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Aria Of (Mass) Effect: ME3's 'Omega' DLC

Mass Effect 3's next batch of single-player DLC isn't just any old carved up chunk of side story gristle. It is, according to BioWare, the biggest yet, which sends "Leviathan" - a synonym for the very concept of largeness (and perhaps also in-charge-ness) - tearfully packing to second place. Titled "Omega," the new add-on comes bearing an elaborate tale in which you team up with ousted Omega ruler/master space-club-couch-lounger Aria T'loak in an effort to reclaim her old haunt. It also carries a price tag to match.

From the sound of things, Aria will become a squadmate in some capacity or another - although whether she'll stick around after everything's all said and done remains to be seen. Apparently, there'll also be a female Turian somewhere in the mix. The whole adventure will run you a fairly hefty $15/£10-ish, so hopefully it's as stuffed-to-the-weird-Asari-head-gill-things as BioWare claims. And if not, well, it'll certainly be upsetting, but I can't in good conscious chew all the way through the hand that constantly feeds me free multiplayer DLC.

I'm pretty interested in this one, though. Aria's always been a fun character, and Leviathan proved that BioWare's not afraid to meld elements of some different genres into the traditional Mass Effect adventure formula. Admittedly, Omega sounds like more of an all-out assault, but it wouldn't be Aria without at least a bit of deception. We shall see.

Omega's dropping on November 27th. It will apparently be very large. Is that enough to entice you, though, or will you be pinching your space pennies until you have a better idea of what you're in for?

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