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Assassin's Creed Valhalla's post-launch expansions set sail for Ireland, Paris

Once you're done bashing England apart, of course.

In letting us pillage jolly old England, Assassin's Creed: Valhalla has already promised a tempting power fantasy. But Ubisoft's upcoming historical stab 'em up isn't stopping with just one country. Revealed in a new trailer outlining Valhalla's post-launch plans, it looks like Eivor will be setting sail for the Emerald Isle before taking an axe to Ubisoft's own Parisian front door in two major expansions, Wrath Of The Druids and The Siege Of Paris, set to arrive next year.

What, Ubisoft, you're just going to skirt right on past Scotland? I'm hurt, lads. Wounded.

As a big ol' triple-A blockbuster, Assassin's Creed Valhalla launches with a Season Pass (included in the Gold, Ultimate and Collector Editions of the game) full of post-launch stuff. Headlining this bundle of goodies are two major expansions, set to make a staggered arrival over the next year.

Due Spring 2021, Wrath Of The Druids takes us across the sea to Ireland - uncovering and exposing druidic cult, winning over the local Gaelic kings and getting to know the ancient streets of Dublin. Later in Summer, Valhalla pops off for its summer hols in Frankia to lay siege to Paris. The entire expansion revolves around the fight for the city, and appears to bridge back to the series' past by having you infiltrate the troubled capital before attempting to burn it to ash. Season Pass holders also get access to the Legend Of Beowulf quest at launch. A strange beast has been butchering folks and farm animals, leaving a mysterious algae on their wounds, and it's your job to Witcher your way into solving this mystery.

The trailer also outlines plans for free seasonal content for everyone, regardless of pass ownership. The first of these seasons kicks off in December with the Yule Festival, a new settlement and river raids. Each will also come with a batch of new abilities, weapons, equipment, and cosmetics for your Eivor, horse, longship and such. Finally, as an aside, Ubisoft note that Valhalla will get its own Discovery Tour sometime next year. If it's anything like the last two, expect a free little history tour of the sprawling historical landscape cobbled together for the game, sans all the bloodshed. Cool, that.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla makes landfall on Uplay and the Epic Games Store on November 17th. Best make sure your rig's up for it before then, because Valhalla's system requirements are somewhat beastly.

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