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Assassin's Creed Origins launches cheaty tweaky Control Panel today

Let's get weird

If you want to make Assassin's Creed Origins easier, tougher, or weirder, from today you can tinker with its gameguts in the official new Animus Control Panel. Arriving today for free, it opens up a wide range of game settings and options to fiddle with, affecting things including the number of animal friends you can have, hitbox sizes, health points, unlocking all skills, NPC level scaling, and so on. They're the sort of things some games might let us change through arcane console commands or buried config files, but bundled up in a menu system so it's easy for everyone.

The Animus Control Panel packs seventy-odd options in all. You can change the player model to look like another character, make the game a whole lot easier or a more difficult, tweak systems like NPC scaling, buff yourself or NPCs to the nines... lots of stuff. Origins isn't unique for exposing these settings to players but it is rare for such things to be put into an official and simple menu system.

The Control Panel arrives free today. It's only in the PC version; hard luck, consoleers.

You can see a wide range of the Panel's possibilities in this here acrhived Ubisoft livestream from yesterday, or this video gives a simple overview:

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Assassin's Creed Origins

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