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Arma 3's Shiny New 3D Editor Coming This Month

Ooh, useful!

"You can imagine the editor as a military-themed Mario Maker on PC," says one Bohemian in a video showing off the new editor coming to Arma 3 [official site] later this month. It certainly looks a lot friendlier than Arma editors of yore. Sure, folks have already managed to turn Arma into everything from a zombie apocalypses to a job simulator, but more approachable tools mean even more people making stuff. I am always in favour of more people making things. The more readme files the merrier, I always say. Missions and mods too, I suppose. Here, have a look at the new editor:

The main difference, see, is that the new 'Eden 3D Editor' is in shiny 3D-o-vision, not the 2D-based map-like view of earlier Arma editors. It has new features that'll be useful for seasoned scenario designers too, such as, er, Undo.

As Bohemia explain in a blog post highlighting Eden features, "Due to technological limitations, it was not possible to undo or redo changes in the original editor. But, as silly as it might sound in 2016, the undo/redo button is finally here."

The editor itself will be moddable too, letting folks make plug-ins and whatnot.

Eden has been in public beta since last year, but it'll be finished and released properly with the platform update coming this month.

Have you made any Arma scenarios, reader dear? How'd you find the editor? More importantly, how are your readme files?

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