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At long last, RPS premium supporters can now claim their next free game key

Sorry also for the tardy nature of this so-called reminder post

After some unforeseen technical hitches, I'm pleased to say that, finally, the next free key giveaway for RPS premium supporters is now live. Yes, right now, so go on. Hop to it.

A huge apology for the late nature of this reminder post. Between heatwave-related power cuts and desperately trying to hit a review embargo today, I, errr, fell a little bit behind schedule, so I'm sorry if me being 40 minutes late to the party means you haven't been able to get your game of choice today.

Said games are the atmospheric and contemplative puzzlers The Longing and Ghost On The Shore, which have kindly been provided by their publisher Application Systems to celebrate the release of their musical puzzler Sonority.

If you're already a premium supporter, you should be able to claim your game of choice by logging in to your ReedPop ID and checking the codes page of your account. Once you've redeemed your code, you can boot up Steam, click 'Activate a Product on Steam' and copy in the key to start downloading.

And if you don't currently support RPS but would like to, then you can check out the prices and tiers and sign-up here. Being a supporter helps keep RPS weird, but it also comes with other perks as well, including ad-free browsing and, at the premium tier, extra podcasts, posts, and cool game codes just like these.

As many of you will have seen last week, our Alice Bee had a great time playing The Longing when it first came out, and her in-game diary of the things she got up to is well worth reading when you have a spare moment. The almost real-time puzzler is a game where you, "a small servant to a subterranean rock king, must hang about while he has a nap for 400 days. 400 real-time days," she wrote.

Alas, The Ghost On The Shore isn't a game we've written about on RPS yet, but this considerably shorter game sees you exploring an island alongside a sad ghost friend to discover its secrets.

If either of those games sounds like your bag, then you can pick one to keep for free right this very second. Ghost On The Shore would normally cost £17.49/€20/$20 on Steam, GOG or Humble, while The Longing would be £13/€15/$15 on Steam or GOG.

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