May 2017 Archive

    1. Wot I Think: Caveblazers
    2. Rain World and Glittermitten Grove on sale for $cheap
    3. Bang! Zoom! Straight to the new Overwatch map which is set on the Moon
    4. Unknown Pleasures: 10 lower-profile new Steam games
    5. Payday co-creator names new co-op FPS: GTFO
    6. Arma dev's free FPS Argo deploying on June 22nd
    7. Wot I Think: Tokyo 42
    8. Offblast! Take-Two buy Kerbal Space Program
    9. Have You Played... Retrovirus?
    10. League of Legends: Rune revamps and incentivised friendliness
    11. Altogether ooky: echolocation horror Perception is out
    12. TV is probably better than it's ever been
    13. The Sims 4 Parenthood embraces teen drama
    14. Vanquish patch fixes framerate damage bug
    15. Bastion devs lighting Pyre on July 25th
    1. Sonic Mania is due out this August
    2. Vomit giant sausages to gain Gecko Ridemption
    3. Podcast: The RPS Electronic Wireless Show returns! Listen to us talk Far Cry 5, Prey and Old Man's Journey
    4. Far Cry 5's story isn't going to destroy/save anything
    5. Wot I Think: The Long Journey Home
    6. Star Trek: Bridge Crew drops out of hyperspace
    7. Deadly Premonition is the game worth saving from 2013
    8. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam surges out
    9. Ride eternal, shiny and chrome: Crossout hits open beta
    10. Have You Played... The Jackbox Party Pack Vol 2?
    11. Neon Chrome devs announce Dredd 'em up Jydge
    12. The Pipwick Papers
    13. Steam Charts: We liked to party
    14. I Am Setsuna devs announce Lost Sphear
    15. Ark: Survival Evolved adds huge hyena and poo boost
    1. Immortal Planet trailer shows off Souls-inspired action
    2. Super Mega Baseball 2 shows off more-realistic art style
    3. Minter is coming: Polybius PC version in the works
    4. Prep your snag list – Constructor remake is out now
    1. Major control fix lands in Impact Winter
    2. IO sale might not spell the end of Hitman
    3. The horror! Friday the 13th plagued by server issues, gradually improving
    4. The Sunday Papers
    5. To The Moon follow-up Finding Paradise is delayed
    1. Everspace blasts out of early access blaring rock music
    2. Instant message 'em up Emily Is Away Too is out now
    3. Pretty puzzler Rime is out now
    4. Odd Vanquish bug ties incoming damage to frame rate
    5. What are we all playing this weekend?
    1. Inside Roblox, the game platform that's rivaling Minecraft
    2. Friday The 13th is a smashing slasher sim
    3. Wot I Think: Vanquish
    4. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 shows off its supermen
    5. Wot We Think: CrossCells
    6. Prey: a reluctance to complete
    7. Have You Played... Star Trek The Videogame?
    8. Far Cry 5 trailer reveals doomsday cult, planes, bears & 2018 release date
    9. Rising Storm is free for keepsies right now
    10. The Flare Path: In Cold Waters
    11. The Foxer
    12. No surprise: No Destiny 2 dedicated servers for PC
    13. GTA Online teases Gunrunning update with first look
    14. Smile While: a joyful free colour extravaganza
    15. Darkest Dungeon's vampy expansion drips to June 19th
    1. Side-scrolling MOBA Awesomenauts is now free-to-play
    2. AMD's 16-core CPU and other exciting stuff
    3. Wot I Think: The Fidelio Incident
    4. Wot I Think: Perception
    5. Platinum's Vanquish rocketslides onto PC
    6. 13 recent games that run well on terrible laptops
    7. The Signal From Tölva making free snowy expansion
    8. Have You Played… Hi-Octane?
    9. Zombasite: Orc Schism expansion announced
    10. Wot I Think: The Surge
    11. Fallout 4 free to play on Steam this weekend
    12. Manifold Garden: what you actually do in this glorious Escher-scape
    13. Netflix Warren Ellis Castlevania series gets debut trailer
    14. Divinity: Original Sin 2 launching properly in September
    15. The Witcher's fave card game, Gwent, is now in open beta
    1. IF Only: Magnetic Scrolls In Your Browser
    2. Hack the planet! Hacknet launches mod tools
    3. Learn the secrets of monsters to hunt 'em in Walkerman
    4. Cities Skylines: Mass Transit and the war on cars
    5. IEM drops League of Legends from its 2017 schedule
    6. Aztez starts biff-o-strategising this summer
    7. Blasphemous is a beautifully grotesque platformer
    8. Have You Played... Doom II: Hell on Earth?
    9. Wot I Think: Steel Division – Normandy 44
    10. Verdun expandalone Tannenberg hits WW1 Eastern Front
    11. Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind unlock times announced
    12. Exo One channels Kubrick, Dear Esther and Carl Sagan
    13. Operation Hydra hits Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
    14. Mirage: Arcane Warfare’s magical bust-ups out now
    1. Premature Evaluation: Rokh
    2. Trackmania 2 Lagoon roars out
    3. Overwatch celebrates birthday with new loot, game sale
    4. Warframe devs announce Keystone, a new F2P FPS
    5. How Far Cry 5 can reclaim the open world crown
    6. Sunless Skies hangs closed alpha signup sheet
    7. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds boosting performance, adding motorbike tricks
    8. Have You Played... Demigod?
    9. Layoffs at Hitman devs IO as Square Enix ditch studio
    10. Battlefield 1 adding women soldiers in Russian DLC
    11. Steam Charts: Alan's Wake
    12. The Pipwick Papers
    13. Impact Winter is out, controls fixes coming
    1. Valve hire some Kerbal Space Program developers
    2. Red Dead Redemption 2 delayed into 2018
    3. Why I fell out with Fallout-inspired indie RPG Underrail
    4. Do Valve own Dota? A jury may decide
    5. The Joy of Dark Messiah of Might and Magic's kick
    6. Destiny 2: Don't Fear The Grimoire Reaper
    7. Far Cry 5 trailers tease new setting: Montana
    8. War is changing in Crusader Kings 2
    9. Have You Played... Reigns?
    10. Grasshopper remaking The Silver Case sequel Ward 25
    11. Wild Renolock deck list guide - Un'Goro
    12. League of Legends: The MSI 2017 winners are...
    13. The RPG Scrollbars: The Fall Of Tyranny
    14. Unexplored takes on Aliens in free DLC
    15. Gee gee! StarCraft II adding Tastosis announcer pack
    16. King of Fighters XIV punching to PC in June
    1. Lonely Mountains: Downhill promises biking time trials and broken bones galore
    2. Robot exploder Nex Machina blasting onto PC in June
    3. Free Loaders: Risky Phone lets you be this asshole
    4. The Sunday Papers
    5. Nier: Automata white screen bug fixed for AMD cards
    1. The Walking Dead season 3 finale is just 10 days away
    2. Oohrah! Rising Storm 2: Vietnam now in open beta
    3. Early Access launch for Oxygen Not Included, the space colony management sim
    4. What are we all playing this weekend?
    1. Many pet rabbits will die in Second Life on Saturday
    2. Don't let this golden age of games end
    3. Destiny 2: what new players need to know
    4. Original Shadow Warrior alpha and beta released
    5. Giveaway: 10 copies of Endless Space 2
    6. Bonza! Day of Infamy adds Black Panthers and Aussies
    7. Have You Played... American Truck Simulator?
    8. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare hosts free MP weekend
    9. The Flare Path: What are they all playing this weekend?
    10. The Foxer
    11. Destiny 2's PC release might come later than console
    12. Positech's Production Line rolls into early access
    1. Flight Sim World takes off into early access clouds
    2. Wot I Think: Old Man's Journey
    3. Crash-u-like: Danger Zone exploding out May 30th
    4. Destiny 2's new trailer, plus everything we know so far
    5. At The Gates is a 4X game that learns from RimWorld and Spelunky
    6. Blast off! Endless Space 2 released early
    7. Ding ding! Cities: Skylines Mass Transit DLC arrives
    8. Give me a hella yeah: more Life Is Strange coming
    9. RPS is hiring! Come work with us on videos and hardware
    10. Wot I Think: The Edgelands
    11. Watch Destiny 2's gameplay livestream here at 6pm BST
    12. Deck Importing guide
    13. Wot I Think: Endless Space 2
    14. Have You Played... Adventures Of Shuggy?
    15. Wild West Online is not Red Dead 2 but is neat-lookin'
    16. Requiem for an old PC
    17. Watch this AI learn to drive inside Grand Theft Auto V
    18. Empathy: Path of Whispers has a horribly irritating bug
    19. PES 2018 should not suck on PC this year
    1. Destiny 2 will be shown off tomorrow in livestream
    2. Jon Shafer on designing Civilization 5, joining Paradox and making strategy games better
    3. Review: HP's Omen 17 is as close as gaming laptops get to a bargain
    4. South Park: The Fractured But Whole coming in October
    5. Wot I Think: Brute
    6. Gwent open beta begins next Wednesday
    7. Wot I Think: Bokida - Heartfelt Reunion
    8. Pathfinder: Kingmaker bringing tabletop RPG to PC
    9. CrossCells! A new game from the brain behind Hexcells!
    10. Have You Played... Cargo Commander?
    11. Surviving Mars brings hard science to colony-building
    12. Torment: Tides of Numenera adds goopy new friend
    13. Games need more flying, but not actual flying
    14. The Witcher is coming to Netflix
    15. Overwatch's D.Va stomps into Heroes of the Storm
    16. How to counter Quest Rogue
    17. Owlboy & Kentucky Route Zero in Humble Indie Bundle
    1. Deck-based beat 'em up Phantom Dust out now free
    2. Mars surviv-o-builder Rokh is out on early access now
    3. Premature Evaluation: Dead Cells
    4. Arma 3 gets jets and more threats to bring the sweats
    5. Harvest Moon: Light of Hope coming to PC
    6. Best Europa Universalis 4 mods
    7. Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown delayed into 2018
    8. Far Cry 5 & The Crew 2 announced, Ass Creed teased
    9. Sonic Forces will let you create your own character
    10. Yager's spaceship 'em up Dreadnought hits open beta
    11. Have You Played... Command & Conquer III?
    12. RPS Asks: Blendoku-a-likes you know and love?
    13. ZeniMax's legal war over Oculus Rift targets Gear VR
    14. For Honor season 2 launches new maps and classes
    15. Strategy & Cylons: Battlestar Galactica - Deadlock
    16. The Pipwick Papers
    17. Steam Charts: come on call chatback
    18. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 KONK!ing to November
    1. Northwest Passages: A thousand miles
    2. Your feedback on the supporter system
    3. Warhammer Dawn of War 3 multiplayer guide
    4. The Surge out today from Lords of the Fallen devs
    5. Wildlands has new mens to shoots in Fallen Ghosts DLC
    6. School's in: Hogwarts sim Academagia is on Steam
    7. Cowboy builders: Constructor demo erected wonky
    8. Zombie Night Terror spreads to the moon in free update
    9. Crusader Kings 2 expanding eastward
    10. Hanano is a free block-puzzler from Jelly No Puzzle dev
    11. PaRappa & Gitaroo Man chaps team up for Rap Rabbit
    12. Have You Played... The Lion King?
    13. Shambling: Eador studio pull Zombiest Adventures
    14. The RPG Scrollbars: A Meal Fit For A Hero
    15. Charlie Murder, The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile hit PC
    1. Free Loaders: Building tiny towns with a Little Land
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ opens second booster pack
    2. What are we all playing this weekend?
    1. How Inside's levels were designed
    2. Wot I Think: Rakuen
    3. Alan Wake killed by Roy Orbison
    4. Throwback shooter Strafe doesn't manage to replicate Quake's oddball cool
    5. Have You Played... Blood?
    6. Fight me! Stellaris beta patch fixes AI not declaring war
    7. The Flare Path: Wars Across the World
    8. The Foxer
    9. Humble Store spring sale gives Dungeons 2 away free
    10. Rainbow Six Siege: Hong Kong delayed while Ubi shore up game health
    11. How chivalrous! Mirage: Arcane Warfare open beta is live
    12. Paradox and Tropico devs announce colonial management game Surviving Mars
    13. Mech it so: Paradox are publishing BattleTech
    1. Hands on with AMD’s cheaper Ryzen 5 CPUs
    2. The 'shining lie' at the heart of Where The Water Tastes Like Wine
    3. Harvest time comes for Life is feudal: Forest Village
    4. The Long Journey Home is a wonderful space odyssey
    5. Dead by Daylight DLC adds shock doc and e-sports pro
    6. Pillars of the Earth takes on Telltale at their own game
    7. Multiplayer meleefest Absolver punching out August 29
    8. Have You Played... Amnesia: The Dark Descent?
    9. Total Warhammer 2 trailer shows Avatar action
    10. New VR Battlezone blasts into PC cybergoggles
    11. While my HDMI port gently weeps (a lamentation for VR)
    12. Simplified Neo Tokyo E.X.P.L.O.D.E.S. into Rocket League
    13. Report: Mass Effect is taking a nap
    14. Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath beta dates and deets
    15. Miss: Square Enix try to sell Hitman devs IO Interactive
    1. China’s emperor challenges those Renowned Explorers
    2. IF Only: Games of linguistic experimentation
    3. 10 of the most relaxing games on PC
    4. Mass Effect: Andromeda 1.06 brings boosts and fixes
    5. Dead Cells coagulates on early access, is good
    6. Prey: the game that makes locked doors cool again
    7. Block'hood moves into full release May 11
    8. Farming Simulator 17 DLC adds mega-big tractor Big Bud
    9. Wot I Think: Scanner Sombre
    10. To The Moon-inspired adventure Rakuen is out now
    11. Platinum's Vanquish powersliding to PC May 25th
    12. Wild Tempo Mage deck list guide - Un'Goro
    13. Have You Played... Asterix at the Olympic Games?
    14. Great big games: How do you eat yours?
    15. Starbound is adding player-built space stations
    16. Clawfish - a claw machine for nabbing slippery friends
    17. Wheels on fire: Forza Horizon 3's Hot Wheels DLC out
    1. Broke Protocol is a ‘low-poly GTA Online’
    2. Premature Evaluation: Stable Orbit
    3. Strafe is out now for you to shoot in
    4. Trackmania 2 going tropical with Lagoon this month
    5. Endless Space 2 reveals its spacetreants
    6. Into Egypt: next Assassin's Creed leaks
    7. How Steam selects the games it shows you (according to Steam)
    8. Divinity: Original Sin 2's GM mode brings pen and paper RPGs to the screen
    9. Dead By Daylight's new killer aims to break the game
    10. Stellaris launches Update 1.6, hands out birthday DLC
    11. Have You Played... Prey 2?
    12. Steam Charts: all I play each night is Prey
    13. Risk of Rain 2 taking action-roguelikeliking into 3D
    14. The Pipwick Papers
    15. Tokyo 42's futuristic sneak-o-action coming May 31st
    16. Wot I Think: Prey
    17. NBA Playgrounds now slamming and jamming
    1. A fireside chat about the Supporter system
    2. Quake Champions open tech test starts on Friday
    3. Volition's Agents of Mayhem introduces shootstars
    4. Why OG winning their fourth Major isn’t bad news for professional Dota 2
    5. Daily Quest guide
    6. Have You Played… Overclocking?
    7. Emily Is Away Too logging on May 26th
    8. Astroneer makes explosive hydrazine change
    9. The RPG Scrollbars: Cool Setting, Bro!
    10. Serious haulage: Truck Simulator adding double trailers
    11. Play house: Worms W.M.D. adds Forts Mode
    12. Willo wisps into the Paladins lineup
    13. Shambling: Overkill's The Walking Dead delayed again
    1. Build castles and blow them up in 2D brawler Siege!
    2. JRPG The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd is (finally) out
    3. Nina Freeman's babysit 'em up Kimmy is out now
    4. God of painting Bob Ross is coming to Smite
    5. 'Punishing' roguelike Ruin of the Reckless is out now
    6. Ark adds giant bees and sharks that shoot lasers
    7. The Sunday Papers
    8. Next Battlefield 1 map brings night battles in rural France
    1. Tilt your way past mountain monsters in TumbleSeed – out now
    2. Get Stellaris for just $12 through Humble Monthly
    3. Darksiders 3: 12 minutes of whipping enemies to shreds
    4. Galciv 3: Crusade expansion aims to fix late-game grind
    5. Outlast 2 patch dials down the difficulty
    6. Free Loaders: This boy is bananas
    7. What are we all playing this weekend?
    8. Duelyst patch lets you mix and match
    1. Unexplored plunders Mines of Moryondor in free DLC
    2. Dawn of War 3 surrendering in first patch on Monday
    3. The 23 best bite-size games for busy lives
    4. My Marvel journey continues with The Runaways, a weird run of Venom and some awful X-Men
    5. Giveaway: 3,000 Mirage: Arcane Warfare beta keys
    6. Prey's opening hours show that the setting is the star
    7. Have You Played... Monopoly?
    8. Wot I Think: Birthdays the Beginning
    9. Wild Midrange Hunter deck list guide - Un'Goro
    10. The Long Dark story mode starts with August 1st launch
    11. The Flare Path Dragons' Den
    12. The Foxer
    13. Sudden Strike 4 getting tactical in August
    14. Prey tech tips: how to change FOV and disable intros
    15. Dota 2 goes under the seeeeeeeeeeea with The International 2017 Battle Pass
    1. Steam changes cross-country gifting and gift trading
    2. I am going to sail the Northwest Passage in this boat sim
    3. Rocket League having a free weekend, rejoice
    4. League of Legends: How they choose champ skins
    5. Civ 6's Digital Deluxe Edition adding extra DLCs
    6. Production Line conveyor belts into early access
    7. FTL-like Abandon Ship fires broadsides in combat trailer
    8. Oxygen Not Included drifts onto Early Access May 18th
    9. Old Man's Journey sets out on May 18th
    10. 9 things I don't have to worry about since we sold RPS
    11. Have You Played... Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective
    12. Wild Pirate Warrior deck list guide - Un'Goro
    13. Rogue Trooper Redux shows off Nu-Rogue
    14. Tech-priests still polishing up Space Hulk: Deathwing
    15. Prey devs: use Steam refunds in lieu of a demo on PC
    16. Prey trademark forces Prey for the Gods name change
    1. Call of Duty is unlikely to get WWII "right"
    2. The VR believers and doubters at EVE Fanfest
    3. Bandai Namco grow their own Soulslike with Code Vein
    4. The Division is having a free weekend
    5. Flight Sim World building upon MS Flight Simulator soon
    6. Elite Dangerous event sabotaged by boy wizard
    7. Selling In: Some personal thoughts on selling RPS
    8. Planetary whoosher Exo One swoops onto Kickstarter
    9. Prey launch trailer launches before Prey launch
    10. Steam Support Stats show around 75,000 requests a day
    11. H1Z1: King of the Kill Q&A outlines future changes
    12. Wander a wee village in Beeswing's free browser version
    13. Steam Charts: war dawns
    14. PSA: RPS is now owned by Gamer Network
    1. Premature Evaluation: Veil of Crows
    2. Ace one-line platformer Wibble Wobble gets multiplayer
    3. The tension & elation of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
    4. Player-driven MMO Ashes of Creation wows Kickstarter
    5. Wot I Think: Flinthook
    6. Nier: Automata's arena DLC 3C3C1D119440927 released
    7. Annulus offers life on the inner-edge
    8. May the 2nd be with us: GOG launch Star Wars sale
    9. Quake Champions Beta: a revitalised classic with some modern ideas
    10. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Lost Alpha Developer's Cut released
    11. The Pipwick Papers
    12. Darksiders 3 is coming in 2018 [updated]
    13. Old Man Flurry: Chet Faliszek Leaves Valve