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Arma devs detail new engine powering their future games

Though they haven't announced Arma 4

The makers of Arma and DayZ have revealed Enfusion, the new cross-platform game engine they plan to build future games on. No, Bohemia Interactive haven't announced Arma 4, but they do say they would use Enfusion for "any potential new Arma game", so maybe that's something to bear in mind while looking at its screenshots of vast landscapes. While they don't have much more than screenshots and a wee video to show right now (sorry, engine enthusiasts), they do hint that they'll release some sort of "playable demonstration of its features" at some point "soon".

Enfusion's new website says their goal isn't "flexing with cutting-edge graphics technology", rather making "more believable" worlds with well-lit days and night cycles, vegetation moving in the wind, stars lighting the night sky, and all that. At the same time, they say games will run better on it. They're also planning for good mod support (vital for Arma), even across Xbox and PlayStation too. More details and mods and tech and things over on the site.

Bohemia note that they did use early parts of Enfusion in DayZ, including the renderer, but it was also built on previous-gen gameguts so they consider it "a hybrid of old and new technology". So what you saw there isn't what you should expect from the future.

A forest in a screenshot of Enfusion, Bohemia Interactive's new game engine.
Can't have a tech demo without god rays, it's in the rules.

"Since Bohemia Interactive was founded 22 years ago, we have always preferred to use our own in-house engine, said CEO Marek Španěl in the announcement. "No other engine available on the market allowed us to create the kind of games we wanted, i.e. simulations with detailed physics operating in massive scale open worlds that players and communities can easily customize. Nothing has changed about that. However, our aging Real Virtuality engine, used in our Arma 3 title for example, has increasingly run up against its technological limits. Enfusion, on the other hand, is ready to face the technological challenges of the future and will without exaggeration form the shape of our games into the next decade."

Yes, but what about bee shadows?

Bohemia say they plan to publicly release "the engine itself" with dev tools and documentation soon, plus an "official playable demonstration of its features". But they say they're not currently planning to licence Enfusion for other studios to make games in it. Curious to see what that demo will be. I do enjoy a tech demo with nice trees.

Loads more screenshots are in the announcement, if you want to admire hills and forested hills. Including, to no one's surprise, some military vehicles.

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