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Chase Carter

11 months ago

PowerPoint Game Jam asks for more than a clip art budget presentation

Did you know video games could be created using the most loathed piece of Microsoft's suite of office software? Not only can PowerPoint (with some additional coding) run a sensible adventure or visual novel, but one of its champions is hosting a game jam on specifically challenging others to create their own. The PowerPoint Game Jam started accepting submissions today and will remain open…

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Feature: Don't leave the blankets until spring!

Stay comfy: games you can play with a hot mug in one hand

Winter brings out a part of me that immediately seeks a mountain of blankets in which to burrow. Even in my seasonally confused state of Texas, the weather has tended towards the chilly and left me with little excuse not to have a kettle boiling interminably as I layer on socks and pull the biggest comforter from the top of the closet. But this presents…

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Feature: A healthy mix of cute and horrific!

Screenshot Saturday Sundays: horrific cards, rolling kittens, and some strings attached

Screenshot Saturday Sunday: a day to beat the drum for indie developers bravely sharing their projects with an often cold and uncaring internet on Twitter. You gotta respect such bravery. This week I’ve brought you round cats, MS Paint horror cards, and quietly crying mecha. Let’s get to it!

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Dandy Dungeon’s tongue-in-cheek adventures now available on PC

Sometimes a hero is a man dreaming of creating his own games while dancing around a tiny apartment in his briefs. Dandy Dungeon: The Legend Of Brave Yamada gives us all the distinct pleasure of helping that man achieve his dreams. The cheeky little RPG send-up from Onion Games released on Steam this week, giving those who missed it on Switch the chance to see…

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Petroglyph’s Earthbreakers will meld RTS with FPS

What if RTS but you ditched the omniscient perspective for the humble vantage of a single unit? That's part of the pitch for Earthbreakers, recently announced by Petroglyph. The Grey Goo studio are tossing a hefty helping of first-person action into a pot of already simmering resource collection and tactical building. They're hoping the result "combines the most enjoyable elements of FPS and RTS".

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No Man’s Sky Synthesis update lets you salvage ships and pack more heat

When Hello Games announced last week that their next update would improve nearly every part of No Man's Sky in some way, they weren't trading in hyperbole. The now-live Synthesis update squashes bugs and smooths out base building, sure. But the marquee additions that elevate it above mere housekeeping include the ability to salvage your ship for parts, carry a handful of multi-tools on your…

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Project Cars studio pull into the Codemasters garage

Codemasters, the makers of many zoom 'em ups, apparently want more power under their hood. They purchased the entirety of Slightly Mad Studios, developers of the Project Cars and Need For Speed: Shift games, this week to the tune of £23 million. The entirety of Slightly Mad's 150-person team will reportedly join the company.

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These game devs really committed to the Cybertruck jokes

Ah, the Cybertruck: this week's unfortunate Twitter main character and giant target of anti-capitalist scorn. It wouldn't be entirely truthful to say I am above clowning this wheeled monstrosity well past its comedy expiration date, but I have journalistic standards to uphold. That's why I went on Twitter and found a crop of talented game devs imagining Elon Musk's Shamemobile in a variety of video…

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Star Citizen showed off wormholes, espionage, and space coffee at CitizenCon 2949

The perpetually in-development Star Citizen just held its biggest event of the year, CitizenCon 2949, on Saturday in Manchester. No, that isn't the tired joke about when developers Cloud Imperium Games will finally finish their enormous sci-fi starship showcase. I have some semblance of standards. Gathered fans sneaked a peek at upcoming features, including news systems, planets, and (of course) giant spacecraft highlighted in a…

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Feature: See what's being made this week

Screenshot Saturday Sundays: bouncy trucks, nicked fromage, and cats on the farm

Howdy, RPS readers! I'm definitely not Jay, but I come with her blessing to deliver another Sunday edition of Screenshot Saturday Sunday, a showcase of developer works-in-progress under Twitter's #screenshotsaturday. This week: feline farm simulation, bouncy trucks, and two moody survival games with a little more in common than would seem at first blush.

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Claw, wing, and swim through Lost Ember’s forgotten world

By the time Lost Ember begins, humans have vanished. Something, or someone, mucked things up so completely that nothing but their sturdiest architecture survived. You play as a wolf exploring the ruins of humanity in a bid to understand the why and wherefore of it all. Accomplishing this means inhabiting the bodies of other creatures to uncover parts of the world beyond where your paws…

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Long-range justice simulator Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts released

Snipers hold a particularly romantic place in the hearts of the historically curious. Popular retelling paints them as stoic, dedicated masters of their chosen art, patiently waiting through blistering cold or sweltering heat for the perfect shot. Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts continues the legacy.

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No Man’s Sky plans a little spit shine in Synthesis

The intrepid team of interstellar architects at Hello Games have already announced another update to No Man's Sky. Anyone hoping for something the size and impact of August's Beyond will need to ease off the hype-r drive (ugh): Synthesis, as founder Sean Murray called it, looks to be a bundle of "polish and small quality of life improvements" aimed at smoothing your experience traveling among…

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Deathgarden shuffles towards the grave, but not without a celebration

Behaviour Interactive ceased development on the brutal survival shooter, Deathgarden: Bloodharvest Friday after nearly half a year of triage. The makers of Dead By Daylight are punting the idea of a dour funeral, though. Instead, every feature the team have been working on was pushed out the door for players to enjoy. It's Deathgarden: Bloodharvest's wake, and everyone is invited because the game has now…

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