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Alan Martin

5 months ago

Beat Newegg’s 4th July sale with these superior CPU and graphics cards deals

Newegg may have some pretty good gaming laptop deals going on at the moment as part of their big 4th July celebrations, those looking to build a new PC on the cheap by buying individual components are actually better off looking elsewhere, as we've found several CPU and graphics card deals that are a lot better than what you'll find on Newegg.

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Warhammer games and books are going cheap in Fanatical’s latest flash sale

If you just can’t get enough Warhammer, then boy do the folks at Fanatical have a good deal for you. As part of their latest Red Hot Sale, they've not only got a bunch of Warhammer games on sale, including 75% off Vermintide 2, but they've also put together a new eBook bundle from Black Library, letting you grab six Warhammer books for just £1.…

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Dell have knocked up to 40% off loads of gaming monitors, laptops and desktops

Dell have kicked off a huge ten-day sale across all sorts of different PC-related bits and bobs today, including up to 40% off gaming laptops, gaming desktops and their Alienware gaming monitors. There's a lot going on, but we've picked out our top Dell deals highlights below, including £100 off one of their officially certified G-Sync Compatible monitors, the AW2521HF, and a GTX 1660 Ti-powered…

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Save up to £30 on some of our favourite Steelseries gaming headsets today

We love a good Steelseries Arctis gaming headset here at RPS, and we love them even more when they're on sale. Handy, then, that Amazon UK have knocked £30 off the Arctis 5 at the moment, taking this excellent wired headset down to a very appealing £80, while the super fancy Arctis Pro + GameDAC has had £15 shaved off its price, taking it to…

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Save $400 on an RTX 2070 gaming laptop in Newegg’s 4th July sale

Newegg have kicked off their 4th July celebrations early today with a good old-fashioned sale on thousands of PC components. If you'd rather not go through the faff of building a PC, though, then some of the biggest savings to be found on gaming laptops and pre-built desktops. Fancy knocking $400 off an RTX 2070 gaming laptop or bagging a RTX 2070 Super desktop for…

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Nvidia’s RTX graphics cards are suddenly dropping in price in the UK and US

Good news, graphics card deals hunters. Prices are dropping on Nvidia's RTX cards, with big discounts today on the RTX 2060, RTX 2060 Super, RTX 2070 and the RTX 2080 Super on both sides of the Atlantic. It's almost as if retailers are trying to clear the decks a bit before the as yet undated launch of this year's next-gen Nvidia Ampere cards... Sure, graphics…

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Amazon UK have cut the price of three G-Sync Compatible gaming monitors from LG today

With stock levels and gaming monitor prices steadily returning to normal, pre-pandemic levels, we're staring to see more and more good gaming monitor deals crop up. Case in point, Amazon have cut the price of three LG gaming displays today by a seemingly arbitrary 12-13%. Who knows why? The point is that they look like decent displays at reasonable prices, especially if you're in the…

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Overclockers UK have slashed the price of Glorious’ Model O gaming mouse

Ever heard of trypophobia? It’s the (not officially recognised) fear of clustered holes. Think lotus seed heads, honeycomb, sponges and so on. I bring this up because if you suffer from this fear, you may not be best suited to Glorious' Model O gaming mouse (or even the picture above.) But everyone else should give it a look – especially at 24% off its usual…

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Get all the Witcher games for their lowest ever price with GOG’s Cyberpunk 2077 pre-order bundle

Cyberpunk 2077 may not be out until November now, but if you’re twiddling your thumbs waiting for something to fill the void before it drops, then GOG’s new Red Ultimate Collection pre-order bundle could be just the thing, as it also includes every Witcher game for their lowest price yet.

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Amazon have slashed up to $500 off four premium gaming laptops

Everyone loves a good load of budget gaming laptop deals, but there is a limit to what you can get when you only have a maximum of £1000 / $1000 to spend. Thankfully, Amazon US have just slashed the prices of three big name gaming laptops from Razer, Acer, Gigabyte and Asus to bring them down much closer to that four-figure grand mark. Normally, these…

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Save $100 on Samsung’s CHG90 mega monitor in Best Buy’s latest sale

Best Buy have knocked $100 off the price of Samsung's ludicrously wide CHG90 gaming monitor as part of their latest PC Gaming sale at the moment, bringing this once $1000 gaming screen down to $900. That's still a sizeable chunk of change, of course, but this is the cheapest this monitor's been since mid-March, making it a good time to pick up this jumbo gaming…

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Get up to £117 of free Steam credit with MSI’s new CPU and motherboard combo deal

MSI have had some great free Steam credit offers going on with some of their AMD graphics cards over the last few months (and is still ongoing for UK buyers in the market for an RX 5600 XT, I might add), but now they've unveiled another free Steam credit giveaway, this time if you buy one of their MSI motherboards, cases or liquid coolers together…

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GTX 1660 Super prices in the UK have fallen yet again

It's not been a great time for upgrading your PC during recent months, as ongoing coronavirus-related delays and supply chain disruptions have pushed up the prices of all sorts of PC components, including our trusty graphics cards. There's a little bit of good news, though, as Nvidia's GTX 1660 Super has dropped in price yet again in the UK, taking this excellent 1080p graphics card…

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Our favourite ultrawide gaming monitor is currently the cheapest it’s been since Black Friday

The Acer Predator Z35P currently sits at the top of our list of the best gaming monitors for those after a great ultrawide monitor, but in recent weeks and months it's been pretty darn expensive, often fluctuating between £700 and £800 here in the UK. However, Amazon UK and Ebuyer have both slashed its price to a very tempting £650 right now, which is the…

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Save £120 on LG’s superb 27GL850 gaming monitor

There are certain things that will ramp up the price of a gaming monitor. Want more than 1080p? Be prepared to comfortably clear the £250 mark. Want it to be one of Nvidia's officially certified G-Sync Compatible monitors and have a high refresh rate? It’s going to go higher still. Want HDR? Get your wallet chum, because this is going to hurt. That’s why this…

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AMD’s best graphics card is down to £350 right now

If you're after the best graphics card for flawless 1440p gaming, then it's pretty much a straight toss up between AMD’s Radeon RX 5700 XT and Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 2070 Super right now. In our books, the cheaper RX 5700 XT is much better value for money, especially now you can get one for just £350 in the UK over at CCL Online, which is…

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