auto Online Going A Bit TrackMania
    7. Push Me, Pull You Wriggles Its Way to PC Next Week
    8. STALKER IRL: The Haunting Chernobyl VR Project
    9. A Short Conundrum About Monitors
    10. Colossal: Prey For The Gods Hits Kickstarter
    11. Have You Played... Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord?
    12. 10 Second Ninja X Demo Now Flipping Out
    13. Splatto: Trials Of The Blood Dragon's Demo Will Reward Good Play With Full Game
    14. Wot I Think: INSIDE
    15. Cavernus Is A Bite-Size Game For Less Than A Quid
    16. Evolve Is Going Free To Play, Starting Today
    1. Viscera Cleanup Detail Adds New Level, New Choonz
    2. Star Trek Online Expansion Goes All Timey-Wimey
    3. Wot I Think: Furi
    4. Team Fortress 2's Meet Your Match Update Announced
    5. What’s Wrong With Stellaris’ Victory Conditions
    6. Dark Gift: Devil Daggers Adds New Enemies, Mac Version
    7. Five Months Later, How Has XCOM 2 Changed?
    8. Congrats, Bort: Fallout 4 Adds More Voiced Names
    9. Have You Played... GeoGuessr?
    10. You Should Follow The Development Of IT Simulator
    11. Miskatonic Messenger: Daily Chthonicle - Editor Edition
    12. The Full And Long Story Of How Starcraft: Ghost Died
    13. Steam Charts: Don't Call It 10 Comebacks
    14. 2016's Breakthrough Indie Concept Elements
    15. Wot I Think: The Room Two
    16. Hitchiker's Ride Through The Galaxy: Grow Up
    17. Punch A Pirate: Man O' War - Corsair Adds Melee
    18. The Most Frustrating Bug I Ever Encountered
    1. Just Cause 3 Multiplayer Mod Coming Along Nicely
    2. Cardboard Children - Board Games Revisited Part 1
    3. Romance Of The Three Kingdoms XIII Now Out In English
    4. Satanic Savings: Devil Daggers Is Steam's Daily Deal
    5. Ridealong: Playing The Professionals At Rocket League
    6. Spider-Man Swingman Releases Energy Hook
    7. Blizzard Take Another Legal Crack At Cheat Makers
    8. Impressions: The Temporal Invasion
    9. A New Age: Empires Apart Coming 2017
    10. Watch Game Maker's Toolkit On Mirror's Edge: Catalyst
    11. Have You Played... Croc: Legend Of The Gobbos?
    12. #nofilter: System Shock Demo Update Coming
    13. Screeps Is An MMO RTS For Programmers
    14. Interview: Fireproof Games On The Room, And The Journey From Mobile To PC
    15. VHS Horrorshow: ANATOMY
    16. Sega Acquire Amplitude, Will Publish Endless Space 2
    17. Arcen Releasing Emergency Raptor On Friday
    1. Premature Evaluation: GRIP
    2. Aspireational: Dustforce Devs Show FPS's Procgen
    3. Gamescom 2016: The Games We Most Want To See
    4. Another Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Gambling Upset
    5. Resident Evil 7 And The Lure Of Short-Form Horror
    6. I Still Want What PlanetSide 1 Promised
    7. Gul'Dan & Diablo's Auriel Joining Heroes Of The Storm
    8. Have You Played... The Club?
    9. Liveslurping: Twitch Sanctions 'Social Eating' Streams
    10. Summer Games Done Quick Starts Speedrun-O-Rama
    11. The RPG Scrollbars: Voices In Your Ear
    12. Still Under Construction: Against The Wall
    13. 999 And Sequel Virtue's Last Reward Coming To PC
    14. Overwatch Competitive Mode Patch Coming This Week
    1. Metroid Prime In Cybervisors With Dolphin VR Emulator
    2. Watch The Dying Seconds Of PlanetSide
    3. Have You Played... STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl?
    4. Find Your Sandwich: Lovely Sidescroller Lumbermancer
    5. The Sunday Papers
    1. Survive Turn-Based Space Negotiations In OESE
    2. Worms WMD Trailer Promises 80 Off-The-Wall Weapons
    3. Have You Played... Quake 2?
    4. Free Loaders: The Good, The Bad and The Mystic
    5. What Are We All Playing This Weekend?
    1. Gee Thanks, Dad: Layers Of Fear's Inheritance DLC
    2. How Typing Heightens Duskers' Deep-Space Horror
    3. Super Saints: Hands On With Agents Of Mayhem
    4. The Great Outdoors: Epic Games' Tim Sweeney And Scans Of Scot-Zealand
    5. Hitman's Fifth Elusive Target Now Roaming Marrakesh
    6. Wot I Think: Crytek's VR Game The Climb
    7. Overwatch Now Celebrating Hot Dunks, As Games Must
    8. Have You Played... Callahan's Crosstime Saloon?
    9. Our Steam Sale Picks, Round 3!
    10. Space Sim Parkan: The Imperial Chronicles Hits GOG
    11. The Foxer
    12. The Flare Path: Swings The Lead
    13. Video Offers Tiny Peek At More ABZÛ Gameplay
    14. Doublefine's Robotic Bodysnatcher: Headlander
    15. Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma Released On PC