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Zero To Hero: Free Arma 3 Zeus DLC Is Out

I've been playing god for years

On Tuesday I began my second pen-and-paper roleplaying experience, joining three friends for our first trip into Numenera. I'm amazed at how much time and energy the DMs I play with - my other game is D&D - are pouring into the worlds and stories they're creating. I have that impetus, but not the follow-through.

Arma 3's new Zeus DLC is tempting, though. It allows you to act as a GM on multiplayer servers, shaping military maneuvers around players in real-time. Less lore-building, more tank-spawning? A button that causes lightning to strike? My laziness could probably stretch that far. It's out now, and there's an old developer playthrough below.

The best part of any Arma game has always been its editor. I rarely play Arma 3 for its campaign, its organised multiplayer experiences, or even to build anything sensible. Like Craig, I simply enjoy popping down a vehicle and trundling around the pretty Greek islands, or crafting absurd combat scenarios just to watch the AI stumble and fight among itself.

Being able to create the bare bones of an experience for friends and then adapt to their actions on the fly sounds like it could be an excellent time for all involved, especially when some GMs start getting really adept at using the tools and anticipating their players. Especially when it's free. Jim is already cooking up plans for how he might use it, and me, my expression looks like this:

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