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Contrite Crusader: Rocksteady 'Working Like Crazy' On Fix

Withdrawn from brick'n'mortar retail too

I doubt we'll hear news of exactly how and when harmony will be restored to Gotham City for a few days yet, but after yesterday's shock withdrawal from Steam, it does at least appear that all hands are on deck to rescue Arkham Knight PC from its doldrums. Rocksteady big boss Sefton Hill has confirmed that his studio is pitching in, rather than leaving it in the hands of initial PC porter Iron Galaxy, and even revealed that console updates are on the back burner until the wonkily-performing PC port's in hand again.

Hopefully both studios being on the case bodes well for relatively rapid fixes. Hill also mentioned this in a reply to a request for more console challenge map stuff and things:



Meantime, it's not just the download version of the game which has been withdrawn from sale for the time being, but also physical copies: you can't buy it in branches of GAME in the UK now. "We have the stock," an employee told Eurogamer, "but I'm not allowed to sell it you." While many have wondered if the pulling is because a publisher seemingly doesn't get Steam's cut of a sale returned if someone asks for a refund, this wholesale withdrawal perhaps suggests it's an even wider panic than that.

What about those of you who've already bought it? Are you persevering, or hanging on for a patch? It's mostly OK for me and my GeForce after a bit of tinkering and compromising, so I'll probably push on with it over the weekend, but I hear AMDfolk tend to have it quite a bit worse.

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