August 2021 Archive

    1. Chinese mega hit Tale Of Immortal now has an English language version
    2. Classic platformer VVVVVV just received its first update in 7 years
    3. Cute photography game Toem is coming out on September 17th
    4. Dead Space's remake stream invited viewers inside the "dismemberment gym"
    5. The Big Con review: a rags to riches coming of age tale
    6. Windows 11 launches October 5th, but will you upgrade?
    7. The Age Of Empires 4 devs on bees, cheats, and "the John Wick of medieval cities"
    8. I need a million more games like Mosaic Chronicles, stat
    9. So where is the HD remake of Mavis Beacon's penguin typing game?
    10. KeyWe review: extremely cute, but this is no way to run a post office
    11. See the Dead Space remake here on today's stream
    12. What was the best game at Gamescom and why was it DokeV?
    1. Blast big alien bees in the demo for retro Metroidvania shooter Biota
    2. Valheim's Hearth & Home update will let you vomit all your tasty new foods
    3. Take Inkulinati's sketchy medieval tactics for a turn in its new demo
    4. Sega veteran Yakuza series director in talks to leave for NetEase
    5. Security Booth is like a spooky PS1 version of Papers Please
    6. Wartales is mercenary management with Joe Abercrombie vibes
    7. The top 10 games on PC in September
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. 9 Years Of Shadows is a metroidvania with a ghostly teddy and a stacked soundtrack
    2. World Of Warcraft is removing Blizzard developer names, too
    3. I'd like to get high on the dopefish in the pleasure city, please
    4. Shadow Tactics' standalone expansion Aiko's Choice will lunge this December
    5. Japanese games dominated Steam's July top sellers
    6. What are we all playing this weekend?
    1. DokeV developers explain their wild open world creature-collector
    2. Cute town building toy Townscaper has left early access
    3. Moonglow Bay will (catch and) release its chill voxel fish on October 7th
    4. RimWorld has a 3D mod now, come see it in action
    5. Undertale inspiration Moon: Remix RPG Adventure is headed to PC
    6. Apex Legends Lifeline abilities, tips and tricks
    7. Ultimate Audio Bang #13: dungeons and Destiny
    8. Sorry, Elden Ring's summons won't make boss fights easier, but that's okay
    10. TFI Friday: 3 new indie games about art and feelings
    11. Spookware is a bone-jangling take on WarioWare
    12. How to clean your PC
    13. Cantata is an absurd, colourful blend of Advance Wars and Dune, with production chains and tree squid
    14. Tiny MMO Book Of Travels has been delayed indefinitely
    15. Mystery Steam Reviews takes one giant leap for mankind
    16. Kerbal's creator is building from scratch with Balsa Model Flight Simulator, but intends to soar
    1. Get a 14TB WD Elements external hard drive for £247
    2. Cooler Master's adorably tiny NR200P PC case is down to $69
    3. Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion's free update adds an endless mode
    4. Overwatch's McCree is going to be renamed
    5. Kung fu brawler Sifu will throw the first punch next February
    6. Splitgate's season 0 adds battle pass, new mode, new map and more
    7. Bravely Default 2 is headed to PC next week
    8. Saints Row: The Third Remastered is free on Epic right now
    9. The Rally Point: Conquest Of Elysium 5 smuggles roleplaying into strategy turf
    10. Having slower internet makes me appreciate Xbox Game Pass more
    11. EWS podcast episode 153: the best weird currencies special
    12. Park Beyond is a new theme park game sim where management meets the impossible
    13. Jett: The Far Shore's early hours have some sweeping, epic highs, but also some fiddly, frustrating lows
    14. Valheim's Hearth & Home update comes out next month
    15. Devolver Digital announce the cutest game about leading a cult
    1. Every game announcement from Gamescom Opening Night Live 2021
    2. Death Stranding: Director's Cut will put rockets up Sam's bum
    3. Pay what you want for Humble's Best of Stealth game bundle
    4. Jurassic World Evolution 2 comes out this November
    5. DokeV is a Pokémon-like from the Black Desert Online devs
    6. Samsung's popular 1TB 970 Evo Plus NVMe SSD is £110 now (£30 off)
    7. Amazon's MMO New World will hold an open beta next month
    8. Vampire: The Masquerade battle royale enters early access in September
    9. Saints Row is getting rebooted into "a whole new world" with new antics and outrageousness
    10. Halo Infinite's cinematic multiplayer intro is like a Spartan recruitment vid
    11. Interstellar adventure Jett: The Far Shore arrives this October
    12. Call Of Duty: Vanguard's first gameplay trailer sure looks like Call Of Duty
    13. Marvel's Midnight Suns announced, a superhero tactical RPG
    14. Halo Infinite's release date is set for December 8th
    15. Little Nightmares 2's enhanced edition upgrade is available on PC today
    16. Quake Renaissance: how to start playing original Quake today
    17. Final Fantasy IV's pixel remaster version lands on PC in September
    18. Activision Blizzard have allegedly shredded documents related to their ongoing harassment lawsuit
    19. Hands on with the Riders Republic beta
    20. You can now try Windows 11 in your browser, sort of
    21. Genshin Impact pity system explained
    22. Watch Gamescom Opening Night Live here today for Saints Row and more
    23. The best new thing in Diablo II: Resurrected is making it look like old Diablo II
    24. Am I the only one who hates fishing minigames?
    1. Samsung's 1TB T5 SSD is down to £90, a historic low price
    2. Aliens: Fireteam Elite is offering co-op bug hunts as of today
    3. State Of Decay 2 revisiting the first game's map in a free update
    4. The Gunk trailer shows SteamWorld developer's first 3D action game
    5. Seagate's massive 14TB IronWolf Pro hard drive is $150 off today
    6. Wasteland 3's next DLC stars radiation-worshipping cults
    7. Every game from Xbox's Gamescom 2021 stream
    8. Forza Horizon 5's new weather and dust storms look well good
    9. Into The Pit is a roguelike where you shoot magic bullets from your hands
    10. Microsoft Flight Simulator adding multiplayer races in first expansion
    11. Destiny 2: The Witch Queen will introduce Hive Guardians
    12. The Weekspot podcast #052: a beautiful mind
    13. The Steam Deck interview: Valve's designers on all things hardware, software, and knowing when to stop
    14. Watch the Xbox Gamescom stream here today
    15. Razer mice and keyboards found to possess admin-granting powers on Windows PCs
    16. I Am Fish is set to release this September
    17. I refuse to pick player characters in a sensible way and you can't make me
    18. Apex Legends nerfed the all-powerful Seer last night and I didn't even notice
    19. Destiny 2: The Witch Queen's Savathûn is two Lady Dimitrescus tall
    20. Intel details their Arc gaming GPUs and DLSS rival
    21. EA letting other devs use their patents for accessibility features like Apex pings
    22. How a horse inside another horse saved the Holy Roman Empire in Age Of Empires 2
    23. Call Of Duty: Vanguard schedules multiplayer reveal and open beta
    1. Die After Sunset looks like Fortnite's roguelike cousin and you can try it now
    2. Gamescom Opening Night Live's hype trailer spills some more attendees
    3. Get a Ryzen 4600H and GTX 1650 gaming laptop for £573
    4. AMD's powerful Ryzen 9 5900X CPU is down to £445 (was £500)
    5. The first Stardew Valley Cup will be co-commentated by the game's creator
    6. Happy 10th birthday, Deus Ex: Human Revolution!
    7. Rainbow Six Extraction will challenge you to go back for your MIA teammates
    8. Quake Renaissance: a short history of 25 years of Quake modding
    9. Kings Bounty 2 review: good strategy packaged with a baggy RPG
    10. Hoa review: a gorgeous platformer with big Studio Ghibli vibes
    11. Psychonauts 2 review: a single-minded delight
    12. American McGee shares the script for Alice 3
    13. Writer on impressive Fallout: London mod bags job at Bethesda
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Counter-Strike Global Offensive is 9 years old
    2. Don't expect PlayStation games to launch simultaneously on PC
    3. The Ascent's patch is causing issues for players on Game Pass
    4. Microsoft Flight Simulator's world update 6 delayed into September
    5. What are we all playing this weekend?
    1. Genshin Impact shows off Aloy's skills and its excessively fishy update 2.1
    2. Halo Infinite's campaign co-op and Forge mode won't be in at launch
    3. Saints Row V teaser hints at a reboot and Gamescom announcement
    4. Skyrim is getting fishing and yet another new edition
    5. Deathloop's PvP invasions will put your tactics and mind games to the test
    6. EWS podcast episode 152: another nightmarish gameshow special
    7. Tails Of Iron's villains are frogs because they have an "innate evil-ness"
    8. Dandy Dungeon dev's History of RPGs series has just got English subtitles, and it's ace
    9. Mystery Steam Reviews that wants double the fun
    10. Black Myth: Wukong's new trailer has an epic fight with a snowy dragon
    1. Slither and puzzle through dungeons in Temple Of Snek
    2. This 32-in 1440p 165Hz monitor is £248 - a crazy low price
    3. Call Of Duty: Vanguard is on its way to alt-history WW2
    4. The GOG Games Festival begins with 1200 deals and up to 90% off
    5. Quake gets a new expansion, enhanced graphics and splitscreen multiplayer for its birthday
    6. Ancient action platformer returns in Zool Redimensioned, out now
    7. Splitgate will stay in beta indefinitely so the devs can continue improving it
    8. Quake Renaissance: where is Quake now, and how did it get here?
    9. Apex Legends Horizon abilities, tips and tricks
    10. Dino teen drama Goodbye Volcano High delayed to next year
    11. Diablo 2: Resurrected beta open to everyone this weekend
    12. Mechajammer isn't quite an isometric Deus Ex yet, but there's potential here
    13. Skyrim's intro was once interrupted by a single, powerful bee
    14. Recompile review: a hacking adventure worth installing
    1. Diplomacy and dating sim Ambition: A Minuet In Power has entered the party
    2. The Myst remake brings its classic puzzling to PC next week
    3. Pretty apocalypse puzzler Cloud Gardens is outgrowing early access
    4. Epic Games Store is testing a Steam Direct style self-publishing program
    5. Get a brand new Intel Core i7 11700K CPU for £279 (30% off)
    6. Highlights from Gamesplanet's biggest sale of the year
    7. Here's 13 minutes of new Life Is Strange: True Colors gameplay
    8. Twelve Minutes review: not quite enough time
    9. Indie ratcapade Tails Of Iron is Dark Souls meets Redwall
    10. Hades fishing: how does fishing work, and which fish can you catch?
    11. Hades Boons: the best Boons and Gods to choose
    12. "There isn't something secret embedded in the Steam Deck" like the Steam Controller, says Valve
    13. Hades romance options: who can you romance in Hades, and how?
    14. Hades Titan Blood: how to find and use Titan Blood to increase your power
    15. Hades Keepsakes list: a tier list of the best Keepsakes
    1. EA "didn't fully consider" decision to delist classics from GOG
    2. This 2TB PCIe 4.0 drive is $240 at Newegg (was $500)
    3. Patron is a survival city-builder in the vein of Banished
    4. This Dell 240Hz monitor is down to £234 after a handy code
    5. Fortnite now has its own Among Us-style mode
    6. Xbox Game Pass lines up more games for August
    7. Hades gifts: how to acquire and give Nectar & Ambrosia
    8. The Weekspot podcast #051: joy Parisian
    9. Hades weapons: best weapons, Aspects, and Daedalus upgrades
    10. Hades tips and tricks
    11. Hades God Mode and Hell Mode: how to make the game easier or harder
    12. Humankind's launch trailer is willing to murder for the Moon
    13. Genshin Impact: how to gain Adventure EXP and increase Adventure Rank
    14. I am showered with the viscera of a dying mousepad
    15. Mortal Shell's roguelike expansion will be free at launch this week
    16. How Hades plays with Greek myths
    17. Best Warzone Perks in Season 5
    1. 3D Realms announce explosive retro shooter Cultic and its demo
    2. Retro FPS Prodeus announces co-op and shows its bloody main character
    3. Get the 1TB Crucial P5 NVMe SSD with a free heatsink for £80
    4. Cyberpunk 2077 will fix its minimap and perk refunds in update 1.3
    5. Get a 1TB TeamGroup MP33 Pro NVMe SSD for just $87
    6. Phasmophobia's upcoming equipment overhaul looks especially spooky
    7. Halo Infinite won't have assassinations at launch even though 343 love them
    8. Garden Story review: a cosy, sweet-natured RPG
    9. This website is now a Back 4 Blood and Holly stan account
    10. Death Trash has already made back its development costs
    11. Humankind review: a heavyweight alternative to Civilization
    12. Naraka: Bladepoint review: a punishing battle royale that rewards perseverance
    13. All-women speedrunning marathon Flame Fatales has begun
    14. Destiny fans have made it into a D&D tabletop RPG
    15. A free-to-play chicken game has reignited my passion for management games
    16. A Steam exploit could've let you add infinite money to your wallet
    17. The 10 best games like Dark Souls
    18. Road 96 review: fun and high jinks on the campaign trail '96
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. F.E.A.R.-inspired Selaco looks better and better in 3 minute gameplay video
    2. The Anacrusis dev blog talks design feedback and co-op values
    3. Valve's Steam Deck trailer is a 60 second pitch for the handheld device
    4. 12 minutes of Forza Horizon 5 confirm that I want it immediately
    5. You can soon own the childhood of a 30-something British person in miniature
    6. What are we all playing this weekend?
    1. LG's phenomenal 27GL850 monitor is back down to £299 at OCUK
    2. ZeniMax games are up to 85% off in the GOG QuakeCon sale
    3. Apex Legends Wraith abilities, tips and tricks
    4. Rebel Galaxy returns as Epic Games Store’s freebie this week
    5. GTA 2 inspired Glitchpunk is out now in early access
    6. Mystery Steam Reviews loves you and only you
    7. Ultimate Audio Bang #12: esports Olympics
    8. OCO is rapidly filling the Holedown-shaped void in my life
    9. How to download Genshin Impact for PC, PlayStation, or Mobile
    10. Genshin Impact specs - can my PC, PlayStation, or mobile run Genshin Impact?
    11. I don't know why I like Forklift Load
    12. Valve are "fairly confident" the Steam Deck will be your next PC upgrade
    13. Best Fallout: New Vegas mods
    14. Bomb Rush Cyberfunk’s new trailer is heavy on the Jet Set Radio nostalgia
    15. Rainbow Six Siege's next operator builds nice windows
    16. Nine Inch Nails guitarist and Spec Ops: The Line creative director launch new game studio
    17. Quakecon’s schedule briefly listed a "revitalized edition" of Quake
    1. American Truck Simulator: Wyoming's second trailer is a soothing drive
    2. Leaked images seem to confirm WW2 setting for Call Of Duty: Vanguard
    3. Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City and San Andreas remasters reportedly real
    4. The 49-in Samsung CRG9 ultra-wide monitor is £379 off today
    5. Want to build a tiny gaming PC? Get this cut-price CM NR200 ITX case
    6. Bugsnax is talkin' 'bout launching on Steam in 2022
    7. Frostpunk 2 announced, swaps coal for oil in the frozen future
    8. Eastward's Quake City dungeon has me stoked for its September release
    9. Apex Legends lead designer fired over old racist and sexist comments
    10. Satirical bouncer sim Not Tonight 2 is coming to America
    11. EWS podcast episode 151: best collectibles in games
    12. Watch as the Skyblivion team take us on a tour of a redesigned Cyrodiil
    13. Diablo 4 director reportedly let go from Activision Blizzard
    14. Foreclosed review: a paper-thin cyberpunk stealth shooter
    15. Metal Slug Tactics' latest gameplay trailer teases some towering boss battles
    16. Here's when Back 4 Blood's open beta kicks off today
    17. Boyfriend Dungeon review: be still my metal heart
    18. Honey, I Joined A Cult wants to recruit you in September
    1. Life Is Strange Remastered Collection is delayed until early 2022
    2. Retro apocalyptic RPG Eastward is emerging for launch next month
    3. Lovely puzzler Inked: A Tale Of Love has sketched out a re-release on PC
    4. Surprise, juicy action RPG Garden Story just launched its sweet adventures
    5. Get a bona fide full-size mechanical keyboard for $42
    6. Axiom Verge 2 review: a more sedate but enthralling Metroidvania
    7. AMD's brisk Ryzen 7 5800X CPU is down to $369 ($80 off MSRP)
    8. Valve "weren't interested" in making a Steam Deck that only played low-spec games
    9. Pathfinder: Wrath Of The Righteous introduces its Mythic Transformations
    10. I'm convinced Dodgeball Academia is a sleeper hit
    11. Age Of Empires 2: Definitive Edition adds new civilisations - the Poles and the Bohemians
    12. You can bee yourself in skateboarding platformer OlliOlli World
    13. Deus Ex devs on their "big brain shift" to make Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy
    14. Top-down RPG The Ascent looks incredible in first person
    15. How to get more wishes in Genshin Impact
    16. Genshin Impact - all currencies explained
    17. Where to find White Iron Chunks in Genshin Impact
    18. How to play Co-Op mode in Genshin Impact
    19. Portal-esque puzzler Lab Rat set to arrive spring next year
    20. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla - The Siege of Paris review: solid assassination fun, but with all the usual flab
    21. Aragami 2 is coming to Game Pass on launch, so here's a new trailer
    1. Microsoft's Xbox Wireless Headset is finally back in the UK - and at a discount
    2. Crucial's 1TB NVMe SSD is stupidly cheap right now: £60
    3. Idris Elba is voicing Knuckles in the Sonic movie sequel
    4. Stardew Valley is coming to Xbox Game Pass this autumn
    5. El Shaddai: Ascension Of The Metatron purifies the PC this September
    6. Two Strikes is a deadly beat-'em-up coming to BitSummit 2021
    7. Lightyear Frontier looks like Stardew Valley with mechs
    8. How Turtle Rock Studios are reinventing the zombie co-op shooter in Back 4 Blood
    9. Here's the full trailer for Netflix's The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf, feat. young, hot Vesemir
    10. The Weekspot podcast #050: undead to me
    11. Here’s why SteamOS switched from Debian to Arch Linux
    12. Splitgate tips and tricks
    13. Tales Of Arise is fast, furious fun, and a JRPG that's surprisingly light on its feet
    14. AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT review
    15. I Am Fish is a physics platformer that's secretly a horror game
    16. Overcooked: All You Can Eat adds free levels to celebrate its birthday
    17. Valheim’s Hearth & Home update will turn players into picky eaters
    18. Forza Horizon 5 reveals full Mexico map
    19. Star Citizen's cloud city is the final port of call for the game's single solar system
    20. Players are bringing actual chivalry to Chivalry 2
    1. Deck builder The Amazing American Circus launches in September
    2. Cookie Clicker announces Steam release and new tunes by C418
    3. Oculus Quest 2's new 128GB version will sell for the same £299 base price
    4. Humankind is also coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC at launch
    5. No Man's Sky teases its 17th major update called Frontiers
    6. Carrier Command 2 review: all lost at sequel
    7. Apex Legends cross-platform progression coming next year
    8. Xbox details their Gamescom stream times and plans
    9. Button City review: an adorable little adventure
    10. Apex Legends and Titanfall hackers caught in elaborate plot to revive Titanfall Online
    11. Best Cyberpunk 2077 mods
    12. Best Terraria mods
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Google "contemplated buying some or all of Epic" to stop "contagion", court documents say
    2. The Ascent's first patch brings ray tracing to Xbox Game Pass
    3. Pistol Whip is getting a free cowboy update and new modifiers
    4. Kerbal Space Program development has ended after ten years
    5. Syndicate and Ultima Underworld are back on GOG - and free right now
    6. What are we all playing this weekend?
    1. Action roguelike Dreamscaper has awoken its full launch
    2. Steam Next Fest demos converted 292% more wishlists to sales, Valve say
    3. Here's what everyone who got their hands on the Steam Deck had to say
    4. Dodgeball Academia's school sports battle RPG is now in session
    5. Marvel's Avengers' new short gives us a glimpse into T'Challa and Shuri's past
    6. Hitman 3’s Dartmoor Garden Show sets up some prize-winning murders
    7. Rust now has submarines, sharks, and underwater dungeons
    8. Haven Park really is A Short Hike meets Animal Crossing, and it's cute, cosy fun
    9. Star Hunter DX is a colourful old school shoot 'em up, out now
    10. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s next update will include an Among Us style deduction mode
    11. Mystery Steam Reviews celebrates those that have been and gone
    12. LG's stunning 27GN800 monitor is on sale - in the US and UK
    13. The Crucial MX500 1TB is $85 today with a secret Newegg code
    14. Rustler's "medieval GTA 2" formula could have been a real dark horse
    15. Portal shooter Splitgate’s servers problems have been solved for now
    16. ARK admin commands & cheats list
    17. I played RimWorld's Ideologies DLC and forced drifters to smoke crack and knife-fight a unicorn
    18. Seer players bullied me in Apex Legends and I'm not best pleased
    19. Star-Lord speaks for everyone in this new Guardians Of The Galaxy footage
    20. The 9 least convincing disguises in PC games
    21. Evil Dead: The Game has been delayed to 2022
    1. Please make a game about these pet detectives
    2. Twitch subscriptions are now cheaper in the UK
    3. This Skyrim third-person mod makes third-person look playable
    4. Move over Back 4 Blood, here comes Bubble Bobble 4 Friends
    5. This 165Hz 1440p MSI gaming monitor is down to £298
    6. WD's great value SN550 NVMe SSD is down to £175 for 2TB
    7. Riders Republic's beta is coming on August 23rd
    8. An expert guide to Back 4 Blood's new zombie classes, which I have definitely not made up on the spot
    9. Back 4 Blood's PvP Versus mode has too many hiding places for humans
    10. Hands on with Back 4 Blood's open beta campaign
    11. The Rally Point: we need to talk about overwatch
    12. A Short Hike-alike Haven Park is out today and brings with it loads of wholesome adventure
    13. Black Book review: plays its Russian folklore cards right
    14. Riders Republic beta announcement trailer
    15. PUBG’s newest game mode pits you against hordes of naked zombies
    16. Stardew Valley cheats guide (v1.5)
    17. Death Trash early access review: an uncaring lump of meat that you long to embrace
    18. EWS podcast episode 150: the best weapons special
    19. Post-apocalyptic golf game Golf Club: Wasteland tees off in September
    20. Golf Club Wasteland release date trailer
    21. Apex Legends Pathfinder abilities and tips [Season 10]
    22. Space colony sim Starmancer is now orbiting in early access
    23. Apex Legends Mozambique stats [Season 10]
    24. Apex Legends Volt stats [Season 10]
    25. Apex Legends Alternator stats [Season 10]
    26. Apex Legends Kraber stats [Season 10]
    27. Apex Legends Devotion stats [Season 10]
    28. Apex Legends R-301 Carbine stats [Season 10]
    29. Apex Legends Flatline stats [Season 10]
    30. Apex Legends Prowler stats [Season 10]
    31. Apex Legends Havoc stats [Season 10]
    32. Apex Legends Hemlok stats [Season 10]
    33. Apex Legends RE-45 stats [Season 10]
    34. Apex Legends Wingman stats [Season 10]
    35. Apex Legends R-99 stats [Season 10]
    36. Apex Legends Sentinel stats [Season 10]
    37. Apex Legends Spitfire stats [Season 10]
    38. Apex Legends Bocek Bow stats [Season 10]
    39. Gone Home studio co-founder steps down following allegations of "toxic" workplace culture
    40. Apex Legends Charge Rifle stats [Season 10]
    41. Apex Legends P2020 stats [Season 10]
    42. Embracer Group now owns 3D Realms and Gearbox, paving the way for a Duke Nukem revival
    1. Shorter Games With Worse Graphics bundle keeps smashing sales goals
    2. Dorfromantik has launched its creative mode in beta for you to puzzle over
    3. Here's a peek at how co-op works in "TMORPG" Book Of Travels
    4. Get a 2021 Razer Book 13 ultraportable laptop for £670 off RRP
    5. August's Humble Choice offers 12 indie gems for £8.69 / $12
    6. New World is delayed again, but only to September 28 this time
    7. Gamescom Opening Night Live 2021 will be a two hour Keighley showcaser
    8. So far, Grime is a Metroidvania that's a good, rock-crushing time
    9. Everspace 2’s latest update adds a grappling hook and Descent-like puzzles
    10. Activision Blizzard are being sued by their investors now
    11. Marvel's Avengers gets a surge of new players after a free All-Access weekend
    12. World War Z's Aftermath expansion has you taking back the Vatican
    13. Apex Legends Rampage stats
    14. A Blizzard HR executive has left the company too
    15. You can play Far Cry 5 for free this weekend
    16. Final Fantasy XIV has restored my faith in humanity
    17. A Total War Saga: Troy’s Mythos DLC will let you pet the hellhound
    18. How to unlock the CX-9 in Call of Duty: Warzone
    1. The best PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD for gaming is 34% off in the UK
    2. This 24-in 165Hz monitor is £150 at Ebuyer after a £35 discount
    3. Road trip RPG Get In The Car, Loser! will arrive this September
    4. Webbed, an adorable platformer about being a spider, is out next month
    5. Hades comes to Xbox Game Pass next week
    6. Wreckfest's latest update adds Carmageddon tracks and zombies
    7. Rainbow Six Siege’s Containment event is a glimpse into Extraction’s alien invasion
    8. Bungie and Ubisoft file joint lawsuit against cheat sellers
    9. The Weekspot podcast #049: Outer Wilds card
    10. Please stop making me kill guard dogs in video games
    11. Retro shooter Selaco perfectly pitches itself as F.E.A.R. meets Doom
    12. Blizzard boss J. Allen Brack steps down
    13. Here's all you need to know about skateboarding game The Ramp in 90 seconds
    14. Sonic's a surprisingly weighty hog in Sonic Colors: Ultimate
    15. 2K set to announce "exciting new franchise" this month
    16. Apex Legends' Fuse gets a tracker-like buff next season
    17. Half-Life 2: Remastered Collection is a “Valve sanctioned” tune-up of their classic shooter
    1. Splitgate is still so slammed that it has a new server status Twitter account
    2. Former Daggerfall developers reveal a teaser for their huge open-world RPG
    3. Tales Of Arise shows off fishing, farming, and flashier party skits
    4. Halo Infinite datamined "battle royale" voice line has folks speculating again
    5. Apex Legends Season 10 patch notes
    6. Letter From The Editor #01: a month in and we're all still here
    7. Become a buff man with a black hole noggin in Grime today
    8. The current best Sony exclusive is a playable PlayStation advert and I love it
    9. Sonic Colors: Ultimate feels best when it's focused on going fast
    10. Assassin's Creed Valhalla's director is leading the Dead Space remake
    1. The Sunday Papers