February 2020 Archive

    1. Baldur's Gate 3 was revealed, Covid-19 cancelled everything, and more of the week's news
    2. Rock Of Ages 3: Make & Break tumbles out this Spring
    3. RimWorld's geese, GTA Online's F1, and more of the week's updates
    4. Trackmania returns with a seasonal Nations remake this May
    5. Warframe prepares for its next mission with a massive spring cleaning update
    6. Priceless Play -- 29 February 2020
    7. Ye olde Xbox strategy Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders marches onto PC
    8. What are we all playing this weekend?
    9. GDC 2020 is postponed following coronavirus concerns
    1. Baldur's Gate 3 will let you toss your boots, barrels, even your buddies
    2. Crusader Kings 3 details Lifestyles and all their weird perks
    3. Why don't more platformers have photo modes?
    4. Eve Fanfest is cancelled due to coronavirus and "prioritising safety"
    5. EverQuest players plan to flood a server with ogres to convince devs to bring back classic PvP
    6. Cute community sim Garden Story has a free demo this weekend
    7. Luna: The Shadow Dust's picture book charm is only skin deep
    8. Here's the first actual teaser video for Frictional's next horror game
    9. Wot I Think: Conglomerate 451
    10. Stellaris: Federations expansion will unite the galaxy in March
    11. TFT Set 3 champions: all the new origins and classes
    12. Wot I Think: Taur
    13. The Foxer
    14. The Flare Path: Broken Lines
    15. This weekend's ESL Pro Tour event has no arena audience after health authorities revoked the license
    16. Microsoft, Epic and Unity are the latest to pull out of GDC over coronavirus concerns (now Blizzard too)
    17. Have You Played... The King Of Fighters XIII?
    18. The 9 dodgiest religions in games
    1. Apex Legends' next event trials predictable loot and evolving shields
    2. Maquette is a beautiful puzzler where small changes have massive consequences
    3. Baldur's Gate 3 is nearly here, and it looks as good as you hope
    4. Borderlands 3 is coming to Steam on March 13, and it'll let you play with Epic folks
    5. Tag your way to the top of Sludge Life's filthy little island this Spring
    6. Wot I Think: Corruption 2029
    7. GTA Online has added Formula One races, and it's a bloodbath
    8. Wolcen Champion Of Stormfall: end game tips to farm gold and primordial affinity
    9. An egg-hatched moustache man is crucial to Hearthstone now, and I might be losing my mind
    10. GOG's new refund policy is betting on the good faith of customers
    11. Wolcen skill tree: how to upgrade classes
    12. MSI Optix MAG272CQR review: another fantastic 165Hz, 1440p gaming monitor
    13. Temtem will introduce a battle pass next year, along with a Nuzlocke game mode
    14. Wolcen Heimlock: how to defeat the act three boss
    15. Baldur's Gate 3 revealed in leaked screens ahead of tonight's big unveiling
    16. Chain shot cannonballs are coming to Sea Of Thieves and they look brutal
    17. The Wonderful 101: Remastered is coming out in May
    18. Have You Played... Dying Light?
    1. Stardew Valley has yet another free update in the works
    2. Diablo 4 previews its frantic family of cannibal monsters
    3. GDC "moving forward as planned" despite exhibitor cancellations and coronavirus concerns
    4. Destiny 2's new seasons have "too much FOMO", the game's director concedes
    5. Classic apocalypse RPG Wasteland Remastered is out now
    6. Platinum Games announce big fighting kaiju game: Project G.G.
    7. How Generation Zero was fixed
    8. How Two Point Hospital taught me to relax using Freddie Mercury and a load of plants
    9. Rock Band studio announce Fuser, a new music-mixing game
    10. Valve have improved Steam's search with new filters
    11. Trials Of Osiris is coming to Destiny 2 next season, and it's gonna be sweaty
    12. Wot I Think: Lair Of The Clockwork God
    13. Temtem plans to add 50 new critters and two new islands this year
    14. Have you played… Apex Legends?
    1. Dota Underlords rises out of early access today
    2. Oh hang on, Destiny 2's best gun is getting buffed
    3. Premature Evaluation: Raft
    4. TFT galaxies: how Teamfight Tactics' third set changes the game
    5. Black Mesa will finally launch on March 5
    6. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Second Sister boss fight guide
    7. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Stim locations [Video] - where to find each Stim Canister upgrade in order
    8. It's the simple actions that make Half-Life 1 in VR so convincing
    9. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order guide: 8 tips to turn any player into a Jedi Grandmaster
    10. Overwatch is bringing back the triple damage meta in a new experimental mode
    11. Wolcen items: how to use gem slots and customise your character
    12. Have You Played… SimCity 2000?
    13. Escape From Tarkov has sent me on a long quest for some toilet roll
    1. This pacifist mod lets you hug all of Stardew Valley's monsters
    2. Spiritfarer shows off crafting and gathering in a new trailer
    3. CD Projekt are now valued as the second largest game company in Europe
    4. Overwatch League cancels South Korean matches in midst of coronavirus concerns
    5. Red Dead Redemption 2 players are puke rappelling off mountains
    6. Wolcen skills: how to use modifiers and upgrade your active skills
    7. Making indie games under the coronavirus quarantine
    8. In GTA Online, F1 cars really can drive upside-down
    9. Devolver Digital announce a buzz saw bullet hell called Disc Room
    10. Crucial's X8 is finally a worthy rival to Samsung's portable SSDs
    11. Spring Falls makes me feel things that can only be conveyed through Jake Gyllenhaal gifs
    12. RimWorld just launched its first expansion, Royalty
    13. Wolcen guide: tips and tricks for beginners
    14. The original Far Cry is a bit of a hard sell, now it no longer has its looks
    15. Baldur's Gate 3 will hit Steam Early Access this year
    16. Runeterra vault: how to get XP quickly
    17. Have You Played... Grow Home?
    1. Activision unleash their full arsenal to silence Call Of Duty battle royale leaks
    2. Screenshot Saturday Sundays: Dashing through the snow with good boys, bad guns
    3. Cloud Imperium and Crytek finally settle their long legal dispute
    4. The Bookshelf Limbo asks more than "what kind of comic would your dad like?"
    1. Mount & Blade 2 dated, Kickstarter unionised, and more of the week's news
    2. Bethesda remove all but one of their games from GeForce Now
    3. Witcher 3 cross-saves, No Man's Sky living ships, Wolcen fixes, and more of the week's patches
    4. Devotion's short-lived horror will be preserved at Harvard University
    5. EVE Online will let you hide a frigate inside your battleship, for emergencies
    6. Create and explore bizarre stock image landscapes with Sok-Worlds
    7. Priceless Play - 22 February 2020
    8. What are we all playing this weekend?
    1. Asobo Studio manually edited 37,000 airports for Microsoft Flight Simulator
    2. This survival MMO will apparently reset every seven days
    3. Sony and Facebook cancel GDC appearances due to coronavirus
    4. Horror tactical RPG Othercide is coming this summer
    5. Your Chrome browser is not complete without the Animal Crossing music extension
    6. Destiny 2's next season will shake up snipers and The Last Word
    7. Imagine it is worth going outside with this beautiful wicker furniture set for The Sims 4
    8. Assassin's Creed Syndicate and Faeria are your free games on Epic this week
    9. Valve say coronavirus impacting production of Index VR sets
    10. Wot I Think: The Suicide Of Rachel Foster
    11. Apex Legends is heading back to old school Kings Canyon this weekend
    12. 5 near-certain predictions for Hearthstone
    13. Valve toss a few more coins to The Witcher 3
    14. The Flare Path: A2Z
    15. The Foxer
    16. Listen to the screams of the man who voiced the angry chest in Sea Of Thieves
    17. The 12 most extravagant lines of dialogue in games
    18. Have You Played… Castle Crashers?
    1. GTA Online's Formula 1 racing will start next week
    2. HTC's Vive Cosmos family expands with three new VR headsets and face plates
    3. The cosy mystery TV shows I watch, ranked
    4. Wolcen Lambach: how to kill the act two boss
    5. It looks like Hostel director Eli Roth will be making the Borderlands film
    6. Apex Legends is fixing Bangalore's accidental invisibility bug
    7. League Of Legends is trying again with stat-tracking Eternals
    8. I used blocks from the new Minecraft snapshot to make a fungal horror shrine
    9. Monitor maker AOC are also making mice and keyboards now
    10. Cyberpunk 2077 will hit GeForce Now the day it's released
    11. Fortnite Chapter 2 has started its spy-themed second season
    12. Mount & Blade 2 rides into early access on March 31
    13. The Doom and Animal Crossing fandoms wish each other luck, are wholesome and lovely
    14. Humble's digital tabletop bundle returns with Slay The Spire and more for $10
    15. The joy of purposefully losing runs in Hades
    1. Biomutant is still in the works, its developers confirm
    2. Desperados 3 gets a new trailer and is coming this summer
    3. Sea Of Thieves' new flaming chests are live in today's update
    4. No Man's Sky now has living ships with creepy, veiny cockpits
    5. Wolcen: Lords Of Mayhem is ridiculous and I love it
    6. PUBG has a new Team Deathmatch mode now
    7. Yakuza 0, Two Point Hospital, and more next up on Xbox Game Pass for PC
    8. Homeworld 3 studio are also making a game about breaking spaceships down for scrap
    9. "FUCK EPIC GAMES STORE," declares Google's listing for Steam
    10. Yer Dishonoreds and Wolfenstein reboot are now available DRM-free on GOG
    11. I defeated both tigers and my enemy to win my first ranked Age Of Empires 2 game
    12. Kickstarter makes history becoming one of the first tech companies to unionise
    13. Grand Theft Auto IV will return to Steam with no Games For Windows Live or multiplayer
    14. Wolcen Edric: how to kill the act one boss
    15. Now you can continue your Witcher 3 saves from PC on your Switch
    16. This YouTuber built What Remains Of Edith Finch in The Sims 4
    17. Gothic Remake is going ahead, following a positive response to the public prototype
    18. Have You Played… Europa Universalis 2?
    1. CCP cancel Project Nova, but haven't given up on an EVE Online shooter
    2. Rumour: Animated Overwatch and Diablo TV adaptations are in the works
    3. Premature Evaluation: Rover Mechanic Simulator
    4. Empire of Sin pushes its prohibition crime spree back to autumn
    5. Temtem update opens the Saipark, a weekly new end-game safari
    6. Spintires follow-up SnowRunner defrosts in time for an April release
    7. Have You Played... A Case Of Distrust?
    1. A month before Half-Life: Alyx, Valve's Index headset is still sold out
    2. Amazon's New World MMO talks lore but little gameplay in a new video
    3. Twelve years on, AudioSurf gets an update outta nowhere
    4. Castlevania is back for season 3 on Netflix next month
    5. A remake of monster-moulding RPG Geneforge stormed it on Kickstarter
    6. Rainbow Six Siege's fifth and sixth years will see reworks to loads of existing maps and operators
    7. Updated: Nvidia unveil Cyberpunk 2077 graphics card, and now we need new cybernetic eyes
    8. Modder Superior - Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
    9. The guy mimicking Skyrim NPCs by walking into stuff is actually pretty funny
    10. Among Ripples' creative director on crayfish, capitalism, and 90s Star Trek
    11. A list of things I am afraid of
    12. Daikatana is a game that lives down to its reputation
    13. Mutant Year Zero devs launch new tactics 'em up Corruption 2029 today
    14. Wolcen's servers are back online after a rocky launch weekend
    15. RimWorld 1.1 will bring new items and animals, including a goose
    16. Have You Played... E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy?
    1. Skate Story is shredding an otherworldly line into oblivion
    2. Screenshot Saturday Sundays: Letting the sun set on windmills, androids and dusty old towers
    3. State of Decay 2 prepares for Steam with a Juggernaut overhaul
    4. Operation: Void Edge operators crash the Rainbow 6 test server tomorrow
    1. A date for Half-Life: Alyx, System Shock trouble, and more of the week's big news
    2. Valentine's Day events, squishing Dota smurfs, and more of the week's game updates
    3. Quantic Dream are going indie, will self-publish future games
    4. Fortnite's newest dance is no stranger to love
    5. Nvidia's "misunderstanding" led to Activision pulling their games from GeForce Now
    6. Priceless Play - 15 February 2020
    7. Metro Exodus arrives on Steam after a year of Epic exclusivity
    8. What are we all playing this weekend?
    1. Ruin a perfectly good Valentine's date with Table Manners today
    2. Final Fantasy 7 Remake's full 5 minute intro movie is revealed
    3. Love - A Puzzle Box Filled With Stories looks like a bittersweet treat
    4. Baldur's Gate 3 may be out this year if you believe this goof-up by Google
    5. 5 games that prove friendship is better and more interesting than romance
    6. That pesky goose has gone and stolen the D.I.C.E award for Game Of The Year
    7. Remedy are working on two new projects, and one is a live-service multiplayer game
    8. After years of driving wacky novelties in GTA Online, I finally bought a good car and realised I've been a huge fool
    9. The 10 most unhealthy relationships in games
    10. My musical highlights from Steam's soundtrack sale
    11. Former Starbreeze CFO Sebastian Ahlskog convicted of insider trading
    12. Wot I Think: collarbones
    13. Roccat's Kain 200 wireless mouse broke my heart
    14. My Football Manager game unravelled because I said no, once, to one player
    15. Have You Played... Kitty Powers' Love Life
    16. Steam can now tell you what to play next from your backlog
    17. The Flare Path talks Task Force Admiral
    18. The Foxer
    19. Destiny 2 will stop making you get new armour every season to use new mods
    1. Florence brings its fleeting love story to PC today
    2. Half-Life: Alyx brings us back to City 17 in six weeks
    3. Epic Games CEO says devs and stores should be apolitical - as if that was possible
    4. Rainbow Six Siege is introducing a human wrecking-ball and a lunar ghost
    5. Deathtrap-builder Besiege rattles out of early access next week
    6. Kingdom Come Deliverance and Aztez are free on the Epic Store today
    7. Black Mesa can finally be completed in its entirety with a public 1.0 beta
    8. World Of Warcraft Classic has brought back the Blackwing Lair raid
    9. Making strange friends and tripping on mushrooms in The Longing
    10. Former Mass Effect writer is the next BioWare alumni to join Archetype Entertainment
    11. Meet the streamers keeping the Irish language alive on Twitch
    12. Among Ripples is a tycoon game with a conscience - and pike
    13. Have You Played... Devil May Cry V?
    1. Borderlands 3's Broken Hearts Day event starts tomorrow
    2. PUBG is adding an 8 on 8 team deathmatch mode
    3. With BattleTech's expansions done, Harebrained are focusing on two new projects
    4. Sea Of Thieves will add pirate face changes and a flaming treasure chest
    5. Narrative kingdom simulator Yes, Your Grace launches in March
    6. Temtem Shuine: location, full move set, and why it's a glass cannon
    7. Temtem Valash: location, full move set, and why it is the best Crystal Temtem
    8. Help Spartan Ranger Sam find his way home in the new Metro Exodus expansion
    9. Monster Hunter: World is getting flame-y new monster variants on PC in April
    10. Grab yourself some bargain tunes in Steam's soundtrack sale
    11. Activision Blizzard have pulled all their games from GeForce Now
    12. Ether Loop is excellent, and I am terrible
    13. AMD finally add the RX 5600 XT to their free game bundle
    14. Someone made a tool that plays the Overwatch piano, so naturally I used it to play Toss A Coin To Your Witcher
    15. How to reason with a kraken in Sea Of Thieves
    16. Destiny 2 started the Crimson Days event with yet more downtime and another rollback
    17. These working bunkbeds for The Sims 4 are amazing, including an agonising pun
    18. The Division 2 is returning to the Big Apple in the Warlords Of New York expansion next month
    19. We're launching 3 new video series and memberships over on YouTube
    20. Get 7 great VR games in the new Humble VR bundle
    21. Trim your bush in The Good Time Garden
    22. Have You Played… Halo 2?
    1. The Bulletstorm gang are showing more of Outriders, their new shooter
    2. Cloud gaming compared: are any of the services worth paying for?
    3. Ynglet is the new game about swimming from the creator of Knytt
    4. Premature Evaluation: Totally Accurate Battle Simulator
    5. Temtem Gyalis: location, full move set, and should it be in your party
    6. Paranoia: Happiness Is Mandatory has been secretly pulled from sale
    7. Runeterra ranked mode: how it works
    8. I've decided to get really good at Age Of Empires 2
    9. Temtem Crystle: location, how to evolve, full move set, and if you should catch it
    10. Dead Cells visits a greenhouse today in its Bad Seed DLC
    11. Red Dead Redemption 2 looks like a gorgeous moving model village in this fan video
    12. Wot I Think: Tales From Off-Peak City Volume 1
    13. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare starts its second season today, bringing Ghost back into the fight
    14. Runeterra player icons: how to change them
    15. Apex Legends map guide (Season 4) - World's Edge best locations and loot
    16. The best video game music to fall asleep to
    17. Have You Played… Wiz ‘N’ Liz?
    1. Red Dead Online hackers are sending spooky scary skeletons to attack players
    2. Duos return to Apex Legends for a limited Valentine's event
    3. BioWare confirm they are "reinventing" Anthem
    4. Hokko Life will bring Animal Crossing-style choring to PC
    5. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive hit a new record high playercount this weekend
    6. Dragon Ball FighterZ's third season is introducing Kefla and a brand new Goku
    7. The next Pathfinder is planning mounted combat and possible mod support
    8. Runeterra boards: how to equip them
    9. Runeterra guardians: how to equip them
    10. The best BioShock game turned 10 yesterday
    11. Video game cutscenes are single use only, tbh
    12. How to play Legends of Runeterra
    13. Mech Paladin deck list guide - Descent of Dragons - Hearthstone (February 2020)
    14. System Shock 3 might be in trouble, as multiple devs reportedly "no longer employed"
    15. Thief (2014) isn't as bad as you remember, but gosh, no, it's still not good enough
    16. Wot I Think: The Pedestrian
    17. Temtem Oceara: location, full move set, and if you should catch it
    18. Temtem Nessla: location, full move set, and why it's overpowered
    19. Temtem Kinu: location, full move set, and why it's the ultimate support
    20. Temtem Barnshe: location, full move set, and why electric attacks ruin it
    21. The RPS Temtem Pick 'n' Mix menu: what do your favourite Temtem taste like?
    22. Have You Played... Exmortis?
    1. This Destiny 2 exploit is giving Warlocks endless flaming swords
    2. Screenshot Saturday Sundays: abandoned amusements, eldritch beasts, and shotguns
    3. Undead gunslinger West Of Dead wrangles up a PC beta next week
    4. The Sunday Papers
    1. GTA's writer is off, The Wonderful 101 is on, and more of the week's PC gaming news
    2. Flippin' good platformer Dandara expands with Trials of Fear
    3. Warcraft 3 refixes, Monster Hunter meets Resident Evil, and more of the week's patches
    4. Bungie are about to sharpen up Destiny 2's swordfighting
    5. Counter-Strike will soon start silencing abusive players
    6. In Other Waters invites you to map out alien seas this Spring
    7. Priceless Play - 8 February 2020
    8. Inscryption is a grim card game from the creator of Pony Island, arriving next year
    9. What are we all playing this weekend?
    1. Elephant mom game Shelter 3 gets a sweet new teaser video
    2. A DDOS attack has kept many Eve Online players offline for over a week
    3. EA have price hiked a bunch of their games on Steam
    4. Mutant Year Zero developers announce their next tactical game out this month
    5. If you liked Coffee Talk, then you'll love Before The Coffee Gets Cold
    6. Picross mystery puzzler Murder By Numbers is coming in March
    7. Blizzard now offering Warcraft 3: Reforged refunds to anyone who wants one
    8. EGX Rezzed 2020 announces Leftfield Collection lineup
    9. China’s indie scene is flourishing, so here are 6 Chinese indie games to look out for in 2020
    10. The Flare Path: Through the Darkest of Times
    11. The Foxer
    12. Elderborn is a melee combat game with a liberal dollop of dashing
    13. Children Of Morta has added a Hard Mode and some brand new enemies
    14. Wargroove has added a new cooperative campaign for free
    15. Metro Exodus' Epic exclusivity is nearly over, and it's arriving on Steam next week
    16. The 8 most shocking uses of electricity in games
    17. Have You Played... Old School Musical?
    1. Below will ease up on the spelunking with a new Explore mode
    2. Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers' next patch is a giant robot rumble
    3. Resident Evil 2 invades Monster Hunter: World in today's update
    4. Frantic roguelite ScourgeBringer enters early access
    5. Go on a cute camping trip in Wide Ocean Big Jacket, from the Little Party gang
    6. AMD RX 5600 XT vs RX 5700: Which is faster?
    7. Final Fantasy XV, Youngblood and a Bleeding Edge beta head to Xbox Game Pass for PC
    8. How a comic book author is making a platformer that looks like his art
    9. Nab board games Carcassonne and Ticket To Ride free from the Epic Game Store
    10. Temtem's current ending points to more exciting things to come
    11. Can't Stop Playing: Temtem
    12. Humankind vid diary gives another peek at Amplitude's Civ 'em up
    13. By the by, Final Fantasy 7 Remake's PS4 exclusivity now ends in April 2021
    14. Gears Of War studio head is joining Blizzard to oversee Diablo
    15. Surviving The Aftermath... of the early access city builder craze
    16. Have You Played... We. The Revolution?
    1. See more drone bees in this actual gameplay teaser for Atomic Heart
    2. Valve say they addressed 44 "review bombs" on Steam last year
    3. The first snapshot of Minecraft's Nether Update is playable today
    4. Ooblets might actually arrive this year, developers hint
    5. Monument Valley designer's visual novel Florence comes to PC next week
    6. Fortnite's new event mode is basically Counter-Strike
    7. Wot I Think - Warcraft 3: Reforged
    8. Temtem Skail: location, how to evolve, and why you shouldn't use it
    9. Temtem Ganki: location, how to evolve, and why it's a good early game Temtem
    10. The door at the end
    11. A new Sims 4 Tiny Living build: look at this lovely cottage wot I done
    12. Fallout 76 coming to Steam in April alongside new NPC update
    13. I kind of enjoy The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics
    14. Ukie report shows the UK games industry has an overwhelming lack of diversity
    15. Sea Of Thieves players hosted a fashion show
    16. Rockstar co-founder and head writer Dan Houser is leaving
    17. 10 extremely good ideas for The Sims 5
    18. Apex Legends update (Season 4) - patch notes for Season 4: Assimilation analysed
    19. Throw some furniture and help your customers fly the nest when Moving Out releases in April
    20. Apex Season 4 is live, new Legend has an infuriating off button
    21. All aboard Humble's new Train Simulator 2020 bundle
    22. I've stopped goofing around with mushrooms in Runeterra and it sucks
    23. Have you played… Chuckie Egg?
    24. CS:GO - Best training maps 2020
    1. Destiny 2's Empyrean Foundation brings a quick way to farm Timelost weapons
    2. Nvidia's GeForce Now service is finally out of beta
    3. Premature Evaluation: Not For Broadcast
    4. Resident Evil 3 and Monster Hunter: World Iceborne headline AMD's latest free games bundle
    5. The current Love Island 2020 cast, explained for newcomers to the show
    6. Oh huh, King's Bounty 2 looks more like a modern RPG than I'd expected
    7. Just three years after opening, Fable Fortune's servers are closing next month
    8. The Trese Brothers dish details on Cyber Knights: Flashpoint, their new cyberpunk RPG
    9. Blizzard are fixing some Warcraft 3: Reforged problems, but don't expect dramatic changes
    10. Post-apocalyptic mech shooter Daemon X Machina is coming to PC from Switch
    11. Surreal Russian immersive sim Atomic Heart reveals robotic resurrection bees and telekinesis
    12. Orangeblood is a non-terrible JRPG trying too hard to sound cool
    13. Have You Played… SimCopter?
    1. The Wonderful 101: Remastered will be coming to PC
    2. You can play mini deck-building RTS Necronator: Dead Wrong this month
    3. The Witcher 3's colorful world influenced the look of Netflix's show
    4. Apex Legends Season 4 begins tomorrow with Revenant and lots of lava
    5. Temtem course locations
    6. Modder Superior - Dark Souls Trilogy Remixed
    7. Temtem caught 900 accounts in its first batch of bans
    8. Kentucky Route Zero's point-and-click poetry explained for newcomers
    9. Wot I Think - Zombie Army 4: Dead War
    10. This Half-Life mod ran the dialogue and signs through Google Translate until they became nonsense
    11. Mordhau players are playing cricket with shields for balls and I love them
    12. Loads of Crucial Ballistix RAM is on sale right now
    13. Rocket League was down for ages over the weekend after issues with a server upgrade
    14. Thief: Deadly Shadows will still have you fearing the light some 16 years on
    15. Everything you need to know about upgrading your PC in 2020
    16. Have You Played... Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom?
    1. Xbox Adaptive Controller add-on lets you play Rocket League with a power wheelchair
    2. The Division 2 is bringing the heat to New York City later this month
    3. With Camelot Unchained still far from release, the devs announce a brand new game
    4. Sample The Haunted PS1's scares in this week's free Demo Disk
    5. The Sunday Papers
    1. Coronavirus cancellations, an Apex surprise, and more of the week's news
    2. Dystopian telly-wrangler Not For Broadcast is now live in early access
    3. Kentucky Route Zero's end, Monster Hunter fixes, and more of the week's patches
    4. That dang goose can now be let loose on your desktop
    5. The Behemoth announce a new Alien Hominid, ageing me tremendously
    6. Priceless Play - 1 February 2020
    7. Ben and Dan finally delve into the Lair of the Clockwork God this month
    8. What are we all playing this weekend?