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Aska is a co-op viking settlement builder with NPCs you can boss around

You live in a society

Aska is a multiplayer survival game about building a settlement and farming, sailing and fighting giant monsters. So far, so Valheim. Aska's twist is that your settlement is also populated by a cadre of NPCs who you must protect and direct. There's an announcement trailer below ahead of closed alpha testing to begin at the end of the month.

The game begins with you and up to three friends landing on a mystical realm. You have to build a village and contend with a "deep NPC job system" to build your society before the Dead Winter comes. Because when the Dead Winter comes, that's when the monsters drawn from Norse mythology appear.

If the Aska trailer above seems less than useful - and seemingly unrepresentative of the screenshots above and on the Steam page - then at least you won't have to wait long to the actual game in action. Developers Sand Sailor Studio will be streaming Aska tomorrow on their Twitch channel at 6pm GMT/1pm ET.

Although Aska is a multiplayer game, the closed alpha beginning at the end of the month - the first of many, apparently - will be singleplayer only. If you're interested in taking part, there's a sign-up form here. You'll need to be 18-years-old and agree to an NDA.

Developers Sand Sailor previously released 2017 Inside-alike Black The Fall, which we found beautiful but irritating. Aska doesn't look beautiful so far and hopefully it won't be irritating either.

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