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At Blast: Wolfenstein: The New Order Footage

Hooray! A smidge of Wolfenstein: The New Order footage has hopped out of Gamescom. The American company's game by a Swedish developer was shown in Germany and a British website has posted the footage! All it needs are my words around it and you have games journalizmz happening. Jim grumbled about the new Wolfenstein in his Gamescom preview, which is strange because at one point the player gets to dual-wield assault rifles. Now I've seen Jim's bucket list, and all it has on it is "dual-wield assault rifles" written over and over and over, so it's surprising that this doesn't seem to be for him. But the footage does seem to play out his worries. Can Creative Director Jens Matthies' interspersed chit-chat convince us of the game's worth? Warning: the video has violence and vomit, the 'double V' of adult situations.

I'm a bit surprised that it doesn't show off the new laser weapon that you will use to cut holes in cover, and slice open secrets and national socialists. The weapons are meaty and do look like fun things to shoot (and shoot and shoot), but we've all wielded them before. A slicey gun that enables you to carve holes in the scenery is pretty new (unlike Tiny and Big, which slices bits off the scenery). Here's the video.

Aha! I finally got to do one of those bait and switch posts! But seriously, here's Wolfy.

Thanks, VeeGeeTwentyFourSeven.

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Wolfenstein: The New Order

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