October 2019 Archive

    1. Modern Warfare RTX: A guide to Call of Duty's RTX ray tracing performance
    2. The best horror games to put the spooks up you this Halloween
    3. Antlion's ModMic Wireless shows other headset mics how it's done
    4. Oxenfree and the horror of grieving
    5. If Netflix's Witcher isn't based on the games, why that shot of Geralt in the bath?
    6. The unsung horror potential of Homeworld
    7. The RPS minecraft server has devolved into a hellish Shrek larp
    8. Red Dead Redemption 2 is out next week, so here's a launch trailer for y'all
    9. Borderlands 3's upcoming Takedown at Maliwan's Blacksite is a free end-game raid
    10. Razer resurrect their classic RGB mouse mat (along with some spoooky deals)
    11. Steam's new library is out of beta, bringing a new way to search and sort your games
    12. Death Stranding isn't on PC until next year but we can still watch the PS4 launch trailer
    13. Have You Played... Phantasmagoria?
    1. Neon Noodles is a Zachlike cookery game about automating meals
    2. The developer of retro RPG SKALD says he doesn't care if it makes money
    3. Minecraft RTX is the poster child ray tracing needs, but it's a brute to run
    4. Ghost Recon Breakpoint's new mission is to fix the game
    5. The 10 best fighting games on PC
    6. The Outer Worlds reputation guide - all reputation statuses defined
    7. League of Legends: How to get a PBE account
    8. Destiny 2's Altars Of Sorrow understands sometimes you're an idiot who wants to spawncamp moonmonsters until it rains candy
    9. Questionable Modern Warfare death screen quotes
    10. Stigmatized Property isn't a surprising horror game but it's fun enough
    11. Get modieval with Kingdom Come: Deliverance's editing tools
    12. Wot I Think: Afterparty
    13. Warcraft III: Reforged's beta is out this week, leading the charge into BlizzCon
    14. Intel's Core i9-9900KS special edition CPU is out now
    15. Hellblade developers announce a research program using games to tackle mental health
    16. What graphics card do I need for HDR and what PC games support it?
    17. Have You Played... Fantasy Wars?
    1. Final Fantasy XIV crosses over with Nier: Automata today
    2. Hey! You! Go to Hell... in Afterparty, which is out now
    3. Destiny 2 starts Halloween event and opens new dungeon today
    4. Imperator: Rome is getting proper story campaigns - and elephant husbandry logistics
    5. EA games are returning to Steam, starting with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
    6. Fortnite summons the Storm King for a spooky PvE boss battle event
    7. Here's nine minutes of GTFO to entice you to sign up for the alpha
    8. Nvidia adds ReShade filters to GeForce Experience
    9. Surprise! Nvidia's GTX 1660 Super and 1650 Super are real and I still don't know why they exist
    10. Fallout 76 players have a decidedly mixed response to the Fallout 1st subscription
    11. Valve block Counter-Strike loot key reselling to fight money laundering
    12. I backup my Noita saves and you will never stop me
    13. Have you played… Defend Your Castle?
    1. I am partially sorry for interrupting Destiny raids to take screenshots of this magnificent spacegarden
    2. Dicey Dungeons scares up new challenges and monsters for a Halloween update
    3. Boo! Steam and GOG's Halloween sales started today
    4. Modder Superior - Star Wars: Battlefront 2
    5. A few Unreal tweaks to make The Outer Worlds better
    6. The Outer Worlds Holographic disguises - ID cartridge locations
    7. Google's AI moderation shows results in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
    8. Steam Charts: Pulling Teeth Edition
    9. Death Stranding will be released on the PC in 2020
    10. Places returns with a new walking simulator Sketch
    11. Panzer Dragoon: Remake is cooming to PC
    12. Rumour: Overwatch 2 will have more PvE and be playable at BlizzCon this week
    13. Crucial snatch DDR4 RAM overclocking record from G.Skill just two weeks after it was set
    14. We played Crusader Kings 2 in real life and it got weird
    15. Have you played… Floating Point?
    1. Shared_Anxieties.exe is a desktop pal with a lot on their mind
    2. Abandon Ship sails out of early access
    3. Screenshot Saturday Sundays: Comforting caves, peculiar planes, and bubbling baths
    4. Lakeview Valley's murder village is now open
    5. The Sunday Papers
    1. The Weekly News Digest: Subs, suing, and sense
    2. BBC Radio 3's Sound Of Gaming is a nice look at video game tunes and the people behind them
    3. The Weekly Updates Update: Not just Halloween
    4. Slithery squish 'em up Carrion has a free demo available this week
    5. WWE 2K20 promise a patch for all those wrestling mishaps
    6. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - PC release date confirmed, free update monsters
    7. Epic Games sue tester for “spoiling” Fortnite: Chapter 2
    8. Priceless Play - 26 October 2019
    9. Stellaris's newest species, the Lithoids, are here to eat rocks and take names
    10. What are we all playing this weekend?
    1. Monster Hunter: World - Iceborne hits PC on January 9th
    2. The Outer Worlds PC requirements and how to get the best performance
    3. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare is already here
    4. Unknown Pleasures: 'tis not the season
    5. Payday 2 breaks out of jail and is back in development
    6. Obsidian's The Outer Worlds is out now
    7. Bethesda acknowledge parts of Fallout 76's subscription service are broken
    8. The Outer Worlds TTD debuffs - how to use Tactical Time Dilation
    9. Crawl creators announce noir thriller The Drifter
    10. Microsoft Flight Simulator will use live, real-world data for in-game weather
    11. The Flare Path: A2Z
    12. The Foxer
    13. How Disco Elysium's opening sets the stage for existential revolt
    14. Ubisoft delay Watch Dogs Legion, Rainbow Six Quarantine, and Gods & Monsters
    15. Here's a first, brief look at Command & Conquer Remastered
    16. Noita is very good even if you are very bad at it
    1. Dota Underlords has finally added Underlords
    2. Ubisoft suing Rainbow 6 cheatmaker who talked about his works on the BBC
    3. Game DNA: Making yourself a home
    4. Rise Of Industry now tycooning our terrible future in 2130 expansion
    5. Crucial's P1 is a great value NVMe SSD, but it's not without its faults
    6. Elite Dangerous delays Fleet Carriers to focus on fixing bugs
    7. Legends Of Runeterra already has a meta after its first preview patch
    8. Borderlands 3 Halloween event adds Terror
    9. Noita adds mod support and more spells
    10. Pull up a stool in the player-made bars of Fallout 76
    11. In the new Stellaris expansion, you can turn your home planet into a bomb
    12. Have you played... Osmos?
    1. Rainbow 6 Siege hunting monsters in Doktor's Curse event mode
    2. Wot I Think: Outbuddies
    3. Battlefield V heads to the Pacific Theatre next week with Iwo Jima
    4. How Guild Wars 2's mounts were made
    5. Fallout 76 launches private servers as part of premium membership
    6. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance can't help me with my wi-fi
    7. Loot boxes should be regulated under gambling laws, Children's Commissioner recommends
    8. Asus and GamesPlanet team up for cheap game deals
    9. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Season 5 focuses the fight on Miramar
    10. Epic Games Store: Nearly one year from launch, how is it to use?
    11. Playing three different light gun games at once in VR looks wild
    12. WWE 2K20 is broken, which is great for anyone not playing it
    13. In Crusader Kings 3, character is everything
    14. Have you played… ZZT?
    1. The Long Dark story mode continues in episode 3 today
    2. Wot I Think: Tangle Tower
    3. Premature Evaluation: Chernobylite
    4. There's insufficient evidence to call gaming disorder its own clinical condition, report says
    5. The machine starts: AI War 2 launches out of early access
    6. Wot I Think: The Outer Worlds
    7. Hitman 2? More like Hitman TwooOoOOoOOOoO
    8. Someone built Tetris in Overwatch
    9. Wot I Think - Six Ages: Ride Like The Wind
    10. Have You Played... Pawnbarian?
    1. Steam Remote Play Together takes local multiplayer games online
    2. American Truck Simulator rolling into Utah in November
    3. Apex Legends' Voidwalker cinematic turns Wraith's infinite worlds into an absurd binary
    4. A cheeky hint of Diablo IV ahead of BlizzCon
    5. The bestest games of EGX 2019
    6. Steam Charts: Free Diving Edition
    7. You can grab Crusader Kings 2's Old Gods expansion for free
    8. Steam's Halloween, Autumn, and Winter Sale dates leaked
    9. These Friends sets built inside The Sims 4 look great
    10. Dota Underlords is adding prison
    11. Noita rewards you for being reckless, so set everything on fire
    1. Take a walk under the beautiful sky of Bleakstead
    2. I played Morels: The Hunt with a mycologist, who also happens to be my father
    3. Screenshot Saturday Sundays: weird water, glitchy ghosts, and corgi consumerism
    4. Pathologic 2 DLC The Marble Nest scurries out this month
    5. The Sunday Papers
    1. The Weekly News Digest: Riot and Paradox announce everything
    2. Plants Vs. Zombies: Battle For Neighborville grows out of early access
    3. The Weekly Updates Update: It's all so spooky
    4. Manifold Garden releases its gravity-bending architectural puzzles
    5. Age Of Wonders reviving ancient technocorpses in Revelations expansion
    6. Hearts Of Iron IV getting sly in La Résistance expansion
    7. US Congress members 'concerned' over Blizzard's Blitzchung ban
    8. Priceless Play - 19 October 2019
    9. Prison Architect will bring an embiggened Psych Ward to PC in November
    10. BattleTech going old school with Heavy Metal expansion
    11. Crusader Kings 3 is happening: here's ten things we know so far
    12. Surviving The Aftermath is out in early access today
    13. Stellaris: Federations expansion announced, and will bring new origins for your empires
    14. What are we all playing this weekend?
    1. Humble Monthly relaunching more expensive as Humble Choice
    2. Borderlands 3 has nerfed its most powerful Legendaries and fixed up others
    3. The Outer Worlds launch trailer shows Obsidian's silly sci-fi world
    4. Space Dracula vs King Beef: 5 very silly RimWorld scenarios
    5. The Foxer
    6. Radio Commander review
    7. Texts From EGX, Day 2
    8. Crusader Kings 2 is free now
    9. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare replaces paid DLC and loot boxes with a Battle Pass
    10. Have You Played... Resident Evil?
    1. Sea Of Thieves goes overboard with skeletons in this month's Fort Of The Damned update
    2. Fallout 76 delays Wastelanders, but private servers arrive next week
    3. Jackbox Party Pack 6 continues the local multiplayer foolishness
    4. Observer and Alan Wake's American Nightmare are this week's Epic Games Store giveaways
    5. A Panel Shaped Screen Adventure: You see a new article on Rock Paper Shotgun
    6. I want to explore the worlds of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, but maybe not its story
    7. Red Dead Redemption 2 PC trailer demonstrates our fancy features
    8. Last week's Hearthstone college protesters finally face suspension
    9. Blade Runner is now easily playable in ScummVM
    10. Watch the RPS vid buds defuse bombs and break physics live at EGX 2019
    11. Texts From EGX, Day 1
    12. This Merchant Life really gets what playing as an NPC should be like
    13. Have You Played... Space Pirate Trainer?
    1. Radioactive shooter Chernobylite enters early access today
    2. Save big on Monster Hunter: World and loads more in Fanatical's 24-hour Insanity Sale
    3. Massively unfair strategy AI War 2 leaves early access next week
    4. Buy Disco Elysium on GOG and get UnderRail for free
    5. Brendan is leaving RPS, come say goodbye
    6. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds will let you throw pans at people
    7. I took medical speed and played Deadliest Catch: The Game
    8. Oxygen Not Included mods: the 12 best ONI mods in the Steam Workshop
    9. Paradox pull their Stellaris mobile game after nicking Halo artwork
    10. League Of Legends is entering every genre in every medium (p.s. don't turn around, LoL is standing behind you right now)
    11. Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 delayed till later in 2020
    12. Wot I Think: Kine
    13. Dicey Dungeons biggest update yet adds new spells and re-rolls tricky challenges
    14. League Of Legends also getting an action-RPG-ish spin-off and esports manager sim
    15. Have you played... Graveyard Keeper?
    16. Riot Games announce hero shooter codenamed Project A [updated]
    17. Legends Of Runeterra is a CCG shuffling up some of League Of Legends' familiar faces
    18. League Of Legends universe fighting game is real, currently called Project L
    1. Apex Legends starts terrifying, brilliant Fight Or Fright event
    2. PC Specialist's Inferno R4 is a fantastic 1440p gaming PC for just over a grand
    3. Google finally announce release date for Stadia
    4. The Division 2 brings The Last Castle crashing down in today's story update
    5. Premature Evaluation: Flotsam
    6. Morels: The Hunt ventures into the woods to bag a shroomy dinner
    7. Wot I Think: Disco Elysium
    8. Borderlands 3 birthday event continues with Eridium flash sales
    9. Buy an exclusive RPS shirt at EGX and be more clothed
    10. Divinity spin-off Fallen Heroes is on indefinite hold
    11. Disco Elysium Thought Cabinet: the Thoughts system explained
    12. Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain is now smashing bugs on PC
    13. Fortnite Chapter 2 is live, exploring a whole new world
    14. Saints Row 2 finally getting fixed for modern PCs
    15. Secret Highlander Paladin deck list guide - Saviors of Uldum - Hearthstone (October 2019)
    16. Eliza's creator on the real life inspirations for his fictional therapy software
    1. The good, the bad and the ugly of tomorrow's dual-screen gaming laptops
    2. Stranger Things drive into Rocket League's Haunted Hallows event today
    3. Wargroove adding new cooperative campaign in next free update
    4. Riot Games warn League Of Legends pros away from political issues
    5. Take me down to Off-Peak City, where the canal is clean and the pizza's pithy
    6. Modder Superior - Total War: Warhammer II
    7. Xbox Game Pass game list for PC, plus all new games for October 2019
    8. League of Legends: World Championship 2019 guide - Results, Standings and Schedule
    9. Disco Elysium skills & character creation: Intellect, Psyche, Physique, Motorics, and the 24 skills explained
    10. Steam Charts: Suspicious Mole Edition
    11. Apex Legends will let you practice without pressure on the Firing Range
    12. Dirtbike roguelike Descenders adds official mod support
    13. Minecraft's honey can be used to build flying machines
    14. Wot I Think: Felix The Reaper
    15. Nvidia are planning more ray traced remasters of classic PC games like Quake II RTX
    16. Payday 3 expected to launch in 2022 or 2023
    17. Dota Underlords alliances tier list [October] - the best alliances in Dota Underlords
    18. Have You Played... Strikers Edge?
    1. Fortnite: Battle Royale has been replaced by a black hole [Updated]
    2. Moons Of Madness introduces Martian ghosts later this month
    3. Screenshot Saturday Sundays: canine kickflips, melancholic moons, and dancing death
    4. The Wanderer: Frankenstein's Creature shuffles into stores on Halloween
    5. The Sunday Papers
    6. We Were Here Together launches with some chilling cooperative brainteasers
    1. The Weekly News Digest: Oh, Blizzard
    2. New GTA: San Andreas trick slashes speedrun from four hours to 25 minutes
    3. The Weekly Updates Update: Doting on the Moon
    4. H1Z1 developers Daybreak layoff yet more employees
    5. Priceless Play - 12 October 2019
    6. Blizzard's statement on Blitzchung's ban digs them deeper [Updated]
    7. What are we all playing this weekend?
    1. Fortnite teases a clean slate with leaks for Fortnite: Chapter 2
    2. Chorus is a musical murder mystery from Dragon Age writer David Gaider
    3. Unknown Pleasures: The Incredible Sulk
    4. Nate’s Zoo 2: Forbidden Love
    5. EGX 2019: Join us at the RPS Mixer powered by Dead Good
    6. Final Fantasy XIV is getting the band back together with 5.1's new music tools
    7. Ghames with Ghoastus: Nauticrawl
    8. Crimsonland devs going zapping again with Tesla Force
    9. The PC that time/Tim forgot
    10. The Foxer
    11. Dota 2 has ended frustrating solo matchups against five-stacks
    12. TF2 turns twelve, celebrates with Scream Fortress XI
    13. Read The Bradwell Conspiracy's corporate posters, and obey
    14. Have You Played... Interactive Buddy?
    15. Budget Saviors of Uldum Decks - Cheap deck lists for the casual Hearthstone player
    1. Murder By Numbers is Phoenix Wright in leg-warmers from the designer of Hatoful Boyfriend
    2. From falling sand to Falling Everything: the simulation games that inspired Noita
    3. Finally finished, Deliver Us The Moon heads back into orbit today
    4. How dare Disco Elysium tell me I am boring??
    5. Ghost Recon Breakpoint faction missions: How to get Battle Points
    6. Ghost Recon Breakpoint Year 1: Episode 1 - Operation Greenstone
    7. Doom Eternal new release date, gameplay, trailer, multiplayer
    8. Surviving Mars is now free on the Epic Games Store
    9. Holey moley, Glorious' Model O- mouse is an absolute beaut
    10. After eight years, Murder Dog IV faces justice on Mac
    11. Veteran Hearthstone commentator quits Grandmasters over ban
    12. The Division 2 takes the Pentagon down a peg in next week's story update
    13. Plunkblight hits Russia, much of Europe
    14. LoL's new World Championship song is nice but no Warriors
    15. Red Dead Redemption 2 PC pre-order: where to buy it and what's included
    16. Rocket League's Halloween event crashes into Stranger Things
    17. Steam will soon let you play local multiplayer games online
    18. Ghost Recon Breakpoint signature weapons - how to get all the best guns
    19. Red Dead 2 on PC has even lovelier horses for strapping alligators to
    20. Have You Played… Bully: Scholarship Edition?
    21. Dual-class Arena guide: Best hero combinations, card tier list and more
    1. Forget fishponds: Stardew Valley's next update has "everything"
    2. Treasures await in Apex Legends's newly-opened vaults
    3. How Hypnospace Outlaw's 1990s internet was made
    4. Ubisoft's Rabbids Coding is a free game teaching programming basics
    5. Red Dead 2's PC requirements are gonna put a bullet in your SSD
    6. Get some AI weirdness in you
    7. AOC's C24G1 is the new successor to the best budget gaming monitor throne
    8. MacOS's 32-bit-breaking Catalina update is live, wreaking havoc on classic game collections
    9. Blizzard staff held an umbrella protest for banned Hearthstone pro
    10. Wot I Think - Destiny 2: Shadowkeep
    11. Someone stole Gabe Newell's minigun
    12. Videogame tunes hit BBC Radio 3 with Jessica Curry's Sound Of Gaming later this month
    13. PSA: Pathfinder can fly in Apex Legends using Crypto's drone
    14. Sennheiser's GSP 370 looks set to become the wireless headset king with 100 hours of battery life
    15. Ghost Recon Breakpoint weapon parts - farm standard weapon parts, how to upgrade guns
    1. Acer's Thronos is an envoy from a hellish future where gaming chairs have enslaved humanity
    2. NHS England opens a new clinic for young gaming addicts
    3. Premature Evaluation: Conglomerate 451
    4. I find Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order's recommended 32GB of RAM disturbing (Update: and now lowered)
    5. Yooka-Laylee And The Impossible Lair jumps out today
    6. Hearthstone's Doom In The Tomb event unearths a whole lotta evil today
    7. Wot I Think: John Wick Hex
    8. Ghost Recon Breakpoint gear level - how your equipment affects gear level
    9. Destiny dancers pull serious lunar shapes in a new music video
    10. Wot I Think: Pilgrims
    11. Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince is out today
    12. Doom Eternal is delayed into 2020, but at least Doom 64 is coming to PC
    13. Apex Legends will raise the dead to fight in its Halloween event
    14. Red Dead Redemption 2 mods already planned by prolific GTA modders
    15. Blizzard ban pro Hearthstone player over support of Hong Kong protests
    16. Kill an old god as a playable fox or cyborg gnome in World Of Warcraft's next update
    17. Hardland is a deeply weird world made entirely of unmarked quests
    18. Have You Played... Artifact?
    1. Ms Marvel punches up with some truly titanic hands in this new Avengers trailer
    2. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare's launch trailer is a familiar mission with atrocious hair
    3. American Truck Simulator is making me fear the terrible dryness of Utah
    4. Stygian: Reign Of The Old Ones is about coping with terrible reality
    5. Clocks across Fortnite are counting down to the end of the world this Sunday
    6. Can't Stop Playing: Noita
    7. Boo to real life moving, yes to Ohana Island
    8. Rain Of Reflections: Chapter 1 is talky, stealthy, and out now
    9. Paradox announce Surviving The Aftermath
    10. Price cut incoming for Intel's graphics-less Core KF CPUs
    11. AMD's Radeon RX 5500 takes aim at Nvidia's GTX 1650
    12. Wot I think: Indivisible
    13. Destiny 2's Season Of The Undying now giving time-travelling robots a kicking
    14. Pilgrims is a surprise new game from the makers of Samorost
    15. Dota Underlords builds [October] - 7 best builds for Knight, Troll, Mage, Savage, and more
    16. Dota Underlords strategy guide [October] - top strategies and beginner's tips
    17. Dota Underlords heroes cheat sheet [October] - best heroes in Dota Underlords
    18. Dota Underlords items & contraptions [October] - best items for early-game and late-game
    19. Dota Underlords gold [October] - economy and gold tips and tricks
    20. Fortnite is too "addictive", lawsuit claims
    21. Steam Charts: Baseless Controversy Edition
    22. Wot I think: Warsaw
    23. Priceless Play - 5 October 2019
    24. Ghost Recon Breakpoint PC performance: How to get the best settings
    25. Have You Played... Apocalipsis?
    1. Lumberjack's Dynasty enters early access next month, now look at this exquisite trailer
    2. Explore a mysterious forest in free text adventure Mushroom Hunt
    3. Screenshot Saturday Sundays: Ghost gutting, phantom friends, and sand dune skimming
    4. Go on dates and roll in sand in We Met In May
    1. The Weekly News Digest: Redemption, at last
    2. Arise: A Simple Story brings life after death in December
    3. The Weekly Updates Update: your Destiny to be a Legend
    4. Young adult Overwatch novel will focus on tinkerer Efi Oladele
    5. 23 Wild cards come back to Standard - Doom in the Tomb guide
    6. Martha Is Dead will explore a murder in wartime Tuscany
    7. Hearthstone brings back 23 Wild cards alongside a spooky seasonal event
    8. What are we all playing this weekend?
    1. Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare is Mount & Blade as an FPS
    2. Frogwares save Sherlock Holmes on PC, but 9 of their games vanish from stores
    3. Epic defend Fortnite's new cross-platform matchmaking
    4. CoD, Crash and Spyro are November's Humble Monthly early unlocks
    5. WoW Classic to add World Bosses, Dire Maul and honourable combat this year
    6. Come to EGX's weekend Rezzed Sessions and be the first to hear about Mediatonic's new game
    7. RPS Verdict: Wilmot's Warehouse
    8. Ghost Recon Breakpoint - where to find the preorder bonus items
    9. Red Dead Redemption 2 riding to PC in November
    10. Watch us revisit RPG classic Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines
    11. ArenaNet president Mike O’Brien departs to make small games at a smaller studio
    12. Ambitious RTS A Year Of Rain rallies the troops for a November launch
    13. Wot I Think: Close Combat - The Bloody First
    14. The Foxer
    15. Gearbox and former lawyer settle salacious lawfight
    16. Wot I Think: Ghost Recon Breakpoint
    17. Untitled Goose Game: the goose is Alice's smirking revenge
    18. Have you played… Kakuro?
    1. Gang Beasts, Gonner and more going cheap in a Steam charity sale
    2. Ultima Online designer Raph Koster working on new sandbox MMO
    3. Disco Elysium's developers are in "a bloody battle" for the human mind
    4. Minit is this week's free adventure on the Epic Games Store
    5. Encased is an Early Access RPG that's worth starting right now
    6. Close Combat: The Bloody First charges into the third dimension
    7. I adore Destiny 2: Shadowkeep's spooky moon guns
    8. Ghost Recon Breakpoint NVG locations - where to find night vision goggles
    9. Ghost Recon Breakpoint bipod location - where to find the bipod
    10. Disco Elysium devs already have big ideas for a sequel
    11. Experience cyber-destitution in oddball RPG Alien Squatter
    12. The Joy of Phil Mills in Dirt Rally 2.0
    13. Battlefield V's Operation Underground brings back Metro massacres
    14. Get Ghost Recon Breakpoint for free when you buy a Samsung SSD
    15. PS4 cross-platform multiplayer reportedly now available to all developers
    16. Kill every Nazi in Warsaw now
    17. Have You Played... For Honor?
    1. Intel's latest Core X-series CPUs are cheaper than ever before, but still cost a small fortune
    2. It's tough being King Dad in monarchy manager Yes, Your Grace
    3. Dice-rolling dungeon diver Solasta: Crown Of The Magister gets a demo
    4. Steelseries resurrect Sensei gaming mouse as the Sensei Ten
    5. Learn about the making of Disco Elysium, Observation and more at EGX on October 18th
    6. Fortnite's apocalypse enters overtime as Season 10 steals one more week
    7. Black Mesa ventures deeper into Xen
    8. Weirdness is best when it can be understood
    9. Borderlands 3 birthday bash blasts off with better boss drops this week
    10. Untitled Goose Game streamer made a goose costume into a controller
    11. Wot I Think - Neo Cab
    12. Know It OWL: End chapter
    13. Rocket League lays out plans to banish loot boxes while French CS:GO preemptively dodges gambling regulation
    14. Destiny 2 dusts off servers after crashing into Moon
    15. Have You Played... N?
    1. So hot it's cool, so cool it's hot: Apex Legends's new map and new season arrive today
    2. Smash.
    3. EVE helps new pilots put together ships with a new Community Fittings tool
    4. Destiny 2 launches Shadowkeep expansion, goes free-to-play, and hits Steam
    5. MTG Arena codes - free card packs and card styles
    6. What The Golf? tees up for very normal golfing antics today
    7. Premature Evaluation: Noita
    8. Plague Inc devs bringing counter-insurgency sim Rebel Inc to PC
    9. Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG could be the modern Fallout we need
    10. Five lessons I've learnt through five deaths in Noita
    11. Troy Baker isn't in Borderlands 3 because Gearbox "wouldn't go union" [Updated]
    12. Bungie plan to have a new non-Destiny game out by 2025
    13. Overwatch matches to flood with Bastions attempting chandelier jumps
    14. Wot I Think - Magic: The Gathering Arena