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Art darlings: Five free games in the Triennale Collection


We already give you piles of free games every week, but I know you always want more, clamouring like a chick and opening your maw, waiting for us to regurgitate yet more free experimental interactivity into your beak. It’s disgusting. Anyway, open wide, here’s five more bright young gamethings from creators like Tale of Tales, Cardboard Computer and Pol Clarissou, all clumped together in one neat globule called the Triennale Game Collection.

Here’s a trailer. It’s got colours.

You can get the collection on Steam. The games include L.O.C.K, a “small exploration of the universe... based on cosmologies which place the Earth, and thus humans, at the center of the universe”, Il Filo Conduttore, which looks like a still life was turned into a game, and a mystical western-looking thing called Neighbour.

It’s all part of the Milan Game Festival, which is itself a child of the 21st Triennale de Milano art and design exhibition. Here’s what the boyos and girlos behind the festival have to say about it:

The Triennale Game Collection is a downloadable virtual exhibition of video games created for the XXI Triennale by some of the world’s most renowned independent game designers, showcasing these artists’ experimental approach to interactivity.

As for those artists, there’s plenty of good names. Like I say, Tale of Tales, creators of The Graveyard, The Path and Sunset, are in there, as are Cardboard Computer, the developers of Kentucky Route Zero. There’s also Mario von Rickenbach of Plug & Play and Christian Etter of Drei. Not to mention Pol Clarissou and Katie Rose Pipkin, both of whom have popped up in previous Free Loaders columns with strange creations.

Anyway, there you have it. A nice big hearty meal of regurgitated free games. Bon appétit.

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