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Assassin's Creed Valhalla's Dawn Of Ragnarok expansion will arrive March 10th

Apparently the biggest Creed expansion yet

Ubisoft is a leaky boat, so we already knew most of the details about Dawn Of Ragnarok thanks to weekend Reddit posts. Now it's official: Valhalla is getting a new 35-hour DLC in which Eivor gets new magic powers and goes to biff up some ice and lava monsters.

Here's the trailer:

I like it when the Assassin's Creed games tip headfirst into fantasy and myth, as Valhalla already does at various parts of its story. In the new DLC, Eivor embraces "their destiny as Odin", the Norse god. Now, instead of just being able to see through your birdpal's eyes, Odin can shapeshift into a raven during fights. Also: they can resurrect dead enemies to fight on your side, harden your skin into a magma shell, and use ice attacks.

More broadly, Dawn Of Ragnar - ctrl+c ctrl+v, ö - k enters "the mythical dwarven realm of Svartalfheim", a fantastical new bit of terrain, and tells the story of Odin fighting to rescue his son, Baldr.

The DLC will launch on March 10th, although there's new missions arriving tomorrow in the form of a Valhalla/Odyssey crossover. Both these updates come as part of Valhalla's second year of new updates, with producer José Araiza telling Eurogamer that there "will be another game mode introduced sometime next year." Araiza also said that this would likely be the last year of Valhalla updates, "before we move on to other things."

Meanwhile, a group of current and former Ubisoft employees, under the name ABetterUbisoft, are still calling for the company to meet their demands in the wake of allegations of widepsread sexual harrassment and discrimination. They have a public petition which has been supported by over 15,000 people. ABetterUbisoft have frequently voiced support for Activision Blizzard employees going through a similar situation, and their employee group, ABetterABK.

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