June 2018 Archive

    1. Fortnite cracks the sky with gigantic rocket; probably not good
    2. It Is As If You Were Making Love is complicated at best
    3. Wow! 2001 video game Halo gets a TV show in 2018
    4. Honey, I Joined A Cult is the Prison Architect of the soul
    5. Minotaur blends cyberpunk visual novels and Sierra adventures
    6. What are we all playing this weekend?
    1. The entire Myst series now plays nice with modern PCs
    2. Ys: Memories of Celceta rumbles in the jungle July 25th
    3. Mega Man X Legacy Collections axe Axel (and the rest of Guns N' Roses)
    4. What does multiplayer mean for No Man’s Sky’s spectral civilisations?
    5. The clock is ticking on Fortnite's big event this Saturday
    6. Australian Senate committee to investigate loot boxes
    7. Trials Rising’s tandem bike is a thing of ragdoll splendour
    8. DropAdvisor: Paradise Resort, Sanhok "Bit of a tip, but a top time"
    9. Crash Bandicoot's N. Sane remaster trilogy is out on PC
    10. Time Barons is an incredible card game that makes the wait for Spelunky 2 more bearable
    11. Soundbyte: Why is it so hard to start a union in the games industry?
    12. Hackmud's 2.0 update introduces 32 player hack offs
    13. Boardgame adaptation Terraforming Mars has a free beta/demo
    14. The Foxer
    15. The Flare Path: Ukrainian Edition
    16. Star Wars no more: Amy Hennig starts her own studio
    17. The Crew 2 is out now, but unplayable for some on Steam [fixed]
    1. Anarchic gun-crafting FPS Mothergunship lands July 17
    2. I've discovered this obscure 'Instagib' mode and it's fantastic
    3. The Brief and Incredibly Poetic Life of Bañec Hazyblockades: a Dwarf Fortress diary
    4. Overwatch's Hammond revealed as mecha death hamster (and he's live on the PTR server right now)
    5. Castlevania successor Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night looks the part in its new story trailer
    6. Podcast: The naughty games we weren’t allowed to play
    7. Doomguy does Mario World in Doom: The Golden Souls 2
    8. Elite Dangerous update launches two new ships, but space legs still nowhere in sight
    9. The Joy of Floor Kids' choreographed combos
    10. First-person grappler The Free Ones swinging out in July
    11. Wot I Think: The Crew 2 as a single-player game
    12. Ready Steady Pan is a TF2 tournament where you can only attack with frying pans
    13. Don't get your hopes up for Cyberpunk 2077 in 2019
    14. Oculus ditches Windows 7 and 8 support for new Rift features
    15. Play Unravel 2's opening levels in its new trial
    1. Minecraftbut MMO Boundless picked up by Square Enix's Collective for release this year
    2. Troll-hunting hack 'n slash Fimbul chills 'til November
    3. Has Quake Champions been improved by its updates?
    4. Crusader Kings II challenges players to fork the timeline
    5. Neverwinter goes gothic with a new Ravenloft expansion
    6. Fortnite Battle Royale adds sandbox mode, dual pistols
    7. Just Cause 4 wants you to kick up a storm
    8. Five Nights at Freddy's: Ultimate Custom Night takes robo-horror to anarchic extremes
    9. A few updates later, Surviving Mars is quietly a much better game
    10. The Binding Of Isaac becoming physical card game
    11. A tourist's guide to Sanhok
    12. Cody comes to Street Fighter V, brings a mayoral pipe
    13. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite Battle Royale end mega-daft legal battle
    14. How to build a PC: A step-by-step guide
    15. How to connect your system panel connector and case cables
    16. How to put your case back together again and connect your peripherals
    17. How to install Windows 10
    18. How to install a power supply
    19. How to install your motherboard
    20. How to install extra case fans
    21. How to install your CPU
    22. How to install RAM
    23. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds making Event Pass less stingy
    24. Lumines Remastered has boogied onto PC
    1. Help kids survive cyberpunk hell in the Orphan Age demo
    2. Battlefield 1 & 4 get another wave of free DLC giveaways
    3. Overwatch overhauls Symmetra, adds positivity & groups
    4. Premature Evaluation: Sky Noon
    5. Epic sue over 'irreparable injury' caused by Fortnite leaks
    6. Dead Cells loots mod support, leaps onto Mac and Linux
    7. Steam Summer Sale recommendations: 2018 edition!
    8. Kingdom Come: Deliverance's hardcore mode brings somnambulistic haemophiliacs
    9. Video: The most exciting PC games still to come in 2018
    10. Blizzard aiming to patent Overwatch's 'Play of the Game'
    11. Clear 100 hours in your calendar, 'cos CRPGs are here to stay
    12. Truck Driver wants to be a truck sim without quite so much sim
    13. Steam Charts: the past returns to life in summer sale
    14. Overwatch (probably) rolls out a new hero teaser
    15. Newspaper uses portrait from Crusader Kings II in history of forks article
    16. GTA Online tapping top DJs for player-run nightclubs
    1. Telltale to retire their engine after The Walking Dead S4
    2. Last Man Kicking makes office football interesting & free
    3. OpenAI's Dota 2 bots sets their sights on the big leagues
    4. What Total War: Three Kingdoms is learning from its Warhammer cousins (and Crusader Kings II)
    5. SRPG City of the Shroud's first episode launches August
    6. Rage rage rage against the Dying Light
    7. American Truck Simulator challenges players to clear a landslide
    8. Wot I Think: The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit
    9. Wot I Think: Far: Lone Sails
    10. Star Control fellas crowdfund defence for Stardock battle
    11. Dwarf Fortress dwarves can now mull over their long term memories
    12. Realm Royale map: where to drop, best places to loot
    13. Free games of the week
    14. Realm Royale weapons and armour: how to find them and which are the best
    15. Life Is Strange 2's first episode is due out in September
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. What are we all playing this weekend?
    1. Excellent Descent successor Overload gets a level editor
    2. Red Dead Redemption 2 existence on PC possibly leaked via LinkedIn
    3. Friday the 13th's content update plans meet a grisly end
    4. Police Stories is coming along nicely, but taking its time
    5. Psychological horror slasher Hellblade goes platinum
    6. When is work worth it?
    7. Black Mesa's vision of Xen is bigger, bolder & nearly done
    8. How systemic games make you a master comedian
    9. The formerly Wipeout-inspired Redout: Space Assault ditches racetracks for tactical space combat
    10. Summer Games Done Quick's charity speedruns start Sunday - these are our picks
    11. Kassandra is Assassin's Creed Odyssey's main hero, but only in the book
    12. Playstyle Royale: Once, twice, three times a chicken
    13. Valve's Steam Link box is just £2 right now
    14. Punch the sun in Monster Prom's new "F*ckin' Hot" update
    15. Unavowed: Wadjet Eye's next game gets launch trailer
    16. Wot I Think: Football, Tactics & Glory
    17. The Foxer
    18. Shadowrun Returns is free on the Humble store
    1. Discord's new Game Tab seems handy, and also metal?
    2. Valve demo new VR controls with Portal mini-games
    3. You can't target individual players with Fallout 76's nukes
    4. Nioh brings a ballet of breathtaking violence
    5. Steam's summer sale opens with a mini-game gimmick
    6. Video: The shark RPG and other hidden gems of E3 2018
    7. Divinity: Original Sin 2's Definitive changes are enormous
    8. Podcast: The best and worst of E3 2018
    9. Surreal Zelda-like Anodyne is getting a low-fi 3D sequel
    10. Three-hour reviews - Jurassic World: Evolution & Cultist Simulator
    11. NewGrounds all-stars reassemble for Nightmare Cops
    12. Four developers of scary games explain how to make scary games very scary indeed
    13. Stealthy stellar sandbox Objects in Space is hiding in early access
    14. Devilsaur Druid deck list guide - Witchwood - Hearthstone (June 2018)
    15. No, The Witcher 3's Ciri won't be appearing in Cyberpunk 2077
    16. Alice Bell is RPS's new deputy editor, come say hello
    17. Get overclocking in PC Building Simulator's latest update
    18. Harder, better, faster, smoother: BattleTech's big update does almost everything you want
    19. Outer Wilds is getting ready to land (and still plays great)
    20. Mutant Year Zero is looking great in its new trailer
    21. Street Fighter V's new fortune reading system offers up exclusive cosmetics and rewards
    22. Overwatch dev spills the beans on matchmaking
    1. Hybrid VR puzzle-platformer Carly & The Reaperman out
    2. How Far: Lone Sails puts you on a journey through sound
    3. Ronimo announce Swords & Soldiers 2, give away the 1st
    4. Plunkbat is getting a premium Battle Pass system now
    5. Razer Naga Trinity review: Three gaming mice in one
    6. Mojang's Scrolls returns as Caller's Bane, completely free
    7. Vampyr saves its most affecting dilemmas for its last act - and then loses its mind
    8. Xenonauts 2 starts its crowdfunding drive with a demo
    9. The Long Dark's Vigilante Flame update sees the splendid survival game better than ever before
    10. Watch 5 minutes of the gory Resident Evil 2 remake
    11. Islands of Nyne royally battles into early access in July
    12. Here's how Rocket League's Rocket Pass will work
    13. Put CS:GO's new Panorama UI through its paces
    14. Dota 2's Underhollow mode is underwhelmingly hollow
    15. Valkyria Chronicles 4 goes to war in September
    16. Overwatch's Symmetra changes placate the toxic parts of its community
    17. The Itch.io summer sale includes Thumper and The Signal From Tölva for cheaps
    18. Fallout 76 sleuths have made a map of post-apocalyptic West Virginia
    19. Plunkbat costs fewer Plunkbucks, to celebrate hitting 50m players
    20. Fight a crazy comet in Darkest Dungeon's new DLC
    21. Ubisoft has tried to fill Assassin's Creed Odyssey with real Greek voices
    22. Meet Dave Irwin, RPS's new guides writer
    1. Wonder Boy-inspired metroid'y platformer Aggelos is out
    2. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds is heading to sunny Sanhok this week
    3. Escape From Monkey Island is rubber, DRM is glue
    4. OK/NORMAL is a PlayStation-era vaporwave nightmare
    5. Captain Spirit looks heroic, but sometimes tragic too
    6. ARK's third expansion, Extinction, likes its critters large
    7. Wot I Think: Bus Simulator 18
    8. Hop on your (beetle) bike for Guild Wars 2's next episode
    9. Frostpunk's Survivor Mode is icing hopeful players today
    10. Fancy creator homepages come to Steam
    11. The Culling 2 won't be mucking around in early access
    12. Welcome Noa Smith to RPS's video team
    13. Modding tools will inject new life into Dead Cells
    14. Not including a tutorial in Cultist Simulator was "the most contentious decision of the whole project"
    15. MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries delayed until 2019
    16. Cyberpunk 2077 PC specs revealed for its incredi-E3 2018 demo
    1. Quake Champions extends its free giveaway to June 25th
    2. Warriors Orochi 4 set to mangle history on PC in October
    3. Cuisine Royale is battle royale about wearing a kitchen
    4. Platform roguelike Noita's pixel sorcery still impresses
    5. The best games of E3 2018, from cyberpunks to twisters
    6. Brigador adds new pilots & units to raise hell all day long
    7. Rhythm hit Groove Coaster drops the beat on PC in July
    8. Dying Light 2 is making the sun your new best friend
    9. The Elder Scrolls VI will be set in Elsweyr
    10. Dead or Alive 6 will tone down the wobbly bits, half-heartedly
    11. PUBG Corp responds to "asset flip" accusations
    12. The Beginnings 5 TF2 jumping competition has begun
    13. OMDO turns DOOM into a Magic Eye puzzle
    14. Steam Charts: What The Heck Is Happening Edition
    15. Tank football returns to World of Tanks for the World Cup
    1. Team Sonic Racing breaks the sound barrier in trailer
    2. Strange Brigade dev playthrough shows off spooky puzzles
    3. Hello Neighbor gets asymmetrical multiplayer sequel Secret Neighbor
    4. StarCraft updates on Korea League and Remastered
    5. Final episode of Steve Gaynor's Tone Control podcast released
    6. The Sunday Papers
    1. SimBrexit game Not Tonight releases next month
    2. World of Warcraft Classic is progressing/regressing nicely
    3. Blast-off in Space Invaders Extreme demo
    4. Former Telltale CEO Sues Telltale Games
    5. Neo Cab's E3 trailer shows off new game systems
    6. Free games of the week
    7. What are we all playing this weekend?
    1. LEGO The Incredibles is out, but only in America for now
    2. HitRecord's claim that it's community collaboration, not spec work for Beyond Good & Evil 2 rings hollow
    3. A new Ace Combat 7 trailer swoops out on E3's final day
    4. Deep Rock Galactic adds hard combat and floppy beards
    5. No news is goose news
    6. What's next for Crusader Kings 2, EUIV and Hearts of Iron IV DLC
    7. Warframe's next story chapter - The Sacrifice - is out
    8. World War Z's co-op action actually looks a lark
    9. Early battle royaler The Culling is getting a sequel
    10. Avalanche: Just Cause 4 will not have multiplayer
    11. VR robo-stealth 'em up Budget Cuts sneaks out at last
    12. The Flare Path: Jump Jets For Goalposts
    13. The Foxer
    14. Blue Planet II inspires undersea explorer Beyond Blue
    1. Dota 2's Underhollow battle royale mode sounds cheesy
    2. It's Sky Noon, and this knockabout online FPS is out now
    3. We've got 350 games from GOG to give away
    4. Fortnite Battle Royale has murderous World Cup fever
    5. Fallout: The Frontier invites us to post-nuclear winter war
    6. The Long Dark adds new wilderness to explore, manual cooking and haunted computers
    7. The massively charming over-enthusiasm of Bus Simulator 18
    8. Wreckfest has smashed out of early access
    9. UFO sans DRM - XCom Complete Edition lands on GOG
    10. Samsung 970 Pro review: Do yourself a favour and get the Evo instead
    11. Prey's new game modes are an odd bunch
    12. Free-to-play shoot-n'-looter Defiance 2050 launches July
    13. Still dreaming of that Witcher/Cyberpunk 2077 crossover
    14. A chat with CD Projekt Red about the romances, flying cars and hacking of Cyberpunk 2077
    15. You can see when and why you got reported in Dota 2
    16. FREE 3: A final trio of £0 alternatives
    17. If you want any Cod Blops 4 DLC maps, you'll need to buy the whole season pass
    18. Don't Starve: Hamlet snuffling into December
    1. LawBreakers is free from now until the servers shut off
    2. Why do Dota players yell at each other for playing badly?
    3. Telltale and Netflix trade Minecraft for Stranger Things
    4. Premature Evaluation: Witch Hunt
    5. First-person platformer Hot Lava launches - bring a pal
    6. Bus Simulator 18 out now, with mods & multiplayer
    7. Call of Cthulhu's latest trailer practically drips with cliche
    8. Layers Of Fear is free for keepsies right nooOooOow
    9. Steelseries Sensei 310 review: An all-round ambidextrous mouse
    10. Labyrinth of Refrain - retro dungeons in Disgaea's style
    11. Nioh 2 announced, though not yet confirmed for PC
    12. Prey: Mooncrash offers a surprising amount to do in a deceptively small space
    13. Surviving Mars' new, free DLC tries harder to stop you surviving
    14. Intel set to release their first graphics card by 2020
    15. Welcome to Miami in Hitman 2's "gameplay" trailer
    16. See Grim Fandango's cast reunite for a live read-through
    17. FREE 3: A trio of free games as an antidote to E3 hype
    18. Fallout 76 will support mods, but not at launch
    19. Insurgency: Sandstorm looks genero but goodo
    20. Cyberpunk 2077’s demo at E3 was a vivid, drug-huffing first-person romp of guns and butts
    21. Steam to stop supporting Windows XP and Vista in 2019
    1. Getting Over It creator releases wobbly Pong, FLOP
    2. Session could well be the best thing since sliced Skate
    3. Soulcalibur VI arms up for October launch
    4. Killing Floor 2's summer event involves airships & clowns
    5. Steam Chat overhaul drags it into the modern day
    6. Has Space Hulk: Deathwing been improved by its updates?
    7. Dead By Daylight sends in... the clowns
    8. Killer Queen Black brings the cult barcade hit to PC
    9. Metro Exodus is a far cry from the tunnel shooter we knew
    10. Night Call is a cab-driving noir mystery
    11. Overcooked 2 serving online multiplayer in August
    12. Build a base in the woods in Sokpop's Huts
    13. Overwhelm (out today) is an unsettling little 2D shooter
    14. Skyrim mod The Forgotten City remade as standalone
    15. Sable makes a strong case for being the prettiest game of E3
    16. Satisfactory looks a lot like first-person Factorio
    17. Jurassic World Evolution stomps out today
    18. FREE 3: No-cost games to play instead of E3’s blockbusters
    19. Ooblets has ditched dogfighting for dance battles
    20. Every PC game at Ubisoft's E3 Press Conference
    21. Resident Evil 2's swish remake coming in January 2019
    22. Death Stranding's sad posties traipse across some rocks
    23. Control is a telekinetic shooter from Remedy
    24. Maneater is Jaws: The Game, and we're Jaws
    25. Rapture Rejects is battle royale in Cyanide & Happiness
    26. Valkyria Chronicles 4 confirmed for PC too
    1. Mavericks will have a 1000-player battle royale mode
    2. The Crew 2 open beta starts next week, preloading now
    3. Sega bringing Yakuza to PC, starting with Yakuza 0
    4. For Honor marches into Chinese history with four new warriors and a 4v4 siege mode
    5. Assassin's Creed Odyssey kicks off in October
    6. The Division 2 adds raids and drops season passes
    7. Ubisoft show off multipirate shipfights in Skull & Bones
    8. Trials Rising is backflipping out in February 2019
    9. Jade and Pey'j return in Beyond Good & Evil 2
    10. Hearthstone's Tavern Of Time brings unique time-bending cards
    11. Bethesda’s new VR bits include Prey mimicking prop hunt
    12. Rocket League's summer Beach Blast kicks off today
    13. Watch Ubisoft's E3 livestream here tonight
    14. Platinum continue their PC streak with Babylon's Fall
    15. Square Enix tease The Quiet Man
    16. Shadow Of The Tomb Raider gameplay shows Lara's Predator-esque junglemurders
    17. Resident Evil 4 HD's remaster mod is due out this July
    18. Watch Square Enix's E3 press conference here today
    19. Halo 5: Guardians looks to be coming to Windows 10, too
    20. Totally Accurate Battlegrounds plans improvements as free period ends
    21. Roguelikelike FPS Ziggurat is free right now on GOG
    22. Metal Wolf Chaos XD plops the US president back into a mech
    23. We Happy Few creeps out in August
    24. Wot I Think: Jurassic World Evolution
    25. Quake Champions is free if you get it now (or much later)
    26. Steam Charts: Change Is Possible Edition
    27. The Elder Scrolls: Blades is for phones, but it'll come to PC one day
    28. Every PC game at Microsoft's E3 2018 conference
    29. Prey Mooncrash DLC out now alongside free story, survival and new game+ modes
    30. The Monday Papers
    31. The Elder Scrolls VI announced
    32. Bethesda announce all-new "space epic" Starfield
    33. Fallout 76 is a multiplayer "softcore survival" game
    34. Wolfenstein: Youngblood announced, is co-op with BJ's daughters
    35. Doom Eternal is Hell on Earth
    36. Rage 2 blasts first gameplay video
    37. Cyberpunk 2077's trailer hides some good news
    38. Metro Exodus surfaces in February 2019
    39. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds teases shield, snow map
    1. Microsoft buy Forza Horizon and Hellblade studios, and more
    2. Devil May Cry 5 bringing back old Dante in 2019
    3. Gears of War 5 isn't the only new Gears game
    4. Just Cause 4 officially announced, shows wild weather
    5. Cyberpunk 2077 looks wild in its E3 trailer
    6. Dying Light 2 announced, co-written by Chris Avellone
    7. Dontnod's Captain Spirit reminds us that we've become old and dead inside
    8. Cuphead expansion leaping to 2019
    9. The Division 2 fighting for Washington DC in 2019
    10. Forza Horizon 4 racing across Britain in October
    11. From Software's Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice hitting PC
    12. Ori and the Will of the Wisps brings all the feels
    13. Fallout 76 is a prequel, "four times the size" of FO4
    14. Halo Infinite announced, returning to PC
    15. Watch Microsoft's E3 presentation here
    16. Video: Two creepy yarn beasts are better than one in Unravel 2
    17. Adorable mouse game Moss comes from PSVR to PC
    18. Overkill's Walking Dead game gets four character trailers
    19. Check out the first footage of Total War: Three Kingdoms in action
    20. Anthem tries to embrace its own Destiny
    1. Star Wars Battlefront 2 hatching Clone Wars content
    2. Origin Access offers up new premium Premier tier
    3. FIFA 19 yoinks the Champions League
    4. BioWare's Anthem blasting off in February 2019
    5. Madden NFL 19 is coming to PC, after 11 years away
    6. Depression makes monsters of us all in Sea of Solitude
    7. Unravel 2 announced, is out... now?!
    8. Respawn's Star Wars game is Jedi: Fallen Order
    9. Battlefield V getting a battle royale mode
    10. New Doom movie looks like Doom and the other Doom movie
    11. Watch EA's E3 presentation livestream here
    12. When and where to watch the big E3 livestreams
    13. Far Cry 5 fan map takes us back to Jurassic Park
    14. Dead or Alive 6 will live (or possibly die) in Early 2019
    15. What are we all playing this weekend?
    1. Hoverbiking ain't easy, says Desert Child's pre-E3 trailer
    2. Absolver's next free update channels the great Bruce Lee
    3. Devolver Digital tease Metal Wolf Chaos's possible return
    4. Hands on with Asus' MOBA and FPS-friendly Hero II and Scar II laptops
    5. Phantom Doctrine E3 vid shows tactical espionage action
    6. King of Dragon Pass sequel Six Ages raids PC in 2019
    7. Wot I Think: Shadowverse
    8. Zotac MEK1 review: A pint-sized GTX 1060 powerhouse
    9. Life Is Strange devs announce Twin Mirror
    10. What we want to see at E3 2018 next week
    11. Indivisible summons its heroes to prepare for E3's attack
    12. Realm Royale injects battle royale with tasty new ideas
    13. Roccat's Vulcan mechanical keyboard is one to watch
    14. Bang to rights: Crackdown 3 officially delayed into 2019
    15. Derek Yu says a tiny bit about Spelunky 2
    16. Final Fantasy XV mod tools released
    17. The Flare Path: This and That
    18. The Foxer
    19. J.J. Abrams's Bad Robot forms games division
    20. Just Cause 4 confirmed in Steam leak
    1. Strange Brigade sizes up E3 in a stiff-upper-lipped trailer
    2. Quake Champions updates with bots and detailed gibs
    3. Wot I Think: Voyageur
    4. Rollcage successor Grip flips out of early access autumn
    5. Hitman 2 is out this November, bigger, bolder, murderier
    6. Podcast: The games to look forward to at E3 2018
    7. VR FPS Gunheart launches, headset no longer mandatory
    8. ‘I wish they had good anti-cheat,’ says Dark Souls hacker
    9. Valve's abdication of responsibility over Steam is the worst possible solution
    10. New Avalanche game Generation Zero does giant deathbots in 80s Sweden
    11. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds extending Sanhok test, getting sniper War mode
    12. The "Not a Metroidvania" bundle includes 4 great Metroidvanias
    13. R6 Siege invades Villa in Operation Para Bellum today
    14. Alienware cut cords with their first wireless headset, plus a new mouse
    15. Total War: Three Kingdoms delayed into spring 2019
    1. Cute pulp sci-fi defensive shooter Fortified is free today
    2. Valve take a stand against taking a stand on Steam rules
    3. How Destiny 2 works
    4. Cultist Simulator is driving me a bit mad
    5. Creative Assembly is hiring to produce a tactical shooter
    6. Star Wars: Battlefront 2's Solo season raids Kessel soon
    7. The Crew 2 plots first year of free content updates
    8. The best bonkers case mods at Computex 2018
    9. Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition arrives on Windows 10
    10. Bag a free copy of The Crew 2 when you buy a new GTX 1080 or GTX 1080Ti
    11. Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is silly Plunkbat, and free
    12. "The minions of hell are growing stronger" - Blizzard's mysterious new Diablo project
    13. Star Trek Online boldly goes back to Deep Space Nine
    14. The Walking Dead: The Final Season starts in August
    15. This great Twitter account collects safe rooms in games
    16. Realm Royale takes Paladins to battle royale
    17. Overwatch plans to reward you for being nice, plus new Symmetra is on the PTR
    18. Intel's 28-core CPU monster vs. AMD's 32-core 2nd Gen Ryzen Threadripper
    1. Warhammer 40k: Inquisitor - Martyr stomps angrily out of early access
    2. Sword of the Stars devs Kerberos branch out to tabletops
    3. Premature Evaluation - Adeptus Titanicus: Dominus
    4. Far Cry 5's Vietnam War story DLC should be out now
    5. Paradox buying BattleTech studio Harebrained Schemes
    6. Destiny 2's Forsaken DLC is a western-style bounty hunt
    7. A retrospective of Unreal, from the people who made it
    8. Sci-fi survival horror Signalis's debut trailer is chilling
    9. Code Vein opens up in September
    10. Video: 10 Vampyr tips to prevent an undead apocalypse
    11. Fallen London redesign spruces up the horror, the horror
    12. Intel's Core i7-8086K is their best CPU yet - and there are 8086 of them up for grabs
    13. Jurassic Park welcomed to Rocket League in next DLC
    14. Nvidia: Next GeForce graphics card won't arrive for "a long time"
    15. Hitman 2 revealed by logo on Warner Bros website
    1. Wot I Think: Vampyr
    2. Take a one-way trip to the Galaxy's heart in Voyageur
    3. Planet X3 is a brand new CGA DOS game in development
    4. Video: Watch dino fights and raptor escapes in Jurassic World Evolution
    5. Warframe's new trailer bids us prepare for The Sacrifice
    6. Red Faction: Guerilla's Space Asshole returns on July 3rd
    7. Where The Water Tastes Like Wine adds new stories and autowalk
    8. BattleTech devs talk slowness, mods and what to expect from the next update
    9. GOG's Summer Sale opens with a Xenonauts giveaway
    10. Dear Mr Stardew Valley please make a bookshop game
    11. Steam Charts: Unblessed Edition
    12. Lords Of The Fallen 2 finds a developer
    13. Sky Noon swings into early access on June 14th
    14. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds extends final Sanhok test
    15. Asus' new 49in curved 144Hz monitor to take on Samsung's CHG90
    16. Evolve shutting down dedicated servers and F2P version
    17. Move over ROG, Asus' new TUF mouse, keyboard and headset are in town
    18. State of Decay 2 patch fixes some of the worst bugs
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Free games of the week
    2. What are we all playing this weekend?
    1. Massive Steam security hole closed a decade late
    2. Path of Exile's time-warping Incursion league goes live
    3. Being a bad dad in Crusader Kings The Board Game
    4. New Vegas mod Fallout: New California due this October
    5. Unknown Pleasures: Ten new games you could play
    6. Wot I Think: Moonlighter
    7. Underworld Ascendant swings into action in September
    8. The Farm 51 declare World War 3
    9. Nvidia Turing graphics cards reveal set for August
    10. I survived Frostpunk's big freeze, but I might also be the worst human being alive
    11. Wreckfest smashing out of early access after 1611 days
    12. Nightmarish platformer Darq has changed its look
    13. Wipeout-ish racer Antigraviator's demo hovers out
    14. The Foxer
    15. The Flare Path: Gongs and Gripes
    16. Slay The Spire's third character, The Defect, has arrived
    17. OneShot is out on Mac and that’s nice for you, Dan