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Ashes Of The Singularity Joins Early Access Oct 22nd

A SupCom-scale RTS

Ashes of the Singularity [official site] is best described as one of two things: Stardock doing a land-based version of Sins of a Solar Empire; or Stardock doing their own take on Supreme Commander's formula. That is to say, it's an RTS that operates on a vast scale. You'll be have more methods to see a part of that bigness when it hits Steam Early Access on October 22nd.

Although the game has been in a more limited alpha for a couple of months, most of what Stardock have said of it so far has focused on the technology that underpins it. That's partly because it's the first game to use their own Nitrous engine, which is designed to power all their strategy games in future. It's also apparently the first game to run on DirectX 12.

The initial Early Access release will include multiplayer and skirmishes against the AI, multiple maps, and a single race, the post-human faction, to play as. If you're worried that your computer isn't up to the task of simulating so many tiny lasers however, Stardock did release a benchmark tool at the same time as the first alpha back in August.

It'll arrive on Early Access costing $40 (around £26), rising to $50 by the time the game is fully released.

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